The 6 Craziest Pens We Could Find

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • In this compilation, we highlight DotsPen, Magnetips, 7-year Pen, Inkless Metal Pen, Feather Pen, and the Polar Pen.
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    Creativity is about exploring what's possible and letting your imagination run wild to create the best possible result. Sometimes that means meticulously coloring in between the lines. Sometimes that just means playing around in your work space until inspiration strikes. Magnetips let you do both at the same time.
    This set of twenty fine-line marking pens includes an array of vibrant colors with water-based ink. But what makes Magnetips truly remarkable are the embedded neodymium magnets in each end of the pens. Coupled with the hexagonal barrel, the pens can be fidgeted with, stacked, folded, reconfigured, and rearranged endlessly to unlock your creativity. Sometimes playtime is all you need to find your creative muse.
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  Month ago +187

    How great are Joey's drawings? We really like his "Dogtor!" #PunCity
    Want even more puns?

  • Bailey Hu
    Bailey Hu 28 minutes ago

    At 6:00 I don't think those are gloves but socks 🤣🤣

  • Cherry the Ccub
    Cherry the Ccub 36 minutes ago

    “Idk why u need to do that but it’s *A W S O M E*

  • Cherry the Ccub
    Cherry the Ccub 37 minutes ago

    I woke up at 2am to watch this

  • Atrayvion productions
    Atrayvion productions 2 hours ago

    0:40 auto tune?

  • Nib-Na5ty
    Nib-Na5ty 8 hours ago

    I love how a video that is just adds has adds on it

  • a completely normal human

    Awesome but who was going to be able to keep track of the pain for 7 years

  • brent tupaz
    brent tupaz 12 hours ago


  • Addi Caldwell
    Addi Caldwell 16 hours ago

    On the second one there was a cross promo!

  • ghost green
    ghost green 16 hours ago

    Vat 19: who knows in seven years you could be using the same pen
    Me : not if I don't loose it the first day

  • Yo I'm Yongmey
    Yo I'm Yongmey 18 hours ago

    2:31 *Child Friendly Content*

  • Zhiphile Torn
    Zhiphile Torn 20 hours ago

    Thank you for thinking of us lefty's.

  • AstroSen
    AstroSen 22 hours ago +1

    *Yuri has entered the chat*

    • AstroSen
      AstroSen 22 hours ago +1

      *totally not a ddlc reference*

  • Aditya Chaudhary
    Aditya Chaudhary Day ago +1

    Today's my birthday 🎂 t

  • LTVplayz YT
    LTVplayz YT Day ago +1

    Puts magnet pen on tv, explodes, uh oh

  • LTVplayz YT
    LTVplayz YT Day ago +1

    Mr beast, last one to have ink wins a second later Chandler fucking runs 20 miles and and has no more ink

  • Sebastian Michaelis

    We all know the pen on the thumbnail isn’t for writing, it’s for self pleasure

  • Lolz Da gamer
    Lolz Da gamer Day ago

    At 4:43 he starts jerking off 🤣

  • Dave'sFunVids
    Dave'sFunVids Day ago

    whos watching this in 2046

  • Dad&Son_Gamers_inc

    Bro in those seven years you’ll lose the pen

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 2 days ago

    L.C. Sloan
    Scientist/Doctor/ A. Hole

  • Jay
    Jay 2 days ago

    You guys are missing the “wax pen”

  • LA Jos
    LA Jos 2 days ago


  • mayver garbin
    mayver garbin 2 days ago

    The alloy pent what is the point of it if you cant erase it

  • Cyborg KiWi
    Cyborg KiWi 2 days ago +1

    Yo that inkless metal pen is actually hella neat

  • Positivity
    Positivity 3 days ago

    May i ask Jamie what happened i saw one old vid them this wat r u good?

