10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • These are the 10 luckiest thrift store and garage sell finds of all time. You never known where you'll find real life treasure.
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    10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich
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  • Try Thinking For a change

    That repetitive ANNOYING MUSIC ruins your video.

  • Lawn Guylanda
    Lawn Guylanda Day ago

    That pollock painting is hideous.

  • Adam&Qi ZR
    Adam&Qi ZR 2 days ago

    Bullshit clickbait thumbnail.

  • Khalil Razak
    Khalil Razak 4 days ago

    Very lucky.

  • Martha Wilder
    Martha Wilder 4 days ago

    My Niece finds stuff at a thrift store for a few dollars and looks it up on ebay. she found a doll worth 40 dollars when she bought it for 2.

  • Watson Everly
    Watson Everly 4 days ago

    4:25 75 pounds WEIGHT , not pounds money. LMAO

  • Jack Of all trades
    Jack Of all trades 5 days ago

    I found a brand new Gucci throw at goodwill for $4.50 currently priced at $1000.00. I also bought a custom Ox blood coral and 1/2 carat VS diamond and18k white gold pendant for $40.00 est value $1600.00. I find treasures often at thrift stores. My entire home is decorated via thrift stores with expensive furniture. I travel for my job and frequent thrift stores all across the country. It's my passion!

  • Vanessa King
    Vanessa King 6 days ago

    What are the most profitable items to search for?

  • GRC
    GRC 7 days ago

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  • Alex Bea
    Alex Bea 8 days ago +1

    I liked the look of a bracelet my local thrift store, they gave it to me for free because they were sick of having it, turns out it was 18K gold with 3 real diamonds on it and was estimated to be from 1900-1910 and I sold it for 3K. Pay day was good

  • GeorgeO2012
    GeorgeO2012 9 days ago

    I never ever saw anyone refer to 250,000 Pounds Sterling in such a ridiculous way ....250,000£...!!

  • ChocoCondos
    ChocoCondos 9 days ago

    I bought a sweater for $4 at a Good Will. I googled the brand because I wanted to buy more like it and they ranged from $100-300. No idea who'd buy a sweater for so much originally but I'm happy to just have this one.

  • Lordeverfall100
    Lordeverfall100 9 days ago

    I alwasy start off these videos by disliking them. Anyone else do the same?

  • Rick Le Blanc
    Rick Le Blanc 9 days ago +1

    75 pound pearl..... Pounds or Pound or lb or £
    Your writer is way off!!

  • R04DKILL
    R04DKILL 9 days ago

    I found a prata belt for $6

  • leos rule
    leos rule 9 days ago

    As people around the globe are being told to work harder so they can pay more money to support the poor people of this planet, there are disgusting amounts of money being paid for pieces of art.
    And i just finished watching a video about the world's tallest skyscrapers and what they cost. How can ppl afford to live in them??

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 11 days ago

    I’m always amazed at how much I like Jackson Pollock’s work. LUV the Lombardi sweater too.

  • Nunya Dambiznas
    Nunya Dambiznas 12 days ago

    Teri Horton is a friend of mine, i did a bit of research for her with her son and another friend. Wonderful lady...

  • Maggie Mae
    Maggie Mae 12 days ago

    I thought every Faberge egg had been accounted for.

  • Melinda
    Melinda 12 days ago

    I bought a taxidernnied baby crocodile with all its teeth and fully intact for 5 bucks then ran into my bedroom and jumped up and down on my bed completely crushing it ....oops

  • Lovely Henderson
    Lovely Henderson 13 days ago

    i love thrift stores its like treasure hunting you never know what you might find i have found some beautiful nice things in thrift stores

  • SMThecla2
    SMThecla2 14 days ago

    7:17 mirror images.

  • Ky An
    Ky An 15 days ago

    Your Hay Wein looks a little funky.

  • d howard
    d howard 15 days ago +1

    14 k at a yard sale? Then flew to London ?. What a enchanting yarn...

  • Mark Hansen
    Mark Hansen 16 days ago

    The necklace is about as nice as the emperor's new clothes. Jackson Pollock art is bullshit.

  • Chocolate Field
    Chocolate Field 16 days ago

    'Con" video.

