Will She Dump Her BF For a Ferrari??!! ( Crazy Gold Digger Investigation)

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • In this video, we launched a Gold Digger Investigation! We went into an exotic car/ supercars dealer, then bought Aaliyah a Ferrari to see if she would leave her boyfriend for it!! Will she be a gold digger? Will she be exposed? This video will make our top 10!
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    In 2018, we plan on on making epic, intense videos full of mystery and suspense! We test the loyalty of a person with material wealth! Will someone trade their relationship for money? For a nice car like a bmw or mclaren? Boyfriends and girlfriends test their bf or gf is cheating, cheated, cheater, or a gold digger! Anyone can be caught on camera! We will bring you the best, epic, and intense episodes! lol
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  • UDY
    UDY  6 months ago +5270

    Sorry for the late night upload!!!! x) Hope you all enjoy!! Follow me on Instagram for "behind the scenes" type content! :) instagram.com/udypranks/

    • ? ?
      ? ? 2 days ago

      What made you want to find gold diggers?
      Has a girl dumped you for money before?

    • HighHeel Life
      HighHeel Life 4 days ago

      UDY just so you know if you could do something else it would be nice because his girl did nothing wrong and you jeopardize others relationships shit I would pretend I’d dump my bf for a expensive car too doesn’t mean she doesn’t love

    • superdeadpool 96
      superdeadpool 96 6 days ago

      UDY I was just in Orange County for two weeks

    • Adrian Harriott
      Adrian Harriott 7 days ago

      Mother fuckers gays

    • Nubettah
      Nubettah 8 days ago

      Damn, she *EXPOSED* .

  • David Neps
    David Neps 36 minutes ago

    We love you udy.!
    Watching your all videos.!
    Really interesting keep it up bro.!
    Love from japan!!!!!

  • WinterRose Amor Davis
    WinterRose Amor Davis 50 minutes ago

    That’s so bold , 😡🤯I feel sooo bad for him.

  • Rana Abumustafa
    Rana Abumustafa 51 minute ago

    she didnt do anything wrong. he is so dramatic.

  • Terminator TV
    Terminator TV 53 minutes ago

    It seems like im watching an episode of cheaters, youtube style. Keep up the good work

  • M Bnvnd
    M Bnvnd 2 hours ago

    Lol she said autograph instead of signature like tf

  • Pharaoh KT
    Pharaoh KT 3 hours ago

    Lol these hosts look so forward to the hurt.

  • Sachith Rajkumar
    Sachith Rajkumar 3 hours ago

    she lend me a penny and asks for a piece of the 350k imma give her a penny

  • Zyriana Law
    Zyriana Law 3 hours ago

    when he confronted her it looked like a scene from netflix where the characters have a fight

  • Lique
    Lique 4 hours ago +1

    Just me or does Yokes look like Molt

  • nick murithi
    nick murithi 4 hours ago

    she ain't a gold digger...she just have an expensive taste and besides i haven't seen any cheating

  • Loui Burnito
    Loui Burnito 5 hours ago

    Why arent guys tested though???

  • Bliss Jay
    Bliss Jay 5 hours ago

    Don`t ever test your girlfriend or boyfriend because they will always fail the test, you can do that only when you are ready to throw away your relationship.

    • Ahiadu Ephraim
      Ahiadu Ephraim 4 hours ago

      Thats a lie........ there are people who passed such tests

  • hi_im_ałíÿah •
    hi_im_ałíÿah • 5 hours ago


    Don’t open the read more

    my name is Aliyah and I keep pretending I’m her 😐

  • Tr0_0v3
    Tr0_0v3 6 hours ago

    oh I'm gay now

  • fiending
    fiending 7 hours ago

    Holy crap, you kids actually believe this is real. They're filming in an empty parking lot, in a Tesla with no tints, 7 parking spots away with 4 ppl in the car under the bright sun. And she's meeting someone she doesn't know for a free Ferrari. And she doesn't notice the only other car in the whole parking lot. Use your brain.

  • ktrois
    ktrois 7 hours ago

    🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣the argument was like a year 10 drama performance

    CRYSAW 7 hours ago

    what job does yokes have he's raining

  • Barney Boateng
    Barney Boateng 9 hours ago +1

    Most of these guys who sign up for these tests are stupid to say the least.

