Physicist Brian Cox Explains Black Holes in Plain English | Joe Rogan

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1233 w/Brian Cox:

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  • Love Nurtures
    Love Nurtures 2 hours ago

    Did I just learn something or what??!!!! Amazing!!!

  • Stefan Pettersson
    Stefan Pettersson 6 hours ago

    STFU!, Brian.

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson 6 hours ago

    I want Brian's shirt.

  • Zaddy Bruh
    Zaddy Bruh Day ago

    he knows all this shit coz he read it off a book that was written by a guy who made it up=SCIENCE!

  • J G
    J G Day ago

    Well duh ur future is the center of the black hole u got sucked in

  • Sweet pee
    Sweet pee Day ago

    Am I the only one that learned this in 6th grade? Literally everything he said I learned in 6th grade. Except since nobody has been in a black hole I don't believe the whole the black hole will kill you thing.

  • Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy

    Horizons are always split horizons. Poles are created by separation.

  • James James
    James James Day ago

    Ugh! These pseudo scientists really make people happy. Like the piper leading the ignorant to their doom. Smiling as he spews his hypnosis over the unsuspecting.

  • Captain Quantrill

    I call bullshit

  • Jake West
    Jake West Day ago

    Could they be doorways for interstellar travel???

  • Conor Kelly
    Conor Kelly Day ago

    One of the most interesting podcasts

  • liju ram
    liju ram 2 days ago

    Brian looks like freddie mercury

  • Kabegami The Great
    Kabegami The Great 2 days ago

    I have a hard time believing anything can have infinite mass or gravitational pull, if that was the case, what's stopping the universe of collapsing into it? Why is this infinite pull within a confined space?

  • Adam Mundok
    Adam Mundok 2 days ago

    This is why we need to get it together, and act together as earthlings to colonize Mars, the Moon, and a space station.

  • 1rralphh1
    1rralphh1 3 days ago +1

    Did anybody clock on this thinking it was Rodney Mullen ?

  • mcdouche2
    mcdouche2 3 days ago +4

    The massive object orbiting outside the Kuiper belt is your mom.

  • dwc growz
    dwc growz 3 days ago

    This guy is so full of shit. He's talking in detail about something nobody has ever seen any evidence of, think about that.

  • dwc growz
    dwc growz 3 days ago

    The fact is that black holes don't exist, there's never been any proof or evidence that one is out there somewhere, this guy is totally full of shit. The real question kiddo's is why they want you to believe a black hole is real?

  • Arturo
    Arturo 4 days ago

    Brian "if you like" Cox

  • Marc Freeman
    Marc Freeman 5 days ago +13

    I love how Brian Cox never tries to explain something that he has no understanding of. Hell just say "we don't know why..." And there's something so humble about that.

  • jay bassan
    jay bassan 6 days ago +5

    I needed to watch this after alex jones lol i feel normal again

  • jack masden
    jack masden 7 days ago +1

    these comments are killing me lol

  • AkJonny1965
    AkJonny1965 8 days ago +13

    I'd like to see a discussion between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Brian Cox.

    • Harle
      Harle 4 days ago

      Well, you can find something on the internet, I remember one about Star Wars lightsabers, but yeah, something more "serious" would be awesome.

  • brendan whay
    brendan whay 8 days ago

    If Rogan’s got this pos shit on then he really has gone down to the lefties. Weak Cunt u turned out to b rogan. Fuck u

  • mark Jones
    mark Jones 8 days ago

    No proof of black holes!even the so called picture of one has now been debunked! I wouldn't trust Coxy if he told me the popes a Catholic!!

    • Joshua Waring
      Joshua Waring 6 days ago

      mark Jones where did you read that the picture was debunked? You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • Steve Pancher
    Steve Pancher 8 days ago

    It is all theory. The nearest black hole is our own. 50 thousand light years away. Even if you could travel it. By the time you got there the human race may not even be here to talk about it.

  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 8 days ago

    Brian do you have any of your own theories? Just brilliant listening to you thanks

  • Extinction
    Extinction 9 days ago +1

    Its crazy how our skeleton is built in such a way to counter gravity's compression.

    • pterafirma
      pterafirma 4 days ago

      It's not especially crazy. Variants that _weren't_ well suited generally didn't stick around very long.

  • BigUgandaChungus
    BigUgandaChungus 9 days ago +2

    *c r a b n e b u la*

  • WTF John
    WTF John 9 days ago

    I watched event horizon stoned, it was a bad idea.

