Rise and Fall of the Russian Empire

  • Published on Jul 24, 2015
  • The history of Russia from Moscow's rise to the annexation of Crimea.
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  • Pavle Pantović
    Pavle Pantović 7 days ago

    Empire wich was on 3 co continents without of colonies

  • Tatjana Popovic
    Tatjana Popovic 27 days ago

    For assholes hwo asking for Königsberg, that's tow was always part of Germany, and residention of German kings, emperors and presidents at least. After 1945. it's included in USSR but Russians didn't stole that, that was just to show to Germans that they are not "Pure race" what they thought. Königsberg for Germans was Sankt Petersburg for Russians, now the Germans are discriminated in that town, so sad. Russia after Emperor it's not right Russian Christian great country, but we hope that would be returned, Putin do good job now. Grettings!

  • erik dekker
    erik dekker 3 months ago

    Would be nice if we see the exact time line.

  • Stephen Brand
    Stephen Brand 4 months ago

    But even today Russia has large territories full of people who aren’t Russians and don’t want to be part of Russia. Here’s a pretty amazing statistic: in the first 19 years of the 21st century Russia has had more of its soldiers killed within its own borders (mostly Chechnya and the rest of the North Caucasus) than the United States has lost in its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • Nim Kati
      Nim Kati 2 months ago +1

      And your country doesn't have separatism, of course. Only Russia does.

  • Soviet Cat
    Soviet Cat 6 months ago

    Russian empire once existed but I never saw that oof

  • Andrew McIsaac
    Andrew McIsaac 6 months ago +1

    4:54 December 26, 1991

  • Aparna Thakur
    Aparna Thakur 7 months ago

    Russia has california Hawaii Alaska finland and Warsaw this Russian part but is very small this all states are left on Russian empire

    SANJAY KUMAR Jha 8 months ago

    Russian empire 3:06 minutes mey Jana apko Russian empire subse bura luge ga

  • rasosteva Srb
    rasosteva Srb 9 months ago

    Kosovo is Serbia dumbass

  • Ur mom gay龘
    Ur mom gay龘 9 months ago

    Uhmm, pretty sure Crimea was transfered to Ukrainian SFSR after Stalin death and became a part of independent Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet, not gaining independent with Russia, lost from Russia and then regained like in the video

  • Anti Communist
    Anti Communist 10 months ago +2

    Where Kaliningrad?

  • Diego De la Vega
    Diego De la Vega 11 months ago

    крым наш!

  • Alan Zhan
    Alan Zhan Year ago

    skipped all of the Soviet Union went straight from 1945 to 1991!!!

    • Alan Zhan
      Alan Zhan Year ago

      most of soviet union not all

  • Severin Vogt
    Severin Vogt Year ago

    4:30 Was that the Nazi German invasion of the Soviet Union?

  • Severin Vogt
    Severin Vogt Year ago +2

    The dislikers are Ukraine nationalists pissed that Crimea got annexed at the end
    Great video BTW
    Edit: You forgot Kaliningrad

  • Junokaii
    Junokaii Year ago

    Parts of Manchuria being in the empire and Mongolia being a protectorate of the empire were not shown here.

  • Смолвиль
    Смолвиль Year ago +2

    Communists screwed up. God, bring back true Russia.

  • Sunnyexe
    Sunnyexe Year ago

    Russia at height?

  • Frank Maldonado
    Frank Maldonado Year ago

    Do you know the name of the original creator of this map and if they would allow it to be used for Educational Purposes?? Any contact information would be appreciated. Thanks for posting it!

  • Андрей Шатов

    During the war with Japan, they did not show the capture of China for a short time

  • Wasser Mates
    Wasser Mates Year ago

    When Kaliningrad is forgotten about

  • Francesco Laruffa

    Possession of Ircania from 1723 to 1732.

  • SpyroSfilms
    SpyroSfilms Year ago

    lol why do you use modern borders?

  • IJS Mikasa
    IJS Mikasa Year ago

    My Empire is big, strong, majestic and Beautiful.