  • Barney Boateng
    Barney Boateng 9 hours ago +1

    I wouldn’t have done this to this lady if she were my gf. What even proves Dylan is loyal and faithful himself ? He’s gonna regret this big time , trust me. You were even lucky to have her and you wanna her?? F**k. Moreover, she’s not yours. It’s just your turn

  • lpsfilm TV
    lpsfilm TV 9 hours ago

    16:19 “I’m gonna fight her” omg lol mood

  • csonkaperdido
    csonkaperdido 10 hours ago

    I would break up with a Brazilian bikini model for a Ferrari 488 or a Lambo Huracan

  • Shovon S
    Shovon S 11 hours ago

    She got a big ass though

  • Jo Lee
    Jo Lee 11 hours ago

    This should be a tv show!

  • Sprr_ drewski
    Sprr_ drewski 12 hours ago

    Lol this shit is. Gonna be good

  • ItsExedera
    ItsExedera 12 hours ago

    this ain’t fr fair, u in a way forced her to do that. loyalty or not that’s a real tuff position to be in. it was set up to fail

  • Jeurdane Katrysse
    Jeurdane Katrysse 12 hours ago

    Ive been literally watching your videos for 3 hours now and you just gained a subscriber! Definitely enjoyed your videos ♥︎

  • 6ix God
    6ix God 13 hours ago

    Big big fuckry this lol

  • Princess mariano
    Princess mariano 13 hours ago

    Bruuuuh 😢

  • aaron murphy
    aaron murphy 14 hours ago

    Im so happy that they made this show because all women are the same. This just shows women love diamonds and money

    • aaron murphy
      aaron murphy 11 hours ago

      @Natz with luv I would disagree with that statement. I just feel this way because of my experience with females in the past. I mean in this day and age a lot of females wont give a guy the time of the day if they don't look up to par with the world standards. Are you saying you would date a guy that doesn't ride the wave and dress normal rather then having a guy with designer sneaker and clothes? Your saying your that down to earth?

    • Natz with luv
      Natz with luv 12 hours ago +1

      aaron murphy all women are not the same. How would you feel if someone said all men cheat and lie? Don't generalize, not all women are gold diggers

  • Vanessa Mantha
    Vanessa Mantha 14 hours ago

    The bf is sooooo cute!!! Who would want to cheat on him?like bruh

  • Veronica Contact
    Veronica Contact 14 hours ago

    If you were really savage you could have the boyfriend be at the car shop saying "babe it was suppose to be a suprise" lol

  • Robert James
    Robert James 15 hours ago

    This isn't a good test lmao

  • hot cheetos
    hot cheetos 15 hours ago

    I'd have him🙋‍♀️

  • I'm just going to try
    I'm just going to try 15 hours ago +2

    What's the point if he doesn't trust her in the first place and can't communicate with her about his insecurities

  • Michael H.
    Michael H. 15 hours ago

    Sorry, the car is worth $250K!!! She could lie to get it, and still keep her boyfriend.

  • Travin Small
    Travin Small 16 hours ago +1

    But they said ferrai but you guys buy a Lamborghini

  • Destiny
    Destiny 16 hours ago

    She couldve told him then they wouldve set a plan to get the ferrari together

  • sandwichstealer sand
    sandwichstealer sand 16 hours ago

    Ok dylan just need to let them talk not be like this is for utube and stuff like that

  • Devian Moore
    Devian Moore 16 hours ago

    Well f that gold digger u should’ve gave her a shovel to hey don’t worry I know there’s going to be someone better than that female dog just keep your head up and forget about her ok plz do well for all of us🙂🙂


    Ur sis is pretty well prettier than me

  • Philippe Grenier
    Philippe Grenier 18 hours ago +4

    1like = 1 *disrespect* for the girl


  • shell34 !
    shell34 ! 18 hours ago

    Wait wait wait let me get my ...