  • Owen
    Owen 10 days ago

    I’ve got my final biology exam tomorrow and yet I’m watching Brian Cox talk about Astro physics...

  • Dylan Stone
    Dylan Stone 10 days ago

    As far as we know we don't really know so that's what happens with black

  • big jim truth
    big jim truth 10 days ago

    We saw that in 1054 ad I remember that I was just a lad tally ho jolly good

    SOLDIER 4CHRIST 10 days ago +1

    Brian Cox is 51 yrs old he looks like he is in his 30’s

  • Teresa Jordan
    Teresa Jordan 11 days ago

    Amazing topic OMG intetesaing

  • Creationeer Gaming
    Creationeer Gaming 11 days ago

    Ah Brian, you wouldn't believe this guy is in his 50s!

    • William Dean
      William Dean 3 days ago

      He was born in 1968 so he is 53. Looks like maybe late 20's or early 30's.

  • Vladimir Uzelac
    Vladimir Uzelac 11 days ago

    This fiy looks like he is druling on dick

  • Rolando Sauceda
    Rolando Sauceda 11 days ago

    I have lots of respect for Rogan and Brian Cox. He is definitely a genius in his profession. All of these facts are very accurate I'm sure, but these Mathematical facts totally exclude the spiritual side of the Universe. Talking about religions, spiritual beliefs. What about all of their theories in which they also see as fact? You heard Brian Cox tell Rogan "I don't know what Dark Energy is". So how can he lay claim to anything out there if he doesn't know what it is?
    I enjoy the input....and their mathematical claim to fact. I can respect the man's passion and his sincerity. But if you expect me to trust everything this gentleman is saying to be true fact of our planet, space and our very own human exhistance from his laptop computer, then you should always stay open minded about who created what and how we all came about.

  • Alex Yamane
    Alex Yamane 11 days ago +13

    Brian Cox is what an exceedingly intelligent yet exceedingly humble person sounds like. ^_^

  • Alloment Proof
    Alloment Proof 11 days ago

    Brian Cox = Shill

  • Roda
    Roda 13 days ago

    cox cox cox cox cox cox cox cox cox cox

  • randomhalofan292
    randomhalofan292 13 days ago

    Prove it, oh wait you can't.

  • 762ed
    762ed 13 days ago +22

    You can hear Joe Rogan's mind being blown when Brian talks about the neutron star.

  • Selarom Ogeid
    Selarom Ogeid 13 days ago

    Even plainer English:
    Particles of matter, in general, don’t like to occupy the same space. But if you put enough of them near each other, they attract each other through gravity so much, they have no choice but to occupy (virtually) the same spot. That’s a black hole.
    Why don’t they like being in the same spot? You would need to take a few graduate level quantum mechanic courses to understand.

  • Kevin Ray
    Kevin Ray 13 days ago +5

    I could watch Dr Cox teach joe basic Astro sciences all damn day. Such a perfect voice/accent for the subject.

  • Jon Mills
    Jon Mills 14 days ago

    The gospel is the way

  • Angel Alvarado
    Angel Alvarado 14 days ago +1

    Earth is flat we’ve been bamboozle

  • Kevin Arnold
    Kevin Arnold 15 days ago

    Turns the sound off because it will go like this .. black holes so powerful not even light can escape.

  • oh ok
    oh ok 15 days ago

    Crock of shit

  • The Holistic Esthetician

    Is Brian wearing a SpiritScience t shirt?

  • Country Cruiser
    Country Cruiser 16 days ago

    Some things do escape, radiation leaks out of it, so in theory everything lost into it, comes back out, just in a much different form

    • SarthorS
      SarthorS 15 days ago

      From my understanding, which is probably wrong, virtual particles are popping into and out of existence all the time. They appear in pairs and then almost instantly cancel each other out. When it happens at the event horizon, one of the particles can be just on the outside and escape. That is the radiation you are talking about. The other particle gets captured and falls into the black hole which cancels out a little of it's mass. So the radiation isn't actually coming out from the black hole itself, but it is caused by it.

  • Gravelle Art Studio
    Gravelle Art Studio 18 days ago

    You tested this?

