• Published on Oct 1, 2019
    Stop spending a lot of money on house cleaning and supplies, in our video we will demonstrate cheap and fast cleaning solutions to save your time and money. You will find unexpected ways to use such ordinary things as Coke, sanitary pads and lemon.
    Try our cool household lifehacks that will make your life much easier:
    -You can clean floor using sanitary pads. Yes, it sounds crazy but sanitary pads are perfect to absorb liquid
    -You can clean toilet using Coke. It’s one of the cheapest and most effective cleaners ever
    -Use vinegar to easily clean burnt pans. Boil vinegar with water and pour this liquid to the pan. You will love the result
    -One more way to clean a burnt pan is to use salt
    -Clean your kettle using lemon peel. Simply boil it in a kettle
    - Toothpaste can not only clean your teeth, it can also clean various surfaces and have unexpected ways to use. You will find a cool lifehack how to clean mirror using toothpaste and detergent
    -This trick is really surprising! You can clean a stove using shaving foam
    -If you don’t like to use cleaning supplies with chemicals, we share a cool lifehack on how to clean a microwave. All you need is tangerine peel. Watch the tutorial! The reason why it’s a good idea to use tangerine peel is that it contains a lot of essential oils that perfectly clean the dirt.
    -You can use lemon to clean a dirty faucet as lemon contains citric acid that easily removes rust
    -Do not buy cleaning wipes at the store as you can easily make them at home and you will love the result. You will need to mix lemon juice, water, vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, and Dr. Bronner’s soap
    00:09 Surprising use of sanitary pads
    00:20 How to clean a toilet
    03:22 Shaving foam for dirty stove
    07:21 DIY AIr freshener
    10:44 How to remove red wine stains
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  • Carolyn Aitken
    Carolyn Aitken 16 hours ago

    I find cleaning my microwave a pain thanks for the idea with tangerine skin I will definitely try that one ☝️

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    #tagASMR 7 days ago +1

    Omg there is no thumbnail 😱

  • Maggioretom
    Maggioretom 27 days ago

    Disinfection?! With diluted vinegar and thyme?!!! Vinegar is NOT a disinfectant!!! And it's dangerous think it works!!!

    MYRA DKS 29 days ago

    A lot of this looks fake, too easy to remove in reality is not that easy.

  • Ayisha 101
    Ayisha 101 Month ago

    this is on the incorrect channel this is only for girls like MEH

  • Angel 123
    Angel 123 Month ago

    I don't know if the orange peelings in the microwave was on this video but I am going to have to try that. And i like the baking soda in blender mixed with good smelling herbs to rub on your carpet since I got a lot of mint growing.


    How many of you wanted to puke looking at the first toilet bowl ?

  • Sahista Hamirani
    Sahista Hamirani Month ago

    Lol that's non stick pan don't make fool

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    Me reading comments while watching this video nd everyone is like who is watching in ___?? 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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    is there any malayaalies


    Who watches never try😋

  • stephanie rusaw
    stephanie rusaw Month ago

    You can do the same thing with water or window cleaner like why do you need to wast all that tooth past and laundry soap this is a joke and not a very good one.

  • Deborah Fakrogha
    Deborah Fakrogha Month ago +1

    what have these people been doing that their tap is so dirty 5:39

  • 3 Tips
    3 Tips Month ago

    Oh, so amazing tips, it's useful

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  • Dante Canilang
    Dante Canilang Month ago

    at 0:56 i think they used a non stick pan but no hate

  • sydney_ lived
    sydney_ lived Month ago

    Why would you waste pads?
    They're so expensive that it would be horrid to do that.

  • #PaulaT.Nuguid 25
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  • Eti Farazi
    Eti Farazi Month ago

    04:11 please, at first touch this pan. 😒

  • usha Radha
    usha Radha Month ago

    So science is very important 😄😉😉😉

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    Dizzy Hina Month ago

    Who watch this but never try 😁😁😁😁😀😀

  • Madzzz zzz.
    Madzzz zzz. Month ago +1

    4:53 why the nell would u let ur microwave get so dirty?!

  • Sophia Murugi
    Sophia Murugi Month ago

    Anybody watching and thinking oooya...but you know you wont do anything?

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    Who is here on October 3rd

    Noah Schnapps 15th birthday 🎂

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    iqra zafar Month ago

    that toilet one in the begining disgusted me

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    this is a joke

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    Satisfy Place Month ago

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    omesh gupta Month ago

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    Who is here on October 2 2019

  • RachelMingle
    RachelMingle Month ago

    Please don’t wash a used pad that is ment to be disposable use reuse cloth pads instead

  • Jessica Snow
    Jessica Snow Month ago

    Of course a wet sponge soaked in ANYTHING is gonna clean up FRESHLY made messes... 🙄🙄🙄

  • September J
    September J Month ago

    Anyone else get a weird feeling maybe in their teeth around 11:15 with the whole scratching and rubbing of the plate? Also that sharp music noise at 11:20 after the music stopped for a quick second deff did not help during that part. Ahh😖
    Or just me? 🤗

  • Anjam Nazir Mehrvi
    Anjam Nazir Mehrvi Month ago

    Please pray for KASHMIR

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    Who lets their toilet get that disgusting?

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  • Kaye Rose
    Kaye Rose Month ago

    some of these dont actually work. just makes it harder lol

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    Jean Joseph Month ago

    Why use pads...there is something called dishcloth or brillo

  • Jean Joseph
    Jean Joseph Month ago

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    Why do yall really think I'm finna waste good pads on some bullsh*t like this

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    Non sense fake hacks

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