Dog Sellers At Kolkata Galiff Street Pet Market P-7

  • Published on Feb 2, 2017
  • Dog breeders and dog sellers selling dogs at the Galiff Street Pet Market. In a positive thought - hope the dogs finds a good family for its rest of life where it will be taken care of. Always take a caution of buying dogs (general suggestion) - check on the animal’s health, be sure of its breed and make sure the seller presents to you proper papers/ proof of good bloodline.
    The ‘#GaliffStreetPetMarket’ is a weekly (Sunday only) Pet Market held at the ‘#GaliffStreet’ of Northern #Kolkata city (India).
    PS: ‘Soumo’s Travelbox’ is only a travel vlog/ blog and it does not trade in pets/ animals. Please kindly do not enquire about price of any animals, and such will be modified.
    Please find a whole TVclip play-list dedicated to Galiff Street Pet Market in Kolkata:-
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    Appeal: Soumo’s Travelbox support animal rights. We also do not support any animal rights violations if made by any pet sellers at Galiff Street Market, hence we take no related responsibility. Do take care of the animals whether it is your pet or not. Animals can also feel like humans - kindly be enough sensitive to them. If you are a pet owner or considering to adopt a pet, do take enough responsibility for its well being. If you visit Galiff Street and happen to witness any animal rights abuse - do report to to the immediate local police/ wildlife administrative office.
    Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoyed being here. For more details please visit the 'about' section of 'Soumo's Travelbox' TVclip Channel, or do get in touch.

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  • DJ. bujang
    DJ. bujang 5 months ago


  • Sanjib Singh
    Sanjib Singh 5 months ago

    I 💖 my baby dog

  • Chennai Chaitanya
    Chennai Chaitanya 5 months ago

    Very very very super bro iam proud of you.

  • Shilpa Koli
    Shilpa Koli 5 months ago

    Cute pappy😍😍😍

  • Aarav kumar
    Aarav kumar 5 months ago

    Kitne dino ka hai

  • Fardin
    Fardin 6 months ago


  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh 6 months ago

    Love animals

  • Gaurav verma
    Gaurav verma 6 months ago

    Sabi bog ase hai

  • Asmita Ghimire
    Asmita Ghimire 6 months ago

    i also have japnice spiz puppy

  • Kamaljeet Kaur
    Kamaljeet Kaur 7 months ago

    nice dog

  • Night Bluster
    Night Bluster 7 months ago +1

    wow in inda

  • Sonali Das
    Sonali Das 7 months ago

    Plss reply mee plsssss😂😂😂😂😂😂😫

  • Anand Rai
    Anand Rai 7 months ago

    Very cute puppy

  • Vedant Chourasiya
    Vedant Chourasiya 7 months ago

    Bsdk dog ko dog powder lagta hain
    Wild stone nahi

  • l love you bhatapara
    l love you bhatapara 7 months ago

    आप कहां से हो

  • Chidneedi Venkanna
    Chidneedi Venkanna 8 months ago

    Bro I want dogs

  • Ankita Gupta
    Ankita Gupta 8 months ago

    Is duniya me bezubano ki bhi keemat lagayi jati sad..

  • Sri ram
    Sri ram 8 months ago

    Super dogs

  • Udhav Shinde
    Udhav Shinde 8 months ago

    so funny

  • Nidhi Vyas
    Nidhi Vyas 8 months ago

    Nice video

  • Kriteka Gautam
    Kriteka Gautam 9 months ago

    This should be illegal there.

  • Raaj Ansari
    Raaj Ansari 9 months ago

    So cute 😄😄😄😄😄

  • Giri Reetu
    Giri Reetu 9 months ago

    Oo so cute puppy😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Refa Shaikh
    Refa Shaikh 9 months ago


  • Puja Patel
    Puja Patel 9 months ago

    Onek cute puppies

  • parshant Arya
    parshant Arya 9 months ago

    I like puppy

  • Kumar Keerthana
    Kumar Keerthana 9 months ago +1


  • Nikita Nayak
    Nikita Nayak 9 months ago

    I love puppys

  • Lorane Dsilva
    Lorane Dsilva 9 months ago +3

    Ye banda sabe jada rate bolta hai

  • Suneetha Rama
    Suneetha Rama 9 months ago

    so cute

  • Shamli akolkar
    Shamli akolkar 10 months ago +6

    Adopt! Dont shop

  • Puncho Villa
    Puncho Villa 10 months ago +4

    Glad these dogs dont get eaten like in parts of Asia 😞

    • siddhant jat
      siddhant jat 6 months ago

      Puncho Villa please don't tell us this again 😔

    • Rahul Gaikwad
      Rahul Gaikwad 8 months ago

      Puncho Villa No they don't..... we love them,even the roadside stray ones

  • Tanvir Hossain
    Tanvir Hossain 10 months ago

    dog tar nam ki>??

