Burning Questions: The Slushy Maker

  • Published on Aug 18, 2017
  • Create a slushy from your favorite drinks in minutes!
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    The "scientists" at Vat19 (Jon and Joey) attempt to answer your burning questions about the Slushy Maker. Can you make a beer slushy, a salsa slushy, a wine slushy, or even a slushy made out of ink?
    With the Slushy Maker, you can create an icee, slurpee, slushy -- it doesn't matter what you call it -- in minutes from nearly any of your favorite drinks.
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  12 days ago +47

    We made a burning questions video for the Not-a-Cat Cat! tvclip.biz/video/b6Rx9IJW7rw/video.html

    • Kunyu Lin
      Kunyu Lin 3 days ago

      Gaming Goat 🐐

    • Kunyu Lin
      Kunyu Lin 3 days ago

      Communist Shiba Russian Doggo pp

    • XxHarry_potter_ FanxX
      XxHarry_potter_ FanxX 5 days ago

      andy le I don’t think they would give a random person a free pen....

    • andy le
      andy le 8 days ago

      Vat19.com invite 19 would you even give me one of your coloring pens please my name is Kenny the last name is Lee

    • Gaming Goat
      Gaming Goat 12 days ago +2


  • BlueFlare GodWarrior
    BlueFlare GodWarrior 8 hours ago

    Damn fastbreak383

  • Troopicaal.ixzz
    Troopicaal.ixzz 8 hours ago

    Can you put hot drinks in it?

  • Cookie Runner
    Cookie Runner 12 hours ago


  • Gumbsy Ghost
    Gumbsy Ghost 13 hours ago

    Elvispresleh23 Hahahah

  • J Fee
    J Fee 14 hours ago

    For melted ice cream, your basically just making ice cream again

  • di wang
    di wang 15 hours ago

    3:43. When you just looked in a steaming pot

  • di wang
    di wang 15 hours ago

    1:05. When you just got a drink from a vending machine

  • Joaquin Minolli Rodriguez

    I think you guys SHALL do a Will it Slush. (i mean using things that DO slush and see if they taste good)

    STARTRICK360 22 hours ago

    Whenever your in that chair “Insert classy Winnie the Pooh meme here”

  • Michael Setyawan
    Michael Setyawan 23 hours ago

    I have a question, is that a fake product?

  • S.Muzagupwhmel xrpzrütKamal

    17 can I make slushie with Coca-Cola I like Coca-Cola in the Play-Doh something can you put playdough on Mike Michael Collins something

  • Sonia Riches
    Sonia Riches 2 days ago

    Will the not a cat cat go in a washing machine

  • Gabriel Quisido
    Gabriel Quisido 2 days ago

    Good rhymes 1:10

  • Royal Gamer
    Royal Gamer 2 days ago

    Das face doe

  • Bruce Zhang
    Bruce Zhang 2 days ago

    I don’t think the salsa slushied. I think it was just naturally that thic.

  • Dalin Pusic
    Dalin Pusic 2 days ago +2

    I always see the fastbreack dude on the show

  • Yuridia Garcia
    Yuridia Garcia 2 days ago +1

    he still didn't say if we had to squeeze

  • Gabriel Chisholm
    Gabriel Chisholm 2 days ago

    2:37 when she use teeth

  • Beth line Studios
    Beth line Studios 3 days ago +1

    I have that and it’s great 👍👍👎👍👎👍 first dude and I agree with cough strip cause it’s tast like 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Alisha Biswas
    Alisha Biswas 3 days ago +3

    Why is fastbreak 383 in every single video

  • Jessica Powell
    Jessica Powell 3 days ago

    The milk slushy just looked extremely rotten clumpy out of date milk

  • Virginia Steve
    Virginia Steve 3 days ago

    Hi 👋People

  • B3nji XD
    B3nji XD 3 days ago +1

    The sour with the lemon juice is fake because in the battleship game Jon drinks it and says he likes it but in this he hates it so😠

  • KaijuBoy 06
    KaijuBoy 06 3 days ago

    2:37 When you eat to much sour candy

  • Marko Lukic
    Marko Lukic 3 days ago


  • Zoe plays and edits
    Zoe plays and edits 3 days ago

    Zoe plays and edits ask:
    It looks like a water bottle, can i use it as one?