  • Tchad Chad
    Tchad Chad Year ago

    Where is the South Sudan

  • Mickey Bitsko
    Mickey Bitsko Year ago

    "Fall"? Other than the chunk they sold to the U.S. (and now think they're entitled to) it's about the same size it's always been. It's also wealthier and more powerful than ever.
    We should all be so lucky as to "fall" like that.

    • svennyyy CSGO AND MORE
      svennyyy CSGO AND MORE Year ago

      we had 23 000 000 square km at 1866, that the biggest territory russia ever had.
      Total area of the Russian Empire in 1914 (the beginning of the First World war and the end of historical Russia) without Alaska, half of Sakhalin, Chinese Possessions: 21 799 825 square km.
      The total area of the territory of the Russian Federation : 17 098 246 square km.
      even tho we are getting some of those territories back, its still a lot to have lost.

  • XxTuRKIsH03xX 03
    XxTuRKIsH03xX 03 Year ago +1


  • RamRam '
    RamRam ' Year ago

    Cyka Blayt

  • Chook ianna
    Chook ianna Year ago

    Keiven Rus?

  • Вольдемар
    Вольдемар 2 years ago

    Crimea became part of Russia in 1783, not in 1801. And in the 18th century the territory of present Kazakhstan was Russia.

  • Илья Амендола

    А куда Калининград дели?

    • Tatjana Popovic
      Tatjana Popovic 27 days ago

      Always was part of Germany until 1945. That's part of land was for Germans like St. Petersburg for you. But you are commie. Suck Serbian dick.

    • Ананисты России
      Ананисты России 2 years ago

      Илья Амендола А у вас Калининград убежал

  • Rjss
    Rjss 2 years ago


  • Matthew Earlywine
    Matthew Earlywine 2 years ago

    Port Arthur and Manchuria? It was under Russian control prior to the Russo-Japanese war

  • Mausengonmned_3 -
    Mausengonmned_3 - 2 years ago


  • Admiral Yi sun-shin
    Admiral Yi sun-shin 2 years ago

    I found a spelling mistake at 1:47. At the third line it says the Ottoman Empire, which eventually gave RUssia control over all of Ukraine and Crimea. Further

  • Waheed Saeedi
    Waheed Saeedi 2 years ago

    it was Afghanistan which defeated Russians and collapsed their empire in 1991, not slow growth and internal social problems.

  • DasRuSS
    DasRuSS 2 years ago +1

    Эх а ведь когда то Аляска была наша

    • Кирилл Ушаков
      Кирилл Ушаков Year ago

      И острова на Гавайях, а также колонии в Калифорнии и даже в Африке (был один порт). Мы были везде.

    • Mausengonmned_3 -
      Mausengonmned_3 - 2 years ago

      Александр Попов

  • Laspi Group
    Laspi Group 2 years ago

    Будет Царь!!!

  • Jack Hardy
    Jack Hardy 2 years ago +1

    Never got why did we gave Alaska to usa

    • Dagot Ur
      Dagot Ur 9 months ago

      I see western spy, comrades

  • Asher Weems
    Asher Weems 2 years ago

    Why am I watching these videos? I'm not saying they are bad but why?

  • Ivan Pavlovsky
    Ivan Pavlovsky 2 years ago +11

    ehh....fuking communists...Russian Empire one love 💜

    • 7iiLoD
      7iiLoD Year ago +3

      russian empire is the true russia.

  • ilhan mansiz
    ilhan mansiz 2 years ago

    Tchaikovsky Music ?

  • Niffer
    Niffer 2 years ago +2

    praise Russia it will always be the greatest empire that ever lived

  • Zhong Guo Di Yi
    Zhong Guo Di Yi 2 years ago +4

    Wtf. This Russian Empire is about ten times the size of mine. ;(

  • Werilla Marcus Johang
    Werilla Marcus Johang 2 years ago +6

    What happened to Kaliningrad? :o

  • гг гг
    гг гг 2 years ago +16


  • Count Rufus
    Count Rufus 2 years ago +1

    British were the biggest..but Russians were second...all the other were small compared to those 2

    • Raouf
      Raouf Year ago

      Mongols were second

  • Levvy
    Levvy 2 years ago +5

    Soviet Union was a superpower
    Russian Empire was a 3rd world country

    • Dejan Lalic
      Dejan Lalic 2 years ago +5

      Russian Empire was a superpower after Napoleon defeat. They was most powerful country on continental Europe.
      Joseph Stalin was obsessed with Peter the Great. He want to rebuild Russian Empire like in Peter the Great times.
      In 20th century Russian Empire become weak becouse of Nicholas II who ruined empire.
      Learn history.