  • Vi c
    Vi c 18 hours ago

    Badabun gringo

  • Blake4781 Gaming
    Blake4781 Gaming 19 hours ago

    Can I have some subs

  • Kizzy Blitz
    Kizzy Blitz 19 hours ago

    Lol🤣🤣🤣 no shit tuffffff.... girls are always loyal🤣🤣

  • july Rain
    july Rain 19 hours ago

    I can't stop watching these🤣🤣😂

  • Fatoumata Conde
    Fatoumata Conde 20 hours ago

    bro this sounds so scripted

  • Sage the Great
    Sage the Great 21 hour ago

    Id never pass these tests if i was subjected to this

  • Curt C
    Curt C 23 hours ago

    *I got an idea .. If she doesnt respond and the plan starts failing , entice the FUCK out of her until she falls for it*

  • GodisPerfect Eadric

    Okay, so she acted pretty cold to Yokes for the longest, but y’all stretched it. Y’all were being extra, because no one really does all of that. Also, if Dylan were a girl trying to see if her boyfriend would cheat, everyone would drag her. He’s insecure.

  • That 1 guy
    That 1 guy Day ago

    You guys seem to happy that they are both breaking up

  • mariama mariama
    mariama mariama Day ago +1


  • Jay Al
    Jay Al Day ago

    you WUSSY man ,, you insecure men ,,, why you fear women

  • 19JAN I
    19JAN I Day ago

    @ 24:07 the guy on right side is soo fukin happy on successfully breaking up a relationship.. Congratulations man🎉🎊

    • Dwayne Jhonson
      Dwayne Jhonson 14 hours ago

      They ended a unhealthy relationship fuck aliyah her name says it all Ali yah

  • Qheku Ngwana
    Qheku Ngwana Day ago

    yoh, UDY... you sad people... WTF! i can't judge because i'm one of the 12.5M viewers but shit i'll just go ahead and be a hypocrite. you channel and idea is trash but also entertaining keep it up. and please don't try to explain anybody's feelings dude. you exploited, your not a friend Mr Lonely.

  • Esrom Sharew
    Esrom Sharew Day ago

    Childish game

  • Beyza
    Beyza Day ago

    HE IS 19?????!

  • Nevaeh Pinkney
    Nevaeh Pinkney Day ago

    This should be on Netflix

  • Ekonthung. Murry.

    It's always nice to see the cute Leslie..

  • Christian Evans
    Christian Evans Day ago


  • Sŧɑყ Cɦυ
    Sŧɑყ Cɦυ Day ago

    This girl aint a gold digger.

  • Welcome To The Family

    The burrito boy says "These cars are all just a group of materials put together. Compared to someone who loves you? That's priceless!" You can hear the bullshit in his tone of voice. This taco boy gets pleasure from ruining peoples lives, relationships and ability to trust others in the future. How long did it take for them to finally get her to try to break up with her boyfriend? On top of that, she may have been trying to play the white kid, too. She obviously wasn't attracted to the slim jim rich kid. You can't continuously test and temp people after they've denied you several times and then the one time they say "Yes" to something you shame them for it. Garbage channel. Garbage people. The guy who owns the channel pretends like he cares about people and is doing them favors, saying things like "Feelings of love trump all!" or "Being materialistic is bad, mmkay!?". Bullshit. If this guy really felt that human integrity, trust and love were important, he wouldn't have started this channel for the sole purpose of making money off ruining peoples lives. The guy saying all of this shit is the most materialistic person in the room. Why the FUCK does this trash video have this many likes? Why the FUCK does it have such a huge following?
    Honestly, I'm very materialistic and prioritize my money over anyone and anything. But guess what motherfucker, I can admit that. I don't need to manipulate others to get what I want. You guys want to be rich and honest? Follow examples of people like that, like Warren Buffet. Fucking animals running this channel should be put down. Conchetumadre.

  • ObviouslyTrz
    ObviouslyTrz Day ago

    Why u smile u dont have feelings

  • Vitalis Geraldo
    Vitalis Geraldo Day ago

    Women are not Gold diggers, the a security diggers.

  • Vitalis Geraldo
    Vitalis Geraldo Day ago

    Am a guy but, you guys should understand women, I woman needs security and money, they are not gold diggers, that's how God programmed them, to be with the rich guy that will buy her a Ferrari and a house.

  • Screaming Goes Viral

    Bruh you pushed her so hard

  • KOA Member
    KOA Member Day ago

    Let me just say that this is the opposite of what a girlfriend would do

  • PantiesGoneWild
    PantiesGoneWild Day ago

    lets be honest, who would dump their gf/bf for a nice car;especially a ferrari, hell, i'd dump my girl if someone offered me tuned 04-09 evo/subie or even an s13

  • Peachy
    Peachy Day ago

    All the comments just spoil the videos😂

  • Tony Two
    Tony Two Day ago

    Ok so my name is Dylan too and all Dylan's out there this is fucking madness

  • Nicholas Johnson

    Thank goodness for prostitutes. A woman is worth whats between her legs, nothing more nothing less.

