Lindsey Stirling - Mirage -feat. Raja Kumari

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Mirage feat. Raja Kumari from Lindsey's album Brave Enough
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    Choreography by: Kyle Hanagami and Ashley Gonzales

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  • Amanda Ketery
    Amanda Ketery Day ago


  • ms. san
    ms. san Day ago

    Lindsey looks exhausted in the clip following the video. Hope she gets a little getaway soon :P

  • Tiffany Raaths
    Tiffany Raaths Day ago

    nice song! love linsey and you now me and my hip hop dance team dance on this song!

  • khadija hezzaz
    khadija hezzaz Day ago

    the 666 symbol hahaha and also some trannies who are dancing

  • Juan Chiroy
    Juan Chiroy Day ago

    bellísima.música y bellísima interpreta lindsey la.mejor 😍😍😍😍😍😍🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Jordan Weavers
    Jordan Weavers Day ago

    It's very rare a musician impresses me these days, but basically all your music is absolutely brilliant! I hope I get a chance to collaborate with you someday when I'm making music. I'm starting in the very near future :)

  • Sarah Sawan
    Sarah Sawan 2 days ago +1

    I find that the videos are starting to get a bit too excessive, I prefer the simplicity of her old ones, but the music is amazing! And the parts with plucking are fantastic!

  • Taylorloveslyfe21 Ye

    you are such an inspiration for me and I took up violin and I am doing well do far not as great as you lIndsey but I am working hard you have helped me a lot with your music, Love you

  • Minecraft Explorer
    Minecraft Explorer 3 days ago

    Help! There is a random man speaking in my ear. 1:55 3:37

  • Alicia Gonzalez
    Alicia Gonzalez 3 days ago


  • Arminas Saveikis
    Arminas Saveikis 3 days ago

    Just a goddess.

  • ilknur Akgündüz
    ilknur Akgündüz 4 days ago

    super :)

  • Awrista Indermuehle
    Awrista Indermuehle 4 days ago +2

    I don't understand how there can be 3k dislikes! Lindsey inspired me to play and now I do but I'm sad that there isn't a orchestra at my school.

  • Gemma Whatley
    Gemma Whatley 4 days ago +1

    I owe an apology to lindsey. When her recent videos came out I judged too quickly.
    These are amazing! They have grown on me so much and deserve more credit. I hope I can be forgiven for being negative previously. It was unacceptable u_u

  • Eve Delarosa
    Eve Delarosa 5 days ago +1

    YES!!!! 😄🎙🎻
    Fan of both artists.
    I'm overjoyed.

  • Moneka GARZA
    Moneka GARZA 5 days ago

    Amazingly awesome

  • Harsha Chinnam
    Harsha Chinnam 5 days ago

    So So So Classical Indian music....

  • Loreen Kristie
    Loreen Kristie 6 days ago

    I'm in love with this music and dancing) amazing video!

    SURIA KUMAR 6 days ago

    nice music

  • Lakhvir Singh
    Lakhvir Singh 6 days ago


  • Dzevad Imamovic
    Dzevad Imamovic 6 days ago +1

    I watched this as like a battle between godesses and I loved it!!!!! 👌🏼👌🏼

  • Elsa Garagarza
    Elsa Garagarza 7 days ago

    Lindsey you are truly amazing!!!!!!!

  • Raven Wilhelm
    Raven Wilhelm 7 days ago

    I love this song
    Keep up the great work Lindsey :) :)

  • EnchAntresS Emogirl
    EnchAntresS Emogirl 7 days ago


  • Benjamin Zilar
    Benjamin Zilar 9 days ago

    my daughter loves you and your songs

  • Trinity Ramrih
    Trinity Ramrih 10 days ago

    Wow, this video is an intense experience. Music, images, outfits, dance, Lindsey... everything is just amazing!

