Fenty Pro Filtr’ Foundation 385, Instant Retouch Concealer + Setting Powder Review 😱 #thecure

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
  • Lawddd 😩
    I am soooo excited agghhh! We are so close to having a full face of Fenty!!!
    I picked up a new pro filtr’ foundation shade, a new pro filtr concealer aka #thecure and a new setting powder.
    Get your popcorn 🍿 ready because this is a long video. I’ll be talking you through each product as I demo them.
    Make sure you watch ‘til the end to see how these products look in natural lighting!
    I hope you guys enjoy 🐞🐞🐞
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  • Pam Jordan
    Pam Jordan 5 days ago

    Found your channel today...I’m binge watching you! Although you are much younger and our skin is much younger as well...I don’t care... you my dear lady, you’re so darn entertaining!

  • Simply Jay15
    Simply Jay15 7 days ago

    Girrrrl! I love you!😂💕 you’re so funny!

  • ceceoo3
    ceceoo3 10 days ago

    Same with me. I can use 385 but I think it's a bit light and 390 is very orange as u said. I had the concealer to try that out first and had to take it back and got 385 ugh when will they put more shades in between?! Is our shade so uncommon or what?! I love the quality of the products though and hoping for shades 386, 387, 388,389. Darnit. Or at least a 387 maybe. I know this line is tired but.....u made it work ugh. And also waiting for some anti acne makeup.

  • Amanda Charlemagne
    Amanda Charlemagne 20 days ago

    Same here omg I’m 390 and then went to sephora cause my bottle finished saw 385 and I decide to try it fits perfect I can still pull off 390 however

  • cmatthews89
    cmatthews89 25 days ago

    Wayment 👀 What did you use to color correct? 🤔I need that one in my life because bayyybbee these other ones are doing your girl dirty

  • Murdocssoul
    Murdocssoul 28 days ago

    Damn I thought I was the only one who had issues with 390! In sephora I got matched and told I was a 390, hopefully a 395 will appear eventually 😩🥺

  • Sheryl Josephs
    Sheryl Josephs Month ago

    You are so beautiful!! Stunning and I just love your videos

  • Rachael McCarley
    Rachael McCarley Month ago

    Loved this video! Your personality is everything! And you're lovely to boot!❤

  • Oddness/Weirdness
    Oddness/Weirdness 2 months ago

    I came here looking for the 385 because the 390 is so damned orange yellow and looks crazy on me. I’m not sure whether to get 385 to try or not, especially when you first swatched it lol. It looks extra good on you, though!

  • CaramelShorty
    CaramelShorty 3 months ago

    what color corrector do you use

  • Ms. PhD
    Ms. PhD 3 months ago

    What is the name and shade of your bronzer?

  • Lesh Campbell
    Lesh Campbell 3 months ago

    Hi, what's your mac shade?

  • Millicent Lopez
    Millicent Lopez 4 months ago +1

    might i suggest tear-trough filler for you? i had really prominent undereye lines similar to yours and no amount of concealor can mask them. My doctor used restalyne and princess brands and i love it!! itll last 1 year

    46FOXFIRE 4 months ago

    perfect shade for you

  • Simone Miller
    Simone Miller 4 months ago

    LOL "Were you ashy yesterday and didn't know" 😭❤️

    NICHAREE THIENGTUM 4 months ago

    I just subscribed your channel and i lovvvvveeee your review. U literally made me want more and more riri products lol

  • Amani Guerrier
    Amani Guerrier 4 months ago

    Girl I feel you every time she drops something my wallet weeps😂

  • KK Malik
    KK Malik 4 months ago

    390 wasn't orange on me. It must be the undertones (cause 390 is warm and it is perfect on me)

  • Alicia Brooks
    Alicia Brooks 4 months ago


  • Doretha Martin
    Doretha Martin 4 months ago

    She have a bronzer

  • Patricia Jones
    Patricia Jones 4 months ago


  • D D
    D D 4 months ago

    Oh your lips 😍

  • kiaracansing
    kiaracansing 4 months ago

    Just found your channel. Love your personality ! Lol! New subbie!

  • Paige Baldwin
    Paige Baldwin 4 months ago

    Loved everything except the lip color, the lips colors undertone clashes a little with the eye look

  • the.prttyone
    the.prttyone 5 months ago

    New subie here .... Love your personality girl. Started with one vid now I'm here on my second ... on to the next ❤

    HOMARELLL Space 5 months ago

    Your intro got me gal. Followed immediately I heard your dope intro well done gal.