  • keatsuki
    keatsuki 18 days ago

    Wait what? He bought the egg for $1400 hoping to scrap it for 500 because he was low on cash? THEN WHYD HE SPEND 1400 ON A DAMN EGG?

  • Steve Nock
    Steve Nock 18 days ago

    Just for future clarification. The £ symbol in UK currency comes before the number (i.e. £75,000) and pound in weight is shown as lb not £. So the weight would be 75lb not 75£.

  • Solomon Kane
    Solomon Kane 18 days ago

    i am going to check all my grandfather belongings

  • Antisepticeye Darkiplier

    He selling that today

  • Kelsey CoCa
    Kelsey CoCa 20 days ago

    I found a chanel purse at goodwill for $10 but I didn't sell it, I kept it until someone stole it when they broke into my car on Christmas

  • Delta 0
    Delta 0 20 days ago

    Hookers in vietnam were 2 bucks. Today they can go upwards of 500 in the states. Someday be it gods will prostitution will be legal and fortunes will be made.

  • Quentin Johnson
    Quentin Johnson 20 days ago

    If i find anything that i don't care about that is worth millions, you best believe I'm going to sell it!!!!

  • Melanie from Mars
    Melanie from Mars 23 days ago

    I want that diamond and the Jackson Pollock painting and then I will be happy. ;)

  • Genacyde The One
    Genacyde The One 23 days ago

    Think you meant perusing

  • White Lion
    White Lion 24 days ago

    I have something from Italy one of my uncle's found while walking by his home town in southern italy, possibly from 7th century AD a partial face (90%] , looks to be Etruscan or Greek , carved in either stone or clay, and 2 weights that were discovered with it, also my other uncle has 2 other larger weights, so far I havent been able to find anyone who is interested

  • Dale Hammond
    Dale Hammond 25 days ago

    The Pollock long ago was declared FAKE by some of the top experts. I'm an artist dating back to Pollock's time and I've also done Pollock type paintings. The good news is, I destroyed the ones I did. Lots of other painters obviously didn't destroy their experiments. Some may even have had illegal intentions. I think the thrift shop lady would be very wise to take the top offer and run!

  • IamPreTjenE
    IamPreTjenE 25 days ago

    Complete BULLSHIT! A man is broke and pays 14K for an Faberge egg??? Although some things have been found this way people aren’t this dumb! When someone thinks they have something valuable they consult others to find out the truth.

  • Michelle MonDragon
    Michelle MonDragon 25 days ago

    Ok why would you pay $14K for a gold egg you were going to melt down to make $500 dollars from? I feel like either this mans story is bogus or they just don’t have the facts straight! Either way it doesn’t make sense!

  • missbusanbeth
    missbusanbeth 25 days ago

    Perusing, not pursuing! Grrr

  • Neil Mcintosh
    Neil Mcintosh 25 days ago

    Many years ago I found a very rare Caravaggio painting at my local thrift store, I only paid £15 for it. When I got it valued back in 1998 it was estimated to be worth at least £12 Million pounds. Of course it goes without saying that the painting irrevocably changed my life forever.

  • Jp Crowell
    Jp Crowell 29 days ago

    Garage SALE, not sell.

  • Shannon Ogle
    Shannon Ogle Month ago

    Knoxville is in Tennessee not Texas.

  • Helen Boula
    Helen Boula Month ago

    I have always wanted a Faberge egg it will never happen but maybe in my next lifetime but I've dreamt about it so many times.

  • Bonnie Kuhn
    Bonnie Kuhn Month ago

    Thank you. Fast talk elevated my heart rate. I won't have to exercise today.

  • 4idiotsAndNapoleon
    4idiotsAndNapoleon Month ago

    it's soth-er-by's not south-by's

  • Barbara Dyson
    Barbara Dyson Month ago

    Wouldn't pay 1£ for clays boxing gloves. He was a cheat.

  • USA USA USA #1
    USA USA USA #1 Month ago +1


  • aadamtx
    aadamtx Month ago +1

    The Faberge Egg story is an interesting example of how the tale changes with each retelling. A quick google search of news articles showed the discovery was made variously at a yard sale, an antique fair, a flea market, a jumble sale, a bric-a-brac market, and a junk market. And somehow it's hard to believe that a person would drop $14K at a "garage sale," which is usually (in the US) a jumble of junk the family wants rid of, with items priced appropriately. No one brings $14K to a "garage sale."

