Gordon Ramsay Prepares & Cooks His Vietnamese Menu For Locals | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Gordon Ramsay's trip to Vietnam comes to an end as he has demonstrated everything he's learned throughout his trip in a menu.
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  • Not Make Sense
    Not Make Sense 8 hours ago

    Best ingredients 2:30

    Gordon Sweat

  • Cheerios Flakes
    Cheerios Flakes 19 hours ago

    2:02 fuck,that guy is sweating bullets!hahah

  • Clifton Moore
    Clifton Moore 23 hours ago

    Where did that 💦 drop @ 2:16🤔😳

  • Full time
    Full time Day ago

    when his sweat drops

  • Ganguang gangmei

    2:31 gordon is sweating my God he should wipe out clean...

  • NikkeQuan 2
    NikkeQuan 2 Day ago

    When he is told he is wrong he accepts it and dosent complain

  • Baka-Ninja
    Baka-Ninja Day ago

    Shokugeki no Souma in reallife lol

  • Johnson Thieu
    Johnson Thieu 2 days ago +1

    Gordon actually did pretty good but the thing is with Vietnamese people is that different regions have different taste buds

  • Darlene Donovan
    Darlene Donovan 2 days ago

    tell them they need to remodel their kitchen. it needs air condition...

  • Chris Ho
    Chris Ho 2 days ago

    I love the waiter sweating like hell, he was like son, I don't get a damn, how I am gonna to do it ...

  • Wendell
    Wendell 2 days ago

    I'm loving this series!!!!! I love that Ramsey is embracing this challenge and is transparent. That's tough, especially when you're cooking entirely new cuisine for folks that are use to perfection in that area. Nice.

  • Joseph McDaniel
    Joseph McDaniel 3 days ago +1

    "If you want to eat well, get rid of your fridge." -Chef Gordon Ramsay

  • Jellen Collins
    Jellen Collins 3 days ago

    Try Philippines food,

  • Asian Shinobi
    Asian Shinobi 3 days ago


  • rangahamtamamanguyatirangai

    Vietnamese guy: i think ramsey is in complete control
    Gordon ramsey: *spills half the rice all over floor* fuckin hell!

  • Motor78
    Motor78 4 days ago

    It's fairly obvious that the lack of proper equipment slowed him down and the fact that he obviously has no mastery of Vietnamese style of cooking, does that mean that he sucks? No, it's like bringing a Nascar racer to F1 race ofc he's not going to know what to fucking do properly, it's a total different type of racing

  • ChamaChama
    ChamaChama 4 days ago

    7:00 Who cares about the colour?

  • Ace Dee
    Ace Dee 4 days ago +1

    all his sweat thats dripping off of his face looks like its going straight into the dish prepping! 🤮

  • pratik ranjit
    pratik ranjit 4 days ago

    Mr Gordon I'm not a cook but I'm a food lover u should try Nepalese food too.

  • Bryant Anniban
    Bryant Anniban 4 days ago

    A cook should ware a mask while cooking.

  • Bryant Anniban
    Bryant Anniban 4 days ago

    2:27 a sweat just dropped from the tip of his nose while his face is just above the bowl. He should be aware of that.

  • Marco Kern
    Marco Kern 4 days ago

    Beautyful Episode..........Thank You.

  • Nicholas Patton
    Nicholas Patton 4 days ago

    I wonder how Gordon would have reacted if he saw someone scooping rice off of the floor at one of the restaurants he has "helped." Props for washing it at least

  • Venkatanarayanan V
    Venkatanarayanan V 5 days ago

    05:42 is he saying "Jaldi Jaldi"

