Kirk Cousins is 'not a great franchise quarterback' - Max Kellerman | First Take

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • Max Kellerman believes the Minnesota Vikings made a mistake dishing out big money for Kirk Cousins in the offseason. Stephen A. Smith says Cousins was a clear upgrade over Case Keenum and places most of the blame on the Vikings' defense not playing up to form.
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Comments • 928

  • Chris Bakas
    Chris Bakas 8 months ago

    Cousins is a 4th string scout team QB. He has no place on an active roster.

  • Wally Tverstol
    Wally Tverstol 10 months ago

    STEVEN SMITH IS FULL OF IT. bradford is a muich better passer than cousins. injuries was the only problem. bradford made it work without the o line

  • Ra-Hham Eysh George
    Ra-Hham Eysh George 11 months ago

    our defense is stout, but they were on the field way too long again this year like the 8-8 season with bradford. hmmmm another qb who had alot of 3 and out's. case keenum and bridgewater didn't give us tht problem because what could thye do? extend the play with their FEET! patterns ahhhhhhh. and nobody can figure this out...slaps foread.

  • rj doggman
    rj doggman Year ago

    So mr Steven A, what about in Washington? They had good defense too. Minnesota cant have the number 1 defense every year. A guy makes what kirk makes should be able to pick up the slack. Minnesota still has a good defense, not as good as last year but still better then most.

  • rj doggman
    rj doggman Year ago

    I've been saying this ever since he was still competing with rg3 in Washington. He always was a decent QB but not a franchise QB. His numbers were always inflated in garbage time. Washington never were an offensive juggernaut, they were always a defensive unit. Cousins is like another Stafford.

  • Pizza Hut
    Pizza Hut Year ago

    Proven, tried and true, cousins is a beast.

  • jeff h
    jeff h Year ago

    I think sports fans should start a debate show on whether sports talking heads like Max Kellerman are worth what they are getting paid.

    BIGROO Year ago

    3 more wins should get us in playoffs

    BIGROO Year ago

    Vikings D is still top 5, sick of ppl talking about the first 4 games of the season. We've been tops since that point an the real issue is our OLiNe has been for the past 4 seasons Keenum just did a better job of keeping the play alive that's something kirk has to work on an it showed a little bit Sunday night against Packers there finally starting to move him out the pocket because of our line issues

  • CaneFan _
    CaneFan _ Year ago

    Vikings defense is overrated.

  • brandon d
    brandon d Year ago


  • 1stAirwave
    1stAirwave Year ago

    When you pay 1 man a record setting deal, YOU EXPECT THAT GUY TO DO IT ALL & BE THE DIFFERENCE!! Any other BS anyalasis is just simply incorrect!

  • AmbivalentGamer
    AmbivalentGamer Year ago

    Sorry, couldn't pay attention, too distracted by the herpes on this dudes lips.

  • Neil Pisarri
    Neil Pisarri Year ago

    Kirk Cousins is the reason for the Vikings defense ranking lowering. The Redskins never had a great rank is points allowed and then he left and the Redskins defense turns amazing. It's because Cousins turned the ball over 21 times last year. That's a possible extra 147 points allowed because of Cousins mistakes. Same thing is happening now in Minnesota, Cousins is turning the ball over a lot and hurting his defense.

  • Richard Harper
    Richard Harper Year ago

    Bitch he's an amazing quarterback!

  • Jay Moo
    Jay Moo Year ago

    Lol -Skins fans

  • Brian Grewe
    Brian Grewe Year ago

    Here in Minnesota we hate this because it is so true!

  • Brian Grewe
    Brian Grewe Year ago

    Here in Minnesota we hate this because it is so true!!

  • DJDonkeytron
    DJDonkeytron Year ago

    Kirk Cousins does have a signature moment "you like that! You like that!!"