  • Nae Childs
    Nae Childs Month ago

    WOW,....300,000,000 IS ON MY PAPERWK. YEAH I'M RICH💪🖒👀.

  • Donald Smith
    Donald Smith Month ago

    That Billy the kid picture was also featured on an episode of pawn stars or that other pawn shop show but yes it's an actuall item for those who know of it's existence.

  • Gina Smith
    Gina Smith Month ago


  • I Brimson
    I Brimson Month ago +1

    Some of these stories sound like BS, "spent $14,000 on a golden egg hoping to sell it for scrap metal for £500"??

  • chris lawrence
    chris lawrence Month ago

    The billy the kid photo turned out to be not him.

  • Starlight Battdome
    Starlight Battdome Month ago +6

    Kissed the mall goodbye, “hello thrift store,”

  • Davidson-Miele, LLC

    The Pollock has been revealed as a forgery numerous times. The canvas is wrong, the paint is wrong, the size is wrong and the alleged fingerprint evidence is wrong. The alleged expert who identified the fingerprint is a very slippery guy who has his own fake Pollock with its own fingerprint evidence. This foolish woman should have taken the money, the painting is now known as a joke.

  • Dejan
    Dejan Month ago

    I had a painting once, painted by some leonardo da vinci or something.. made quick $100 off of a loser who bought it from me.

  • Tim Sheehan
    Tim Sheehan Month ago

    he went to a yard sale and spent 14k....righhhhttttttttt

  • Donny Vu
    Donny Vu Month ago +8

    I brought an old toy at the thrift shop for $5. Look on eBay and they were selling it for $10. Great profit 👍

  • Spooky hearts Gutierrez

    the egg....

  • Spooky hearts Gutierrez

    wow !!!

  • BC1000stars
    BC1000stars Month ago

    Ads? Goodbye video. Next.

  • Sandra Mullen
    Sandra Mullen Month ago

    I would love to find a Fabergé anything xxxxx

  • Kevin The III
    Kevin The III Month ago

    Stupid bitch.

  • Time Machine
    Time Machine Month ago +34

    I found God the richest find ever.

  • valerie whitney
    valerie whitney Month ago +2

    This isn’t much but my sister bought a plate for 2$ in a thrift store and it turned out to be worth 200$

  • Arturo Gasca
    Arturo Gasca Month ago

    That's a cool story bro, but it can also be bullshit. So I'm gonna call my buddy Bryan Williams who is an expert with bullshit stories to check it out.

  • Una Donovan
    Una Donovan Month ago

    That fisherman had obviously read John Steinbeck...

  • docwally1
    docwally1 Month ago

    I paid $20.00 bucks for five casino chips from the 1950's Las Vegas from a coin dealers junk box. Sold them to a casino chip collector for $1800.00. That's it for me, everyone deserves one find.

  • PathisNarrow
    PathisNarrow Month ago

    why are you talking for the guy when he is talking at the same time? just play the original stop making coke vids.

  • PathisNarrow
    PathisNarrow Month ago

    the royal family bought an egg for 33 million. does it get any more pagan/occultic that that?

  • Deborah TruthSeeker

    Most of the really good, and valuable items, end up in trash dumpsters, and then landfills. It is extremely sad that people are so evil, selfish, and greedy that they dump out items that others want, or need. It is downright criminal, as is the fact that the greedy big shots have passed stinking laws, making it illegal to dumpster dive, and go through regular trash barrels. This is one of the many reasons that I cannot stand wealthy people. Their attitudes STINK, and so do "THEY". There will eventually be TOTAL HELL to pay for all these shameful atrocities, not to mention the fact that many murder victims have been found in trash dumpsters BY RECYCLERS!!! Also, murdered animals, and live animal victims too. What a totally sick society the rest of us live in.

  • Carla de Souza
    Carla de Souza Month ago

    Omg i want to find eggs so much......

  • Tim Sizer
    Tim Sizer Month ago

    same video as be amazed channel. they uploaded theirs in may, so I'm guessing you guys copied. be original.

  • sasquatch***1 234
    sasquatch***1 234 Month ago

    No. 2 bullshit. He bought the egg at a yard sale for 14,000 hoping to melt it down to 500!!! Lol dumb shit

  • Howard Chambers
    Howard Chambers Month ago

    Minor niggle... the £ goes at the front of the amount like the $ sign not at the end. Shoddy work.

