30 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don't Want You to Know

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • Local dealers want you to bring your car to them to have it detailed. This is why they keep most of their detailing tips under wraps. Below are 30 car cleaning tricks local dealers don't want you to know.
    Vaseline is great for cleaning your dashboard. Not only will it shine up the dashboard, but it will also repel dust and stains.
    The vents in your car can be challenging to clean with a cloth. Instead, use a paint brush to get into the vents easily.
    You can buy expensive products to shine your headlights; however, toothpaste works better. Just let it sit on the headlights for a few minutes and wipe it with a cloth. You will be amazed.
    To clean your leather seat, you should use olive oil. First, wash the seat with soap. Next, pour some olive oil on a cloth and rub the seats down. This will shine up the seats.
    Hair conditioner works better than car wax. If you apply it generously the way that you do with wax, it will give your car a much brighter shine.
    It can be tough to get the tiny crevices on the doors and the dashboard clean. The bristles on a toothbrush will allow you to get into very narrow and small spaces.
    Many people throw their trash on the floor promising to clean it up later. Instead, hang a decorative reusable grocery bag from the back of your seat. You will never have a messy car again.
    If you are driving and a rock hits your windshield, it can quickly grow into a large crack. To keep this from happening, you should carry a bottle of clear nail polish in your car. You can brush it over the chip until you can have the windshield repaired by a professional. This will keep the chip from growing.
    Certain part of the car can be challenging to clean. If you use slime that children play with, it will pick up all of the dust and dirt with ease.
    If you don't have any car wash solution, you can make your own. Simply mix ¼ part liquid detergent and ¼ part baking soda in a bucket of water. It works better than the car wash solution that you buy in the store.
    When it is time to put a new registration sticker on, you need to get your old one off. The easiest way to do this is with an old newspaper. Simply soak the newspaper in water and put it over the sticker. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes. When you remove the newspaper, the sticker will come off quickly.
    If your pet travels with you often and sheds in the car, it can easily be removed. Simply spray the seats with water and use a squeegee to remove the fur.
    It isn't too difficult to clean your car mats. Mix some liquid detergent with a cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the mats and let it sit for a while. When you rinse the mats, the dirt will come right off.
    If there are foul smells in your car, charcoal will work great. If you open up a bag of charcoal and put it under the seats, the odors will be removed. You can also sprinkle some charcoal under the seats.
    If you buy a used car with bumper stickers that you hate, WD 40 spray will take them right off. Simply spray it over the sticker and let it sit for a few minutes before removing the sticker.
    If you have sticky messes on your car interior, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will get them out with ease. You just need to wet the sponge a bit, and strenuous arm work won't be necessary.
    If you don't want to use chemicals and artificial odors in your car to make it smell great, use essential oils. Simply soak a clothespin in the oil overnight and clip it to your vent. Your car will smell amazing, naturally.
    If you just washed your car and there are spots of stubborn grim remaining, a bar of clay will work great. When the car is still wet, put the clay over the grime. After letting it sit for a while, the stubborn grime will be gone.
    If you have rusty spots on your car, Coca-Cola will remove it quickly. Simply spray the soda on the rust and let it sit for a bit. When you scrub the soda off, the rust will come off as well.
    Regardless of how neat you are, your cupholders can get dirty. Cleaning them can be a hassle, but fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Put cupcake papers in the cupholder, and you would just need to replace them when they get dirty.
    Vodka can be used to clean the windshield. Mix eight parts Castile soap and one part vodka and clean the windshield. You will be amazed.
    If essential oils and charcoal aren't getting the nasty smell from your car, try changing the filters. If you change them every month, your car should smell fresh.
    If someone spills something on your car's upholstery, don't use a rag or a towel. Instead, use a diaper. Diapers have incredible absorbing powers, which will quickly clean up spills.
    If you have done everything to remove grease or tar stains from your car, you should use motor oil. It actually works as a solvent. After removing the stain, be sure to wipe off the excess oil.
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    Capt Hookem 20 minutes ago

    The magic eraser might be the only informative thing in this video

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    Smiddy Wesson 6 hours ago

    Baking soda is an abrasive. Putting it in the wash would probably ruin your paint job. Chewing gum? To fix a leak, this is a joke, right?