  • Tranquoc Vinh
    Tranquoc Vinh 4 days ago


  • lovely lemon
    lovely lemon 4 days ago

    "Oh in your face"

  • Shannon’s life with Shannon !


  • Trouble Maker
    Trouble Maker 4 days ago +1

    *fAsTBrEaK383 PoNDeRs*

  • Beasty Sword
    Beasty Sword 5 days ago +1

    2:41 when you have 5 pages of homework to do

  • TAEHYUNG is my life
    TAEHYUNG is my life 5 days ago

    Ok I'll eat ink then

  • Bogdan Ciucu
    Bogdan Ciucu 5 days ago

    2:32 I would've just grabbed a damn lemon and squeezed it over my mouth and drinked the juice lol

  • Toqyen Pham
    Toqyen Pham 5 days ago

    Um is this gonna take forever?

  • Adele Robertson
    Adele Robertson 5 days ago

    Mmm nom nom had me dead

  • xXAqua Gacha
    xXAqua Gacha 5 days ago +2

    2:41 *when you fail a test you studied so hard on*
    2:37 *when you see a dead rat in your room*
    2:32 *when you have no food in the fridge except for a moldy sandwich and you are dying of starvation*

  • AC The Magician
    AC The Magician 5 days ago

    I tried the slush maker before and it never worked correctly...

  • Nour T.h.d
    Nour T.h.d 5 days ago

    Is slachy maker good d if i do a slachy wich kicking???

  • Tracer X
    Tracer X 6 days ago


  • Ryder and Asher Challenges

    2:33 when your cat dies but you wanna act tough so you try to hold in your crying

  • _Gray_ Production_
    _Gray_ Production_ 6 days ago +1

    Narrator- "one of those methods was correct"
    edit ( plz no hate comments)

  • Stephanie Herrera
    Stephanie Herrera 6 days ago

    That last one was actually a good one!

  • Stephanie Herrera
    Stephanie Herrera 6 days ago

    My favorite XD

  • Chinese Chair
    Chinese Chair 6 days ago

    Guys I had two of these and it sucks , rather make it myself at the minimart

  • CottonPlayz
    CottonPlayz 6 days ago

    That looks like me just trying to make a slushy and then my brother just comes in and throws a snowball right at my face for no reason.

  • Nicholas Macmillan
    Nicholas Macmillan 6 days ago

    Can you make a mustard slushy?

  • Yorange
    Yorange 6 days ago +1

    I think the salsa was a yes because it originally looked like that

  • Zach Legend
    Zach Legend 6 days ago


  • Ayda Pinar
    Ayda Pinar 6 days ago

    my question is will your spit be slushed

  • Đăng Nhân Nguyễn

    Băng Thư u know vat19

  • Russian Slavman
    Russian Slavman 6 days ago

    I know vat 19 for a long while, and I know that John doesn’t pucker on lemon juice and loves sour stuff

  • Deergh Patel
    Deergh Patel 6 days ago

    Car crash koaroke🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • DankBoi Dat Boi
    DankBoi Dat Boi 7 days ago

    When my crush asked me out

  • Seat Cookie
    Seat Cookie 7 days ago +1

    My foot hurts. ☹️

  • Skull Trooper
    Skull Trooper 7 days ago

    I love how every persons username is a pun

  • Legendary Gaming
    Legendary Gaming 7 days ago

    Legend has it that Fastbreak383 is still in all burning questions

  • TurboTon16
    TurboTon16 7 days ago

    But can I shoot this outa ma cannon

  • PewPew PieDiePie
    PewPew PieDiePie 7 days ago +1

    Battleships video John : I love sour stuff!
    Also John : 2:38

  • Swine Wine
    Swine Wine 8 days ago +3

    Jamie: one of those was the correct technique

    Me doing what John was doing: damn thing why isn't it working!

