How Tom Holland Drunkenly Saved Spider-Man

  • Tom talks about working with the Russo brothers in Cleveland, going to Browns games, working for his brother, hiring his other brother as his personal chef, making the movie Spies in Disguise with Will Smith, taking a carpentry course, and the call he had (three pints in) with Disney CEO Bob Iger to save Spider-Man.
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    How Tom Holland Drunkenly Saved Spider-Man

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  • Billy the Kid
    Billy the Kid 3 hours ago

    His hair

  • [-]Lux[-]
    [-]Lux[-] 17 hours ago

    And Im like, "Tom are you ok??"

  • Hannah Mae
    Hannah Mae 2 days ago

    Why is Tom Holland so gosh darn ADORABLE!!!😍

  • Anaivett Mendez
    Anaivett Mendez 3 days ago

    Ant man likes the chiefs as well

  • Straith Viper
    Straith Viper 3 days ago

    That hair tho lol

    LOVING SOUL 3 days ago

    Dam the audience be laughing too much

  • iiiAlice
    iiiAlice 4 days ago +1

    « Really? I’ve never heard of Harry Potter » me: like ok then

  • LittleBubby 07
    LittleBubby 07 4 days ago

    the reason Cleveland gets made fun of because of the browns

  • Destined L3
    Destined L3 5 days ago

    Am i the only one who noticed jimmy said timmy kimmel at the end ...

  • Mr-Beetle 18
    Mr-Beetle 18 7 days ago

    Please Welcom TOM HOLLAND!! with an awful haircut!! (no offence to people that thinks that works fro him)

  • Liamrups
    Liamrups 7 days ago

    his British accent is fading

  • Diogo Valente
    Diogo Valente 9 days ago +2

    Spider-Man: Homecoming
    Spider-Man: Far From Home
    Spider-Man: Home Furniture

  • The Sustainable Equestrian

    “this is very not a superhero movie”

  • Tiana Morgan
    Tiana Morgan 11 days ago +5

    Tom: It's funny coz my brother and I, we don't understand the rules so we've just been sitting there drinking.

    Harry: *is not 21*

    He's 21 now but he wasn't when this came out.

    • SuperT
      SuperT 5 days ago

      Chris Nevarez, but if he is under 21 watching football in America, he can’t drink

    • Chris Nevarez
      Chris Nevarez 5 days ago

      Tiana Morgan in England. We can drink when we’re 18

  • Shivam agrawal
    Shivam agrawal 11 days ago

    I really like him... But he is not as attractive as people pretend... It's just he is cool as spider man !!

  • Pzionprince Handson
    Pzionprince Handson 11 days ago

    Tom. Your voice is something different here.

  • Cassidy Costanti
    Cassidy Costanti 12 days ago

    Chris Pratt is my go to

  • Corrine Ledu
    Corrine Ledu 13 days ago

    Hey i am french and i have a deam i very like meet Tom Holland and I would like to be one actress and you whats is your dream ?😊

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 14 days ago

    Tom: *Breaths*

  • Shay Quan
    Shay Quan 15 days ago

    He did the hand thing again 😊

  • Elaija Lyrics
    Elaija Lyrics 15 days ago


  • Kyley The Cracker
    Kyley The Cracker 16 days ago

    When Tom went in for the shake but jimmy wanted a hug💀

  • Kyle Conkle
    Kyle Conkle 16 days ago

    C L E V E L A N D loves you too Tom!

  • Lesley Barbosa
    Lesley Barbosa 16 days ago +7


  • shaoiliu
    shaoiliu 19 days ago +1


  • Thot Slayer111
    Thot Slayer111 20 days ago

    Best part he gave his brother full credit

  • AureliaCat152
    AureliaCat152 21 day ago

    maybe bob just made it work because it’s like adults giving in to kids when they cry because they feel bad, and tom cried and made him feel bad so he was just like okay lets make it work
    i’m joking, but it’s very funny to think about it playing out like that

  • Zane West
    Zane West 22 days ago

    RDJ: I am Iron Man
    Tom Holland: I saved Spider-Man

  • Akwi Songwe
    Akwi Songwe 22 days ago

    Do y’all ever realize that in every interview Tom Holland always rubs his hands as if he is cold! Is it really that cold in there???

  • Good Is Good
    Good Is Good 22 days ago +1

    Where there is Tom Holland, there is me. Love u Tom🖤

  • Puny_God
    Puny_God 23 days ago


  • Horror Fan131
    Horror Fan131 23 days ago

    My teacher read that book to me

  • Zachary M
    Zachary M 24 days ago +16

    Jimmy Kimmel: Woodworking attracts criminals
    Tom Holland: Half my family are carpenters
    Jimmy Kimmel: *Awkward Smug smiles*

  • jeroen Boschma
    jeroen Boschma 25 days ago

    There is a difference between rugby and american football and i have played rugby myself, so i like that more. And yes there is rugby and american football clubs in the netherlands, that is where i am from.

  • Luggie
    Luggie 26 days ago

    The browns having spiderman makes no sence, yall talking bout their super hero names having to match up with the football team name, but give spiderman the browns lol. At least do the giants since he is from New York 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Marcus Bäck
    Marcus Bäck 26 days ago

    Feel like he's life is based on Vincent chase

  • Marcus Bäck
    Marcus Bäck 26 days ago

    Kimmel is such a horrible interviewer

  • Anna D
    Anna D 26 days ago

    T-Tom what happened to your hair?