  • Larissa Elisabeth Abah
    Larissa Elisabeth Abah 5 months ago +1

    I need the cure😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖

  • Broccoli Queen
    Broccoli Queen 5 months ago

    I can't with the random gucci mane BURR in the background hahahahaha

  • Jennifer Thompson
    Jennifer Thompson 5 months ago

    You look amazing. The 385 looks good on you. Great video!!!😍

  • Gloria Mandudi
    Gloria Mandudi 6 months ago

    Gorgeous 💜

  • Tee Tam
    Tee Tam 6 months ago

    My shade IQ matched 370 as well until I went home in my own light like ...they tried it. I use 390 as well but if I take my sweet time, it oxidizes like crazy! Making me very orange! I hope they come out with something slightly less orange because 385 did not match me, it was too neutral :/

  • Kittichanlove
    Kittichanlove 6 months ago

    The new shade worked well for you

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago

      Thank you!! I’ve recently been using it with a drop of 390 and it’s perfect ❤️

  • D. Hall
    D. Hall 6 months ago

    I went and got me some Fenty 385. ♥

    • D. Hall
      D. Hall 6 months ago

      @Briaunna Louison .... I was in between a couple shades and when I saw 385... I was like.... Boo-ya! ♥ I'm not a Full Coverage kinda gal. As you get older (I'm pushing 60 with a 50 yr old honey), you really need to lighten 'da touch. I been waiting on Fashion Fair to get its act together but not no mo'! Hmmph!
      *p.s.* Oilier skin at your age will have you still lookin' great at my age! Just sayin'...

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago

      How did you like it? I’ve been mixing mine with 390 to make it a little warmer.

  • Nelly Love
    Nelly Love 6 months ago

    New subbie queen 👑

  • Nathalie Eilahtan
    Nathalie Eilahtan 6 months ago


  • Trysé B.
    Trysé B. 6 months ago

    Subscribed as soon as I hit the intro 😂 yas girl

  • NewYork Chick
    NewYork Chick 6 months ago

    385 didn’t work for me, too neutral, I’m a golden warm girl n 390 is slightly too dark. Maybe I’ll try 370✌🏾

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago +1

      I’ve been mixing 385 and 390 together lately. I also think 385 is too neutral for me but the shade is right 😩

  • LaShanna Braswell
    LaShanna Braswell 6 months ago

    I’ve been watching a ton of these videos and this one has helped me the most! Your look is what I like and your skin tone is similar to mine. I have been using 390 and it looks a bit yellow on me. I’m going to try 385 and use the concealer as a foundation because my face is so dry.

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago

      Thank you so much! I’m glad my video was helpful 🤗 Hopefully she’ll come out with a foundation for dry skin soon.

  • Mykey Denise
    Mykey Denise 6 months ago

    Turns out 385 is my shade. I was very worried because it goes on LIGHT but it dries down just right...

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago

      Mykey Denise yes! When I first swatched it I was so nervous because it looked super light but it definitely does dry down darker.

  • wndrss99
    wndrss99 6 months ago

    Brought 390 last didn’t like it order 350 took it back to Sephora and they color matched me for 385. Last year I brought the matchstick you used. I ordered Honey few days and and love it...glad I watched your video, going to perfect my look thanks to you & Ms. Fenty❤️❗️

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago

      wndrss99 yayy!!! I’m glad you found your perfect match!!! I’ve been wearing the foundation and since the video I’ve mixed 385 and 390 and I kinda like it more than 385 alone. I needed a little more warmth than what 385 was giving 😩

  • Crab Rangoon
    Crab Rangoon 7 months ago

    Hello, what did you color correct with?

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago

      I use Mac peach Lustre. I also use the LA girl color corrector whenever I run out of MAC

  • Junette Watson
    Junette Watson 7 months ago

    You mentioned the 370 concealer seemed like it was clashing with the undertone of the 385 foundation, after wearing would you still recommend the 370 or would you suggest going to 360? I've been debating between both of those too.

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago

      Junette Watson since the video I’ve been mixing my 385 and 390 foundation so the 370 concealer goes great with those two mixed together. I honestly don’t remember exactly how 360 concealer looked compared to 370 😩. I don’t want to give you false info

  • SexiLadi621
    SexiLadi621 7 months ago

    I have oily skin. I’m not as oily with fenty but I need help!!! Because within a hour my face shining so bright . Do you set your entire face ?

