Lindsey Stirling - Mirage -feat. Raja Kumari

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Mirage feat. Raja Kumari from Lindsey's album Brave Enough
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    Choreography by: Kyle Hanagami and Ashley Gonzales

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  • Runtime: 4:46
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  • Lauren Davidson
    Lauren Davidson 6 hours ago

    2:54 idk why but I found this part so funny 😂

  • Global Toner
    Global Toner 7 hours ago

    me siento muy triste de ver lo delgada que estas se nota que no estas llebando una vida alimenticia sana siempre he amado tu musica y forma de ser pero creo que es muy notorio que hay un problema contigo, espero te recuperes pronto de lo que sea que este asiendo para que tu cuerpo se vea tan deteriorado y puedas ser la chica virtuosa que fuiste una vez

  • melintxy queen
    melintxy queen 9 hours ago


  • Mariana Pereira
    Mariana Pereira 11 hours ago

    Addicted. Just addicted

  • daniel chenault
    daniel chenault 15 hours ago

    How does one contact your management? No contact links on your website

  • daniel chenault
    daniel chenault 15 hours ago

    which one is Raja Kumari?

  • GentaMicin
    GentaMicin 15 hours ago

    If there was a mashup with this song and Dua Lipa's New Rules, I'm dead.

  • Mohammad Rafsan Khan

    evil queen

  • Zulie Lou
    Zulie Lou Day ago

    God, she gets better and better!!! Sexier too 💪😋😉

  • Alma Bautista
    Alma Bautista Day ago


  • Belove Piya
    Belove Piya Day ago

    very good combination of western and classical music..its great

  • Namine Burgess
    Namine Burgess 2 days ago

    I'm supposed to be doing my homework, but instead I'm here mesmerized by you as per usual. Lots of love.

  • Then & Now Art Gallery

    more raja please

  • Anna Kowalska
    Anna Kowalska 2 days ago

    like Rihanna ;) but really,you have better music

  • nano magenta
    nano magenta 2 days ago


  • daniel chenault
    daniel chenault 3 days ago

    Westernized Indian dubstep. Love it!

  • Rotorchidee
    Rotorchidee 3 days ago

    I LOVE this Song 😍

  • Ben Cardenas
    Ben Cardenas 4 days ago +1

    Trap Link dancing this

  • XxRuthvenxX Gaming
    XxRuthvenxX Gaming 4 days ago

    💐 Acabo de ganar un iPhone 8 en este sorteo. ¡Date prisa, quedan pocos más!

  • XxRuthvenxX Gaming
    XxRuthvenxX Gaming 4 days ago

    ❤️ Acabo de ganar un iPhone 8 en este sorteo. ¡Date prisa, quedan pocos más!

  • Margaret Huynh
    Margaret Huynh 4 days ago

    My dad won’t let me go to your concert at the Microsoft Theatre so do you know anyone that could just maybe smuggle me in there? I’ll pay!!!

    UNICORN CAT BRUH 4 days ago

    Goin to see her on tour today sooo excited!!!!

  • Neven Tomičić
    Neven Tomičić 4 days ago

    Nice. I am dancing while sitting in my chair.

  • Gthemaniac
    Gthemaniac 5 days ago

    love this girl

  • MrMaxonee
    MrMaxonee 5 days ago

    великолепный клип!

  • Dovahkiin 579
    Dovahkiin 579 5 days ago

    Ever since I started listening t your music, I now expect every other violinist to do what you do. Love your work!!!!!

  • 5tolokitas
    5tolokitas 5 days ago

    I liked but too much editing I couldn't appreciate he dance and the surrending or the stage

  • Merry Mary
    Merry Mary 6 days ago +1


  • Роман Ясинський

    A great track and video as well. Awesome.

    YOHALY ITZEL 6 days ago

    2:52 xd

  • Kizhaz TV
    Kizhaz TV 6 days ago

    Best video ever.

