Nick Kroll & John Mulaney's Opening Monologue at the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards

  • Published on Feb 26, 2017
  • Nick Kroll and John Mulaney's Opening Monologue at the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards.
    The 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards, broadcast live on IFC Saturday, February 25 at 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET with hosts Nick Kroll and John Mulaney.
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  • wethehiddles
    wethehiddles 21 hour ago

    I love Matt Damon cutaways, because he's always laughing. It's so refreshing to see that than an eyeroll

  • Harleyshark
    Harleyshark 4 days ago

    I want joints pre-rolled by Danny Devito

  • stenbak88
    stenbak88 6 days ago

    It’s fun to watch communists clap for being called commies

  • shitnrun
    shitnrun 10 days ago

    One of the great things about this monologue is that we get to see who the actors and directors (like Ava Duvernay) are that are total grumpy fucking prudes with no sense of humor who couldn't even fake a giggle to not seem out of touch with their audience.

  • L Meto
    L Meto 11 days ago

    moonlight SUCKS

  • Kelly
    Kelly 23 days ago +1

    Watched this way too many times

  • Fatima Krause
    Fatima Krause 24 days ago

    They should host everything.

  • Patton 22
    Patton 22 24 days ago +4

    I could listen to *hours* of John Mulaney telling jokes. His speaking voice is so nice.

  • Seaport
    Seaport 25 days ago

    The bit with the quotes at the end is everything to me, I have to come back and watch it every few weeks. So good.

  • sxedi edits
    sxedi edits 26 days ago +1

    *“Those chapped kneecaps”*

  • Xena
    Xena 28 days ago

    Am I the only one that noticed they were basically doing a parody of sex by cheat codes at 5:51

  • Lucy Mann
    Lucy Mann 28 days ago

    oh god, the last bit with the quotes killed me

  • erm4gundr
    erm4gundr 28 days ago

    "He's not here?!"
    I love John

  • Kevin Ray
    Kevin Ray Month ago +1

    Gahdamn best presenter duo imaginable.

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan Month ago +1

    Fuckin hilarious!

  • juju dion
    juju dion Month ago +1

    Lmao, I thought Kroll said 'Mad Chester by the Sea'😂
    Who else wants to at least see a trailer for Mad Chester?

  • ProspyVideos
    ProspyVideos Month ago +4

    6:23 Nick's mouthing John's lines lol

  • Sean Mehegan
    Sean Mehegan Month ago

    I need some more oh hello

  • ellie
    ellie Month ago


  • Harsha Bollepalli
    Harsha Bollepalli Month ago +1

    when Nick Kroll speaks all i hear is Coach Steve😂

  • Megha Rethinasamy
    Megha Rethinasamy Month ago


  • NatBat
    NatBat Month ago

    I close my eyes and I can see nick and Andrew hosting. It's hilarious

  • Kyle Flynn
    Kyle Flynn Month ago

    If you close your eyes your watching big mouth.

  • Zandra Steele
    Zandra Steele Month ago +1

    its hard to find two comedians who bounce off each other so well

  • johchadow
    johchadow Month ago

    That was phenomenal!

  • mountain boy
    mountain boy Month ago

    “Take your goddamn hands off my son” intense. Raw.

  • Sara Carr
    Sara Carr Month ago

    When they came saying "oh hello" Love it!!!

  • Rebecca Fife
    Rebecca Fife Month ago

    EASILY the best opening monologue to any award show ever. I have literal tears streaming down my face I'm laughing so hard

  • d d
    d d Month ago

    the reason nick kroll got this hosting gig can be found here

  • Geomeo Pesetsky
    Geomeo Pesetsky Month ago

    I have learned never to eat when watching these two, I just burned the back of my throat with Mac and cheese

  • macy
    macy Month ago +1

    book them for the oscars you cowards

  • MaarikMari
    MaarikMari Month ago

    I'm literally in cramps 😂

  • Blake Emsley
    Blake Emsley Month ago

    Please academy let these geniuses host the Oscars.

