Future F1 Car First Look | Formula 1's 2021 Car In The Wind Tunnel

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Glimpse into the future with the first video of the current iteration of the 2021 Formula 1 car design - including bigger wheels, new rear wing and a remodelled floor - all developed with racing in mind!
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Comments • 2 478

  • Murilo Mafra Zablonsky

    I hope they are loud!

  • Lawrence Jorge Ramos da Silva

    It's a shame that F1 is looking back to the past!
    F1 is the vanguard, to see what will happen in the future of transportation!
    Where are the new techs, new systems that will be used at road cars!
    What I can see? Defeatism! F1 people can't see beyond its own dated ideas. Old dogs don't learn new tricks!
    F1 worth billions, why on earth you guys don't finance radical innovative work on sport cars with few million each year?
    I have news, young people are less and less interest in cars and will not engage without innovative cars, people want to see pilots, cars, engineers at the edge of the innovation, regards of the type of powertrain. It's out of question that electric motors will dominate the transportation market. What F1 is waiting for?
    I and millions of fans can't understand. The lobby of the oil was already defeated by small gadgets like smartphones and their wonderful batteries. The F1 will be defeated together?
    Nobody cand stop the evolution of our little beautiful blue planet; I hope F1 will be wiser and change before F-E, Robot Race, Hyperdrive by Netflix, Rally pursuit by drones evolve even more.
    Somebody save F1 from the old dogs that don't drop the bone, please!

    • tiagom0909 l0909
      tiagom0909 l0909 5 days ago

      Oh please... F1 isn't supposed to be a vehicle for your leftist hippie environmental ideas.
      They are taking care with new and "greener" technologies, as you can see with the hybrid system and a relatively small engine, because you cannot stop progress but we very far from going full electrical.

  • Yves Lau
    Yves Lau 6 days ago

    Look from 2017 with the old V10😍...F1 have never ever Problems with Fans

  • Obstsalat95
    Obstsalat95 6 days ago

    What I dont understand is: Why do they pull down the nose and connect the frontwing directly to the crash structure when they try to go for an underbody aero concept???
    A high nose like 2010 will massively improve downforce from the floor as well as front tire squirt management without additional wake...therefore the frontwing could be less agressive in design

    • Obstsalat95
      Obstsalat95 5 days ago

      @tiagom0909 l0909 well i have to disagree with your first statement. I thought the 2009 - 2013 cars looked amazing :/

    • tiagom0909 l0909
      tiagom0909 l0909 5 days ago

      Because it looks and always looked like shit. One of the concerns with the new regulations is also having the car look good and cool, deserving to be an F1 car.

  • Pluckaiy
    Pluckaiy 7 days ago

    i want to see a new halo device, not that im saying current one is bad as it saved atleast 3 drivers but id like to see a sleeker one.

  • Zach Michaelis
    Zach Michaelis 7 days ago

    Idk why you guys don’t just go to an enclosed cockpit

  • MrMasters
    MrMasters 7 days ago

    Looks good but sounds could be better

  • F1 E-Racing
    F1 E-Racing 8 days ago

    so no fucking tire warmers

    what tje fuck

  • bob barker
    bob barker 8 days ago +3

    better Racing is with V8 V10 V12 Engines and not with this electro

    • bob barker
      bob barker 4 days ago

      @f4KD yes more shit and boring... i was in hockenheim and they are not better

    • f4KD
      f4KD 4 days ago

      @bob barker yeah it's a joke they are faster more efficient more reliable yeah v10s are glorious but these are better

    • bob barker
      bob barker 4 days ago

      @f4KD nice joke

  • Volctrix #000
    Volctrix #000 9 days ago +1

    Mercedes will still dominante in 2021

  • iBuyFlash
    iBuyFlash 9 days ago +3

    Williams, Haas, and Racing point should partner with other Engine manufacturers like how RedBull did with Honda. Idk maybe bring back Toyota, BMW and maybe even Ford. Closer relationships between teams and engine developers and more importantly, less money going to the big teams like Ferrari and Mercedes.
    Edit: would like to see Ford and Haas work together so f1 could be more mainstream in America.

