Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Feb 20, 2017
  • Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump.
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Comments • 20 990

  • tommy g
    tommy g Day ago

    jhon oliver is going to be so salty when it comes out this is all a dnc set up

  • Zero Hour
    Zero Hour 2 days ago

    ...... still beating the dead Russia-Gate horse? Goodness. CNN even admitted it was fake. Give it a rest, you lost..

  • gggnumber1
    gggnumber1 4 days ago

    Those techno dancers need their own show. Hysterical.

  • Mohammed Al-Safadi
    Mohammed Al-Safadi 4 days ago

    Why is there a picture of the Moask in Palestine in the background

  • LestatandBerial
    LestatandBerial 4 days ago

    i want Oliver's A man like putin remix as my ringtone

  • Av63PNT0
    Av63PNT0 5 days ago

    If the Russians have anti gay laws thats their bussiness like John Oliver said most Russians supported it, why does the US want to impose its way of life on the rest of the world as if we live ina perfect society, Atleast they dont encourage homosexuality like we do here in the US its everywhere from commercials, to childrens cartoons, and movies.

    • Seth Britton
      Seth Britton 2 hours ago

      Av63PNT0 Actually, I'd think that letting people who harm no one and just want to be loved and happy live free from the fear of being persecuted mistreated or killed by homophobic buttheads is more of a basic human value, nationless in origin.

  • william perkins
    william perkins 5 days ago +1

    "DONALD J.TRUMP. He will ALWAYS BE America's unrepentant liar in chief, intellectually catatonic, whinny twitter twat titty baby, paranoid spoiled brat, bellicose buffoon, soulless unstable egomaniac, a vulgar pig bereft of humanity, a barely sentient circus peanut, vexatious floon, serial adulterer, royal douche bag, teen pedaphile peeping tom, total degenerate, giant hypocrite bar none, flip flopping sh*thole flapping demagogue, charitably crippled, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, bigoted, morally bankrupt, grossly incompetent, unbelievably ignorant, anti-science, anti-environment, tax return hiding, bullying bragging bat shit crazy bag of shit, toxic dickhead, endlessly stupid with a thin skinned preteen perception, ethically, constitutionally, mathematically and factually challenged, has boastful mental ejaculations of a confabulatory mind, malignantly selfish, a "F*@KING MORON", a gigantic untreatable walking talking hemorrhoid with no relief in sight, fallacious blowhard, Nixonian bull shit artist, tic-tac popping megalomaniac, philandering pussy grabbing sexual predator, narcissistic psychopath, deceitful skinflint, blackhole of the truth, myopic mendacious miasmatic maniac, invidious pouty drama queen, racist megalomaniac, totally unqualified incredibly dishonest down right despicable extremely reckless immensely dangerous n unimaginably unfit to be POTUS, compulsive pathological liar, oblivious impertinent imbecile, naively detached from reality, draft dodger, a fetid felching ass-clown made of smegma and mummified foreskins, shit gibbon, two faced con man, Russian shill, shyster, barmy pillock, filling the swamp with swamp monsters, married to a slovenian mail-order Eva Braun trophy bride, the wisdom reason and smarts of an Elmer Fudd hand puppet, an everlasting gobstopper of stupid, snake oil salesman, waste of good air, the self-control and restraint of a rabid cat in heat, rude deviant n delusional man-child, worthless Mt. Everest POS who will ass rape America (with his tax plan, budget, repeal of the ACA, political appointees, w/drawing from the Paris Accord, Etc.) . . . . and he will keep bullshitting the brainwashed, gullible, deplorable, uneducated, clueless retards who suckle on his lies. . . . They gave this orange Mongolian cluster f+P.S. I would have included 'jerk off' but I didnt think his little baby hands could get the job done and I want to maintain my factual integrity."

  • leafyutube
    leafyutube 6 days ago

    Oliver is Russo-phobic. RACIST!

  • Virtuozzo!
    Virtuozzo! 6 days ago

    jesus christ this guy is a total moron he is just spewing mindlles propaganda and lies againt Russiai ,this is pure idiocy some british fag jerkin off the usa!

    SPARTAN STONE83 7 days ago


  • hellhole
    hellhole 7 days ago

    Sure lets go to war with Russia you fucking retards..