    • SexiLadi621
      SexiLadi621 6 months ago

      Briaunna Louison have you tried Becca setting powder ?

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago

      SexiLadi621 yeah I definitely set my face with Honey in my oily areas and I use MAC MSF in dark to set my entire face. Also cover fx has a really nice mattifying setting spray that works for me.

  • Malkia Shelly
    Malkia Shelly 7 months ago

    😂😂 intro bomb!

  • Reagen Dozier
    Reagen Dozier 7 months ago +1

    Yeah, there is no such thing as creaseless or transfer-proof (all marketing words that don’t mean anything). I am glad you mention that in your video. Everyone who claims otherwise I roll my 👀. I picked up honey too and I didn’t get concealer because 100% I don’t wear or like concealer I just use setting powder to blur the creasing but if you get close enough to anyone you can see their under eye creasing

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago

      Reagen Dozier Exactly! I crease with any concealer I use so most times I’m looking for the amount of coverage a concealer has to offer and the type of finish it has.

  • Night Star
    Night Star 7 months ago +2

    I actually love the matchsticks... I bought the new concealer but I’m still gonna be using my matchsticks.

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago +1

      Night Star really?! I can only use the matchstix for contour or blush/highlight. But under my eye was a mess for me 😂😂

  • ms. angelιqυe
    ms. angelιqυe 7 months ago

    I think this shade would be good for me now I usually wear 370 but I got a slight tan I didn’t notice until recently I looked ashy lol

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago

      ms. angelιqυe lol 😂😂 isn’t that the worst! That happened to me last year. I had no clue i was out in the street looking ashy until my sister told me I looked grey one day 😩😔😂

  • Kasey Nicole
    Kasey Nicole 7 months ago

    Love that lip combo. Beautiful.

  • ItsLesh Ok
    ItsLesh Ok 7 months ago +2

    Lmbo your intro was too funny girl! I’m glad I stumbled across your page, definitely got a new subbie.

  • thanmai gaddipati
    thanmai gaddipati 7 months ago

    What is your foundation shade in mac studio fix? I am about your skin tone and it would really help me for reference.

    • thanmai gaddipati
      thanmai gaddipati 6 months ago

      Thanks for the reply 😁

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago +1

      thanmai gaddipati I’ve never tried Mac foundation 🤭 lol. I’ve always been afraid that it would break me out

  • Lisa Rogers
    Lisa Rogers 7 months ago

    Sis she got my edges already I'm 385 as well but when she first launched I got 370 looked alright at first to me it was a lil ashy now I got the right shade this is it 385 great review

  • Lisa Rogers
    Lisa Rogers 7 months ago

    Pretty tfs New subbie

  • j freeman
    j freeman 7 months ago +3

    385 blends beautifully into your skin, definitely a better match than 390- but I must say, I think 385 is the new NC45 because literally everyone is wearing this shade now

    • Kira Dunlap
      Kira Dunlap 29 days ago

      Lmao and every light skin girl is wearing 345 XD. I’m wearing 345 now instead of 360

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  6 months ago +2

      j freeman literally everyone is wearing 385 now 😂 but I honestly don’t think it’s the perfect match because the neutral undertone. I’ve been mixing 385 and 390 and I like it a little better than 385 on its own.

  • Kenya Woods
    Kenya Woods 7 months ago

    That shade is great on you! When you blended it out it warm up to your skin! It didn’t look ashy at all! To me 385 was a better match for you, happy you got your perfect shade! I own the concealer and it’s bomb👏🏽

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago

      Kenya Woods thank God it oxidized on me cuz I was moments away from being casket sharp 😂 thanks for watching!!❤️

  • Charlene718
    Charlene718 7 months ago +9

    This is my favorite Fenty tutorial so far! Skin looking dewy and natural. Lips are popping. This is fast becoming my favorite brand of makeup. But do you have a video on how you do your brows? Cuz they are perfection!

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago

      Charlene718 ayyye!!! Now that just made my day! Thank you so much. I will be doing an eyebrow video soon ❤️

  • Lashanda Mills
    Lashanda Mills 7 months ago

    Great review!!!!! I think that foundation is perfect for you! And you’re right that matchstix is not the move but because its RiRi and I’ve already bought it I will roll with it!!!!