    • gourav m
      gourav m 9 months ago

      Tanvir Hossain its your choice you can name it

  • Nandhu Abhi
    Nandhu Abhi 10 months ago +6

    Cant reach. I am in kerala

  • sk aman
    sk aman 10 months ago +25

    Don't buy from them adopt a puppy instead

  • aling bosai
    aling bosai 10 months ago +4

    Idiot this seller.... how can they put this powder into a dog. This powder is meant for human beings not for animals...

    • Soumo's Travelbox
      Soumo's Travelbox  10 months ago +1

      I believe that is a medicine mix used in a traditional powder container for convenience. Often you will find these medicines in pouches and not in containers.

  • Sukhdev Sukhdev
    Sukhdev Sukhdev 10 months ago

    very cute puppy

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar 10 months ago +35

    Pomeranian doesn't need powder to whitened them... they are natural.

    • the freeze froster
      the freeze froster 9 months ago

      It's not whitening powder

    • Rohit Kumar
      Rohit Kumar 10 months ago

      Soumo's Travelbox ok boss. Keep it up

    • Soumo's Travelbox
      Soumo's Travelbox  10 months ago

      That I believe is a medicine mix used inside a traditional talc container. You cannot hide defect color with powder

  • himanshu BhartRajput
    himanshu BhartRajput 10 months ago


  • Md Masud
    Md Masud 10 months ago

    Kolkata kothai

  • how is this.
    how is this. 11 months ago


  • how is this.
    how is this. 11 months ago

    Bhai Koi on h

  • Jitendara Yadav
    Jitendara Yadav 11 months ago

    pomallion price sir

  • dance with laib queen
    dance with laib queen 11 months ago

    ohh cute

  • Mayank Bharti
    Mayank Bharti 11 months ago +6

    I have also bought a cute pomeranian dog

    • Jovita Lopes
      Jovita Lopes 8 months ago

      Mayank Bharti hey can they stay in Indian temperature

  • Vane Torj
    Vane Torj 11 months ago +1

    Pobres perritos 😭

  • Subhan Imran
    Subhan Imran 11 months ago

    So cute puppy

  • Prakash Mali
    Prakash Mali 11 months ago

    Lalit. Mami

    SOURAV PAUL 11 months ago

    Do they have Husky or Alaskian Malamute... If they, how much they cost?

    • Prajna Gupta
      Prajna Gupta 8 months ago

      They are not meant to be kept in climatic conditions in India

    • subhranil das
      subhranil das 11 months ago +2

      they are not meant to be kept in Kolkata the humidity is bit of an overkill for them

  • Gulshan Kumar
    Gulshan Kumar 11 months ago

    Sooo cute

  • Soumo's Travelbox
    Soumo's Travelbox  11 months ago +19

    Hi all, I do not sell animals. Read the description for more info. Kindly do not ask price or contact number.
    I believe the man/ breeder here is using some medicine mix inside the powder container for convenience. That hopefully is of course not for whitening the dog. Thanks for watching

  • Nathan Dsilvs
    Nathan Dsilvs Year ago

    i also bought a puppy from the same seller

  • ritu Das
    ritu Das Year ago +4


  • kailash sidhyya
    kailash sidhyya Year ago


  • Fort_ Punz
    Fort_ Punz Year ago

    So cute

  • Manoj Agarwal
    Manoj Agarwal Year ago +4

    I love so much the dog!!!!.

  • D. D.Official
    D. D.Official Year ago +18

    I like puppies but my parents said that I never kept a dog in our house

    • jc dabay
      jc dabay 5 months ago

      dont worry someday if you have your own family,u can do what ever you want....

    • Pushkar Sharma
      Pushkar Sharma 7 months ago

      D. D.Official same here

    • loser
      loser 9 months ago

      Disha Dutta Official same here😢😭😭😢😢😓

    • Mangesh N
      Mangesh N 9 months ago

      Disha Dutta Official same problem 😫😫

    • Anshu vaish
      Anshu vaish 9 months ago


  • Rana Laskar
    Rana Laskar Year ago +6

    so cute dog

  • Tanumay Chakraborty

    Excellent, Once I was very frequent to the market...Thanks for the upload

  • Rachita Malagatti
    Rachita Malagatti Year ago +16

    Omg!Heaven on earth 😂

  • vaishnavi Sharma
    vaishnavi Sharma Year ago +9

    But they also love thier puppys😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Deepak Pokhriyal
    Deepak Pokhriyal Year ago

    Which breed is this

  • Ak Somthink New
    Ak Somthink New Year ago


  • Ifrah MD
    Ifrah MD Year ago +5


  • Partha Chakraborty


  • Aishwarya Ashok
    Aishwarya Ashok Year ago +409

    I liked only the puppies and not the way they were kept

    • Gopal Kumar
      Gopal Kumar 9 months ago


    • Tanveer alam
      Tanveer alam 11 months ago

      Aishwarya Ashok yes

    • FR BE
      FR BE Year ago +1

      That is a definite affirmative. I find it visibly upsetting at how dismally cramped those cages appear. :(

    • David Bila
      David Bila Year ago

      Wich day it open

    • premium android
      premium android Year ago

      Aishwarya Ashok yes