  • Karen Janice
    Karen Janice 2 months ago


  • Debashish Niloy
    Debashish Niloy 2 months ago

    Who is the woman in 5:45 ?

  • the Rainstorm
    the Rainstorm 2 months ago

    Who is the actress laughing in the back right at 5:56? She's beautiful

  • the Rainstorm
    the Rainstorm 2 months ago

    From 3:36-3:37, you can see Warren Beatty's head shaking back and forth like "you motherfu***rs" lol

  • Isabella Camacho
    Isabella Camacho 2 months ago


  • Paul Heckman
    Paul Heckman 3 months ago

    Funniest. Monologue. Ever.

  • Taylor Corlett
    Taylor Corlett 3 months ago

    John and Nick give incredible witty monologues that are so funny. They need to constantly be churning out new stuff together!

  • ComaKomaedaNagito
    ComaKomaedaNagito 3 months ago

    They have a dynamic very much like game grumps

  • Soleil Cruz
    Soleil Cruz 3 months ago

    They are such a mess, a fucking gorgeous hilarious mess

  • Rae Ginter
    Rae Ginter 3 months ago

    The laugh Mulaney belted out after they said Samuel L. Jackson wasn't there seemed so real! Very funny and the whole thing was well delivered.

  • Angie Pants
    Angie Pants 4 months ago

    The fact that I'm not best friends with these two is sad, exclamation point.

  • luxusmode111
    luxusmode111 4 months ago

    Better than any Oscar host in the past decade/s.

  • Jordan Hargreaves
    Jordan Hargreaves 4 months ago

    They're so fucking high ahahaha

  • Crystal Uchegbu
    Crystal Uchegbu 4 months ago

    Do you think people will watch this 20 years later and ask, "why are they saying hello so much"

  • NoGoodContentAllowed
    NoGoodContentAllowed 4 months ago

    4:04 is that a... pokemon go plus on his wrist?

  • Susie Wolf
    Susie Wolf 4 months ago +2


  • TC Fletcher
    TC Fletcher 4 months ago

    When is the Elizabeth Warren movie coming out with Annette Bening?

  • MacClellandMan
    MacClellandMan 4 months ago

    Left leaning room but not liberals

  • MacClellandMan
    MacClellandMan 4 months ago

    John Mulaney = daddy issues

  • Jason Von Cormixk
    Jason Von Cormixk 4 months ago

    All I could think about what if someone made a big mouth animatic of this

  • Princess Bubblegum
    Princess Bubblegum 5 months ago +7

    Is it terrible that Nick Kroll’s face on its own makes me laugh?

    • Peyton Nico
      Peyton Nico 5 months ago +1

      Princess Bubblegum No, you are just living the truth

  • Kay
    Kay 5 months ago +5

    “Those chapped kneecaps”
    I can’t bye

  • BlissCulture
    BlissCulture 5 months ago

    Love these guys

  • george kills lennie
    george kills lennie 5 months ago

    but wouldn’t this be a duologue

  • sedric willis
    sedric willis 5 months ago

    Ava seems like she takes herself too SERIOUSLY!!!

  • lj033
    lj033 5 months ago

    That statement about the creeps really spoke to me on a personal level, creepy creepy creeps lol

  • Jesse Marsallo
    Jesse Marsallo 5 months ago

    I feel like the guy on the left isn’t polish and wouldn’t give me a ride up the street if I was very tired.

  • Lettuce Bruh
    Lettuce Bruh 6 months ago

    Great duo

  • Griffin the Dragon and How to Tame a Bully

    Cool....very Kewl...

  • Drew
    Drew 6 months ago

    Matt Damon and Meth Damon in the same room!

  • ZeCockOfTheWalk
    ZeCockOfTheWalk 6 months ago


  • ZeCockOfTheWalk
    ZeCockOfTheWalk 6 months ago


  • ZeCockOfTheWalk
    ZeCockOfTheWalk 6 months ago

    now there are 999997 views.

  • ZeCockOfTheWalk
    ZeCockOfTheWalk 6 months ago

    there are currently 999,988 views.

