Gabby Barrett - "The Good Ones" (Official Audio Video)

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Gabby Barrett - "The Good Ones" (Official Audio Video)
    Listen to Gabby's new song "The Good Ones" here:
    Haven't heard Gabby's new single, "I Hope"? Check out the official video here:
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Comments • 576

  • Tiffany Bryant
    Tiffany Bryant 16 hours ago

    Omg this song!💖 Beautiful😊 Reminds me of my good one. I finally got lucky with a good one!😊 To anyone that don't yet have a good one never give up cause your good one is out there somewhere.

  • Jan P
    Jan P Day ago


  • ricky brown
    ricky brown 5 days ago

    I did the same to my husband to I dedicated it to him

  • Brooklyn Daniels
    Brooklyn Daniels 5 days ago +2

    I wish there were still guys like that can't find any😢🖤

  • Edward Williams
    Edward Williams 11 days ago

    I always listen to your song and sing it

  • music life
    music life 16 days ago

    I love this song is there any way you could make a Karaoke for this

  • chloe zullo
    chloe zullo 16 days ago +1

    she is amazing at what she does and she deserved the win on American idol

  • yorweth1
    yorweth1 16 days ago


  • pamela brown
    pamela brown 17 days ago +1

    this song is so amazing thank you gabby barret

  • Two awesome sisters 33
    Two awesome sisters 33 19 days ago +1

    This is my favorite song and always has

  • Mishelle Robbins back
    Mishelle Robbins back 20 days ago +1

    Love gabby💙

  • Hunter Fetterman
    Hunter Fetterman 23 days ago +1

    Go Gabby!! Pittsburgh so proud

  • Taylor Robe
    Taylor Robe 24 days ago +5

    This song will be playing at my wedding 💕 I get married to my best friend in June 2020 ❤️🥰💍👰🏼🤵🏻 I really do have a good one and he’s the love of my life ❤️

    • Samantha Wanamaker
      Samantha Wanamaker 12 days ago


    • Alexus Williams
      Alexus Williams 22 days ago +2

      Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you! I wish you and yours a long and happy life together :)

  • Michelle Helmick
    Michelle Helmick 27 days ago +2

    Reminds me of my boyfriend he is definitely a good one... accepting my 4 small little girls as his own... we love you Joshua💕💕

  • Afton Helmick
    Afton Helmick Month ago +1


  • Jeremy Hatch
    Jeremy Hatch Month ago +2

    I love you to death I love how pretty you are and your voice is just so beautiful

  • Ally Kay
    Ally Kay Month ago +1

    did this get played at your wedding?

  • Katie •
    Katie • 2 months ago +1


  • J.A.
    J.A. 2 months ago +4


  • Sandra Weaver
    Sandra Weaver 2 months ago

    Hope Gabby and Cade become very well known. They are good people. And love their country music.

  • Sandra Weaver
    Sandra Weaver 2 months ago

    Love the Fireflies .

  • Cecilia Castillo
    Cecilia Castillo 2 months ago

    love it gabby you did it again...♥️♥️ it's on replay until I learn the words,😂

  • John Friesen
    John Friesen 2 months ago +1

    I pray one day I become one of the good ones to someone!
    "Are you the type of person you're looking for? If not, then that person you're looking for is not looking for you".

  • Maureen Eves
    Maureen Eves 2 months ago

    I love you Gaby

  • Sydney Weaver
    Sydney Weaver 2 months ago

    I love this song so much!!! It's beautiful

  • Jessica Walker
    Jessica Walker 2 months ago

    Love you Gabby

  • Pat Rogers
    Pat Rogers 2 months ago

    Gabby is definitely an amazing artist! Her 2nd hit and this is only the beginning. I'm so proud of you Gabby! It's been wonderful to follow your journey

  • Laura Luetjen
    Laura Luetjen 2 months ago +2

    Had no clue who she was but I'm glad I discovered her I'm hooked on her she's the next big county star

  • Jessica Reder
    Jessica Reder 2 months ago

    I know all the words

  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson 2 months ago +1

    232 dislikes? That's 232 people that can't hear. Lol maybe intimidated?

