Lindsey Stirling - Mirage -feat. Raja Kumari

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  • Mirage feat. Raja Kumari from Lindsey's album Brave Enough

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    Choreography by: Kyle Hanagami and Ashley Gonzales

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  • Runtime: 4:46
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  • Spectre1761
    Spectre1761 4 minutes ago

    One of the best songs I have ever heard. You have so much talent!

  • Aita Salmeron
    Aita Salmeron 14 minutes ago

    Thanks 4 your magic!! How about the fifth element?

  • Mayra Soria
    Mayra Soria 48 minutes ago


  • Carlos Gabriel
    Carlos Gabriel Hour ago

    Fantástic!!!!! Fantastico

  • Prince Jonathan
    Prince Jonathan 2 hours ago +1

    I feel like the dance moves says "You mad Bra? You mad"

  • SaailentWolf
    SaailentWolf 2 hours ago

    I love how she bases her pieces after a lot of different types of cultural and regional music, and same goes for the dances too!

  • White Pnter
    White Pnter 2 hours ago

    When i saw ur thumbnail i thaught that it was star wars darkside

  • Fox E. Law
    Fox E. Law 3 hours ago

    great work Lindsey

  • Emily Shamalov
    Emily Shamalov 3 hours ago

    Love this song the video is sick!!!

  • stt Kaya
    stt Kaya 3 hours ago

    Lindsey is best but hair color i more like coffee color..but you still best!

  • Raj Patil
    Raj Patil 3 hours ago

    Superb ❤

  • juliana torres
    juliana torres 4 hours ago

    Me gusta, me encanta, me fascina, es una mujer sensacional única con un enorme carisma y Ángel, la adoro, el video fue perfecto y escuchar es un viaje a mis sentidos internos

  • hinaru elric
    hinaru elric 4 hours ago

    behind the scenes please

  • Dorin Finn
    Dorin Finn 4 hours ago

    awesome song..

  • Denis Tyruanskiy
    Denis Tyruanskiy 4 hours ago

    Russia love you

  • pamela kennedy
    pamela kennedy 5 hours ago

    My girl crush!❤️

  • Roman Avramenko
    Roman Avramenko 5 hours ago

    Господи, это просто потрясающе!!!

  • Ryan Rushing
    Ryan Rushing 5 hours ago

    Who’s the girl painted in gold?

  • HighNoonTV
    HighNoonTV 5 hours ago

    Just started playing the violin today, and it's all because of you! Really exciting. I've been in love with your music for years now and only now did it really hit me that I want to try my hand at the violin myself. Thanks for the inspiration, and keep up the amazing music!

  • Andrew Paredes
    Andrew Paredes 6 hours ago

    hmmm, i think Lindsey it's losing his beauty side on the music, this song looks like another pop song, i miss your old music, i like that song but....

  • Erika Montserrat Castellanos

    Con ese color de cabello se parece a Gabrille de Xena la princesa guerrera

  • Шахзода Рустамова

    Браво браво ты супер спасибо очень понравилось музыка!!!!

  • Jeffrey Ohler
    Jeffrey Ohler 6 hours ago

    Still elegant, classy and graceful yet fierce!
    I say again thank you Miss Stirling for showing everybody what adding just a little classical elements into our modern music can do.
    Thanks for breaking up the monotonous vibes that the mainstream keeps regurgitating nonstop!

    MENS LUDOS 6 hours ago

    Невероятноя координация движений еще и плюс на скрипке при этом играть... Сурер!

  • Sourabh Samal
    Sourabh Samal 6 hours ago

    I am big fan. Sorry but thats not bollywood dance

  • 「 ZANE SKIZM 」
    「 ZANE SKIZM 」 6 hours ago

    After the work of Crystallize is this the best work - AND I <3 IT

  • Brandelyn Delano
    Brandelyn Delano 6 hours ago +1

    Amazing. I ended up belly dancing along with this song.

  • Christopher Richardson

    I bet Simon and Mrs. Osbourne are eating their words now...

  • Lolli lustig
    Lolli lustig 7 hours ago +1

    I'm the 2million views <3
    (True story very very realistic <3 xD)

  • Luca Di Maio
    Luca Di Maio 7 hours ago +1

    Wow the video is amazing, gave me a new perspective to a song that is already so powerful! Keep going!!! 🤗

  • Lolli lustig
    Lolli lustig 7 hours ago +3

    The Video to Mirage is amazing! Your musicvideos getting better every video, you have nice ideas for your videos and a nice team. I respect your professional dancing moves <3
    You are a big inspiration for everyone!
    Stay safe! <3
    (Sorry for my grammar)

    • Lolli lustig
      Lolli lustig 2 hours ago

      Taron D'Arcy I like all of her songs/music videos

    • Taron D'Arcy
      Taron D'Arcy 6 hours ago

      Well, her 2 best Videos are still:
      Master of Tides
      The Arena

      AND: Transcendence!