  • Lillian Bai
    Lillian Bai 6 days ago

    Love it so much :D ! Both video and music are amazing

  • Aliney Rgz.B
    Aliney Rgz.B 6 days ago +1


  • Серега Н
    Серега Н 7 days ago


  • Goldarcanine
    Goldarcanine 7 days ago

    Hey Linsey, i'm really wondering how many violins you own! Each of them is prettier than the one before!

  • Marlies
    Marlies 7 days ago +4

    (Hey 289284x)
    amongdagadaga dtinda dtinda dtinda
    (abouhh hah 378174x)
    Dadagadagadundadah 3x
    (Hey + ouh 374828x)
    Thank me later.

  • Daniel Fallmo
    Daniel Fallmo 7 days ago


  • Anelise Hoffman
    Anelise Hoffman 8 days ago

    Can we talk about this for a second... like... are we able to actually formulate words about this masterpiece. I may cry.

  • Erin Lockhart
    Erin Lockhart 8 days ago

    I just happened upon this. This is really cool. Going to keep going down this Lindsey Stirling path and see what else I find :D

  • Karim Díaz
    Karim Díaz 8 days ago

    ¿Cuándo vienes a México? :3 quiero un concierto tuyo.

  • KwaiiGaming SAVAGEMODE5678


  • Elisa Montserrat
    Elisa Montserrat 8 days ago

    del putas!!!!!

  • Rose lovewood
    Rose lovewood 8 days ago

    SLAY MY QUEEN OF VIOLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lux luz
    lux luz 8 days ago

    de lo mejor que he escuchado :)

  • bianca léopardragon


  • Luca Szalai
    Luca Szalai 8 days ago +2


  • Luna Secrets
    Luna Secrets 8 days ago

    I really liked how it was harmonious, dancing, vibrant rhythm, and the clip was very well done! I loved it!

  • Thierry R.
    Thierry R. 8 days ago

    Nossa!!!! que música boaaaaaa !!!!

  • Von G.
    Von G. 9 days ago


  • fake lanka
    fake lanka 9 days ago

    2:45 like a Shakira's Wolf - doing great :)

  • x_anonym_ girl_x
    x_anonym_ girl_x 9 days ago

    I love your music

  • Pralhad Tarde
    Pralhad Tarde 9 days ago +2

    The real violin star!

  • Alberto Mario Striedinger Pinilla

    Woman.... I love you..... 0.o. 🙌😵💃

  • Wandemberk Padilla
    Wandemberk Padilla 9 days ago

    es simplemente genial. me fascina!! 😁

  • Jenny Ramón
    Jenny Ramón 10 days ago

    la mejoooor😍🎻❤

  • Jenni Ramón
    Jenni Ramón 10 days ago +1

    Lindsey, la mejor😍😍😍🎻❤

  • Amy Nare
    Amy Nare 10 days ago +1

    Google+@Barack Obama

  • Julia Klein
    Julia Klein 10 days ago

    the Music is fantastic😍 i love it💝

  • Omin Davi Monteiro Regnier

    Good goood, very good, my best music!

  • Huseyin ZEKI
    Huseyin ZEKI 10 days ago


  • Todd Lammle
    Todd Lammle 10 days ago +1

    just scored tickets for me/family to see her next Saturday night in Colorado! NICE! So excited! 11 row center baby! :)

  • Marcel Bleck
    Marcel Bleck 10 days ago

    When god gave talent around he were so crazy nice to u!!

  • th13
    th13 10 days ago +1


  • beauchamp johanne
    beauchamp johanne 10 days ago

    Oufff !!! She is incredible ! I love it

  • Der Bär
    Der Bär 10 days ago

    Deine Videos sind toll aber Du redest zuviel danach.