  • Zee  Ahmed
    Zee Ahmed 5 days ago

    Has anyone one noticed 2:28 Gordon Ramsay sweat dropped from his nose 🤣

  • Adi Rasyidi
    Adi Rasyidi 5 days ago

    2.29 is his sweat just drop in the bowl

  • Michael Kohlman
    Michael Kohlman 5 days ago

    I laughed like hell. Vietnamese aren't even sure on their cooking and I had a clue in as some locals liked my wife and invited us to their wedding. It was a three part-er as they had a traditional Buddhist start and feast at the house which involved a parade. The pig was good, but I stopped them at getting me drunk with Remy Martian cognac. What I loved was my wife was checking up on me and both the men and women stopped that and amazing how quickly those women can go from women to security.
    The catholic wedding service, was as expected; but the purpose of the social meet and greet was to just keep our stomach's full for the real affair. What blew their minds was the bias and despite being Roman Catholic, were denied the Holy Communion.
    The real occasion was ending up across our state at a Vietnamese Restaurant. My live loved their version of their crunchy, "Lobster Jelly." A man asked me if he should let her know, "Should I tell her it is jellyfish?" "No, she likes it leave her alone!" Got a pat on the back.
    About half the people in that place asked me if I liked their cooking at different plating and and I told them I am willing to try anything. They told me, "You are better than us because we don't like what we saw you eat." We all laughed.
    Never thought I would see Gordon apply the three second rule, but his knowledge kept everyone safe.

  • silverwolf
    silverwolf 5 days ago

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  • Painting & Stuff
    Painting & Stuff 5 days ago

    Gordon is one of the best chefs in the world. For someone to come to his level would be extremely difficult. He has gone to different countries learning and challenging himself to cook dishes out of his comfort zone. What a real chef.

  • GeEKsQUad123
    GeEKsQUad123 6 days ago

    It takes a hell of a chef to go to other mans country and cook there traditional food and satisfy them ..wow

  • Khoaswaggamer
    Khoaswaggamer 6 days ago

    Gordan im vietnamese :D

  • Asuna Yuki
    Asuna Yuki 6 days ago +1

    Ohhhhhhhhhh........................ I’m so sorry Gordon............ Vietnamese dish really isn’t that easy................... I understand your pain....... since I am born in America it was a nightmare for me to learn two different style of cooking. American from cooking class...... and Vietnamese from my family.....
    Vietnamese dishes takes time flavoring. Um what I think we try to do is to make it so we can taste every flavor to its finest without wasting or costing. There’s also a thing where my family believes its a sin to waste even the tiniest bit which I think its the same with other Vietnamese people. We don’t rush or try to hide our mistakes in cooking, we improve those mistakes to a good thing. Though this is only based on my family teaching so it might just all be bullshit I’m spouting.
    American food..... to me personally feels like they put as much seasoning and flavor as possible to make it taste good. But to the point it sometimes feel like its hard to even taste the main ingredient. Probably just me though 😅😂

  • William Martin
    William Martin 6 days ago +3

    I'm a new fan of Gordon Ramsay. He is so amazingly strong and talented as a chef.
    I admire his dedication to perfection and unbelievably on Vietnamese cuisine.
    Such talent!

  • elbiskocho
    elbiskocho 6 days ago

    Gordon you are disgusting, watch how the sweat of hes nose fall into the food 2:30 unreal

  • Brendon Kelly
    Brendon Kelly 6 days ago

    What a life

  • Catwoman
    Catwoman 6 days ago

    Look at my boo working hard ❤️ lol

  • AA BE
    AA BE 7 days ago

    Dripping sweat in every dish . More taste !

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 7 days ago

    does anyone know Sum Dum Ho?

    • Fuck You
      Fuck You 7 days ago

      girl walk in hospital saying "Sum Ting Wong Wit Varinna"

    • Fuck You
      Fuck You 7 days ago

      ching chong viet gang

    • Fuck You
      Fuck You 7 days ago

      *praises* please answer me buddha nigga

  • Naeve Duarte
    Naeve Duarte 7 days ago

    Gordon’s secret recipe is clearly his sweat

  • Johnathan Sanford
    Johnathan Sanford 7 days ago

    The first time Ramsay has struggled in 30 years lol

  • Dennis Scott
    Dennis Scott 7 days ago +1

    A1 content, keep up the great work!