  • 박성화
    박성화 10 days ago

    너무잘하셔서 너무 눈물이 나잖아요😂😂 구독누루고갑니다 제가 아직 어리고 해석도 잘몰라서 이렇게 밖에 못다네요 정말 죄송합니닷ㅜㅜ
    국제팬이라서 좋네여! 아프로도 화이팅하세욘😍😘😗😚😙⛤

  • adam beldjilali
    adam beldjilali 11 days ago +1

    I Know KSHMR Did Put Something On This Song

  • artuth oz
    artuth oz 11 days ago

  • Michael J. Marquez
    Michael J. Marquez 12 days ago

    Gain some weight u r just skin & bone

  • Pettie. C
    Pettie. C 12 days ago

    ti qui ta ca tunnnn dunnn

  • Maria Haines
    Maria Haines 12 days ago

    #Lindsey Stirling forever

  • Constanza hernandez estatopulos

    me encanta me encanta me encanta me encanta, me levanta el animo, la sensualidad, todo!!!

  • Kate Kay
    Kate Kay 13 days ago

    Is that Ashley Gonzalez(the front right dancer in the beginning)?

  • Imgunnagetyou
    Imgunnagetyou 13 days ago

    3rd fav on the album, the phoenix being number one ofc. *COUGH COUGH* (the arenas the second)

  • Julia klein
    Julia klein 14 days ago

    aMAZING!!! i LOVE!!! MY INSPIRATION!!!! Can you see my performance dancing with the violin with rollerskate? It´s my first and Choreographed by me too!

  • Eruanna
    Eruanna 15 days ago +1

    Third costume = Queen Midas(????)

  • carla enriquete
    carla enriquete 15 days ago

    Excelente producción, un lujo poder apreciarla!!!!!

  • Jeremy Marquez
    Jeremy Marquez 15 days ago

    JISHNU K 15 days ago

    Indian music amazing

  • Lord Death
    Lord Death 15 days ago

    YOOOO THIS SONG IS FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TrinBrin
    TrinBrin 16 days ago

    And America's got talent thought she would never make it in the music business.
    **Me shaking my head at anyone who thinks she isn't the best violin player EVER!**
    Lindsey has more subscribers than America's Got Talent. Lol.

  • Haroldo José Rodrigues

    Muito legal! # Very cool!

  • Amy Francko & Sandra Bryant

    Lindsey and Sia, Lindsey and Pink, Lindsey playing herself because she is awesome.

  • JaniceThe Squid
    JaniceThe Squid 16 days ago

    Everytime I hear a Lindsey song it feels like the first time. Utterly amazing.

  • Melissa Hope
    Melissa Hope 16 days ago +1

    you ar very good in it

  • Melissa Hope
    Melissa Hope 16 days ago

    hi where many years our when you started plaing violin?

  • mr_klerk
    mr_klerk 16 days ago

    Безумно круто!

  • Leo Amaya Ortega
    Leo Amaya Ortega 16 days ago

    This music is perfect when you want to study but still wanna jam out without getting distracted

  • Flor Guzman
    Flor Guzman 16 days ago

    la amo

  • Frances Smith
    Frances Smith 17 days ago

    If it wasn't for you i would die from this writing assighnment

  • -Bulky PitBull-
    -Bulky PitBull- 17 days ago

    LINDSEY PLZ MAKE SOME MORE DUB VIOLENT MUSIC AGAIN LIKE CHRYSTALIZE AND ELEMENTS WE NEED MORE OFF THAT MUSIC PLZ ! this is nice for kids not for us that liked your experiment with dub and violen im waiting for it :D

  • Ola Tahan
    Ola Tahan 17 days ago

    Amazing!!!!!I love it

  • smoochyotto85
    smoochyotto85 18 days ago

    I hope L.S. reads these for ideas in upcoming videos. I have been a fan for years now and I am still hoping to see a collaboration with Disturbed. More specifically a L.S. take on the Sound of Silence. I can't be the only one thinking this. . .

  • Jamelia Mcgee
    Jamelia Mcgee 18 days ago


  • Zata S
    Zata S 18 days ago

    Since i've watched lindsey stirling's vidéo i can't imagine someone playing violon without dancing XD Is it normal? x)

  • Arwydd Hays
    Arwydd Hays 19 days ago

    gosh, how many violins does she have? you see like five different ones in every video!

  • Ligo Xilyn
    Ligo Xilyn 19 days ago

    I got my inspiration of learning to play the violin from Lindsey.

  • TellBell
    TellBell 19 days ago +1

    Is it normal to be in love with a woman 16 year older than me? This girl is so talented...

