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ASMR For People Who Can't Get Tingles

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • ASMR For People Who Can't Get Tingles
    All kinds of asmr triggers with the blue yeti to try and get your tingles back :)
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Comments • 210

  • Hayden Ashlyn
    Hayden Ashlyn Month ago +338

    ☀️time stamps☀️
    0:00-0:32 intro 👋🏼
    0:32-4:25 taraster💨
    4:25-5:38 tracing✏️
    5:47-8:15 paper📖
    8:15-8:41 whispering 🗣
    8:41-9:44 facial cleaner🛁
    9:46-11:22 the thumbnail 📍
    11:30-11:42 whispering 🗣
    11:43-12:49 scratching with a pencil on the mic📝
    13:00-13:46 some more scratches ✏️
    14:50-18:23 head massage💆‍♀️💆
    18:23-19:17 slinky 🧫
    19:30- 22:13 hair bun scruncie 👱‍♀️👱‍♀️
    22:18-23:30 flower 🌺🌺
    23:47- 24:36 outro🌙

    sorry for mistakes it is my first time making these! i hope you have a great day!!❤️❤️❤️
    if you are going to copy these please give credit!

    • ninnz
      ninnz 20 days ago +1

      Hayden Ashlyn thank you❤️ i appreciate you!

    • Hayden Ashlyn
      Hayden Ashlyn Month ago

      thanks for the likes everyone!

    • S M
      S M Month ago +1

      @Hayden Ashlyn oops she did too 🤦‍♀️ I'm as confused as you now tbh lol - I'd spell it the same! Maybe she didn't know the word in English so called it whatever it is in her language

    • Hayden Ashlyn
      Hayden Ashlyn Month ago +1

      Sophie M no she said what it was at the beginning of the vid and i didnt know how to spell it but i tried my best!😁

    • Hayden Ashlyn
      Hayden Ashlyn Month ago +1

      Queenjersey11 Playz yup

  • Cora Erickson
    Cora Erickson 11 days ago +1

    Rapunzal:Some people watch asmr for tingles some people watch it for sleep
    Me: Yeah I watch it for sleep it’s 4:00 am on a school night and I can’t fall asleep 😬

  • Brian Walsh
    Brian Walsh 21 day ago

    I didn’t get tingles...

    *Joking, I did, I just want you to make more 😑*

  • Jess Phillips
    Jess Phillips 27 days ago

    The lil pink guy makes the nicest sounds on the mic 🤤🤤

  • YuugiArry
    YuugiArry Month ago

    What is the thing being scratched in the beginning?

  • STEW
    STEW Month ago +1

    Had me stuck definitely had a good sleep lol

  • Mrpeachees
    Mrpeachees Month ago

    I don't get tingles, and i doubt i ever will. 😭😭

  • Korin Lowe
    Korin Lowe Month ago

    What happened I thought you said black and white 😆 lol

  • Alieana Oh
    Alieana Oh Month ago

    first vid from u! and a new subscriber ^^ i really liked that crinkly paper you got at the 5:47 mark, hoping that you'd do another video in the future one day with it 🥺 idk if you have it in your other videos (since im new) but that crinkly paper really gave me tingles at the back of my neck, was so relaxing

  • G_Nugget 08
    G_Nugget 08 Month ago +2

    She looked so mad when the pencil made a bad sound lol (11:43)

  • Rachel McInnis
    Rachel McInnis Month ago +1

    The scratching on both pop filters were nice tbh. I like how on the first it was more rough sounding, but on the second it was more intense because it picked up your voice nicely. Your whispers are the best, btw. Also, the wig scratching. Girl. It’s really nice when you like take a piece of the hair and rub it in between your fingers, that’s always been MAD tingly for me. Idk what that blue thing is but it mixes well with your whispering rambles. Omg it’s so tingly and your whispering is on point. I think we are due for a intense mouth sound blue yeti vid in case you ran out of ideas ;) much love!

  • Nikki Strickland
    Nikki Strickland Month ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the random gasp she made at @12:46, like you ok?

  • James V
    James V Month ago +2

    11:30 (ish) is what really gave me ASMR, and I just giggled when she was all taken aback by how bad she thought it was

    • JoyousJessika
      JoyousJessika Month ago

      Yep I kept repeating that bit several times coz it was rather amusing 😁

  • Kylie Hamblin
    Kylie Hamblin Month ago

    10:33 🤤

  • fuiehf jfcnsl
    fuiehf jfcnsl Month ago

    that wig look exactly like my hair

  • Arindam Maity
    Arindam Maity Month ago

    With my Dolby Atmos Headphone, I'm like.....
    What the Fuck was that on my ear!!!!! Shit!! I'm outta here.....right now.....!

  • Dan Olympiadis
    Dan Olympiadis Month ago

  • Janelle Rubi
    Janelle Rubi Month ago

    love you bunches rapunzel

  • ASMR Sky Bruni
    ASMR Sky Bruni Month ago

    I love your voice 💕

  • Classical Machinima

    Yes , I used to be really sensitive to all type of asmr now only certent ones work saddly, but this video is ahhh thanks you!

  • Belle & Kids
    Belle & Kids Month ago

    I have the exact same pants lol

  • Nithya P
    Nithya P Month ago

    She be saying tingle videos are different than sleeping videos, but I still somehow sleep through it.