  • Demerrill Spencer
    Demerrill Spencer 9 days ago

    Beautiful powerful cars 💯

  • Jodmay AWC
    Jodmay AWC 10 days ago

    No entendí NADA pero bueno ta bien esperó que sea justo para todos los equipos

  • Souper Noodle
    Souper Noodle 11 days ago

    Reduced dirty air and ground effect, I wonder if this is gonna be as fast or faster than the current generation of f1 cars

    JRT 4JUSTICE 11 days ago

    More Monza type tracks are needed..

  • 7Mazapan0KingPin2
    7Mazapan0KingPin2 11 days ago

    Mf's act like hoe's comparing older F1 to now. Racing is about winning not feeling's. Don't like advance's in life that's ok, just don't supress everything/one around you. Go get another hobby this is racing not kickball.

  • -skuaz-
    -skuaz- 12 days ago

    I remember when i was 10 years old i wanted to be a f1 driver... i bought myself a pocket-bike and i was driving it on a football field with my dad xD i got to 13-14 years old and i bought myself a go-cart 110cc i loved it and i was driving as much as possible.. then my city made the track available for drifting and drag racing and other stuff so go-cart got less and less time to practice.. now i only got to drive once per 4 months if i was lucky.. i got really sad and i needed to stop my go-cart career.. this crushed my dreams.. now im 16 still extremely good at go-carting “not to brag” and my dram now is motor blogging or drifting... when im 18 im hoping for a car that i can use on a track in another city to drift and live the life im supposed to live! All of my dreams got to me because of F1! Thanks if you actually read this!

  • Gdzieś Wyżej
    Gdzieś Wyżej 12 days ago

    Give us the 20k RPM V8

  • Biz Khan
    Biz Khan 13 days ago

    So less bodywork and car design advantage, more for having the best engine

  • TwistersSK8
    TwistersSK8 13 days ago

    Looks awesome! I love it.

  • Finn
    Finn 13 days ago

    Imagine v8 2,4L with MGU-K

    DIRTYBIRD336 14 days ago +1

    Like it a lot continue the awesome work 🤙

  • Nauf Izik
    Nauf Izik 14 days ago

    Bring back v10

  • Jeff Hicks
    Jeff Hicks 14 days ago

    Shit racing. Very rarely is anyone ever overtaken for a position, nevertheless for the lead of a race. Put one of these racers in a stock car where they have to race at 200mph, bumper to bumper or side by side with 40 other speed crazed idiots at the wheel. Than you'll see their nerve.

  • Greg Dalton
    Greg Dalton 14 days ago +1

    Why do I have a feeling that they copied indy cars ideas it's almost looks like a indy car

  • Frank Borges
    Frank Borges 14 days ago

    ugly af

  • J. C.
    J. C. 14 days ago

    will the cars be smaller?

  • Wang Feuer/gruß
    Wang Feuer/gruß 15 days ago +1

    Formula 1 has too many regulations which makes this class kinda boring compared to the early years

  • DEJS Official
    DEJS Official 15 days ago

    The squere front wing looks like a sh*t, no future design..

  • RX i
    RX i 15 days ago

    Ko aku ngaceng yah

  • Mohamad Rizal
    Mohamad Rizal 15 days ago +1

    Still wait Bugatti or lamborghini join F1

  • Dre Underscore
    Dre Underscore 15 days ago

    Me when DWI 0:42

  • Shakpâl
    Shakpâl 15 days ago

    That means the DRS will be removed?

  • Internal Game
    Internal Game 15 days ago

    Looks crap

  • Davideo Jockey
    Davideo Jockey 15 days ago

    F1 Marketing is stuck to non existing for many years i hope for the sake of the legacy that this motosport has this will begin to change realy fast

  • Harizakbaralam
    Harizakbaralam 15 days ago +2

    Still not using the beautiful v10 engine

    • Kona DragoNOS
      Kona DragoNOS 11 days ago

      @Harizakbaralam Which is why I specified stands. You also can't hear the announcers very well with those engines on TV

    • Harizakbaralam
      Harizakbaralam 12 days ago

      @Kona DragoNOS only 1% blown out in the stands, rest watching from their own tv

    • Kona DragoNOS
      Kona DragoNOS 12 days ago

      old meme. The V10 is inefficient, less powerful, heavier, etc. Not everyone likes their ears being blown out in the stands as well

  • Cashy Smashy
    Cashy Smashy 15 days ago

    Ha! The Porsche evo full body lemans will smoke it😂😂😂🏁🤘🏻

  • Kevin Pocasangre
    Kevin Pocasangre 15 days ago

    They look Grrr-Rr-reeaat!