  • mi bo
    mi bo 19 days ago

    i like u in blond

  • ღ AkiraNightcore ღ

    in love ♥

  • kanto rakotosalama
    kanto rakotosalama 20 days ago

    I love you lindsey stirling

  • Caleb sprague
    Caleb sprague 20 days ago

    Work dem hips girl

  • Ian Barber
    Ian Barber 20 days ago

    I'm going to say it, troubling video content.

  • Reyhane Bayat
    Reyhane Bayat 21 day ago

    melodinin en güzel halisin....

  • Cassandra Yuan
    Cassandra Yuan 21 day ago +2


  • bob boucher
    bob boucher 21 day ago

    Lindsey is the best ! Luv her !

  • Deividy Mendonça
    Deividy Mendonça 21 day ago

    No futuro quero ser como vc Lindsey❤💙😍

  • DaViper Venom
    DaViper Venom 22 days ago

    Congrats on your beauty, sexiness, great vids and your talent. All class. Better than most pop stars out there.

    MARICELA RODRÍGUEZ 22 days ago

    Perfec 😘🦋

  • Randall Valentia
    Randall Valentia 22 days ago

    Oh... Well, this is nice.

  • Yvon Larocque
    Yvon Larocque 22 days ago

    wow love the artistic in all your awesome...i thank my daughter for showing me your awesome!!

  • Yvon Larocque
    Yvon Larocque 22 days ago

    wow just wow...

  • Masterfelixxx
    Masterfelixxx 23 days ago

    Reminds me of Zombie video

  • Sweepy Hollow
    Sweepy Hollow 24 days ago

    Hey Lindsey! my lyrical dance class is dancing to this song due to my teacher being obsessed with it. Honestly I looove this so much! Hopefully we can preform for you one day lel

  • ceyb97
    ceyb97 25 days ago

    her outfits are always so super original and beautiful! the makeup, everything! besides her music and her dance :)

  • Flowerpower Dreamingday


  • Carolyn Tellier
    Carolyn Tellier 25 days ago

    Warrior Linsdey at 1:43

  • Brent Kope
    Brent Kope 26 days ago

    Very East meets West! I love it.

  • Marcela Benavides
    Marcela Benavides 26 days ago

    Es una canción muy hermosa

  • lilou derou
    lilou derou 26 days ago

    You are beautiful

  • 리스폴라
    리스폴라 26 days ago

    korea migi show best of the best subscribe press like ~/^^♡♡☆

  • Jaci Santana
    Jaci Santana 27 days ago +1

    Eu toco violino tenho 14 anos espero ser uma ótima violinista que nem ela 😍😍😙🎻🎻

  • FabiM _
    FabiM _ 27 days ago +1


  • Manoela Félix
    Manoela Félix 27 days ago

    Lindsey Mirage novo perfume da Jequiti 😂

  • 리스폴라
    리스폴라 27 days ago

    korea migi show best of the best subscribe press like ~~/^^♡♡

  • Duda sisi vlog
    Duda sisi vlog 28 days ago

    My music favorit

  • Silvia Choqque
    Silvia Choqque 28 days ago

    me encanta la muzica

  • Military_ Wolfy
    Military_ Wolfy 28 days ago

    it is amazing how well lindsey can dance while playing on her violine

  • Juanita Russell
    Juanita Russell 28 days ago

    Love listening to you play❤️

  • Nik Sy
    Nik Sy 28 days ago

    Raja kumariyo 🤔🤔 malayalam!?

  • Ingrid Cardenas
    Ingrid Cardenas 29 days ago

    thanks for your music Lindsey....... love you

  • Lareina Clarke
    Lareina Clarke Month ago

    I wish i could be like lindsey Stirling

  • Lareina Clarke
    Lareina Clarke Month ago

    I wish i could be like lindsey Stirling

  • RhodeS Edits
    RhodeS Edits Month ago

    Mirage nice map.
    Ok guys go rush b cyka blyat!!!!

  • Nandhini Singh
    Nandhini Singh Month ago

    Oh look you couldn't afford classical bharatanatyam dancers so you decided to hire white people to do a fusion dance...if you are going to profit off of a Desi artist the least you can do is hire Desi dancers.

  • Анастасия Цыпкина

    О, Боже мой, она великолепна!!!!!

  • Brosky
    Brosky Month ago

    LOVE the outfits!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!

  • Sandra Lorena Oliva

    it's beautiful but somebody knows what mean the words she saying ?