  • Ernst Gottschalk
    Ernst Gottschalk 18 days ago +9

    Thought I was smart.. watched a Physicist trying to explain some basic stuff... gonna just tend my garden now

  • H Jordan
    H Jordan 18 days ago

    Brian Cox has Date-Rape face.
    Just sayin

  • The Last Roach
    The Last Roach 18 days ago

    By the way, watch the movie EVENT HORIZON for bad shit that can go down with 'dem black holes bro!!!

  • Dan Shetler
    Dan Shetler 18 days ago

    Brian is not a scientist he is a theoretical physicist which means he can say anything he wants and not have to prove it. His only job is to discredit and belittle everyone that doesn't agree with him

    • David Cross
      David Cross 14 days ago

      Dan Shetler a theory needs evidence to be called a theory, like gravity. A hypothesis doesn’t need evidence. We also know that Black Holes exist as we can see their effect of gas and light, and we’ve seen a picture of one.

  • Darien Moore
    Darien Moore 19 days ago

    Brian "if you like" Cox

  • Gucci 111
    Gucci 111 19 days ago

    Rodney Mullen?

  • Isael Galarza
    Isael Galarza 19 days ago +11

    Wouldn't it be great to have a few beers with Brian cox! Wow what an interesting guy.

  • Joseph Kelleher
    Joseph Kelleher 20 days ago

    Always found that Cox fella way to sweet to be wholesome

  • LibertyOrDeath
    LibertyOrDeath 20 days ago

    Fascinating! I won't pretend like others to have known all of this. I love it.

  • Roger Sanchez
    Roger Sanchez 21 day ago

    Gravity squashes them! Though there was no gravity in space. Ok, waiting for a average joe to act like a scientist and explain it.

    • George Lux
      George Lux 20 days ago

      Your mistake was in thinking that there's no gravity in space. If you start from an incorrect assumption you will most likely arrive at flawed conclusions.

  • Tino Silva
    Tino Silva 21 day ago

    Can things fall out of space?

  • Belac
    Belac 21 day ago +1

    Talk about some unintentional ASMR 😩

  • Fifi Napo
    Fifi Napo 22 days ago

    Joe should have more young ladies on show like ms. Cox she is very smart and knows a lot about science THEORYS that no one can prove

    • Fifi Napo
      Fifi Napo 20 days ago

      @George Lux hahaha awwww what a good little brain washed boy you are. Thats so cute that you believe whatever they say then they rub your belly and give you a treat. Good boy...... now sit, lay down , roll over now fag boy

    • George Lux
      George Lux 20 days ago

      You probably should stick to talking about things you understand.

  • Nate Oziah
    Nate Oziah 22 days ago

    Man my plain English sucks I still don't understand.

  • Russ Harris
    Russ Harris 22 days ago

    Pure fantasy. You're presenting unprovable theories as facts. You sound silly

    • David Cross
      David Cross 14 days ago

      Russ Harris do you have a degree? Tell me, how do you explain the distortions of light in front of stars or galaxies?

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby 22 days ago

    Crock of shit

  • 1 0
    1 0 23 days ago +1

    I didn't see that in 1054AD, did you?

    • 1 0
      1 0 17 days ago

      @aazo5 To be honest, I don't see the point, never mind get it! lol! Good for you if you do. Yes, seriously crazy. So, what object do we use to focus with and on to see the future in the present, any Eye dears? :) What is the basic rule for this?

    • aazo5
      aazo5 17 days ago

      1 0 You’d obviously still need to use a pretty crazy telescope to see it lol, but you get the point.
      When you look up at the Sun, you’re really looking at what it looked like about 8 minutes prior. So just applying that same basic rule to everything else in the universe, we are literally looking billions of years into the past in real time, which is seriously crazy.

    • 1 0
      1 0 17 days ago

      @aazo5 Well it was that fast, I missed it lol!

    • aazo5
      aazo5 18 days ago +1

      He’s saying that it happened in 1054 but we saw it recently, due to the finite speed of light. When you look up into the night sky you are literally looking years in the past

  • Rev0King
    Rev0King 23 days ago

    Anyone else watch joe when your REALLY REALLY high?

  • Gabe Night
    Gabe Night 23 days ago

    Jamie tell him about your time machine.

  • Chad
    Chad 23 days ago

    He's a dork you can tell by his dork hair, why does every DWEEB have hair like that hmmm

    • George Lux
      George Lux 20 days ago

      They have better things to do with their time than sit in front of a mirror playing with their hair.

  • Craig Seddon
    Craig Seddon 23 days ago

    I have heard a few experts try and explain black holes, but each one is massively different. I still do not have even a remote idea of what they are, apart from heavy and hot.

