I SNUCK INTO YOUTUBE REWIND 2017 (I was invited) | Behind The Scenes | NYC

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • TVclip rewind is an annual large-scale production featuring over 250 of the top TVclip creators! Not sure why they asked me lolololol
    Plz no demonetize this video TVclip lololoololol
    This vlog was filmed in early November, 2017
    Watch TVclip Rewind 2017 here: tvclip.biz/video/FlsCjmMhFmw/video.html
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  • Chloe Elizabeth
    Chloe Elizabeth 10 hours ago

    omg i am watching this and you were filming on november 7 my birthday
    oh and my parents hate you but i do not care anymore

  • Hannah Cross
    Hannah Cross Day ago

    Does anyone know where to get the perfect tea mug?

  • Hannah Cross
    Hannah Cross Day ago

    Cristen, you are the reason I am trying tea for the first time. No srsly, I actually raided the cupboard because my mom used to drink tea... I found lots of peppermint tea.

  • Angela Genel
    Angela Genel 3 days ago

    poor beyn got exposed

  • I swear I’m Not a furry

    I just found some really good tea. And it was the BEst. I would say the name but it’s to good for u

  • Emily Haynes
    Emily Haynes 4 days ago

    I screenshoted that holo banana 🍌

  • Hadiarocks2233 :D
    Hadiarocks2233 :D 7 days ago

    Can u make a black or blue or tie dye crop top hoodie says holo or holo its me I’ll buy it if u make IT!

  • Mari The Artsy Girl
    Mari The Artsy Girl 7 days ago

    Pride flag at 3:41 yasss

  • XxJanxX Gacha
    XxJanxX Gacha 13 days ago

    If i had instagram shes the only one i would follow

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 15 days ago

    9:18 is so cute

  • Bea's Life
    Bea's Life 16 days ago +1

    Is it only me who noticed that the holo polish on the banana peel matches Cristine's nails?😂

  • Felicity ghen teimpo
    Felicity ghen teimpo 17 days ago


  • Felicity ghen teimpo
    Felicity ghen teimpo 17 days ago


  • Jam Fitka
    Jam Fitka 17 days ago +1

    Omg November 7th is my birthday

  • Elīza Meldere
    Elīza Meldere 18 days ago

    Cristine is so cute in this video😊🤗

  • Natasha Lilly
    Natasha Lilly 19 days ago

    While you were in New York did you see a Broadway show

  • Jessie Alvarez
    Jessie Alvarez 19 days ago

    Ben :so your just going to leave this team on the ground
    Cristine :Ben i spiled the tea

  • Catimations :3
    Catimations :3 20 days ago

    I'm supposed to be at school right now

  • Sandy Parsley
    Sandy Parsley 21 day ago

    Come to indana

  • Avery Of Randomness
    Avery Of Randomness 24 days ago

    You should try to make holo sweatpants 🎇I know i know your welcome

  • Lily Sabry
    Lily Sabry 27 days ago

    Hahahahahahaha 2:20 lol

  • Adam Lengyel
    Adam Lengyel 27 days ago

    That was on my birthday 6 November when this was posted last year

  • Andreamorest
    Andreamorest 29 days ago


  • Ruby Phillips
    Ruby Phillips 29 days ago

    Shoot day was my birthday!

  • Emily Welch
    Emily Welch Month ago

    NEW YORK CITY!!!!! There more to New York then New York City why people can’t be able get it through their head

  • Rebecca Is Random
    Rebecca Is Random Month ago

    You would love my gran she has 5 cups of tea a day

  • Arlette Wrold
    Arlette Wrold Month ago

    Omg the squirrel. Soo cute

  • My name is dev. Yeah, I said dev

    Washington Arch! Every year they would have a parade for hindus

  • Tiraffe
    Tiraffe Month ago

    What's on your hand

  • Mirella Arteaga
    Mirella Arteaga Month ago

    Yesterday was my birthday (November 6)

  • Salama Almitawa
    Salama Almitawa Month ago

    I agree holy howel or Howell

  • Ryan Meneo
    Ryan Meneo Month ago

    5:46 amaze like furbies

  • Tumbling 4life
    Tumbling 4life Month ago

    This was 3 days before my birthday!