  • Germ And minea
    Germ And minea Day ago

    I wouldn’t even trade my gig for a Ferrari

  • Germ And minea
    Germ And minea Day ago

    I knew she was gonna be a goldigger because we couldn’t see her face

  • HydroMac
    HydroMac Day ago +1

    Whitest black people ever

  • Kasuga Pachaka
    Kasuga Pachaka Day ago

    That's wrong for pushing and pushing till u get her guys will do thesame thing

  • Graysons Hoe
    Graysons Hoe Day ago

    Why is dylan hot?

  • Graysons Hoe
    Graysons Hoe Day ago

    Dylan my man
    You lowkey hot

  • Oof yah yeet
    Oof yah yeet Day ago

    This is like a tv show

  • yung_ potatoes
    yung_ potatoes Day ago

    Begone *Thot*

  • Martin Davison
    Martin Davison Day ago +1

    Proof women are snakes with tits🐍

  • BF Channel
    BF Channel Day ago +1

    *Honestly, even it is just a show, it is a good test for the couple. I will not change my relationship with a car. You can test me to death but I wont be a bait. 1M percent.*

  • MatiPlayz
    MatiPlayz Day ago +12

    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 0 ║

  • g persaud
    g persaud Day ago

    Goofy goober looking ass with he glasses

  • g persaud
    g persaud Day ago

    How stupid. What a waste of time

  • Mr Emoji
    Mr Emoji Day ago

    Dylan go get that money boi!

  • NaomiYah Virge
    NaomiYah Virge Day ago +1

    *Dumb... She tried to get them a FREE Ferrari. Bye!*

  • ulder muturi
    ulder muturi Day ago

    The part that hurt me was when she said she’s ready to sign her life away for a FUCKING CARRRRR???? Like are you serious golddigging biatch! Shit that’s really scary like damn.

  • Vusie1994 Vustar1994

    Rip aaliyah

  • joanitah blessed Nakimera

    If you love some one why do you test her

  • bariemai
    bariemai 2 days ago +1

    No matter what she would do, they would have broken up, by the time this video was public. She was not interested at her boyfriend, he already knew that. Maybe now she is with the money guy and her exboyfriend is still crying because of the situation he got himself into. If she is a bitch, he is a jerk for planning all this. Good luck to all his future girlfriends

  • Sebastian Chang-D'Arcy

    o shi dude

  • Amira JQ
    Amira JQ 2 days ago

    In conclusion: She's a golden digger (Just to not waste 25 minutes of your life) 😐

  • Kayleigh Wood
    Kayleigh Wood 2 days ago +1

    Anybody notice how when they were arguing Dylan was smiling.....just a thought🤔🤔

    • Devon Davis
      Devon Davis Day ago

      It could be anxiety. It happens to me sometimes when theres so much going on in your head that all you can do is smile involuntarily.

  • Theregus Page
    Theregus Page 2 days ago

    I'll never understand why they find so much pleasure in making women look bad and ruining people's relationships.This video is just too shallow to have one interpretation,she could have even been lying to get the car,probably sell it and share that money with her boyfriend and never talk to that other guy again. And obviously, anyone would be pissed at being tested like that,especially on camera, hence the things she said. But then again,who knows, let's just stick to the logic that women only care about money. PS.I honestly think most of these videos are staged, cuz I haven't met a single person in my life who's as materialistic as they portray these girls to be.

  • Nitin Malviya
    Nitin Malviya 2 days ago

    It might happen that a girl might thought that let's deal with this guy get the Ferrari and further i will tell the complete truth to my real boyfriend and enjoy wit him.

  • Yunko Chan
    Yunko Chan 2 days ago

    it sounded like they rapped

  • James Reyes
    James Reyes 2 days ago

    That is the reason women withhold sex. So they can turn it to a business. These shitty beings deserve to suffer.

  • SYM Baller
    SYM Baller 2 days ago

    Poor man

  • Serinity Cravener
    Serinity Cravener 2 days ago

    Hoes be lying😂🙄 on goddddd