Emma Chamberlain for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Show


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  • Simran Mangat
    Simran Mangat 16 hours ago

    4.20 Emma trying to swear but stopped by the brand😂😂😂

  • Catherine Horn
    Catherine Horn 18 hours ago

    She is honestly a really good Louis Vuitton model and also her with makeup is everything

  • Dax Luidhardt
    Dax Luidhardt 22 hours ago

    Casually sits next to Madeline petsch

  • Malia Johnson
    Malia Johnson Day ago

    I wonder if they made her shower for this video?

  • Sophia Patiag
    Sophia Patiag Day ago

    Omg she was was sitting my Madeleine AHHHHHHHHHH

  • marwuhh xxx
    marwuhh xxx Day ago


  • Zor
    Zor Day ago


  • Honey Lemon
    Honey Lemon Day ago


  • Smart Cookie Dennison

    Brooklyn is part of New York City

  • Nikita Miller
    Nikita Miller Day ago


  • abby nicole
    abby nicole Day ago

    emma looks so different with her hair down

  • Genxesys
    Genxesys Day ago


  • Maritza Castillo

    I want to be a model for Louis vuitton💗😭😭

  • Emily Young
    Emily Young Day ago

    you’re lying...

  • Katie Spraker
    Katie Spraker Day ago

    It’s 2020 already

  • Eva chauhan
    Eva chauhan 2 days ago

    Her eyes are popping

  • Elizabeth Price
    Elizabeth Price 2 days ago

    Emma and Madeleine were doing the same things 😂

  • bushra bashar
    bushra bashar 2 days ago

    Hi EmMa

  • April Aline123
    April Aline123 2 days ago

    I love how she still acts like herself with Louis Vuitton

  • Hosanna Sings
    Hosanna Sings 2 days ago

    I’m shook you got to sit next to Madelaine petsch❤️

  • Aj Martinez Vlogs
    Aj Martinez Vlogs 2 days ago

    I like how she didn’t even notice she was sitting next to sharel from riverdale

    • Ria Lopez
      Ria Lopez 16 hours ago

      Aj Martinez Vlogs **Cheryl**

  • Kate Desingano
    Kate Desingano 2 days ago

    Can the boy in the traffic light just be cooperative? WE'RE TRYING TO BE HOPELESS ROMANTIC IN HERE. [That would be a great movie story line though.]

  • Kate Desingano
    Kate Desingano 2 days ago

    I am so proud 😢

  • Edward Ryan
    Edward Ryan 2 days ago

    I love how much more comfortable and confident Emma is this time. Next year she will be even MORE into it.

  • Breanne Murphy
    Breanne Murphy 2 days ago

    Madelaine Petsch❤️

  • sammy ibarra
    sammy ibarra 2 days ago

    i wonder if she talked to madelaine petsch because they r so alike in ways and couldve done vlogs together ❤😌

  • Sonia Sanchez
    Sonia Sanchez 2 days ago

    That iced coffee by the window! Dead who says Emma has changed?

  • Fatima Rashed
    Fatima Rashed 3 days ago

    Yaaaaaassssssss work it !!!

  • Ella Bruce
    Ella Bruce 3 days ago +4

    When she said "I love going to cycling classes with my friends" anyone else think ETHAN


  • Rutleishka Cruz
    Rutleishka Cruz 3 days ago

    I saw Madeline video when she went to the Luis show and it’s funny cuz ur sitting next to her

  • sofia nanou
    sofia nanou 3 days ago


  • Rebecca Ruiz
    Rebecca Ruiz 3 days ago

    I love her shes so cute

  • Brylie Stocking
    Brylie Stocking 3 days ago

    Was that Madeleine Petsch by Emma!!

  • Sophia Ahmed
    Sophia Ahmed 3 days ago

    she is so uneducated I'm from Brooklyn and Brooklyn is part of NYC.