  • Militant KANE
    Militant KANE Year ago

    SAS over there sleep. LoL

  • Grand Wonder
    Grand Wonder Year ago +1

    All I’m saying is that Cousins would be 0-10 right now if he were playing for the Broncos!
    Who won more games for the Vikes? Answer: Keenum!
    Who won more playoff games?
    Answer: Keenum!
    Would Cousins perform better as a Bronco than Keenum? Answer: Heck no! Are you out of your damn mind?!
    Cousins is a poor man’s Tony Romo! He loves to throw INT’s when the game is on the line and especially in playoff games! Oops, let me correct myself, although Cousins performs like a poor man’s QB, he demands top dollars! Making him an even shittier QB!

  • Grand Wonder
    Grand Wonder Year ago +1

    Vikings got spoiled last year, should have appreciated Keenum helping them wins all those games! Now Cousins is gonna show how mediocre the Vikings actually are without Keenum help carrying the team!

  • saigonbond
    saigonbond Year ago

    $84 million dollars guaranteed LOL!

  • W Hatch
    W Hatch Year ago

    The bears are the future and Kirk cousins is just a stat guy when playing average and above defences kirk is going to choke that just how is plan and simple.

  • joe travieso
    joe travieso Year ago

    what SAS??? you didn't pay him to win games?>...84 million dollars guaranteed ...that's exactly why you brought win games...

  • Great bird of hope

    Not a cousins fan but HE DID HAVE SIGNATURE MOMENTS - Redskins biggest comeback win in history down 24-0 vs Tampa bay,
    Stepped in during 2012 season in the Ravens game, and then started vs the Browns that next week and put up 38ish points i believe in a Redskins victory. Those were his finest moments

  • Ron
    Ron Year ago

    Max is testifying on Cousins

  • scxxrxTV
    scxxrxTV Year ago

    Kirk Cousins is a more consistent Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  • James Dennis
    James Dennis Year ago

    Cousins had the "you like that" game which qualifies as a signature moment in my opinion. Biggest comeback win in Redskins history. But I agree, he does tend to fail more often than not in the big moments.

  • Eternal Star 2401
    Eternal Star 2401 Year ago +1

    Just a friendly reminder that Kirk Cousins is like 4-22 against teams with a winning record

  • gor9027
    gor9027 Year ago

    Duh. That Redskins-Giants game in 2016 when the Redskins could have clinched the 6 seed and he choked showed that he wasn't a franchise quarterback.

  • ants in my eyes johnson

    I mean I dnt hate Cousins but he's never gonna put a team over the top and I hate how they made it look like when Manning went to Denver all off season


    Chicago is the THIRD LARGEST MEDIA MARKET IN THE U.S, but they don't talk about the Bears???? What's going on here.....

  • Clinton Stewart
    Clinton Stewart Year ago

    Cousins is a good quarterback, but when I saw him lose the game for the redskins in last years game to get them in the playoffs with the pic 6, he was suspect. He has potential just has very little time to improve.

  • Dyslexic Parrot
    Dyslexic Parrot Year ago

    I’m a Vikings fan and cousins is kinda underperforming

  • DaGreat
    DaGreat Year ago

    I know the Vikings wish they won that Bills game

  • OriginalGamerOnline

    A worse record is an upgrade?? Come on Stephen A!

  • Danilo Silva
    Danilo Silva Year ago

    Cousins throws the ball deep. Needs good protection.

  • Rainstik Timbale
    Rainstik Timbale Year ago

    Roy he's right Kirk Cousins is a fucking bum .

  • kevin perry
    kevin perry Year ago

    Every skins fan has known this for years, the skins havent got alot of marquee players to pay and they still chose to give him das boot.

  • westredg
    westredg Year ago

    Analysts always do this, when things happen they immediately jump on the bandwagon and call him a mistake and average, later on this season when he performs well they'll be singing his praises, I expect more from "professionals"

  • Wayne R
    Wayne R Year ago

    last year the vikings got big pass interference calls that helped them keep drives alive and score every damn game while
    mugging other teams wide receivers for free
    not this year ,,,,

  • Redskins Pride WGIL

    "I don't always agree with Max Kellerman, but when I do, I agree about Kirk Cousins ineptness."
    Kirk as a Redskin, beat the arch rival Dallas Cowboys exactly once, a team we face twice a season. He was well coached in DC but, mismanaged by the front office. Glad we had him. Glad we've moved on. HTTR!!!