  • GummyBear Girl
    GummyBear Girl Month ago

    That squirrel is a subscriber

  • Helena Nguyen
    Helena Nguyen Month ago

    I’m a New Yorker so this was amazing

  • Martina Heimo
    Martina Heimo Month ago

    Cristine: I spilled the tea
    Ben: .....f*ck
    Me: DYING😂😂😂😂

  • Aine Cates
    Aine Cates Month ago

    Are you Greg

  • Klara G
    Klara G Month ago

    Ben takes Selfies like a dad

  • Plamena Gospodinova

    you should have swetapants merch collaboration with roots canada :D

  • GG Dutton
    GG Dutton Month ago

    Therapist: Are you gay?
    Me: No.
    Therapist: Are you straight?
    Me: No.
    Therapist: Are you bi?
    Me: No.
    Therapist: Are you pan?
    Me: No!
    Therapist: Well what are you then?
    Me: H💿L💿 Sexuall !!!

  • 3 3 crappy girls
    3 3 crappy girls Month ago

    I don’t know what a Hotel is I only know what a Holotell is #holosexual

  • Shashti Maharaj
    Shashti Maharaj Month ago

    beynnnnns red

  • Ms.Pugs23
    Ms.Pugs23 Month ago

    i live in nyc!

  • Katie's Channel
    Katie's Channel Month ago

    Nov 7th is my birthday lol :)

  • A L I Y A H
    A L I Y A H Month ago

    That van at 6:06 *WaNt SoMe CaNdY?!*

  • Ashlyn Scott
    Ashlyn Scott Month ago

    This was filmed on my birthday November 7th

  • Gabrielle Miller
    Gabrielle Miller Month ago

    I have the same "friendly moose" in my yard lol. Congrats Cristine!

  • Chanelle !
    Chanelle ! Month ago +1

    I love how Ben just does her intro for her 😹💗

  • Jillian Panther
    Jillian Panther Month ago +1

    U should make tea merch

  • Ian JG
    Ian JG 2 months ago

    I live in New York. (30 minutes outside of Manhattan)
    It's weird but fun.
    Edit: 6:12 aaaaahhh the sounds of New York...
    And the accents are not as common as you would think.
    I'm sorry.

  • Brandy Denny
    Brandy Denny 2 months ago

    This was epic as fuck lol holo banana

    GULNASMOSH 2 months ago


  • Elizabeth Boclair
    Elizabeth Boclair 2 months ago +1

    8:46 Alisha Marie vibes

  • Devin Likes Memez
    Devin Likes Memez 2 months ago +1

    holo everyone it's me BEYYYYYN

  • Sarah Spaid
    Sarah Spaid 2 months ago

    November 7 is my birthday

  • Unicorn xD
    Unicorn xD 2 months ago

    my bd is november 7th :3

  • Dawsonomg
    Dawsonomg 2 months ago

    Did... Did cristine just call her vagina a "holo taco" ?

  • xXPastel_RainbowsXx
    xXPastel_RainbowsXx 2 months ago

    When the teacher says 'pick a partner' and you look at your best friend like. 3:04

  • AllyTheCat 14882
    AllyTheCat 14882 2 months ago

    Christine: Ben, I spilled the tea.
    Ben: ...... Pfft.

  • The group of friends
    The group of friends 2 months ago

    You are 3 hours away from the new york border

  • MJ Music.
    MJ Music. 2 months ago

    Christine... you’re left hand dominant, yet you use your right hand to do your nails... I’m confused...

    • AritheAries
      AritheAries Month ago

      I think she meant "bad hand" as in with her nail polish.

  • Jeanneke Kayaert
    Jeanneke Kayaert 2 months ago

    *Dad is taking selfie*

  • Crafty Bubble
    Crafty Bubble 2 months ago

    What hotel were y’all staying at? In the last clip

  • sarai forero
    sarai forero 2 months ago

    I got a holo rainbow shirt

  • J m
    J m 2 months ago

    I have the same Water Bottles

  • Brian Jay
    Brian Jay 2 months ago

    Is there a inside joke with Ben and Bananas?

