Matthew Santoro - FACTS (Official Music Video) f. Ellevan & Humble the Poet

  • Published on Nov 11, 2017
    Produced by Ellevan. Directed by Strø. Shot on RED.
    Special thanks to EllevanMusic and HumbleThePoet for their tireless hours put in helping to produce, perform in, and perfect this song!
    More music:
    More music:
    Huge thanks to all these talented people who appeared in the video. They all do amazing things! FOLLOW THEM ON IG!
    Stephen Spence @iamstevenspence
    Jah'lon Wright @ijahlon
    Swoozie @swoozie
    Ashley Kaltwasser @ashleykfit
    Tim Brehmer @tim_brehmer
    Josh Lin @joshpalerlin
    Simmi Singh @simszter
    Brandon Dawson @bdizzlewitthestampinthemiddle
    Twan @twan
    Ray Diaz @raydiaz
    London Shay @londonshaygoheen
    Adin Kolansky @adinkolansky
    Brittanie Nash @brittanie.nash
    Tori Ross @itstoriross
    Sabrina Manning @sabrina_nissa
    Huda Chay @hudachay
    Madeleine Rose @cheriemadeleine
    Marissa Gold @themarissagold
    Ayla Marie @ayla_woodruff
    Emily Katz @emily_k8z
    Max Weisz @maxnosleeves
    Kathryn Le @kathrynle_
    Strø @directedbystro
    Official album art:
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  • Runtime: 4:17
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  • BluemoonNINITE
    BluemoonNINITE Hour ago

    Why so many dislikes? This is good. Matt please keep doing stuff like this it was awesome, I'm scared you'll take this hate to heart and give up but please please PLEASE don't

  • krzyzakpolska
    krzyzakpolska Hour ago

    Sad more dislikes than likes 😢

  • Shawn Serrano
    Shawn Serrano Hour ago

    cool song i like it

  • Valeri Skobtsov
    Valeri Skobtsov 3 hours ago

    I don't care if you try something new

  • Valeri Skobtsov
    Valeri Skobtsov 3 hours ago

    I like it

  • Alex Dankmeme
    Alex Dankmeme 3 hours ago

    mah nem jason im a keemstar fan and dis song very disrespectful i dont appreciat it keem will destroy u dont even tri.

  • Hxrm ful
    Hxrm ful 3 hours ago


  • HardVibes
    HardVibes 3 hours ago

    Why the dislikes?

  • CuzziMossum
    CuzziMossum 4 hours ago

    Can youtubers stop making music pls.

  • Braylon Gamez
    Braylon Gamez 5 hours ago

    Can't believe he did a diss to jake Paul jake already sayed he is not going to respond so he abouluse did it for .more fans

  • Bret Baker
    Bret Baker 5 hours ago

    OH MY GAWD!!! This was one of the best videos I belive I ever seen! I am not kidding.Great job Matthew!

  • Garion Bullard
    Garion Bullard 5 hours ago

    Matt did great for someone who doesn't make music and so y all the dislikes?

  • BrookieCookie199
    BrookieCookie199 5 hours ago


    CAPTAIN LEVI 5 hours ago +2

    Never thought matthew would make a music video but good shit😎

  • Nazareth Carrasco
    Nazareth Carrasco 6 hours ago

    Lol the like and dislike ratio

  • slbrey
    slbrey 6 hours ago

    Please don't try to rap with those horse teeth ever again....wait didn't some girl beat u up?

  • Adrienne Patterson
    Adrienne Patterson 7 hours ago

    Matt do whatever you want man, I'll always be a fan of yours.

  • English Peanut
    English Peanut 7 hours ago

    This is awful and why

  • Eddy Assassin
    Eddy Assassin 7 hours ago

    I thought u were family friendly

  • Person 100110
    Person 100110 8 hours ago

    This should hit 9000000 views

  • Cheryl Sutton
    Cheryl Sutton 9 hours ago

    I appreciate all the time and work that went into this.  It's just not my taste in music.  I don't care how good the message is, if I don't care for the style, I tune it out.  Follow your dreams if this is what you like to do.

  • Bruno Poldrugač
    Bruno Poldrugač 9 hours ago

    Goooood,but it was little too dark Matt!

  • Ali Brox
    Ali Brox 10 hours ago

    They don’t wanna hear the facts the truth

  • MrTheSuperMarioBros
    MrTheSuperMarioBros 11 hours ago +2

    it is actually a good song.

  • Ozzie Solo
    Ozzie Solo 11 hours ago

    Call me crazy, but I like it.

  • Ozzie Solo
    Ozzie Solo 11 hours ago

    Call me crazy, but I like it.

  • Monica Dharmadhikari
    Monica Dharmadhikari 12 hours ago +1

    *thumbs up* for humble

    A CAT ON YOUTUBE 12 hours ago

    The meaning to the lyrics makes sense tho

    A CAT ON YOUTUBE 12 hours ago

    19k dislikes oof

  • Jose martinez
    Jose martinez 12 hours ago +1


  • King Komodox
    King Komodox 12 hours ago

    Look Matt, I've been subbed to you for a long time and like your videos, but in my opinion this was just bad. Its cool you are trying different things and you clearly put effort into this, but in my opinion it just wasn't good.