  • Earl Ashley Dube
    Earl Ashley Dube 7 days ago

    The guy's face when Gordon reads the menu!!!!!!

  • Kazuki mave
    Kazuki mave 7 days ago

    How's the pressure Gordon? well... welcome to earth.

  • Luis
    Luis 7 days ago

    Gordon was definitely hitting on that girl and she was liking it . You can’t hide it 😂😂😂😂😝

  • Alexander Ho
    Alexander Ho 8 days ago

    The food had an essence of Gordon's sweat... nice touch! :D

  • van Rensburg
    van Rensburg 8 days ago

    02:30 There was a drop on your nose Mr. Ramsay, where did that go. Extra flavour perhaps??

  • Necron
    Necron 8 days ago

    sweet fall into the duck

  • robert
    robert 8 days ago +1

    To be fair not even gordon can master just other whole new style of cooking just in 2 weeks.

  • Adam
    Adam 8 days ago

    lmaoo using dropped rice when he's yelled at chefs for cooking dropped food

  • Matt Barone
    Matt Barone 8 days ago

    2:32 Gordon has nose sweat dripping into his food he is prepping...cmon man lol

  • Mega Bucks
    Mega Bucks 8 days ago

    i love pig ear

  • Tike Myson
    Tike Myson 8 days ago

    0:44 mr rice made a statue of himself

  • TAF Corduroy
    TAF Corduroy 8 days ago


  • Jack Baer
    Jack Baer 8 days ago

    Watching this while hungry is a bad call

  • Austin Davidson
    Austin Davidson 8 days ago

    @2:30 he literally sweats into the food...

  • Thieu Quang Trung
    Thieu Quang Trung 8 days ago

    crispy, crunchy, chewy, soft and silky..... right... Apple!

  • HydnBB2
    HydnBB2 8 days ago

    Food mixed with Gordon’s drippin sweat🤭

  • Tony12097
    Tony12097 8 days ago

    "If you want to eat well, get rid of your fridge"
    Very good quote actually

  • Jeffery Williams
    Jeffery Williams 8 days ago

    6:40 wow my cute little friend you were shopping with... Seemed so meek.. Harsh lol

  • Jeffery Williams
    Jeffery Williams 8 days ago

    6 minutes in this looks fantastic

  • Monkeyenglish TOEIC
    Monkeyenglish TOEIC 9 days ago

    i watched your videos about VIETNAM food and i had to say that it was not VIETNAM cuisine what you done!

  • Akef Mozid
    Akef Mozid 9 days ago

    oh man oh man oh man , he was killed in this battle

    MIKILI MAKAMBO 9 days ago +1

    These people are hard to please for real

  • jasonx409able
    jasonx409able 9 days ago

    When Gordon cusses that is normal!! 😂😂😂

  • Makara Kh
    Makara Kh 9 days ago

    Vietnam look like a piece of shit

  • abi_shek limboo
    abi_shek limboo 9 days ago

    2:30 did a drop of sweat fell??

  • Ten Du
    Ten Du 9 days ago

    2:28 to 2:31 watch carefully ... his sweat droplet...could you say where exactly did it drop guys? haha

  • A. C
    A. C 9 days ago

    You're sweating in the food you pig!!! Fuck off yea!!

  • javon johnson
    javon johnson 9 days ago

    I dont care what anyone says Mrs V and Mrs Duck can get it lol

  • neil elleston
    neil elleston 9 days ago

    2:30 mins sweat drips from Gordon's nose straight into the food mix, for extra added flavour. Nice, bleurgh!!

  • The One Dud
    The One Dud 9 days ago +2

    I'm asain and I'm like wow he did like 75% of the work nice job

  • SileTa Mus
    SileTa Mus 10 days ago

    Is it only me who noticed Gordon sweat about to drop into the food?