  • Fabsaor
    Fabsaor 8 days ago

    2:32 I Can't Stop Laughing!! 😂😂

  • yoyoAl3x _YT
    yoyoAl3x _YT 8 days ago

    Can you prank someone with it

  • Calvinsky Malbert
    Calvinsky Malbert 8 days ago

    The no sound effect. Is there a containment breach gooing on

  • Sharkoanimation
    Sharkoanimation 8 days ago


  • EternityMelb
    EternityMelb 9 days ago

    Why is fast break383 is in every burning question

  • Jaden Truong
    Jaden Truong 9 days ago

    How long is gonna Slush?

  • Aiko Webb
    Aiko Webb 9 days ago

    The legend of FastBreak383.

  • Safir Masood
    Safir Masood 9 days ago

    If you go to the pocket shot burning questions 2:14 Fastbreak 383 was in that vid

  • 10 98
    10 98 9 days ago

    Fastbreak383 is n and gon

  • Angelo Coronel
    Angelo Coronel 9 days ago


  • Funnel Rishik
    Funnel Rishik 9 days ago


  • Hs He
    Hs He 9 days ago +1


  • pandaree sawasdee
    pandaree sawasdee 10 days ago

    where to buy?

  • Thedogme 5
    Thedogme 5 10 days ago

    Can you slush chili sause

  • Haylie Yvanna
    Haylie Yvanna 10 days ago +1

    jamie - ouh in your face
    me - uhmmmmm whut the hell is joey doing

    ps. my favorite in vat19 is joey u know why bc i want to be his daughter and i think he is going to be a kind and cool dad😁

  • Anonymous Hacker
    Anonymous Hacker 10 days ago

    Make Slushy Pee...

  • M D
    M D 10 days ago


  • TheFrancisFive
    TheFrancisFive 10 days ago +1

    Best channel ever like comment if you agree

  • THE JOKER 75750
    THE JOKER 75750 10 days ago +1

    How is FastBreak383 in every single burning questions?

  • baconflex
    baconflex 10 days ago

    Guys I bought one and it didn't work but this isn't hate I love your videos

  • Cream Puff
    Cream Puff 10 days ago


  • Cream Puff
    Cream Puff 10 days ago

    Ia accidentally**

  • Cream Puff
    Cream Puff 10 days ago

    Wait witch one is the correct u accidentally did the wrestler kind xd

  • Omar Alomary
    Omar Alomary 10 days ago

    0:36 you trying to get high off of DXM? look it up

  • Raitou
    Raitou 10 days ago

    car.crash.karaoke: how does it work?
    Vat19; *Yes*

  • Ollie 4356
    Ollie 4356 11 days ago


  • Ollie 4356
    Ollie 4356 11 days ago


  • Ollie 4356
    Ollie 4356 11 days ago

    2:38 when you sub your toon the bottom of a door

  • cross sans
    cross sans 11 days ago

    Don't drink in ok I'll drink error

  • Kaitlyn Nichols
    Kaitlyn Nichols 11 days ago +1

    Num nums

  • Lucky banana man
    Lucky banana man 11 days ago

    Don't drINK

  • saravana vel
    saravana vel 11 days ago

    Who has all the products that they released

  • Yan Aung Linn
    Yan Aung Linn 11 days ago

    Bread pooper

  • Michael Blais
    Michael Blais 11 days ago

    Not to be mean but your cringey

  • Icyx Tiger
    Icyx Tiger 12 days ago

    Greg poopho

  • MysticVale
    MysticVale 12 days ago

    Does anyone else search up these accounts on social media to see if they’re real?

  • finn robinson
    finn robinson 12 days ago

    Lemon juice isn’t even sour

  • Veljko The Hunter
    Veljko The Hunter 12 days ago +2

    When the question was how to squeze it to make it become slushy... right way was the true cuz you get direct brain freze xD🤣🤣

  • nasher hell
    nasher hell 12 days ago

    What happens if you blend the slushy