How to shatter glass with your voice

  • Published on Mar 6, 2009
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    Glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera demonstrates breaking five wineglasses in a row. He explains his glass shattering secrets at and The basic techniques he uses to break the glass include applying the Power Push, The "E" scream exercises and specific vocal placement as described in his book Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition. | Singer, get your free vocal training video, "Four Keys To Singing High Notes WITHOUT Hurting Your Voice!" Just go to
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  • Thabiso Moyakhe
    Thabiso Moyakhe 4 years ago +21

    I really can't stop lauhging for some odd reason :(

  • Matt C
    Matt C 5 years ago +18

    What's going on is basic physics. He is ringing the glass's natural harmonic with his voice at a high volume. The same thing is exactly what makes bridges flop around like they're swaying in the wind. It's tricky, however, because you need to be so very much on pitch to it's natural harmonic.

  • Yusuf Tary
    Yusuf Tary 5 years ago +8

    Does the straw help or is it just for show?

    • Jaime Vendera
      Jaime Vendera  3 years ago

      @Tamahr Official You'll get it! :)

    • Jaime Vendera
      Jaime Vendera  3 years ago +3

      @Tamahr Official Muscular development it part of it.

    • Jaime Vendera
      Jaime Vendera  3 years ago +4

      @Yusuf Tary so sorry. I am never on YT to check comments. If I had an app that jist showed all of my YT comments, I'd check it frequently, haha.

    • Jaime Vendera
      Jaime Vendera  3 years ago +1

      Yes it helps to 'see' when you're close to breaking it, but honestly, I just use it for show because I always close my eyes even with my glasses on.

  • Scott Dee
    Scott Dee 5 years ago +1

    Lol 93.

  • Ben Nyamogo
    Ben Nyamogo 5 years ago +30

    Tried this got penis stuck in ceiling

  • Theo Maung
    Theo Maung 5 years ago +1

    Is there any way to prevent the singer from swallowing glass while doing this?

  • Theo Maung
    Theo Maung 5 years ago +1

    How do you protect your mouth and throat to prevent shattered glass enter your throat?

  • 서무연
    서무연 5 years ago

    spread plastic bag curtain^^
    (between you and glass)

  • R Mac
    R Mac 6 years ago +4

    It's either the glass is custom made, or your breath horribly stinks

  • Adrian Smajlaj
    Adrian Smajlaj 6 years ago +3

    my mom swore that if i shatter her wine glass she WILL give me a thousand bucks!!!!!!!

  • Dalie Winterwolf
    Dalie Winterwolf 6 years ago +1

    wait, myth busters said never try this at home, here you are ;).... just got done, with that eps on netflix xD

  • what are you doing over there?

    I wanna do thar

  • Viktorija Vitanova
    Viktorija Vitanova 6 years ago +2

    Do you even have job. How do you afford all those glasses? Although, great job :D

  • Vytautas Zhemaitis
    Vytautas Zhemaitis 6 years ago +1

    Each mother-in-law it does:-)

  • 555andrius555
    555andrius555 6 years ago

    then why u still do this

  • MrToniForelli
    MrToniForelli 6 years ago +1

    I'll never invite him to my house.

  • Orionsector
    Orionsector 6 years ago

    Imagine what this would do to a persons unprotected ear drums : /

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago +1

    Many times.

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago +2

    Well, keep watching and I'll see you on here in 67 years;)

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago +1

    No, I just do it for the visual. I keep my eyes closed anyways and just feel the glass vibrating in my hand.

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago +1

    Ah, yes, Jim told me about that show. I think he broke two, but the second one popped so fast they didn't even realize it broke. Jim is who taught me to shatter glass:)

  • The Melnibonean
    The Melnibonean 6 years ago

    I saw Jim Gillette do this live at a Nitro show. Long live Michael Angelo Batio!
    MAB \m/

  • simpaeol fajlakhlunda
    simpaeol fajlakhlunda 6 years ago

    Does it need to have a straw in it,Jaime.

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago

    Haha, yeah, I've shattered hundreds but it is never easy. Yes, those are my signature sunglasses, they've been all over the world breaking glass with me:)

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago

    I sure was:) My most most epic fail, ha-ha." Out of dozens of shows around the world, that was the first time none exploded. Technical issue, nothing more, plus that sixty second thing kind of threw me for a loop, ha-ha. It was a great show and I was proud to be on it and since then, I've filmed live in China breaking two in under a minute and the third in a few minutes, as well as filming a spot for Guinness with three wineglasses in five minutes...Schott Zwiesel glasses are TOUGH to break;)

  • Nukatic
    Nukatic 6 years ago

    the glass got annoyed so it comited suiced

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago

    I have broken them with liquid, and yes they are pretty close to my face;)

  • Flipytrick
    Flipytrick 6 years ago

    Wow it actually works, and I thought making ringing noises on a glass was cool enough.

  • Explosive Laughter
    Explosive Laughter 6 years ago

    Can you break the glass with liquid in it? And do you have to keep it that close to your face?

  • Jasper
    Jasper 6 years ago

    Run and scream! :)

  • mountveggie
    mountveggie 6 years ago

    Elsewhere... Lots of wine and no glasses to pour them into....