  • Ken Sandale
    Ken Sandale 6 months ago

    Astoundingly not funny. And they are very annoying.

  • tbradtbrad
    tbradtbrad 6 months ago

    Love Mulaney, but come on... calling Steve Bannon ugly, really?

  • Richard Stock
    Richard Stock 7 months ago

    Nick Kroll was mouthing John's line the whole time. It kind of made me laugh!

  • D Wilde
    D Wilde 7 months ago

    Hear that Hulkster?! Only a few more years to go!

  • Shelby Frye
    Shelby Frye 7 months ago

    Listen you can't cutaway to both Jeff Plemons and Matt Damon. I get confused

  • roybenari
    roybenari 7 months ago

    What is wrong with the people who aren't laughing???

  • roybenari
    roybenari 7 months ago

    "See? It's easy"

  • tnc
    tnc 7 months ago

    Why was Ava so mad?

  • elisabeth grill
    elisabeth grill 7 months ago


  • Sandro Manzon
    Sandro Manzon 7 months ago

    clearly a dialogue

  • Leo Odgers
    Leo Odgers 7 months ago

    Are they high?

    I ain't saying that's a bad thing tho

  • k a y l e e
    k a y l e e 7 months ago +729

    They _kiiiillllllllllled_ this

    • Adam Malec
      Adam Malec 3 months ago

      k a y l e e ...y u p! Nailed it.. love these two guys

  • Ron Wolf
    Ron Wolf 7 months ago


  • Wise Albatross
    Wise Albatross 7 months ago

    im ded

  • Aloha Dave
    Aloha Dave 8 months ago

    Is this just a big "FUCK YOU" to all award shows? because I'm in favor of it

  • Robert Herrera
    Robert Herrera 8 months ago +1

    Just call it the Gay,Liberal,Feminist,Beta Male Awards.

    • Aloha Dave
      Aloha Dave 8 months ago

      not so subtle joke at the ABSOLUTE STATE of California

  • J C
    J C 8 months ago

    As great as Kimmel was these last two years I would be beyond excited if these guys hosted the Oscars together next year. Get on it academy! I can’t think of any host I’d be more excited for next year

  • J C
    J C 8 months ago

    They better bring these two back for the 3-PEAT next year!
    Absolutely KILLIN it for two years straight

  • noah mizrahi
    noah mizrahi 8 months ago

    this is awful

  • Avaaz Zmn
    Avaaz Zmn 8 months ago +135

    At 6:25 you can see Nick adorably mouthing John's lines. He seems a bit nervous to mess it up. Cute

  • Avaaz Zmn
    Avaaz Zmn 8 months ago

    Omg Casy affleck laughs like he was just taught to laugh before the show... Or like he hasn't laughed his entire life, LOL

  • Daniel Penrod
    Daniel Penrod 8 months ago

    And we’re back in the monologue

  • APisceanSlant
    APisceanSlant 8 months ago

    Check out the coke-nose on blondie, @ 6:40.

  • rob u
    rob u 8 months ago

    Who are these 2 fruit cakes?

  • Heaven is a dirt nap
    Heaven is a dirt nap 8 months ago

    They're bashing Shia? Fucking assholes.

  • Manu Gulati
    Manu Gulati 8 months ago


  • Cyge240SX
    Cyge240SX 8 months ago

    2 of my favorite comedians! Had no clue how funny they are together!!!!! Mad respect this was amazing

  • jack7474
    jack7474 8 months ago

    Those are some pretty great quotes!

    MCAVOY F 8 months ago

    trash hosting

  • Ben Pel
    Ben Pel 8 months ago +38


  • apierce5
    apierce5 8 months ago

    Needs more Casey Affleck.

  • Ryan Sharp
    Ryan Sharp 8 months ago

    Hollywood degenerates Love to give themselves meaningless awards.

    • southrules
      southrules 8 months ago

      Ryan Sharp
      Go away douchebag 👍🏻

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G 8 months ago

    Holy shit dude. The amount of Adderall that made this so fkn great