    • Zxİuw Aas
      Zxİuw Aas 2 years ago +1

      Levvy Is Awesome russia very lucky
      Turks fight each other Later russian rise

  • Tanya
    Tanya 3 years ago +1

    All that land and it was still weaker than the USSR.
    The Russian 'Empire' peaked with Peter the Great.

  • Ali DZ
    Ali DZ 3 years ago +65

    Russia was big and strong but now it is big and strong 😅😅

  • Mogo Sethusa
    Mogo Sethusa 3 years ago +1

    *The Mighty Mother Russia*

  • Eartha Kitt
    Eartha Kitt 3 years ago +1

    It would be so weird if Russia didn't control Siberia. Imagine the nations that would appear. Would the Mongols have an influence, like in Central Asia? Would a Chinese imperial dynasty occupy it? Would the British control any lands, specifically any archipelagos (Franz Josef Land, etc.) in the Arctic Ocean? It would be extremely unlikely for native Siberian cultures to arise in my opinion.

    • Kristina S.
      Kristina S. 2 years ago +1

      Most ethnic groups in Russia have no history of statehood and are often geographically isolated from the rest of the world. They can never have their own states.

  • teviottilehurst
    teviottilehurst 3 years ago

    where's the Russian empire legacy equivalent of the USA, Canada, Australia and NZ (Britain)?

    • teviottilehurst
      teviottilehurst 3 years ago


    • Eartha Kitt
      Eartha Kitt 3 years ago

      So? That can be said for almost every country.

    • teviottilehurst
      teviottilehurst 3 years ago +1

      There are a number of ethnicities within proper Russia who don't see themselves as Russian so in effect they have been colonised.

    • Eartha Kitt
      Eartha Kitt 3 years ago +2

      The Russian Empire was more about creating a Greater Russia but the British, Spanish, and French Empires was colonization. I think that's it.

  • Deriak27Forever
    Deriak27Forever 3 years ago +38

    Say what you will about Russia, whether present or historic, but the fact that it managed to secure such a huge territory for centuries, without the deadly fragmentation other empires suffered from, is impressive. Nationalism is and probably will remain the fuel for such a massive country. Funny how Siberian tribes and others, who had nothing to do with Slavic culture and had their ancestors massacred, are today proud to be Russians.

    • INFINUS 5
      INFINUS 5 6 months ago

      Kristina S. That's fucked up

    • evgenia mukhtarova
      evgenia mukhtarova 7 months ago

      ​@Jinseual Of course Britain ended slavery, cause everything has to end sometimes, but not because British Empire became angel to other nations all of sudden, but because after war they couldn't maintain such territory plus people had enough.

    • Finlay
      Finlay 10 months ago

      @ExoHero wrong way around bud. Scotland abolished slavery first, then the rest of Britain.

    • zubzub zubzub
      zubzub zubzub 2 years ago +6

      If the Siberian tribes had been totally massacred, then who is proud now? Are you retarded? The feature of Russians they are tollerant and let all people involved in the empire live better then they could before.

    • Andrey Samuylik
      Andrey Samuylik 2 years ago +4

      Deriak27Forever no one massacred Siberian people, you idiot. That is why British empire fallen and Russia is.

  • Tautvis Play
    Tautvis Play 3 years ago

    i hate russia

  • artur tamilin
    artur tamilin 3 years ago +1

    fuck you
    crimea is not russia

    • Joshua Flint
      Joshua Flint 2 years ago +1

      artur tamilin it is and will always be a part of it

  • American exceptionazism 卐


  • Dario Agnese
    Dario Agnese 3 years ago

    In 1547 Russia was born while Germany and Italy were still not a nation.

    • Александр
      Александр Year ago

      Germany was HRE, Italy was Roman Emp and Russia was Rus' before

  • Mr Malfurion
    Mr Malfurion 3 years ago +6

    crimia not russian