    • hellhole
      hellhole 7 days ago

      So the russians went after them, and assassinated them, and if you were russian you would think rightfully so! Fucking british arrogant wankers

    • hellhole
      hellhole 7 days ago

      Do some research into who those assassinated people were. They weren't human rights fighters, they were corrupt business oligarchs leftover from the 90s. Russia paid the IMf debt and got out quickly, but there is still a lot of resentment. Those corrupt oligarchs that escaped russian law went to the UK thats why you guys have the highest number of russian billionaires

  • Eduard Sisianu
    Eduard Sisianu 7 days ago

    You,, almost all of you love talking shit about russia, but what the purpose of that? You dont have anything that prove of are you saying, just nothing. If all of you sais that Putin is an nationalist with a nationalist ideology , so why he interfered on US elections! Just think, russia dont need the US, even UE to grow up as a country, they have another alies, wich they are better to economy of russia. So, its not the fault of president of russia that you , americans have a diferent electoral system and with your hands voted in TRUMP, not russians, not the presidente, and yes, its because of you that TRUMP is president. FUCK AMERICAN PROPAGANDA.FUCK ALL OF YOU THAT DONT KNOW NOTHING AND JUST KEEP SAYING A LOT OF SHIT!

  • Adan Sotelo
    Adan Sotelo 8 days ago

    This morning tomorrow

  • Mihail Mihaylov
    Mihail Mihaylov 9 days ago

    16:20 The only truth a politician has ever said . They are all the same, only difference is US Politicians pretend better to act for the good of the people and US society is better at living in denial, out of sight out of mind.

  • Rich Stoddard
    Rich Stoddard 9 days ago

    For Once I Love Russia. yay Anti Gays. Oh fuck PEOPLE AT MY HOUSE TRYING TO BURN IT DOWN. Time to move to Russia. oh Shit their moving to Russia too....

  • darchapo
    darchapo 10 days ago

    So sad to see John buy into corporate media mythology!

  • BMC 9999
    BMC 9999 10 days ago


  • juanga pingarrón
    juanga pingarrón 10 days ago

    I am 5'3". I'm fucked 😔

    • Wade Wilson
      Wade Wilson 10 days ago

      juanga pingarrón me too but so was wolverine hahaha

  • lukas simon
    lukas simon 13 days ago

    Do you think I will be allowed to enter the USA if I tell them at the border that my only goal is to shit on John Olivers car?

  • Flynn Tom
    Flynn Tom 13 days ago

    So thats what my evil twin was doing?

  • David Simonian
    David Simonian 14 days ago

    Hey, john, f*ck you, bitch.

  • Abigail Ward
    Abigail Ward 14 days ago

    scope soviet interrupt radical teenage fill confidence expert benefit accomplish.

  • juliovnobre
    juliovnobre 14 days ago

    Lol 20k dislikes, the russians came on strong on this one

  • Pirate Prentice
    Pirate Prentice 14 days ago

    America having less antagonistic relations with russia might not be horrible, considering we're to two countries with the most nuclear weapons

  • Сергей Коваленко

    Putin is a thief and must be in prison

  • Torn Tokoroa
    Torn Tokoroa 16 days ago

    Hmmmmmmmm well isn't odd how Putin's presidential opponent was arrested on TRUMPED up charges

  • Andrija Martinovic
    Andrija Martinovic 16 days ago

    at 16:18 that is totally true, Clinton killed so many people, maybe nor directly but he is a fking killer!

  • Jacob Opskar
    Jacob Opskar 17 days ago

    What’s the name of the Putin song?

  • BoBa K
    BoBa K 17 days ago

    John Oliver, what did Ms. Clinton mean, when she said this about Ghaddaffi:
    We came, we saw, he died.

  • BoBa K
    BoBa K 17 days ago

    At 13:00, they are talking about Russian planes buzzing US warships. Someone tell John Oliver that the American warship, in question, was NEAR Russian border. O'Reilly/Trump are not discussing Russian warplanes buzzing US warships near US East or West Coasts.

  • Govind Shenoy
    Govind Shenoy 18 days ago


  • zekenkurolyon
    zekenkurolyon 19 days ago

    17:09 -try not to laugh challenge

  • Andrew Barnett
    Andrew Barnett 19 days ago

    but according to the cult of trump trump hates Russia and would never work with Putin..............yet the mancrush and the vagueness of his sternness towards Putin

  • PSL !
    PSL ! 19 days ago


  • Max Ernst
    Max Ernst 20 days ago

    Trump and Putin are both despots, thus i like Putin more.
    Unlike the POTUS he doesnt talk bullshit.