  • Victory Lofipo
    Victory Lofipo 3 months ago +1

    This is a song I'd dedicate to my future husband. It is just so good. I could sing this song to him all the time

  • Drew CI
    Drew CI 3 months ago

    This (song) is one of the good ones!

  • TropezGaming
    TropezGaming 3 months ago

    Really good

  • Ring J J
    Ring J J 3 months ago

    A Country Pop Star stands up for a man!

  • AndreaFalet
    AndreaFalet 3 months ago

    definitely my new favorite song. dedicated this to my fiancé.

  • The great mist of Gaming
    The great mist of Gaming 3 months ago +1

    Ngl in my opinion the thumbnail looks like a thumbnail for a reality tv show of some sort. But the song is still amazing.

  • Erica Sherwin
    Erica Sherwin 3 months ago


  • Da'Sire Tv TM
    Da'Sire Tv TM 3 months ago +1

    You came to my school ( j.m. Tate high school) and performed this song...keep thriving sis ❣️

  • Jen Pham
    Jen Pham 3 months ago

    All of Gabby’s songs are 💯💯

  • texamania 1
    texamania 1 3 months ago

    gabby control you fans

  • Adrianna Kindred
    Adrianna Kindred 3 months ago

    I heard this in the store and spent an hour looking for it

  • Donna Couch
    Donna Couch 3 months ago +3

    I really love this girl !!!!! Gabby be true to yourself always, you go girl !!!!!

  • Amber Cuppett
    Amber Cuppett 3 months ago

    I love this song gabby😍😍

  • Simply_Maliha
    Simply_Maliha 3 months ago

    I love this song!

  • kaitlyn G
    kaitlyn G 3 months ago +1

    she's awesome so Carrie Underwood both great👌☝💔💔

  • baby girl
    baby girl 3 months ago +1

    Does anyone else hear a Miley Cyrus in her voice or is it just me

    • Cindy Serros-Lucas
      Cindy Serros-Lucas 3 months ago

      No it's just you, she cant sing. Gabby Barrett is a way better singer.

  • Marie Suaava
    Marie Suaava 3 months ago

    love this song , played it for my future husband , he is one of the good ones!!

  • Brandi Rubio
    Brandi Rubio 3 months ago +1

    Love this song so much!! So many of us take our spouses for granted and I can definitely admit that I used to! My husband of 14 years has treated me with nothing but love, respect, honor, and dignity. He has never once called me outside of my name, has never given me any reason to suspect infidelity and would literally give his life to save mine. I thank God every day that I'm blessed with One of the good ones!!

  • Shalenia Langley
    Shalenia Langley 3 months ago

    She's on FIRE 🔥 We can't wait to Hear More 💙🌹💙

  • WIdude
    WIdude 3 months ago

    Overproduced. That voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

  • T.J. Schwede
    T.J. Schwede 3 months ago +1

    The song has such a good meaning PS: I love your high pitch voice❤️

  • T.J. Schwede
    T.J. Schwede 3 months ago

    I love your voice so much!! This is my favorite song!!

  • Kayla Bennett
    Kayla Bennett 3 months ago +5

    Your voice is so beautiful you went to my school today and performed and it was a honor.

  • Emma Teeters
    Emma Teeters 3 months ago +2

    I think about him every time i listen to this song... Sadly he's not as good as i thought he'd be.

  • Bailee Gurney
    Bailee Gurney 3 months ago +1

    Girl you are so dang talented. ❤️

  • Андрей Мартини :

    Beautiful my god I marry you

  • Lonnie Taylor
    Lonnie Taylor 3 months ago

    She's a Doll too and sing like a Angel

  • Shannon Thomas
    Shannon Thomas 3 months ago +1

    I absolutely love this song. I will be playing it at my wedding 😀

  • Brandon Chretien
    Brandon Chretien 3 months ago +1

    Never a fan of her on American Idol but I have to admit she has me as a fan now.

  • Angel Nakatsugawa
    Angel Nakatsugawa 3 months ago

    Love this