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    Give this tips to your grandmother..

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  • some blog reviews from. Mutashah

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  • Mike Hoard
    Mike Hoard 14 days ago

    The toothpaste on the headlight works but only for a short time, a few months. But yeah, it's a dollar tube of toothpaste and maybe 10 mins of work.

  • Buck Banger
    Buck Banger 15 days ago

    So basically use everything except the product that are actually tested and designed for the car.. why didn't I think of that 😂

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    Yeah use engine oil to remove stains sounds about right 😂😂

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    I had to stop the video and check the comments to double check that I'm not crazy.

  • I D
    I D Month ago

    Vaseline for dashboards?? This must be a joke. Do not, I repeat do not follow any of the tips mentioned here.

  • Lacry Radeanu
    Lacry Radeanu Month ago

    Toothbrush will scrape it

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    Tulsi Prasad Month ago

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    Hey checkout this magnetic tool holder pad that holds 50 pnds

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    Yanish Lala Month ago

    Dont ever change your filter each month. Its a waste of money. The sweet spot to changing the filter is eveytime you do a servicing or once a year.

  • Marshal General
    Marshal General Month ago +6

    Channel owner is not even a car enthusiast, most of these tips will destroy your car

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    Olive oil is acidic. It will eat your leather.

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    I have a good tip: If ya missus farts in the car, then whilst doing 160MPH push her out the door & she won't do it again... I work at a olive oil farm & plant and trust me do not put on leather seats. They will dry and crack after 2 years. Its the best way to fuck leather in the arse.

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    Farry Ali Month ago

    wow...I mean if i follow these tips my car seat will smell that an Italian restaraunt, my wheels may be rusted and the paint work on the car wil be destroyed. Noo

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    Toothpaste to shine up headlights and olive oil for leather seats? hmm. Sure try it and tell me how did it go. Whether they work or not and specially as for olive oil that will leave your car smell like your kitchen, these household product don't come for free. Might as well spend the money on products that are designed for it.

  • Phoenix City08
    Phoenix City08 2 months ago

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  • umashankar umashankar
    umashankar umashankar 2 months ago

    How to take straches from car doors

  • Ezio Pichierri
    Ezio Pichierri 2 months ago

    Anyone remember spraying down the interior with all purpose cleaner and then using the power washer to spray inside the interior. We use to do that with the dirtiest cars. Make sure you vacuum it immediately thought with a wet dry vac. A lot of car lots do this to make everything inside look brand new and it does usually clean the interior well.

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    Also. On frozen locks you can use just plain rubbing alcohol. Dip your key several times & pour some over the lock. Also your windshield to get rid if frost. Or... Lol. Take dish soap or hair spray & a paper towel rub some onto your windshield that will also prevent frost biuld up.

  • susie o'hanlon
    susie o'hanlon 2 months ago

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    Yea agreed this video is crap...why people use that clay stuff is beond me if your cleaning your car yourself put your back into it only additional thing apart from soap and water and a hoover id use is iso alcohol

  • Julie Cistulli
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    Worst advice ever. Don’t ever do any of this.

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    I used oven cleaner on my carpet.