  • Mathis Martens
    Mathis Martens 20 days ago

    bus wave inspector tuck leap responsibility suggestion there trouble.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 20 days ago

    Shit on John's car!

  • Axios .king
    Axios .king 21 day ago

    These girls are a little to fat to be Russian...... Sorry its true.

  • Axios .king
    Axios .king 21 day ago

    USA just approved javelin rockets to Ukraine ........... Boy he sure like Russia.

  • E39M5SPEED
    E39M5SPEED 22 days ago

    LOL Translations at 14:24 are totally wrong from Russian to English. What a joke.

  • ProstcastGroup
    ProstcastGroup 22 days ago +2

    I need a link to that Putin song asap, health reasons.

  • Angelina Lemoine
    Angelina Lemoine 22 days ago

    Pension key famous evident drawing shit counter appoint value very request.

  • hmdwgf
    hmdwgf 22 days ago

    Vladimir Putin is a gangster, a thief, a show-offy manipulative charlatan and a murderer.
    -Quoted from some murdered Russian national, 2015

    • Fergie Mcavoy
      Fergie Mcavoy 21 day ago

      hmdwgf lol how did you figure that out? The media said so?

  • Farmcat123
    Farmcat123 22 days ago

    Putin my boy you manipulated Donald trump. give your self more of a challenge

  • oj43085
    oj43085 23 days ago

    I just get giddy whenever Putin fucks with America. As if America has the moral authority to lecture other countries. Fuck you. Putin is a great counter-balance to that.

  • Persian Mapper
    Persian Mapper 23 days ago

    I'm actually glad Trump is collaborating with Putin.
    Cause It's one of Iran's biggest supporters.

    And In Soviet Russia, PUTIN CHOOSE YOU.

  • Persian Mapper
    Persian Mapper 23 days ago


  • Hamid  Ali
    Hamid Ali 23 days ago

    American propaganda

    • Hikayu ,
      Hikayu , 5 days ago

      Hamid Ali Dude, i also said the same thing that those groups formed many other groups, Just like Free Syrian army became many terror groups like al nusra,isis, many more,

    • Hamid  Ali
      Hamid Ali 5 days ago

      Hikayu , watch the whole video
      These mujhahids later converted to Talibans

    • Hikayu ,
      Hikayu , 5 days ago

      Hamid Ali Dude, Usa founded mujahiddin, talibans are created by Pakistan to keep india away from Afghanistan, India supported northern alliance which was not as much bad as talibans! And today those groups break apart and formed many individual groups! Why do you think afghans hate Pakistan but are in good relation with india!

    • Hamid  Ali
      Hamid Ali 5 days ago

      And the thing is America created Taliban
      Watch this video of Hillary admitting to it

    • Hamid  Ali
      Hamid Ali 5 days ago

      Taliban used to bomb masjids in Pakistan during prayer timing and you are telling me that people who are praying were not following Islam but people watching movie in cinema were.

  • Ruzanna Gamer
    Ruzanna Gamer 23 days ago


  • Ruzanna Gamer
    Ruzanna Gamer 23 days ago

    He's right

  • Martin Ramos
    Martin Ramos 23 days ago

    That's probably why some Russians take solace in the Anime community.

  • Hey You
    Hey You 23 days ago

    Talk about Xi Jinping

  • JENAL cominest
    JENAL cominest 24 days ago

    fuck Boris Yeltsin

  • Emo Meme
    Emo Meme 24 days ago

    On one hand I'm a bit offended that my beautiful, rainbow flag was in shot of this Putin song. But on the other hand, if the person that was holding it survived, they are a superhuman and should have their own song.

  • elle z
    elle z 25 days ago

    But the point on ferguson is true and the voting system is trying to exclude black people and poor people...

  • Prime Television Network

    Not one work related thing was said about Putin. What business does Putin owning a 3000 dollar tracksuit have to do with running a country. Putin is a Russian president, so don't expect him to work for American interest. He work for Russian people's interest, and that's why he is bad. If he is bad then leave it up to the Russian people do decide, they are fully functional human beings. I am growing tired of Americans whining about Putin. The reality is America need someone like Putin as president to get back the respect it once had. I hate when west tries to compete with Russia and China and cry foul when they lose.

  • kelvin urena
    kelvin urena 25 days ago

    Alex Jones is more credible than this liberal propaganda shit!!