  • Rae Anne
    Rae Anne 7 months ago

    You look great. I think the 360 concealer which is more neutral would work well with the 385 .😬

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago +1

      Rae Anne thank you ❤️❤️ when I swatched that one in the store it was sooo neutral 😩 I think I’m going to try 385 concealer

  • Sheryl Josephs
    Sheryl Josephs 7 months ago

    You are stunning!! 385 is the perfect match for you. I got colour 370 and I feel it’s a little light for me so I’m going to try the 385.

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago

      Sheryl Josephs thanks you so much ❤️ let me know how 385 ends up working for you. I think if it was just a tiny bit warmer it would be perfect.

  • Reagan Morgan
    Reagan Morgan 7 months ago

    I'm that dry lady that can't wear it but your thumb nail was so pretty I had to stop by. And baabbay you had me laughing. Love the video. New subie😜😘

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago

      Reagan Morgan 😂😂 haha!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the video!!! And thanks for subbing ❤️

  • Jo Daviel
    Jo Daviel 7 months ago

    Your lips

  • KiVonShe J
    KiVonShe J 7 months ago

    I think I’m 385. Currently took home a sample of 390 (it’s too dark) but I am just not used to seeing lighter skin on me lol (my shade last summer was 420. BIG DIFFERENCE) but it looks soooooooo good on you

    • KiVonShe J
      KiVonShe J 7 months ago

      Briaunna Louison 385 is my perfect match! The undertone matches my neck to a Z. It’s just sooooooo weird that I’m this medium lol

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago

      KiVonShe J I feel you! I always get so weird when Foundation is too close to my skin tone. I’m used to my foundation being slightly darker as well. Try it out and let me know how it goes. 😘

  • HiddenTreasure09
    HiddenTreasure09 7 months ago

    So pretty!!!!

  • Sadé
    Sadé 7 months ago +2

    I love your personality! And you're so beautiful I know this channel will grow❤️❤️❤️

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago

      Sade yay!!! That is so encouraging. I really appreciate this 🙏🏾 thank you ❤️

  • Treyana Beals
    Treyana Beals 7 months ago

    Girl the shades took me out!! 😂😂

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago +1

      Treyana Beals haha they took me out too 😂 can’t ever take myself seriously lol

  • Brittney Letitia
    Brittney Letitia 7 months ago +1

    That Intro Girl 😂😂😂😍

  • Kia’s Dazzle Me Up
    Kia’s Dazzle Me Up 7 months ago +1

    385 is your shade! It looks flawless on you! Glad I ran across your channel 💕

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago +1

      Kia’s Dazzle Me Up thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • PeacewithSha
    PeacewithSha 7 months ago

    Lol as I was wondering what the prices were and then you came with the receipts 👏🏾! Beautiful personality girl. Thanks for review hope to try these soon.

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago +1

      PeacewithSha 😂 I got y’all covered! Thank you so much I’m glad you enjoyed!

  • toi jones
    toi jones 7 months ago

    Oh and we need an updated brow video please and thank you ma'am 💞

  • toi jones
    toi jones 7 months ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about her eyeshadow primer????

    • toi jones
      toi jones 7 months ago

      @Briaunna Louison I rely on youuuuuuu... Lol. I'll probably pick some up❤️

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago +1

      toi jones I’ve never tried the eye primer

  • JayJay
    JayJay 7 months ago +1

    Browwsssssssss 😍😍

  • JoyOfMyLife
    JoyOfMyLife 7 months ago +4

    Your intro was hilarious 😂

  • Millicent Lopez
    Millicent Lopez 7 months ago

    what foundation brush is that?

    • Millicent Lopez
      Millicent Lopez 7 months ago

      @Briaunna Louison thank you 😊

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago +1

      Millicent Lopez it’s an IT Cosmetics flat top kabuki I believe

  • Jy Jy Merlót
    Jy Jy Merlót 7 months ago

    You honestly did that!! I like it

  • Black_Girl_Magic405
    Black_Girl_Magic405 7 months ago

    Did you try 390 concealer?

    • Briaunna Louison
      Briaunna Louison  7 months ago +1

      In the store I swatched it. It was too orange for my liking

  • Polly Shanks
    Polly Shanks 7 months ago

    You are beautiful