  • Hafiz Baihaqi
    Hafiz Baihaqi 10 days ago

    usually gordon season it with salt and pepper.. but for this dish he use his natural salt to season it.. haha

  • Markov Soh
    Markov Soh 10 days ago

    This is not padthai

  • Josh Huß
    Josh Huß 10 days ago

    @2:30 needs more salt? just let your sweat drop into it :D

  • Alan Gaming
    Alan Gaming 10 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay own kitchen nightmare

  • O Devious
    O Devious 10 days ago

    Mr rice and mrs duck lmao

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 10 days ago


  • Lawton Kit Alingal
    Lawton Kit Alingal 10 days ago

    Hahaha gordon sweat getting to the food

  • vincent nguyen
    vincent nguyen 10 days ago


  • Isis Smith
    Isis Smith 10 days ago

    Those guys are sweating awfully hard to be cooking someone’s food, not very sanitized for sure. It’s nice seeing him struggling a bit as he’s always giving others such a hell of a kitchen time lol

  • dubcindub15
    dubcindub15 10 days ago +1

    @2:31 Gordon drips nose sweat into the dish

  • dubcindub15
    dubcindub15 10 days ago

    @0:57 that's definitely a Dublin HWYuuge...and ya know.......love the Asian Dublin accent :D

  • Big Lou
    Big Lou 10 days ago

    Ms. V is so hot

  • Paulie Walnuts
    Paulie Walnuts 10 days ago

    did that little zip say hes gonna go in the kitchen and kick ramsay in the ass...……………..look here you little zips hes doing that all by himself you little ungrateful fucks

  • Jakerjkl
    Jakerjkl 10 days ago +5

    2:29 the sweat/snot drip into the food haha

  • Jess July
    Jess July 10 days ago

    Why no one is talking about how his sweat from his face is dripping down to the dishes at 2:34?

  • Steven Ahern
    Steven Ahern 10 days ago +1

    I am amazed that being the so called professional cook Ramsay is that he should know 1 wear a cooks cap or hair net 2 use plastic gloves when handling food 3 don't sweat over the food that being prepped. I was a cook in the military and learned that. I am really surprised that food critics did not notice.

    • Svtethan
      Svtethan 9 days ago

      Steven Ahern 1. In Britain many chefs do not wear hairnets and even if they did it’d be more in the cafeteria, factories, or military as you might have 2. Chefs are required to clean their hands for sanitary reasons and gloves again are primarily used in the aforementioned 3 I stated. 3. As someone who has travelled to Vietnam that place is muggy and hot as hell, while yes it’s still nasty to see him have a drip of sweat or two into the food, I don’t really blame him all that much, he was definitely struggling.

  • An Pham
    An Pham 10 days ago

    Although born and raised in America; I’m Vietnamese, my family uses the oven for storage, we have 3 fucking refrigerators but never actually meals inside them, and I’ve also almost never seen meat without it’s bone; when my family cooks.

  • Kyle Whitaker
    Kyle Whitaker 10 days ago +4

    Mr.Gordon please do an episode at the country known for their delicious meals, THE PHILIPPINES!

  • Terracraft
    Terracraft 10 days ago

    Nice and early

  • G G
    G G 10 days ago +5

    2:29 don't know about blood but sweat went in to that meal

  • T Johnson
    T Johnson 11 days ago

    1:57 dude was melting. hahaha

  • TCS Admin
    TCS Admin 11 days ago

    sweat dripping down his face. i wouldn't mind eating the food if it drips into it, tbh.

  • Almighty Dorr
    Almighty Dorr 11 days ago

    Did his sweat drip on the food ?

  • It's Phoenix Flame
    It's Phoenix Flame 11 days ago +19

    Who else noticed he was left handed?

  • hacker pro
    hacker pro 11 days ago

    welcome you to vietnam gordon

  • chuba meren
    chuba meren 11 days ago

    Vietnam victimized Gordon hahahaa

  • Psyc Ink
    Psyc Ink 11 days ago

    I think he is sweating his nose off on those dishes