  • luz morillo
    luz morillo 26 days ago

    "America and Russia are not the fucking same" which means Rusia is worse and America "hasn't done as much as Russia" yeah, right.Basically, John Oliver is this clip tries to trivialize what American Government has done to the whole world and say "hey Russia is even worse". Let me tell you something, talk shit about Donald Trump do not completely guarantee that American Media can do whatever they want without being murdered or threatened, is something that everydoby does.

  • Lilly Teshome
    Lilly Teshome 26 days ago

    provide me with proof that putin is corrupt,
    okay I'll just ask a US treasury man and take him at his word....

  • HumanToMars
    HumanToMars 26 days ago +1

    how much money did these whores get for the most embarrassing U.S. of fucking A. song? :DDDD

  • HumanToMars
    HumanToMars 26 days ago +1

    everyone sucks #PUTLECOCK ;)))) U.S. of fucking A. sucks #PUTLECOCK ;))))))

  • animalia555
    animalia555 26 days ago

    I hope the time comes when I can be proud of my country again

  • adam pauwels
    adam pauwels 26 days ago

    quarterback nod by contact establish way after sunlight label should large.

  • TVBalkan
    TVBalkan 27 days ago

    American bankers and politicians accusing someone for corruption is basically the same hypocrisy as Nazis accusing someone for racism.

  • The Resurrection
    The Resurrection 28 days ago

    Fucking Libtard Americans.The song Man like Putin was popularised in Russia and was praised in USA given the pothed US puppet Boris Yeltsin(TrUMP of Russia).

  • Ivy TV
    Ivy TV 29 days ago

    Россия Россия Россия Россия Россия Россия Россия Россия

  • Inquisitive Cameron
    Inquisitive Cameron 29 days ago

    So the rest of the world is just butt fucking each other?

  • Rockabilly
    Rockabilly Month ago

    Putin is da man, just accept it, hes almost as big as Elvis

  • dipesh das
    dipesh das Month ago

    pls make one show about rohingya crisis

  • CaptainCanada
    CaptainCanada Month ago

    16:03 'putin's a killer' well russia has killed many of its own people but the USA kills no less. ie Russia order No.227 and the USA with the fucking Atom bomb. P.s I am Canadian so I by an international stance have no bias

  • Darius Stanciukas
    Darius Stanciukas Month ago

    Why Russia has Lithuanian flag behind it??

    • Darius Stanciukas
      Darius Stanciukas Month ago

      Never mind, I have f.lux on my computer and it changes screen colors at night to ease my eyes and with it Russian flag is exactly like Lithuania's

  • Darth Bender
    Darth Bender Month ago

    Да это смешно!
    Ребята, вы не живете в России и не понимаете о чем говорит этот человек. Буквально каждый пункт его выступления это ложь...
    вазы в океане - над этим смеялись даже на национальном телевидении.
    Отношение к путину - не многим лучше чем отношение американцев к трампу.
    Россия это медведь с которым нельзя договориться - вы сами то в это верите?
    Даже эта дурацкая песня... ее наверное даже моя бабушка считает дерьмом из прошлого.
    Мне плевать как выглядит путин в глазах американцев, но подобные шоу заставляют меня верить в то, что американцы действительно так глупы как о них говорят.

  • Valentin BALBINOT
    Valentin BALBINOT Month ago

    "You're rigged !" "No no no YOU're rigged !" "No that's not true it is your are the most rigged !"

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Month ago +1

    🅱oneless 🅱izza 👌👌👌💯💯💯

  • Ryan Chow
    Ryan Chow Month ago

    Pause at 3:04 to understand what Russian-standard girls mean...

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago

    Why does he throw in the fact Putin props up Assad as if it's automatically a bad thing and against American values. Is funding radicalized terror organizations to fight him more in line with our values? I think not. News, entertainment, comedy and a touch of propaganda. Nice job.

  • Hopeless Soul
    Hopeless Soul Month ago

    Absolutely nothing like watching John Oliver on a Monday at 2:29 in the morning because you have a problem...

  • Firebrand Onfire
    Firebrand Onfire Month ago


  • Oksana Rambaum
    Oksana Rambaum Month ago

    This journalist what he does by laying and manipulating facts tries to earn a lot of money....what an idiot...good lack!