  • Natália Muchová
    Natália Muchová 10 days ago


  • Алина Алина
    Алина Алина 10 days ago

    где русские

  • sarah t
    sarah t 10 days ago

    You are amazing and your style is so unique I love it 😍❤️❤️ what a way to prove those agt judges wrong ;)

  • Stephanie Rayside Rayside


  • Khaos Yin
    Khaos Yin 10 days ago

    New songs are always hard to surpass previous successes , but jesus you rocked this year!!!!! Mirage , Carol of the Bells, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, each of these are so unique!!!! I don't know if it's my misconception or not, I feel your music style has start change in this post-half year

  • Deena Franko
    Deena Franko 11 days ago

    can you play never have I ever?

  • Mayita Raymundo Manzano


  • Gloria Angel Ketz
    Gloria Angel Ketz 11 days ago

    Man.. i heard this like i don't know how many times?! A LOT!! Lindsey you are sooo talented and sooo full of love and light. GOD bless you!

  • violet atchue
    violet atchue 11 days ago

    me and family love hearing your music

    IVAN VANKO 11 days ago

    Yes Fresh.

  • Kayla BearVlogs
    Kayla BearVlogs 11 days ago

    How can she dance and play this violin 🎻 😨

  • Faris Othman
    Faris Othman 11 days ago

    If she won AGT.....she might not be as brilliant as she is today. Hard work paid off

  • Violin Girl
    Violin Girl 11 days ago

    Oh my gosh I think this song is beautiful!

  • Mert Dörtkardeşler
    Mert Dörtkardeşler 11 days ago

    :D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın

  • Constanza hernandez estatopulos

    Me fascina!

  • TheAdventurousNerd
    TheAdventurousNerd 11 days ago

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make music that’s inspired by a specific culture WITHOUT dressing up and acting like you’re from that culture :)

  • Crono
    Crono 11 days ago

    Not quite sure what your singing here, but I thoroughly enjoy the musical style. Keep exploring, and growing in your music. Sending much love and positive energy.

  • Mert Dörtkardeşler
    Mert Dörtkardeşler 11 days ago

    :D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın

  • Mert Dörtkardeşler
    Mert Dörtkardeşler 11 days ago

    :D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın

  • Mert Dörtkardeşler
    Mert Dörtkardeşler 11 days ago

    :D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın

  • Mert Dörtkardeşler
    Mert Dörtkardeşler 11 days ago

    :D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın

  • Mert Dörtkardeşler
    Mert Dörtkardeşler 11 days ago

    :D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın

  • Mert Dörtkardeşler
    Mert Dörtkardeşler 11 days ago

    :D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın

  • Joe Collins
    Joe Collins 11 days ago

    man she needs to make a song with Shakira

  • Patrick 123654
    Patrick 123654 12 days ago

    When is Youtube going to hire Lindsey full time...? She brings tons of peeps to this site just to see these vids.

  • Daniel Huff
    Daniel Huff 12 days ago

    As if I need another reason to love your music

  • Mago Marmota Idiota TM

    Brs ?!

  • Jamie Meadows
    Jamie Meadows 12 days ago

    I'd give my left arm to see her in concert

  • camilla_sp
    camilla_sp 12 days ago

    This is so amazing! Lindsay Stirling never disappoints!!

  • Jazmín G.
    Jazmín G. 12 days ago

    One of my fave songs by her but this video I was expecting for more, still great job yours Stirling. You are awesome.

  • ashwinbsn
    ashwinbsn 12 days ago

    This is probably the coolest video and colab you have ever done! Thank you so much! :D

  • Missy Mouse
    Missy Mouse 12 days ago

    Lindsey you are truely an artist. I cant get enough of your music. Any and ALL of it. Keep doing you boo! America's Got Talent is feeling salty AF right now!!!!

  • Aiz za
    Aiz za 12 days ago

    I want to be good at the violin one day because of how Lindsey inspired me but I don't even know when to start
    I only know how to play the piano...

  • Noémy SM
    Noémy SM 12 days ago

    C'est vraiment incroyable ! La musique, le clip et les deux ensemble forme quelque chose de génial ! Bravo !

  • Jorge A. Pissani
    Jorge A. Pissani 12 days ago

    Así son los mormones.... Fantásticos!!!