  • Guilherme Bilac
    Guilherme Bilac 15 days ago

    V10 please

  • Paul Chambers
    Paul Chambers 15 days ago

    Looks like an Indy car.

  • Gear Nazi
    Gear Nazi 15 days ago

    It looks good imo and if it creates better racing then it’s a win win so stop fucking whining people

    LOL IDK 16 days ago

    It's sad that Hubert would drive this car.

  • Rolek Rolek
    Rolek Rolek 16 days ago

    1.6 4xturbo hahah

  • Noel Kavanagh
    Noel Kavanagh 16 days ago +1

    Looks like one of my RC cars.

  • 997 GT3
    997 GT3 16 days ago

    Oh no. As ugly as old indycar...PLZ allow a bit of high nose again or I will quit watching F1.

  • GT K
    GT K 16 days ago

    V3 engine? 🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎

  • Gary Garratt
    Gary Garratt 16 days ago

    Looks brilliant, tyre covers look shit but they have a purpose to allow cars to follow each other, which in theory means better racing, so I am all for it. ☺️

  • Sjoberghd
    Sjoberghd 16 days ago

    This design is so good, in terms of looks. Its very beautiful looking for the same reason the current Indycar chassis looks so good. It's low, wide and sleek looking with some elements that sort of look modern but also feel reminiscent to older F1 cars. The nose/wing sort of reminds me of late 80s f1 cars with it's single piece design, for example. Plus the rear wing's simplicity without massive end plates looks so good. My only thing is that I wish the side pods were large and more traditional in terms of being more perpendicular to the car, but I understand that the car's main purpose is to be technologically advanced and fast so you have to aim for function before design in most cases. I still wish F1 cars were lower and sleeker looking like f1 cars of the past before 2009, but somewhere in the realm of this design i can live with.

  • DaNihselAuto
    DaNihselAuto 17 days ago

    Bring back the V8s and let the companies make their own aerodynamic designs rather than the league telling people what to do!

  • Kelvy Souza
    Kelvy Souza 17 days ago

    I hope these changes really happen, and do not favor those who have more money, as we currently see a sovereignty of teams like Mercedes and Ferrari, of course the drivers are key,

  • Alexander the Great
    Alexander the Great 17 days ago

    Will the sound be fixed?

  • The_RoyalTiger
    The_RoyalTiger 17 days ago +2

    sry f1, the rear wing is ugly

  • Fabian
    Fabian 17 days ago

    F1 is so boring!

  • HFR83
    HFR83 17 days ago

    Looks like an IndyCar which is an aesthetic improvement. Will probably make the racing almost as competitive as well

  • Eugene The Car Guy
    Eugene The Car Guy 17 days ago

    What? I thought it would look like the futuristic car from McLaren Tooned episode!

  • Nick Giannopoulos
    Nick Giannopoulos 17 days ago

    Whoever says that the 2021 cars look like indycar, are stupid af

  • Marten Lup
    Marten Lup 18 days ago

    whats the name of background song?

  • c0ldw1nd
    c0ldw1nd 18 days ago

    Are you making them smaller than the trucks we have today?

    THE MESSENGER 18 days ago

    It's sad that F1 has become a competition between manufacturers building the exact same car. Rules are important, but the excitement is being drained from the sport as a result. It used to be about "individual" innovation and skill. You know, having the "number one formula" of car and driver...There just aren't any surprises anymore. The days of ground effects, fan cars and 6 wheeled Tyrells are long gone. Ground effects are "NOT" a new innovation, there at least 40 years old. If everyone has them, they are no advantage. Maybe they should re-name it to "Formula everyone the same". The more the cars are the same, "less" overtaking will be the result. Haven't we all learnt that yet?

      THE MESSENGER 17 days ago

      @Cal3000 What the hell is the difference now, or over the last twenty years? The more individual innovation allowed, gives smaller teams the ability to come up with new concepts and the ability to "lead" the field, even if it were for just one season. This is how it was in the days gone and the racing was more exciting and teams were given a chance at a larger slice of the winning pie. There were no complaints of boredom back then.

    • Cal3000
      Cal3000 17 days ago

      Then when one car is on top every race blowing everyone out the water, everyone is going to complain that races are even more boring.