  • Ranesha Grimes
    Ranesha Grimes Month ago +2

    Ever thought of doing a video of just the raster and wooden pencil? Even using them together? Like the pencil scratching the raster and vice versa? It would be such a great video 🥰❤️😁

  • IlLuSiOn _SK
    IlLuSiOn _SK Month ago +3

    Triglers (smiles)

    Goes back to serious face..... 😑😐

  • Naapurin Tauno
    Naapurin Tauno Month ago

    High as fuck at 9:30 pm.
    0:33-4:20=best fucking sounds i've ever heard. 🤤

  • Eylül
    Eylül Month ago

    22:18 a time stamp for myself

  • Helene Huang
    Helene Huang Month ago +42

    Friend: so what should we get for lunch?
    Me: eh anything is ok for me
    Friend: ok then let’s get some pizza
    Me: 11:43

  • Rey Suzanne
    Rey Suzanne Month ago

    This ASMR video is the best and gives me 100% tingles!

  • zankaizankai
    zankaizankai Month ago

    You're an adorable bitch 💗💚💜 So relaxing! 🌸

  • S M
    S M Month ago

    You seem really irritated in this video 🤔 I hope you're ok!!

  • Flame Draws
    Flame Draws Month ago

    Please make a whole video dedicated to the first and third triggers! I LOVED them

  • Hayley Garrison
    Hayley Garrison Month ago

    the scratches on the mic with the pencil 😍😍🥰🥰

  • Cecilia Holmes
    Cecilia Holmes Month ago

    Circular motions are more tingly

  • Rebecca Patterson Call

    This video is sooo good 🤍 I’m obsessed

  • Hey Jamie
    Hey Jamie Month ago

    Ugh why do some of these channels think that jazz fingers thing is something they need to do. It’s not. And agh, this first object... I’m cringing and I don’t even have headphones on. ASMR is very deliberate. It’s not haphazard like that. It’s balanced and flows between ears in specific ways that trigger the ASMR. This is just noise. That apparently some people enjoy though I can’t imagine how. It’s awful. ASMR is also not just typical whispering. It’s not about being ‘shush’. It’s a particular way of speaking in a quiet tone that is meant to activate the triggers within the brain. I swear to God, it feels like ASMRmagic is the only person on this site who knows what she’s doing

  • Gtccoasters
    Gtccoasters Month ago

    give me back my hâmśtęr

  • Pyro
    Pyro Month ago +1

    Your voice is the only thing that triggers me in this video. You’re a great ASMRtist and have a good mic, but the triggers you chose sucked

  • Crowley Corporation SL

    I liek da tootpickie ting best also

  • Ontel
    Ontel Month ago +11

    Start: 00:00
    End: 24:36
    Hope they was useful 😃😃

  • The Tingle Zone ASMR

    Sounds so relaxing 💜💕😊

  • Eli 100
    Eli 100 Month ago

    Really happy u make clean asmr vids

  • malasia
    malasia Month ago

    I can’t wait to see what we get when she hits 500k subscribers ! Starting the new year off right ;)

  • gregr2
    gregr2 Month ago

    Oh i love this! the taraster = instant tingles!

  • Giulia P.
    Giulia P. Month ago

    This is not hate or anything but the first one sounds like the fly in my room

  • Kylie Hamblin
    Kylie Hamblin Month ago +4

    Who else watches these videos bc the ASMR is better than the ones for when u have tingles

  • My life is Cringe
    My life is Cringe Month ago +1

    I like it ❤️

  • Gary The Gray ASMR
    Gary The Gray ASMR Month ago

    Enjoying the channel...thanks so much for your uploads.

  • Seleny López
    Seleny López Month ago

    The faster the toothpick goes the more tingles i get 🤤

  • Vaida Astrauskienė
    Vaida Astrauskienė Month ago +3

    Writing with the pencil on the mic for the win!!! Amazing tingles❤️

  • T's tea
    T's tea Month ago

    Could you do a trigger where you run the toothpick on the mic with and without cover please,? Awesome video by the way.💕

  • Trisha Sowash
    Trisha Sowash Month ago

    That bath bitch didn't fizzle at all... That's an awesome quote

  • mckayla blaine
    mckayla blaine Month ago

    i missed your intro so much i’m glad you put it back

  • Daniela Acuna
    Daniela Acuna Month ago +1

    Id its not to much to ask but it would be awesome if you can do more air tracing. It gave me so much tingles with the sound of you voice. Thank you ann for your time

  • NGMonocrom
    NGMonocrom Month ago +1

    Yes! I love old school goodness! 👍💕

  • Zara ASMR
    Zara ASMR Month ago +23

    *this video is for me because I’m sadly tingle immune 😭*

    • JoyousJessika
      JoyousJessika Month ago

      I only ever had one tingle. Cant get the at all

  • ASMR Miss Mi
    ASMR Miss Mi Month ago +1

    Love your explanation on every trigger 🤩

  • I’m To Busy To Talk OvO

    Oof I come here and I get tingles easily and I like getting tingles

  • goffsonflwrs
    goffsonflwrs Month ago +3

    Most tingly sound is your whispering voice close to the mic

  • TheHorribleGunner
    TheHorribleGunner Month ago

    Sometimes I think they can see me through the video

  • Melody And Akane
    Melody And Akane Month ago +7

    0:05 *~* Greeting
    0:35 *~* Tooth-pick and "Scratch Board"
    4:33 *~* Air Writing
    5:48 *~* Crackly Gem Paper
    _dont want to include bathbomb_
    8:42 *~* *_scary alien_*
    9:45 *~* Blue Rubbery Brush _Thing_
    11:45 *~* Writing On "Pop Filter" _Thing_
    14:50 *~* -Wig- _Weave_
    18:29 *~* Slinky
    -19:27-- -*-~-*- Bracelet-
    19:39 *~* *_sOfT sOuNdS_* t a l k i n g and bracelet
    22:16 *~* Fuzz from the end of p i c k
    23:42 *~* baiiii