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  • Nandagopalraju T
    Nandagopalraju T 2 months ago

    how to remove deep scratch's in car

  • Oliver Taylor
    Oliver Taylor 2 months ago +1

    Dashboards are supposed to be a matte finish -this avoids reflections when it's sunny.
    Most leather seats are matte and they are sealed with a type of clear paint, so any conditioners just sit on top attracting dust,
    just wipe with a damp cloth, leather cleaners are best if the seats are really dirty.
    Use a soft make-up brush on delicate dash areas and a small paint brush (wrap the metal bit in masking tape) for cleaning vents.
    Car soaps are designed for cars and dish soap will strip the wax -it's a trick of the trade when prepping a car for polishing.
    Headlamp kits are not that expensive and they have the proper polishes and sealants in them.
    For pet hair removal, a rubber glove works great, special stones and rubber brushes are also available.
    Car wax can be bought cheaply in small sample sizes -usually 30ml which will do a whole car a few times and always apply thinly.
    Magic erasers should only be used when other methods have been tried, they are very abrasive and can damage plastic trims.
    A clay bar needs to be moved to remove contamination and a lubricant must be used .
    wd40 can be used as a substitute tar and glue remover but you need to use a degreaser afterwards. -it's oil.
    Most of the 'rust' patches shown in this video need to be chemically treated or removed and new metal welded in.
    Bottles of auto window cleaners are cheaper than bottles of vodka.
    Those pollen filters are not that cheap to be changing every month, bleach on wheels, just NO.
    Some of these are ok -cloth bag, cake inserts, charcoal to soak up smells -put some in a plastic takeaway box with holes in the lid.
    btw, I am a detailer :)

    • horsepanther
      horsepanther 2 months ago

      Thanks for these actual legitimate tips!

  • Garrett Dodson
    Garrett Dodson 2 months ago

    Holy crap BAKING SODA is an abrasive!!! Never use this to with liquid dish soap. Not only will it scratch the hell out of the paint but it the dish soap will instantly strip off any waxes or sealants on the painted surfaces.

  • Matthewsgaming Tony Silva son

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  • Luxmobile detailing
    Luxmobile detailing 2 months ago

    I'm little lost on what the dealers have to do with this lmao. I'll be happy to empty your bank account after following these steps. These tips must come from someone that shop at harbor freight...My tip is to throw this whole video in the trash

  • Eric V
    Eric V 3 months ago

    Are you serious !!! Do NOT PUT OLIVE OIL ON YOUR LEATHER DO NOTNPUT VASELINE ON YOUR DASH DO NOT PUT HAIR CONDITIONER ON YOUR CAR IT DOES NOT WORK BETTER THAN WAX WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM !!!! This is not how you detail a vehicle I can’t even begin to tell you the adverse effects these things can do to your car!!

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    Lars Flatmo 3 months ago

    worst tips ever

  • Steb Stebanesier
    Steb Stebanesier 3 months ago

    If you really want your car to look like a new car.... just wash it with gasoline and then wax it with a lit road flare. That newspaper trick will not remove a registration sticker, but it will remove the dealer sticker(aka the marconi sticker) from the window.

  • Zara Gardner
    Zara Gardner 3 months ago

    Cop: you have an open bottle of vodka in your car, i will have to confiscate that...how much of this have you had today?
    Man Narrating this Video: well i mixed one part slime, one part hair conditioner,& 2 parts vodka, then i put a bar of clay in & let it soak...oh,,,wait a minute,,, that's my new fiber diet/ez BM rememdy....officer i dont drink, my car, Christine, does. She said lemon Absolut Vodka mixed w/my patchouli oil would keep dust off her interior, & make her smell good,,,& if i mix in some Colgate toothpaste & baking soda i can get these puke stains off the seat ..or was it mix puke in w/it too?..TheN use a toothbrush & a Mr.Clean scrubber🤔 Yeah, that was it.. Anyway officer,,,my car prefers the lemon Absolute rather than Aristacrap Vodka,,what about yours? I bet police cars like a little more Mmpphh huh? Maybe some Jack? Or a Jim Beam & lugie mix prolly huh? Well ok, you can take Christines' Absolut, but she's not gonna like it..👹🚘👹...😂😂😂

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    A lot of stupid stuff here that cost unnecessary money. For your interior, using a damp cloth with plain water will work in almost all situations. For the exterior, water with mild soap is good enough in most situations.
    Vodka on the windshield? Really? Who does that and why? All you need is water and good dry cloth.

  • E46EMTHR33
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