  • Hannah Santiago
    Hannah Santiago 3 days ago

    ahhh am i the only one that noticed that shes sitting next to maelaine petsch!!!!!

  • Moni M
    Moni M 3 days ago +1

    Did she shower,because she changed

  • Georgia Stoila
    Georgia Stoila 3 days ago


  • Joshua Wegmann
    Joshua Wegmann 3 days ago +15

    "I love Brooklyn. But I love New York City too." Honey, Brooklyn is a part of NYC. 😂 I know what she meant though.

  • Slime By Evv
    Slime By Evv 3 days ago +6

    U can tell how hard she’s trying not to swear😂

  • Raquel Morsey
    Raquel Morsey 3 days ago +2

    This is how many times Emma said vibes

    NINUCA BERIANIDZE 3 days ago +1

    can we just take a moment and admire how beautiful she is :)

  • Moo Gan
    Moo Gan 3 days ago +8

    L.A might have changed Emma a little bit, but she never forgets her coffee. 😂

  • Любомира Марчева

    Umm why no one is talking about THAT MADELINE PETSCH IS SITTING NEXT TO EMMA

  • Ivan Guillen
    Ivan Guillen 3 days ago +17

    I'm so surprised that she only said 2 bad words, she was trying so hard🤣

  • ginger oldmixon
    ginger oldmixon 3 days ago

    YOU WHERE NEXT TO MADALAINE PETCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy andrei Santiago
    Jeremy andrei Santiago 3 days ago +7

    Louis Vuitton, I am available all year around.

  • Dana Murray
    Dana Murray 3 days ago

    Peep the coffee in the back😂❤❤

  • Allison Olson
    Allison Olson 4 days ago


  • Gabrielle Irene Lorenzana

    Emma kind of looks like Elizabeth Olsen in this video

  • charcs_7
    charcs_7 4 days ago +1

    I wonder if she freaked out over Madeleine

  • soilgrasswaterair
    soilgrasswaterair 4 days ago

    It’s a bit odd that they hire teenagers to wear their things when it’s adult women who buy their clothes! It’s a bit backwards to say the least. I’m all for Emma...this is aimed at the companies!

  • Tea Cronqvist
    Tea Cronqvist 4 days ago

    let’s take a moment and talk about emma just sitting casually beside madelaine petsch

    GOTEE G 4 days ago

    is that Madelaine Petsch? 7:11

  • Hazel Rivas
    Hazel Rivas 5 days ago

    What did you do to Emma!!!! :(

  • Ruthiel Roño
    Ruthiel Roño 6 days ago


  • FreeSpirit123
    FreeSpirit123 7 days ago

    Where is her LATTE?

    JUST PANASHE 7 days ago

    Emma looked bored
    😂Even thou I know she wasint

  • EklipsedDarkness
    EklipsedDarkness 7 days ago

    I dont see anything special about this girl, raspy voice, lazy eye, and stumbles on her speech.

  • Gamze Duran
    Gamze Duran 7 days ago


  • youtube excellence
    youtube excellence 8 days ago

    u know just casually sitting next to Madeline

  • A_Socialist_Channel
    A_Socialist_Channel 8 days ago


  • Ary
    Ary 9 days ago

    *Lowkey look like heroine of film Brooklyn...?!!

  • Miguel Gaonananananana

    Licenciado Valeriano

  • J E ss E Y
    J E ss E Y 11 days ago

    I wonder if she showered?