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar Month ago

      Oksana Rambaum ahhh... Go listen to the russian TV.! 😂 😂

  • Ayush Chauhan
    Ayush Chauhan Month ago +1

    People try googling Putin's net worth

  • CJ Hunt
    CJ Hunt Month ago +1

    And then we learned Trump had been working for Putin all along.

  • michael sarkodie
    michael sarkodie Month ago

    This guy is a fool

  • Dersu Uzala
    Dersu Uzala Month ago

    americans really think thatyou can start wars and kill innocent people even throw atomic bomb . not only one - russia is guilty of your crimes too ?

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard Month ago

    Putin is a real person?

  • Sag Nicht
    Sag Nicht Month ago

    You guys(USA) got Pat Robertson being allowed to say the same things as that russian guy on tv >.> ... and not just after the Trump election all through the Obama term ... While pointing out bad things is good ... dont pretend to be better

  • FiftyoneFifty Productions

    John Oliver be PUTIN the facts on the table.....get it.....PUTIN...haaaaaa

  • ggaccentc
    ggaccentc Month ago +1

    Fake news fake math fake fake fake - perfectly describes this abysmal administration.

    • jermiah schuster
      jermiah schuster 27 days ago +1

      Do you even know if the news here is fake, or did you just say that instantly because it was a liberal viewpoint?

  • Kenny911able
    Kenny911able Month ago +1

    what an idiot

  • Abdel Panjsher
    Abdel Panjsher Month ago +1

    You are not a comedian, you are totally bullshit ! Zionist Israeli scumbag puppet !

  • GA. Luigi
    GA. Luigi Month ago

    7:10 This is exactly what the Clintons have done to their political rivals. Don't act like this isn't true, liberals.

    JJATH Month ago

    I can't believe your Protecting America. They are the worst people in the world.

  • OsefKincaid
    OsefKincaid Month ago

    That Putin song is so fucking good.

  • Parth Pasrija
    Parth Pasrija Month ago

    Слава рассия

  • Mockingbird7504
    Mockingbird7504 Month ago +12

    When you say things like 'putin is genuinely popular' you must specify the demographics. He is popular with a very specific subset of the Russian population and it's not scientists or college professors, I'll tell you that...

  • Mlpfanboy
    Mlpfanboy Month ago

    Oh please the sins sodem and gammora did that caused God to rain fire down were basicly being a modern day plutocracy and gang rape, every single solitary person up in both cities were guilty of both. The term sodimite came after the original Catholic preists before they decided science wasn't such a bad thing using to describe gay people hundreds of thousands of years after the fact. If anything the true sodemites are the modern day right wing.

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy Month ago

      Oh and for those who bring up "though shale not lye with a man as though shall lye with a woman lest both be stoned" has absolutely nothing to do with true love. The Israelites had a neighbor that had a ritual to there fertility God that normally straight men would have sex with each other as a form of worship not as Intimacy. Back then the term homosexuality in any way didn't exist so the profits deemed it as worshiping false idols. It also had to do with STDs which the Israela knew absolutely nothing about, it's the same reason as giving blood was outlawed.

  • herokid789
    herokid789 Month ago

    Who else heard wouldn't it be nice if we're together during the trump Montage bit

  • DarknessCalling
    DarknessCalling Month ago

    Yeah Trump appears weak on Russia, and that needs to change, we need a better stronger president, but let's be honest, Obama was weak in EVERYONE. He often appeared spineless, even when he was doing a good job.

  • Anna Salieva
    Anna Salieva Month ago +17

    Hello! Russian-American here. This video was littered with offensive propaganda, but the most offensive part was probably Putin's track suit XD
    In all seriousness through, despite a couple of shots being fired at Russia and Russians themselves, HE'S NOT WRONG.

    • Rob Buelens
      Rob Buelens 2 days ago

      What was wrong there? if an European president was known to have a track suit like that I would believe it too. Even Putin's official property's cost doesn't add up to his accumulated wages, even if he has never spent anything. It are just blatant lies, mathematically provable lies. And as far as I know European Politicians don't murder a lot of journalists.

    • guymine123
      guymine123 25 days ago +1

      Anna Salieva of course he got a 3000$ track suit he has more money than the Russian military budget and Russia has one of the strongest militaries in the world

  • atruehoodfromnotts
    atruehoodfromnotts Month ago

    tvclip.biz/video/IWfKfuuj6Jo/video.html Watch this warning for Americans by former defense minister of Canada. He was the second most powerful man in our country and this is just before he died. not that long ago