  • Bryan Nandall
    Bryan Nandall 7 hours ago


  • Biscuit Bunnies
    Biscuit Bunnies 8 hours ago

    I am praying hard for her on dwts and for her tour. I have been supporting her and praying for her for many years.

  • Cecilia Scarlett
    Cecilia Scarlett 8 hours ago

    No, this shouldn't be "Mirage".
    This should be MIRACLE.

  • Alejandro Previtera
    Alejandro Previtera 9 hours ago

    Te amo lindsey stirling 😘😚😝😜😘😙😘😗

  • cov zsolt
    cov zsolt 9 hours ago

    Gipsy music yeah :D

  • Jason Quiwa
    Jason Quiwa 9 hours ago

    I don't care about the negativity! JUST LISTEN AND DANCE TO DA MUSIC!!😏😏😍😍💃💃💃


  • 남희승
    남희승 10 hours ago

    I really love the way you enjoy violin!

  • Валерий Не Указано

    Чувствую кураж и молодое самооблодание , но , самое главное нас ждет в переди!

  • Oliwia Sosnal
    Oliwia Sosnal 10 hours ago

    You are the best. You have a big talent, I can't wait about your new song. I want play the violin.. This is my dream

  • Ari Kirisaki
    Ari Kirisaki 10 hours ago

    I have been listening this since the day it was released.. Only this, no any other songs. This is just perfection.. ❤ keep up the good work Lindsey 😍❤

  • @mazones
    @mazones 11 hours ago

    Toujours aussi belle et talantueuse 💖 Mais c'est moi ou elle a fondu?

    GAURAV VARDHAN 11 hours ago

    classical Indian mix .... I like it 🎶💜

  • DahrkMezalf
    DahrkMezalf 11 hours ago

    I always imagined a music video for this in my head, as it's one of my favorites from this album (next to "Lost Girls" and "Prism").
    I gotta say, you did *not* disappoint! The only difference between my imagination and realization was a lack of desert sand/literal Mirage as a motif, instead of a more confined setting. Still, I absolutely love this, and am thrilled to see one of my favorite songs put to film.
    Every time you make a music video, I fall further in love with the corresponding song. Same holds true for songs I wasn't a big fan of at first; you have a way of breathing exponential life into your music when coupled with visual representation. Keep it up, love!
    XoXo, a long-time fan <3

  • Anything with Yashwi
    Anything with Yashwi 13 hours ago

    From which country is this
    Is it from India 😄😄😄

  • Rick Rick
    Rick Rick 13 hours ago

    Indian background music copied 😑😒🤔😀.

  • Britney R
    Britney R 14 hours ago

    This gave me chills!

  • yarden sankevich
    yarden sankevich 15 hours ago

    You are amazing

  • Ana Fdez
    Ana Fdez 16 hours ago

    Yet another amazing video where Lindsey proves she can do anything she sets her mind to. Really inspiring

  • Dove Anderson
    Dove Anderson 16 hours ago

    You made me like violin

  • vanillaqueen
    vanillaqueen 16 hours ago

    *Many thanks for an great videos, please see my channel, subscribe and be a part of our channel for hear relaxing music..* •2

  • LightningInvoker
    LightningInvoker 17 hours ago

    I can't stop watching this

  • SholAngel U.P
    SholAngel U.P 18 hours ago

  • SholAngel U.P
    SholAngel U.P 18 hours ago

  • SholAngel U.P
    SholAngel U.P 18 hours ago

  • Dr. Venu D
    Dr. Venu D 18 hours ago

    Love from India 💓

  • fredy ixmalej
    fredy ixmalej 18 hours ago +1

    Bella y Hermosa encerio hay una mezcla de todo eso en tus vídeos me encantan todos sin excepción alguna desde Guatemala 🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹😍😍😍

  • Kartan Davis
    Kartan Davis 18 hours ago

    You betta!

  • Robert Lowers
    Robert Lowers 19 hours ago

    Oh, Lindsey. Can you break my heart any more than you already have?

  • Emily Foley
    Emily Foley 20 hours ago +1


  • Erica Banza
    Erica Banza 21 hour ago

    I love her music video's. Her best ones are where she tells a story, example Roundtable revival!... I love this song and it ethnicity but the video was blaaa and disappointing. Could have been so much more.

  • Sandi Smith
    Sandi Smith 21 hour ago

    I love all your videos but i absolutely love love this one, so beautiful!! So much talent🎻🎻❤

  • Eliel Garcia
    Eliel Garcia 22 hours ago +1

    *Eu já viciei nessa música!! ❤❤*

  • East BoCo United
    East BoCo United 22 hours ago

    How.Just how.