  • Book Worm
    Book Worm 11 days ago

    ARE WE GOING TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT SHE IS SITTING NEXT TO CHERYL BLOSSOM!! I mean I know that not her name cuz she bae but whatever

  • dicantik.
    dicantik. 12 days ago

    7:17 oh hi ryujin

  • Sabrina Jogezai
    Sabrina Jogezai 13 days ago

    Oml Emma just sitting beside Madelaine is everything

  • Sabrina Jogezai
    Sabrina Jogezai 13 days ago

    We love a kween

  • Gacha Teddy
    Gacha Teddy 13 days ago


  • Steven Escamilla
    Steven Escamilla 14 days ago

    My mom follow you on Instam😜

  • Berra Yanmaz
    Berra Yanmaz 14 days ago +5

    I just realized that Madelaine Petsch was sitting next to Emma🤗🤗
    I’m sorry i just love her😍❤️

  • Poupette Eugene
    Poupette Eugene 14 days ago +4

    Ya know when she said cycling and coffee that reminded me of the Dolan twins 😏

  • missSDW
    missSDW 15 days ago

    I love that they kept her silliness in the edit.

  • Eiliyah Kausmaly
    Eiliyah Kausmaly 15 days ago

    Emma Chamberlain is soo original😂👏

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores 15 days ago

    Sitting in the front, see

  • Dalicia Puente
    Dalicia Puente 16 days ago

    Lol I herd this without looking at the screen and I literally thought it was Tanna

  • Cheif Called
    Cheif Called 16 days ago

    I LOVE THAT SHE IS ALWAYS HERSELF ...even with LV 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Myaliyah Myers
    Myaliyah Myers 18 days ago


  • Charlotte yeah
    Charlotte yeah 19 days ago

    This is so sad

  • Endless Galaxy
    Endless Galaxy 19 days ago +5

    6:37 Louis Vuitton knows what questions to ask!😂💜

  • Suzie Wong
    Suzie Wong 19 days ago

    Love the way she is just casually sitting beside Madelaine Petsch and I’m just fan Girling over here like AGGGHHHHHH

  • Lucia Aguirre
    Lucia Aguirre 19 days ago


  • MusicBoxFanatic Mushrooms


  • Olivia Swensrud ('24)
    Olivia Swensrud ('24) 20 days ago

    7:11 cheryl.

  • Emilee Ohman
    Emilee Ohman 21 day ago

    7:43 I noticed that the girl who plays cheryl blossom in riverdale is next to emma💀💀

  • Jennifer Marks
    Jennifer Marks 22 days ago +8

    Are we not going to talk about how Emma was sitting next to Madelaine petsch 😍😍

  • Lolo Jo
    Lolo Jo 22 days ago

    Get Johnny Orlando

  • Ismail Benjamin
    Ismail Benjamin 23 days ago

    Love how she is just casually sitting next to madelain petch
    Both celebs
    But have no idea who each other are

  • •PweaseGimmieFood•

    Oh my gosh, you know what i just realized..

    Emma probably showered for this!

    • D. Roze
      D. Roze 22 days ago

      ItsYaGirl_LiviOmg 😮 😂

    WFCD CUBBY 23 days ago

    Em you are point!!!!....Slammin sista!!!!

  • Snatched Weave
    Snatched Weave 23 days ago

    Everyone but her Louis . Please

  • samantha mejia
    samantha mejia 24 days ago +3

    did any body realized that she is sitting next to madelaine petsch!!!

  • s o f t a e s t h e t i c s

    7:12 omg madelaine petch

  • melissa simpson
    melissa simpson 24 days ago

    when u see madie in the back ground atlike 7:12 #riverdale

  • Melissa Ceja- delenaa.mp4

    7:11 peep these iconic goddesses

  • Tilly Feltham
    Tilly Feltham 24 days ago +3

    anybody notice Madelaine Petcsh sitting next to Emma

  • Cristine Jane Yguinto
    Cristine Jane Yguinto 24 days ago

    Emma is so gorgeous on the thumbnail...💗

  • Chanrin Park
    Chanrin Park 24 days ago

    U know what’s funny
    I was in New York the 17th and it didn’t even cross my mind that she might be there

  • Unique Marre
    Unique Marre 24 days ago +4

    Emma was so pretty during this video🖍📍

  • sara sierra
    sara sierra 24 days ago

    Love Emma. So genuine, always