  • Kabir Kumar
    Kabir Kumar 13 hours ago

    This was a step down for you Matt. Your subscribers love you for the ACTUAL FACTS you tell us and not these mediocre music vids.

  • ArkSaber
    ArkSaber 14 hours ago

    This doesn’t feel right, something has changed in Matt say goodbye to the old mat hope this is what u all wanted

  • Majestic
    Majestic 14 hours ago

    16k Likes 19k dislikes.

    Just because you tried something new, doesn't mean we are going to like it ;)

  • Valerie Croteau
    Valerie Croteau 14 hours ago

    Love it!!! :D

  • Fart Farmer
    Fart Farmer 14 hours ago

    Oh boy look at that like/dislike ratio 😂 definitely not for you brah.

  • Jay Lu
    Jay Lu 14 hours ago

    WTSF it this!? I think the like to dislike ratio should tell you something Matt . . . . . . never ever do this again. No, no . . . . . just no, please no.

  • Ismael De La Torre
    Ismael De La Torre 14 hours ago +1

    Didn't like the mix/master but the song is awesome! Well done matt

  • Srush Lahib
    Srush Lahib 14 hours ago

    The song is not bad it's just has a weak hook

    CHEESEY BUNNY 15 hours ago

    Likes and Dislikes are broken.

  • Nura T.N 27
    Nura T.N 27 15 hours ago


  • Echo Star
    Echo Star 16 hours ago

    19k dislikes = 19k haters, though a few might be those automatic dislike bullish!t.

  • Eddjie
    Eddjie 16 hours ago +1

    🔥 BARZ

  • Kenny Molz
    Kenny Molz 16 hours ago

    .....waiting for next top ten....please

  • Me You
    Me You 16 hours ago +1

    Awesome song bro

  • Marco Espinoza
    Marco Espinoza 17 hours ago

    Loving them beards

  • Lancelot Advincula
    Lancelot Advincula 17 hours ago

    Isn't Keemstar great?

  • Pure Ryan
    Pure Ryan 17 hours ago +1

    Music is music tho. Leave songs with messages to the professionals. It's everyday bro is better... because it's got rhythm

  • TsargTv
    TsargTv 17 hours ago

    Pretty good

  • Broken Swingset
    Broken Swingset 17 hours ago +1

    I didn't take Matt as the kind of person that listens to this genre of music, to each their own I guess

  • Omid Saffary
    Omid Saffary 17 hours ago +2

    Why does this have more dislikes than likes? It was actually pretty good, especially his message of how you tubers start to act overtime

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith 17 hours ago

    I like this Matt Hey go hard props

  • Msgtsnow 02
    Msgtsnow 02 18 hours ago +1

    This is actually a pretty good song

  • invader0012
    invader0012 18 hours ago +1

    Nice to see you do different things! Great video.

  • German Zapata
    German Zapata 18 hours ago

    Great YouTuber, subscribed and everything , great message, but good lord this was bad. Don't do this again. Love you Matt. You tried

  • Karim
    Karim 19 hours ago

    It’s not that bad, but the first guy sounds like an Eminem wannabe

  • lavacero
    lavacero 19 hours ago

    I must admit that I loath rap, but this song is really well done, not disrespectful (like the others that tend to pi$$ me off), and The video is well shot. Good job, Matt!

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 19 hours ago +1

    Matt you killed it 🔥🔥🔥

  • Cap Fiji
    Cap Fiji 19 hours ago +1

    “Not a disstrack”

  • wayne butler
    wayne butler 20 hours ago

    i like it.

  • Red Stone Rocket Ship
    Red Stone Rocket Ship 20 hours ago

    You attention hog

  • Ryan Paladino
    Ryan Paladino 20 hours ago


  • SeeniPie
    SeeniPie 21 hour ago

    O my god this is the best song ive ever heard matthew you sound mazing

  • Issac
    Issac 21 hour ago

    So cool bro!!

  • Danny Callear
    Danny Callear 22 hours ago


  • Fan of Everything
    Fan of Everything 22 hours ago +1

    Watch at 144p and 0.5 speed

  • mihhh b gaminHD
    mihhh b gaminHD 23 hours ago

    FIRST video I’ve seen of Matt’s that has more dislikes than likes

  • KarvGaming
    KarvGaming 23 hours ago

    Hey Vsauce!

  • pablo west
    pablo west 23 hours ago

    "Matt! Wear the most gangsta clothes you have!" * puts on last years Drake costume *

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis 23 hours ago

    Dear matthew santoro, Can you do a the top 10 most distubing song ever made video?