  • gogo dodo
    gogo dodo 23 days ago

    All this can never happen just by chance. Their has to be a higher personality, a higher power, an intelligent power to create something like us and the trillions and trillions of universe(s). That higher personality is Allah/God.

  • Murad Indris
    Murad Indris 24 days ago


  • Zach Fisher
    Zach Fisher 24 days ago

    At the end he should say “and I’m basing this on nothing verifiable... just guesses that will likely be proven wrong in 5 years...”

    • Zach Fisher
      Zach Fisher 20 days ago

      George Lux they don’t lie, they base what they’re saying on layers of theories and every ten years they get proven wrong. That’s why we have “Dark Matter” as an answer for universal mysteries. Dark matter is garbage science.

    • George Lux
      George Lux 20 days ago

      Why would he lie? I doubt he has any desire to make things up just to placate the ignorant.

  • Suman Kumar
    Suman Kumar 24 days ago

    I think my brain stopped spinning out of control after hearing Cox talk.☺

  • sloop
    sloop 24 days ago

    Did he warg into a comet to study all of this stuff?

  • Larry Flynn
    Larry Flynn 24 days ago

    So is it me or does this dude look exactly like Rodney Mullen!
    Rodney is a genuine genius as well

  • Palp Wf
    Palp Wf 24 days ago

    I have no idea who this guy is and before I clicked on this video I looked at him and thought “there’s a 90% chance this guys got a British accent”

  • Ticky Tacky
    Ticky Tacky 24 days ago

    We saw a star collapse in 1054a.d.?

  • Angus Thermopyle
    Angus Thermopyle 24 days ago

    Nemesis is what he's talking about at the end.

  • Shane Pye
    Shane Pye 24 days ago

    Not only in PLAIN English, but PROPER English. Cheery- o.

  • Roger G2
    Roger G2 25 days ago

    “From which light cannot escape.”
    -every scientist ever when asked about black holes.
    We get it ok?

  • Philip breeze-jackson
    Philip breeze-jackson 25 days ago

    Has anybody exactly seen what ever details this guy is discribing?
    But we all agree right with what he is saying, but never witnessed it for ourselves?
    So what religion is this again?

  • OldEtonian
    OldEtonian 25 days ago +1

    I don’t agree with political Brian Cox, but fuck me I could listen to him talk about physics and astronomy for ages.

  • Waseem Amin
    Waseem Amin 25 days ago

    When you can tell someone loves something as much if not more then you. your like yaay. one of my kind :) lol

  • cisbio
    cisbio 26 days ago

    I guess not all flat earthers are complete tools, but the ones who stink up TVclip comments all appear to be very foolish, and belligerently proud of their willful ignorance.

  • 4th Dimension
    4th Dimension 26 days ago

    I don't understand how people are confused about how black holes are formed. If you understand how gravity works and how stars die, you should be able to figure it out on your own.

  • RFC3514
    RFC3514 26 days ago

    They're still stars, still out there, but anyone who gets too close is doomed, and nothing new shines out of them any more. So... is this about astronomy or about the music industry?

  • Danny
    Danny 26 days ago

    But... How do they get caramel into Cadbury caramilk bars?
    In my expert opinion, my contention is that they freeze the caramel cubes then cover it in chocolate.

  • Georgy Gorshkov
    Georgy Gorshkov 27 days ago

    Laozi, Tao Te Ching: "The greatest square has no corner". Therefore the infinity/eternity is greater than God.

    • SarthorS
      SarthorS 15 days ago

      That's called a deepity. Something that sounds profound at first, but is actually total nonsense.

  • Joe Boxer
    Joe Boxer 27 days ago

    Black hole = my depression

    DATING HARLEY QUINN 28 days ago

    I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS NAMED AFTER ME....! My initials are LGM. :-(

  • BHammer
    BHammer 28 days ago

    I only believe him because of his accent.

  • enkadu007
    enkadu007 28 days ago

    Cool theory, prove it.

  • Big Dave
    Big Dave 29 days ago

    Brian cox doesn’t know fuck all he’s never been to space to give your head a wobble

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 29 days ago

    How do you fools dislike knowledge

  • Mike Sanchez
    Mike Sanchez 29 days ago

    Lol dude looks like hes smiling the while talking hahaa

  • James Baxter
    James Baxter 29 days ago

    Man one day they’re going to have the Queen of England on here