  • Naim Mucaj
    Naim Mucaj 27 days ago

    my brother is such a fan of spipder mn and to holland

  • Ricky Kuehne
    Ricky Kuehne 28 days ago

    Trump202 he is still your president

  • LifeIsShort SoHaveFun
    LifeIsShort SoHaveFun 28 days ago

    i like how he gets his brothers in on the "fame"

  • Trisha Lennex
    Trisha Lennex 29 days ago

    “I love Cleveland”
    You know when you live in Ohio you visit Cleveland and enjoy your visit...
    But most of the time you realize that you’d rather live in a different town

  • Peregrination
    Peregrination Month ago

    I'm not sure what's more amusing, that Tom had a drunken cry with Bob Iger, or that Bob had already gone around telling people Tom Holland cried on the phone with him.

  • Reagy Man
    Reagy Man Month ago

    Tom Holland:I don’t really know Harry Potter
    Tom Holland on a different interview:I know more Harry Potter than J.K.Rowling

  • Sandra Sanker
    Sandra Sanker Month ago +1

    B.T.W I love all your movies tomorrow and I love clevland

  • Sandra Sanker
    Sandra Sanker Month ago +1

    That's my Tom Holland.🕷️🕸️

  • Jeremy Lin fan Boy
    Jeremy Lin fan Boy Month ago

    I wonder what his number is.
    I meant the ones on his arm

  • MyLifeAsGrace
    MyLifeAsGrace Month ago

    i miss toms hair

  • Dirty hairy
    Dirty hairy Month ago

    Wait Tom Holland isn't a child

  • Adriana P
    Adriana P Month ago

    im in love with him

  • Spenser
    Spenser Month ago

    the vikings get Thor. sorry Thor

  • Jiovany Reyes
    Jiovany Reyes Month ago

    Did Tom Holland get lice or why did he cut his hair so short 🤣

  • ••••
    •••• Month ago

    Who else almost fell for the SnapChat Ad? ->

  • Cabreeanna O’brien

    “I weeped! No I didn’t- I did.”

  • Music and Movie Fan

    Downvoted for Jimmy Kimmel being a dumbass and throwing in his little anti-trump political agenda one gives two f...s about your political opinion Kimmel....stick to interviews-DANG IT....had to erase the downvote cause Tom said he was a Cleveland Browns fan.....UPVOTE


    For me he'll always be the Lucas from The Impossible about the Tsunami in Thailand!

  • Cuz.i'm_Likethat sooo

    Fine indeed Jimmy, fine indeed 😂😏

  • Justin Trayah
    Justin Trayah Month ago

    All he had to do is call and say “I don’t wanna go! I don’t wanna go!” While crying.

  • bite me Jerkwad
    bite me Jerkwad Month ago

    The Chiefs are not from Kansas, haven't you heard?

  • გ. ს.
    გ. ს. Month ago

    I didn't, but my parents did, the worst problem of earth

  • გ. ს.
    გ. ს. Month ago

    Drug movie? Gotta love it

  • Miriam Carrasco
    Miriam Carrasco Month ago

    Jimmy HATES all the trump family.

  • Dante
    Dante Month ago

    Sorry Cleveland, but the New York Mets should get Spider-Man, since you know, he's from Queens.

  • Brains00007
    Brains00007 Month ago

    Aren’t the Kansas City Chiefs from Missouri though?

  • Stewart Damien
    Stewart Damien Month ago

    While I find Kimmel funny I hate the political crap he comes out with

  • Thomas Ball
    Thomas Ball Month ago

    Tom Holland's sounding quite American now

  • Zikazika Zika
    Zikazika Zika Month ago

    Onde se inscreve para dar para o Tom Holland ?

  • Caleigh Knight
    Caleigh Knight Month ago

    I'm a native born Kansan and I feel bad for Chiefs fans and simply missourians (them border ruffians, sorry in history class right now). This is because the Kansas City Chiefs arent actually in Kansas. They're in Kansas city Missouri, there is a Kansas City Kansas but the Missouri side is more famous.

  • Emilio Chavez
    Emilio Chavez Month ago

    I’m going to show this video to everyone that says I shouldn’t drink so much.

  • lrvdo
    lrvdo Month ago

    I must say this was not one of those regular drunk call with your boss.

  • Amber L
    Amber L Month ago

    Lmao iron is used to make steel so stark would love them right?

  • VoxChambo
    VoxChambo Month ago

    Didn't know Joe and Anthony Russo are the directors of the new Roy Harper movie

  • Charlie Anders
    Charlie Anders Month ago

    Until they mentioned the bloody sport I'm over here thinking it was baseball they were talking about. >.>

  • OG Serpents
    OG Serpents Month ago

    The state you make fun of now is Florida

  • Mariam Bushnaq
    Mariam Bushnaq Month ago

    they stop because they don't even know how to play the game. its very simple really.

  • Papa Tv
    Papa Tv Month ago

    Got me a serious goose!

  • 刘颖
    刘颖 Month ago


  • Madeleine Raines
    Madeleine Raines Month ago

    Lol superman and kansas city then we won lol

  • MOOT0708
    MOOT0708 Month ago

    I wonder if the table he’s talking about is the same table on his insta? (It’s toward the beginning of his posts so you have to scroll forever.)

  • Jef nyssen
    Jef nyssen Month ago

    the fact that Tom Holland called "fOoTbALl" footbal really stinks