  • Skittles 37189
    Skittles 37189 2 months ago

    You have 7 days to stop TVclip from demonizing your video

  • Wolfie WolfMC
    Wolfie WolfMC 2 months ago

    Does anyone know the music at the end???

  • Maria Cuellar
    Maria Cuellar 2 months ago

    Simply is actually casey nistat

  • l o l i
    l o l i 2 months ago


  • * WarriorCatsStuff *
    * WarriorCatsStuff * 2 months ago

    “Hi my lovely holosexuals! It’s SimplyVlogs back with another smashing video!”

  • Dr.M Dykes
    Dr.M Dykes 2 months ago

    November 7 is my birthday

  • Why_ Tho123
    Why_ Tho123 2 months ago

    That TVclip rewind was cancer

  • Tihomir Filipcic
    Tihomir Filipcic 2 months ago +1

    the end is like a moovie

  • Lauren Violette
    Lauren Violette 2 months ago

    my birthday was in November 6th!

  • Casey Newton
    Casey Newton 2 months ago

    at 0:02 BEYNNN was carrying all the luggage and Cristine was just smiling XD

  • Nailsworld 101
    Nailsworld 101 2 months ago

    “ Ben I spilled the tea” I actually laughed when I say lol

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima 2 months ago

    I feel sorry for you...

  • Average Person Who used to be a random person.

    Christine: I don’t know what to say...
    BEEEYYYN: Holo everyone it’s me Christine again.
    Christine: ... Holo everyone it’s me Christine again!

  • Tianna Gilbert
    Tianna Gilbert 2 months ago

    True Liza is better then her😂 but you are second cristen (if that is how you spell it) ((I still love you))

  • Bryanyeliz Santos
    Bryanyeliz Santos 3 months ago +1

    Omg u filmed this on my b-day Nov 7

  • Sgt 015266
    Sgt 015266 3 months ago


  • Akira Saito
    Akira Saito 3 months ago

    Why is Cristine surprised about free water? Isn't water free in Canada???

  • Glo B
    Glo B 3 months ago

    9:12 look at all those chickens! 😂

  • The adventures of Barbie Bear and Squirtle

    The animators were the best part of yt rewind 2017 for me

  • M_ Cheez
    M_ Cheez 3 months ago

    Yasss tea!

  • Nicci Zelda
    Nicci Zelda 3 months ago

    Time lapse = Cristine & Beyyn holosexy time ayyyy

  • Juliette Skrzyp
    Juliette Skrzyp 3 months ago


  • MacTheStar
    MacTheStar 3 months ago

    Omg we were in New York at the same time !!

  • Hannah Howard
    Hannah Howard 3 months ago +3

    Where my left hand squad at?!

  • unicorn 1
    unicorn 1 3 months ago


  • Natalie Clark
    Natalie Clark 3 months ago

    Omg I heard you say the date nov 7 and I was like omg that is my birthday I was just happy lol

  • Felicia Brynfors
    Felicia Brynfors 3 months ago

    Fucking sick timelapse

  • Toast.
    Toast. 3 months ago


  • O5 Bakery
    O5 Bakery 3 months ago

    Um.. Im a vlogger I know when the cameras coming towards me it means zooming in😂😂😂😂

  • oOLittlePinkyOo
    oOLittlePinkyOo 3 months ago

    Does anybody know the name of the whistle song at the end ? :O

  • krissu olen
    krissu olen 3 months ago

    You where in youtube rewind but not poods...like why😔😓no offense......

  • My name is dev. Yeah, I said dev


  • Gabby R
    Gabby R 3 months ago

    When I was staying in Manhattan I had to get up for a gymnastics competition at 4 in the morning but people were working on a man hole outside of our hotel at 1 in the morning it sucked

  • cute but with a K
    cute but with a K 3 months ago

    The day after was my birthday!