  • Yeahying The Omega
    Yeahying The Omega Month ago

    Sounds like stolen goods

  • BecMac Family Fun
    BecMac Family Fun Month ago

    LOL why am i even watching this!!!!

  • Sandra Dragan
    Sandra Dragan Month ago

    LOL I work at a goodwill, & those guys could have something of great value & if I see it, I'm buying it! you never know! ^_^

  • Kerisiano Tuaniga
    Kerisiano Tuaniga Month ago +2

    So they offered her 2mil and 9mil when it was sold for 150,000,000 little math problem there low ballers

    • Shane Mitchell
      Shane Mitchell Month ago +1

      Dealer's offered up to 9 million as an investment. The costs of Cleaning, Restoration, Additional Testing & Research needed before the piece is auctionable could easily be 100k.for an unknown Pollack. It was another, related Painting that had garnered 150m. The Provenance (Collection History) of any Artwork work is a HUGE factor in Valuation. This Painting has NO provenance, creating a market risk.
      Look at the case of the recently "discovered" Davinci "Salvator Mundi" After Investment, Reseach, restoration & Marketing it sold to a Saudi Prince for $450m. the highest ever paid for a painting at auction. I was to be loaned to the New Louvre, Abu Daubi, as the centerpiece of it's collection. Exhibition has now been indefinitely delayed & rumors are emerging that it is a fake afterall............Ouch!

  • M567
    M567 Month ago

    Not my luck.

  • danuschild
    danuschild Month ago

    I recently purchased a rather large dish set from a thrift store. Found out each piece is worth money. Dinner plates I saw online went for $45.00 each. Going to try and complete the set. It appears to be in near mint condition.

  • tex everett
    tex everett Month ago

    It's amazing how much money people will part with for anything with a perceived snob value. Best example being the paint splatter work of art.

  • St. Jello
    St. Jello Month ago

    I'm going to thrift store today.

  • Tracey Wright
    Tracey Wright Month ago

    lb not £. lb is the symbol for the weight in pounds, £ is the symbol for british currency.

  • cool lps maker girl

    Did you know that rich means poor and poor means rich

  • GreensOplenty
    GreensOplenty Month ago

    get that pearl outta there before some thugs steal it!
    people steal from museums all the time and they usually steal things only worth a few thousand.

  • Shalacy Manderson
    Shalacy Manderson Month ago +1

    Wow..did this narrator just say Knoxville Texas?? It's knoxville tennessee... And not only that as you were saying Texas you had Tennessee zoomed in on!!! Dumb Much???

  • havingalook2
    havingalook2 Month ago

    Why do you put the £ symbol after the number??? You put the $ in front so why have you placed the £ at the end?

  • B Brassaii
    B Brassaii Month ago

    Fake story's

  • Issai Solis
    Issai Solis Month ago

    When he said Fresno .... and you live super close to Fresno ....

  • Simon Vargas
    Simon Vargas Month ago

    Reagan no edge @ $47,000.00

  • Terrill Smith
    Terrill Smith Month ago

    Why are three USA cruse missals loaded on John Cambell's WIRE. Your youtube has been hacked.

  • Dawna Gamble
    Dawna Gamble Month ago +1

    The man was sooo broke but he flew to London? ??????

  • shaka Mohamed
    shaka Mohamed Month ago

    Most thrift store stories are a cover up for stolen items being legitimized much like modern day illicit monies

  • Visy Visy TV
    Visy Visy TV Month ago

    What a beautiful egg.

  • Del Mac
    Del Mac Month ago +4

    Why do you put the £ sign at the end of the numbers? In GB we, like you in the US, put the currency sign at the start, which I think most countries do.

  • BearorBust
    BearorBust 2 months ago +1

    The £ sign goes in front of prices, it does not go at the end of an amount. Just saying.

  • sadie hudson
    sadie hudson 2 months ago

    U r the most full of shit narrator I've ever heard.all of ur shit has already been debunked.

  • theresa schultz
    theresa schultz 2 months ago

    just sell it already- If it was me- Split the money with my kids- I will spend rest of my life taking care of unwanted babies, fishing and wood work!