  • THE mythic gaming
    THE mythic gaming 23 hours ago +1

    Ps a liitle tiny note MATT HAD THE BALLS THE BALLSSSS TO MAKE A RAP VIDEO u think you good lets see u try to rap go ahead well if u still don't wanna try it then seriously GROW THE F### up for real and CHILL OK seriously yall be attention whiny children fr yall throw so much hate to him like dafaq wrong with you

  • kid
    kid 23 hours ago


  • THE mythic gaming

    to all the haters here is something to WRAP YOUR LITTLE BRAIN AROUND you can hate matt all you want but for each like DISLIKE comment and view and also subscriber he gets paid for dont believe me look it up and also you watched his video so why u gonna complain or HATE HIM but still watch his video you know there is a simple thing called a go back button/arrow or a exit button you know you can um i don't know USE IT for real ffs open up your eyes grow the F### up Own the F### up and move on ok plain and FREAKING SIMPLE LIKE DUH

  • Ny'Asia
    Ny'Asia Day ago

    Humble deadass had the best verse

  • JTX186
    JTX186 Day ago +1

    Matthew Santoro ft. Ellevan & Humble The Poet - FACTS (Official Music Video)

  • John Paul
    John Paul Day ago +4

    This is one of the best Youtuber music videos, why is there so many dislikes????

  • Flaming Iceberg
    Flaming Iceberg Day ago

    Don’t listen to the haters! Awesome video

  • mitch wilmott
    mitch wilmott Day ago

    Matt I love you but this was pretty bad.

  • Fancy Devil
    Fancy Devil Day ago +1

    I think I get the message. They started off with YouTube for fun and now they are stuck having to keep uploading content daily just to stay afloat and have to just get crazier to keep relevant. Why this has been downvoted so hard is beyond me. Sure I'm not into rap but the message was pretty solid. Gets a thumbs up from me.

  • Joshua Jenkins
    Joshua Jenkins Day ago +1

    This music video> 99% of all music in this world.

  • Shadow Vaporeon
    Shadow Vaporeon Day ago

    I'm confused where all the hate is coming from I mean I don't like rap so this is just like all other rap videos

  • whitefire351
    whitefire351 Day ago

    Love your stuff. Except this. I don't find this any good

  • Menanoid
    Menanoid Day ago

    Seems Matt exposed a lot of haters.

  • David Nepali
    David Nepali Day ago +35

    Am I the only one okay with matt trying something new ?

    • Majestic
      Majestic 14 hours ago +1

      sure he can try it but that doesn't mean we have to like it!

    • Thank God I'm European
      Thank God I'm European 14 hours ago

      David Nepali I’m not ok with it. He says he has a depression but instead of talking with his subscribers does a music video. Why? Money and attention that’s why.

    • Edwin Fernandez
      Edwin Fernandez Day ago

      I'm ok with it

    • CH1C4GOF4N97
      CH1C4GOF4N97 Day ago +2

      David Nepali Matt can do anything he wants, as long as its not illegal, offensive, or dangerous.
      I support Matthew Santoro all the way 👍

  • milanaur
    milanaur Day ago +1

    At least someone's finally talking about what our society has become. Good job, Matt.

  • Sam W
    Sam W Day ago +2

    Keep up the work

  • Purusottam Banerjee

    Ok...I love you but this is bad....sorry man

  • MC Wildstyle
    MC Wildstyle Day ago +3

    I love that beat! MATT IS SPITTING BARS


    Why are people disliking?

    • CH1C4GOF4N97
      CH1C4GOF4N97 Day ago

      THE LIGHT BROWN DYNAMITE Keemstar, maybe? I don't know either ways.

  • Amanda Randolph
    Amanda Randolph Day ago +2

    I did not like this video. HOWEVER, the time and effort that was put into it is astounding. Keep doing what you want, Matt! :)

  • Dinkle Dink
    Dinkle Dink Day ago

    Honestly this isn’t even as bad as keemstar says it is

  • Zack Allen
    Zack Allen Day ago

    love you matt

  • Specter 482
    Specter 482 Day ago

    This is like English grime I love it

  • Muhammad Afiq
    Muhammad Afiq Day ago

    Can someone explain this song is for who and why?

  • Xd Xp
    Xd Xp Day ago +2

    It's great song ,

  • Devon
    Devon Day ago +1

    I love Matt!! Been a fan and subscriber since 2011. I love the new direction his channel has taken! I always new he would be huge!

  • Austin Middleton


  • Mel
    Mel Day ago

    I love the regular content on this channel, but this was a solid nope. I hate that the list videos have been replaced with this.

    • Mel
      Mel 21 hour ago

      CH1C4GOF4N97 I didn't expect that this was all he was making, I just think this was a poor choice for a side project. His short film was great though, because it was deeply personal and reached out to a lot of other people with depression.
      As for list videos not doing well, we all know how reliable that YouTube algorithm is. It wouldn't surprise me if every channel on here is struggling a bit.

    • CH1C4GOF4N97
      CH1C4GOF4N97 Day ago

      Mel If you mean the 50 Amazing Facts videos and such like it, they're coming back in December.
      Plus, Matt said himself that YouTube hasn't been liking list videos lately.
      I hope you don't expect music videos like this to be all that Matt is going to be doing from now on.

  • CT DoomMars
    CT DoomMars Day ago +2

    Man this song deserve more likes than dislikes,don't be haters

  • asmakitto
    asmakitto Day ago +2

    Those armies feeling their boss is under attack, bombarding that dislike button like it's satan.
    tbh I was prepared to cringe a little, but Matt had the best part and he killed it.
    Well true representation of how people really feel about facts :\