  • Andrew Gavin
    Andrew Gavin Year ago

    Ya ya blah blah blah Cousins lost the game its not like The Bears consitently devour everybody on defense its not like theyve done it all year long. Like you know did we forget we did this to Russel wilson in primetime, and many others. Maybe this Bears Defense is just that good shush no it cant be that its not like statistically they lead the league in take aways top 5 in sacks and yards an points allowed. Its not like The Bears Defense does this to practically every one. Also While I am a bears fan the vikes o line is trash, and theyve got no running game you bash cousins all you want the vikings have zero offense without him, and their defense is still elite but not quite as good as last year. Kirk cousins is the reason the vikings will probably get a wild card spot period take cousins off that team and the vikings play off hopes are already dead. Cousins is on an island offensively. Sure Hang cousins out to dry just like his O-line does practically every single game. Cousins is the reason the vikings even have any play off hope this year. Their defense is worse than last year though still good, but they have no running game and their O-line cant pass protect to save their lives without cousins the vikings would have no shot at the play offs this year I am actually a fan of the cousins signing as a bears fan, but that vikings O-line does him absolutely no favors ever niether does his running backs. All this said I think the Vikings will still nab the wild card even though I think the division will belong to the Bears.

  • Kevin Nett
    Kevin Nett Year ago

    I don't think anyone every thought Cousins was a franchise QB. He has and always will be an above average QB who will be ranked 10-15 among QB's every year.

  • twincities34
    twincities34 Year ago

    So nobody wants to talk about how bad our offensive line is? They can't pass protect or run block worth a lick especially against a team like the bears.

  • Al'Turek Goode
    Al'Turek Goode Year ago


  • MrTekKnowledge
    MrTekKnowledge Year ago

    Kirk Cousins isn't bad, isn't great. He's a decent quarterback that stats look better than they should. I saw someone compare him to Romo, but that's unjust to Romo. Romo rarely had bad games, and honestly, rarely choked when the game or season was on the line. He never played bad enough in a game to where you could point at Romo and say he's the reason you lost the game.

    ICE MAN Year ago

    this FAT dude gets to emotional

  • ArtOfWaveTv
    ArtOfWaveTv Year ago

    We had Bridgewater and Keenum and we let em off the hook!!!! Cousins is who we thought he was

  • Austin Zdrubecky
    Austin Zdrubecky Year ago

    Give credit where credit is due. The bears have arguably the best defense in the league right now

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees Year ago

    Neither is Keenum, Bradford, Bridgewater, Ponder, Jackson........................

  • TheEasyriderman
    TheEasyriderman Year ago

    Kurt Cousin and the Vikings are done. Other teams feels Kurt is not strong leader at QB and not capable of leading and commanding the team to victory in big games. Some team may think he's a clown. Therefore other teams plays with confidence that they beat Vikings. All they need to do pressure Kurt and he will throw an interception or fumble football. Kurt has no knowledge of game momentum and stragety. He will just take the sack. And the offensive coordinator is bad. It's too late to fire him but he will cause the team to lose.

  • se7enX89X
    se7enX89X Year ago

    So Cousins has one bad game which wasn't even all his fault and now he's a terrible QB? Some of yall are stupid as fuck and dont know shit about football. Bunch of dumb casuals lmfao

  • se7enX89X
    se7enX89X Year ago

    Bears fans are retarded as fuck lmao its going to be hilarious watching them not win a playoff game.

  • novato tornero
    novato tornero Year ago

    The Vikings made a grave mistake signing Fuck Up Kirk $84 million and he STILL THROW PICKS. If the Vikings do not make it to the playoffs they should cut their loses and trade Fuck Up Kirk next year.

  • Mario Dorsey
    Mario Dorsey Year ago

    No bruh that bears defense is ridiculous

  • El guapo del feugo

    People love to hate Kirk cousins, he puts up numbers

  • Kaybe Vang
    Kaybe Vang Year ago

    ESPN is a shadow of its former self

  • kao long hang
    kao long hang Year ago

    Vikings are stupid, should of kept keenum just in case...captain kirk enterprise flopped.