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago

    Very big chance. I've cut my lips, face, and swallowed glass many times.

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago


  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago

    Well, I teach all over the world via Skype, including famous singers from bands like Dream Theater;)

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago

    No, but my eyeballs feel like they are gonna explode every time I scream;)

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago +2

    I only use Schott Zwiesel glasses. They are by far superior in quality to others. They are made of titanium crystal, which actually makes them harder to shatter. Though I've shattered 150 by voice alone so far, they are all extremely difficult to break and sometimes take me longer than a minute to break even one glass.

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago

    No, you're just dreaming, go back to bed;)

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  6 years ago

    I've cut my lips, my face, and swallowed glass many times. It is very dangerous.

  • Steven Scott
    Steven Scott 6 years ago

    That sounds like the same sound Mork (Robin Williams) uses when he zaps something with his finger!

  • marsgodofwarx
    marsgodofwarx 7 years ago

    Tommy Wiseau?

  • iheartqueso
    iheartqueso 7 years ago


  • les ortiz
    les ortiz 7 years ago

    did you ever get cut by the glass when it exploded ?

  • Sun Idontknow
    Sun Idontknow 7 years ago

    "number 93"..."that's 5 today".
    So how many did he really break?

  • JoshDDiebold
    JoshDDiebold 7 years ago

    2009? I was just looking at the top comments and noticed the maker of this video commented back two months ago. It's good to see that he didn't quite making videos. I will be clicking his username to watch more recent videos.

  • bevin 〈3
    bevin 〈3 7 years ago

    The glass's face exploded^-^

  • Victor Munhoven
    Victor Munhoven 7 years ago

    Stay away from my ears

  • RebelXing123
    RebelXing123 7 years ago

    What kind of wine glass did you use?

  • KTMbua Edit
    KTMbua Edit 7 years ago

    Are you able to break the pair of glasses that u're wearing as well? I'd like to see that

  • thatsthe true
    thatsthe true 7 years ago

    thanks now my lips are gone

  • 7beers
    7beers 7 years ago

    So am I, but for a different reason, too embarrassing to mention.

  • Tyler forest
    Tyler forest 7 years ago

    I live in ohio aswell do you give lessons? lol

  • TheCrashProject
    TheCrashProject 7 years ago

    Haha, suddenly I imagined how it'd be if that's a plastic cup. LOL! Impossible.

  • TheCrashProject
    TheCrashProject 7 years ago

    Damn, I wish I could do that.

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  7 years ago

    @blak8819 I am banned from lots of places;)

  • blak8819
    blak8819 7 years ago

    He's never coming to my house for dinner.

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  7 years ago

    @iMarioMystery Ohio:)

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  7 years ago

    @TheHaloChief117 Only crystal

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  7 years ago

    @coolcartoons123 Can do it with or without

  • iMarioMystery
    iMarioMystery 7 years ago

    @venderaj u live in kentucky? If so, i do too ! :D

  • TheHaloChief117
    TheHaloChief117 7 years ago

    does it work on any glass? I wanna try

  • Emanning12345
    Emanning12345 7 years ago


  • KPaccountt
    KPaccountt 7 years ago

    wow man i wanna see u sing

  • ShittyGoogle+
    ShittyGoogle+ 7 years ago

    shut up!

  • coolcartoons123
    coolcartoons123 7 years ago

    do you defiantly need a straw for this? or can you do with out?

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  7 years ago

    @jtdrummerboy Many times. It's pretty dangerous. There's a clip on my page, I believe it says Vocal Flow where you can see me spit a piece of glass out of my mouth, lol;)

  • Kenneth Sutton
    Kenneth Sutton 7 years ago

    Dang dude, I bet metal bands are falling over themselves to have you as their vocalist. Good stuff; might want to warn people at parties in advance about potential collateral damage to their dinnerware.

  • Justin Tam
    Justin Tam 7 years ago

    have you ever had glass enter your mouth?

  • Emmalogical xo
    Emmalogical xo 7 years ago

    so how exactly do you break the glass with your voice . how high do you have to go and what type of glass do you have to use ???

  • Loo Yujie, James
    Loo Yujie, James 7 years ago

    do you like hate cups or something man?

  • Steven
    Steven 7 years ago

    Damn, who know Edbassmaster had a voice...and a wig...

  • WoeIsJesse
    WoeIsJesse 7 years ago

    In an interview didn't he say he didn't want to be known as the guy that "breaks glass with his voice"?
    And here he number 93...

  • hydrolito
    hydrolito 7 years ago

    Might be really expensive if he sang at the Crystal Cathedral unless he can only shatter ones that close, but with amplifiers could be a real problem.

  • Luana Stefy Stef
    Luana Stefy Stef 7 years ago

    hey how are ya? I read you are a vocal coach - i d like to ask if that is your main profession..
    I try to make a living but it ain t easy!

  • Jaime Vendera
    Jaime Vendera  7 years ago

    @SamanthaLuvsPink Hey Sam, hope you've been great:)

  • Icyveins906
    Icyveins906 7 years ago

    @AlexZamora1234 If you can sing the note, support it, and work the volume freely, it'll break. If you use WIMPY falsetto, good luck, but this is just falsetto with the bellows working.