  • Maria paula vega
    Maria paula vega 22 hours ago

    This is awesome ❤️🎻🎶🎶🎶

  • Tammy Pineapple
    Tammy Pineapple 22 hours ago +3

    I'm at a restaurant and they're playing your video at it 😃

  • Siv New
    Siv New 23 hours ago

    wow! She is so beautiful like a goddess of earth <3

  • Alejandro Previtera
    Alejandro Previtera 23 hours ago

    ☕Te amo
    ✏Lindsey stirling
    2017 OCTUBRE

  • Terry Jerrett
    Terry Jerrett 23 hours ago

    Loved all the costumes and always a fan of your work. Thank you for being you and sharing your talent with the world! 💛

  • Rosebriar42
    Rosebriar42 23 hours ago

    Just beautiful

  • alpuma البومه
    alpuma البومه 23 hours ago +1

    you are amazing

  • RainBow_ starlight
    RainBow_ starlight 23 hours ago

    wow i guess linsey does go through dimensions...

  • Everest Uchiha
    Everest Uchiha 23 hours ago

    This is awesome!! I love it!! X3 Lindsey Stirling is amazing!! EVERYONE VOTE FOR HER AND MARK FOR DWTS THEY HAVE TO WIN!! Also, how does she manage to pizz so fast? I can barely do it! *TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, VIOLIN MASTER!!* XD

  • Jared Bennett
    Jared Bennett Day ago

    Wow, nice! I was just thinking i hadnt seen much violin&dancing fron yiur last few videos, more violin&acting/costuming, but you not only brought dancing back, you brought it to another level! Looked great, sounded cool, keep on rocking it!

  • VladPik _
    VladPik _ Day ago

    скатилась отписка дизлайк

  • Roman Rumianowski

    Uwielbiam JEJ MUZYKĘ
    Nigdy nie przypuszczałem że można się e tym zakochać

  • sousou.94-212
    sousou.94-212 Day ago

    2::57 dana dana dandi haha maroc en force

  • Roman Rumianowski

    Założył bym fanklub w Polsce tylko nie wiem jak to zrobić

  • Angela Ferraro
    Angela Ferraro Day ago

    M E R A V I G L I O S A

  • Vern Freeck
    Vern Freeck Day ago

    so glad that someone has taken strings to new heights

  • LilyChilman777
    LilyChilman777 Day ago


  • ms. kirby
    ms. kirby Day ago +1

    It's amazing how you started off from scratch and made your way up. Can you give my channle a shutout I know you don't ever give shawtout,s bit please...if ya want!

  • rachel park
    rachel park Day ago

    How do you not drop your violin

  • Myu
    Myu Day ago

    I'm from France, I can't vote for you... so I vote in my mind. :( Good luck !!

  • Amin Akash
    Amin Akash Day ago


  • humanoidrkangel
    humanoidrkangel Day ago

    i was finally able to sit and watch this and i have to say wow. great quality <3 this is really amazing and i cant wait to see what else you have in store for the future. i hope one day i can see your live performances ^.^ i had a friend tell me she went to a concert and loved it.

  • dreamytrance
    dreamytrance Day ago

    Her music videos never stop getting better and better

  • Es Stella
    Es Stella Day ago

    Je t'adore tu es trop belle et trop forte ! 😙😙

  • Eva G
    Eva G Day ago

    Who is this Goddess? She plays and dances?

  • Потеря Сознания

    решаем капчу

  • Joaquín Franco
    Joaquín Franco Day ago +1

    somebody remember "zombie" by the cranberries? 2:03

  • Zen Monkey
    Zen Monkey Day ago

    Hmm I do hear a lot of Phantom of the Opera in this. any others the same ?

  • Zarya Rossii
    Zarya Rossii Day ago

    Очередная жидовка пиликает на скрипочке,дёргается,и,ляжками трясет.

  • starjake
    starjake Day ago

    10/10 would use as battle music for a D&D / Pathfinder campaign set in Kaladesh

  • L2UP TOP
    L2UP TOP Day ago

    how much is the clip LIN

  • L2UP TOP
    L2UP TOP Day ago

    and.. Yes, the clip is professional but it's not you

  • L2UP TOP
    L2UP TOP Day ago

    LINDSI please do on L2 clip....)

  • Markus Janzen
    Markus Janzen Day ago

    WOW! So Perfect 🖒

  • *Artsy brebre*
    *Artsy brebre* Day ago


  • Smolie Smol
    Smolie Smol Day ago

    I don't think.. I remember it having a featured artist?