  • Bae Rekha
    Bae Rekha 3 days ago

    So cool 😍😍😍

  • Isaiah Sabedra
    Isaiah Sabedra 3 days ago

    Ok how about this pen

    A colored,metal,underwater,double ink,doted electic,magneted,stylus, pen and on the other side is a ink holder with a feather.

    price: too much

    maker: Vat19

    designer: Isaiah Sabedra

    your welcome

  • Bruce Doyle
    Bruce Doyle 3 days ago

    The Dot Pen is like a tattoo Tattoo Machine

  • Jrob memulous
    Jrob memulous 4 days ago +1

    Can u use that pin for other stuff if u know what I mean😶😑😐😮😯😧🤒😡😠🤯

  • Zeyad Affifi
    Zeyad Affifi 4 days ago

    Hey there, can you reply with "Because Children Are Radioactive"

  • Matilda Matilda
    Matilda Matilda 4 days ago


  • Tommy HD
    Tommy HD 4 days ago

    if i don't use my pen i can make it last 15+ years till someone breaks it or something happens to it

  • Alan Nguyen
    Alan Nguyen 4 days ago


  • Gacha Watermelonz
    Gacha Watermelonz 4 days ago

    I’m being honest, I would probably lose the 7 year pet before one year is up 😅

  • Bot_ Haydo
    Bot_ Haydo 4 days ago

    1:27 ITS CARTMAN

  • jasmine Rolleston
    jasmine Rolleston 5 days ago


  • Heartbroken at Nafriendzoned


    Lol Jon🤣 xD

  • Etan Vu
    Etan Vu 5 days ago

    Dude no SWEARING Kids watch these🤬

  • Amara hd
    Amara hd 5 days ago

    Does he know you guys put that lmao🤣😅

  • Jessica Bowden
    Jessica Bowden 5 days ago

    I know this sounds dum but do you have type writers I'm 13 and I like writing my own stories

  • Rattlesnake
    Rattlesnake 5 days ago

    Roll up to school wit a feather pen and be flexin on em

  • TAtuM Is ShElLFiSh
    TAtuM Is ShElLFiSh 6 days ago

    No you can’t

  • S Viozzi
    S Viozzi 6 days ago

    I have a question about the dots pen. How do you turn it off?

  • Ken Bianes
    Ken Bianes 6 days ago

    Bat does it have a bottle opener
    - vat19

  • Scored Unicorn
    Scored Unicorn 7 days ago

    Just 2:28

  • TheNinjaDuck1033 Offical

    Funny how they drew Kyle from Southpark

  • Abigail Oleary
    Abigail Oleary 8 days ago

    2:14 AWWWWW

  • Unicornies Fam
    Unicornies Fam 8 days ago

    IM A KID 😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • It’s ya Guuurl Wolfy Ash

    Omg Scrooge Mcduck ducktales

  • Seth Dj8
    Seth Dj8 9 days ago

    You guys should make a pan with a flavour to it because some people chew on their pens

  • Dariyan Kellogg
    Dariyan Kellogg 9 days ago

    "Won't damage"?

  • EpicTurtle Life
    EpicTurtle Life 9 days ago

    Umm you say that the metal pen doesn’t erase like that’s a good thing...

  • Dragon Angel74
    Dragon Angel74 9 days ago

    Thx for my polar pen! I. Love. It

  • DaBoiDatVlogs
    DaBoiDatVlogs 9 days ago +1

    If I throw the 7 year pen into the ocean will it only take 7 years to decompose?

  • James Garcia
    James Garcia 10 days ago

    I’m thinking of other pen that will Mess u up 💀

  • Moon Shade
    Moon Shade 10 days ago

    In the inkless metal pen I noticed they drew Kartmen from South Park.

  • The Grizzlers
    The Grizzlers 10 days ago

    Real doctor...hmmmmmmm

  • Ernie Gaming
    Ernie Gaming 10 days ago

    U guys rlly like magnets

  • Unkxwn_trx
    Unkxwn_trx 10 days ago

    7 years ago: buys a pen that lasts 7 years. Thinks about what vat19 said about 7 years later
    Me: yeah maybe we would have that
    Apple:nah nah nah we will make something better
    7 years later: ladies and gentlemen we got em WIRELESS EARBUDS SO WE MAKE MORE MONEY!!! (And also removal of headphone jack)

    Sorry for how long this was

  • not gab
    not gab 10 days ago

    I have a better pen it lasts forever as long as you dont use it

  • Akmalludin 151
    Akmalludin 151 10 days ago

    Hey can i have a dare if yes i dare you to gathered all the pen you made

  • Rqnggc
    Rqnggc 10 days ago

    Which animal that can save people in health?

  • Caxxtz z
    Caxxtz z 11 days ago

    I bought the unicorn light up plush, it was great for my school pajama party! :D

  • Kanna Kamui
    Kanna Kamui 11 days ago +1

    Do you know what this is 1:28 if you like this comment

  • Alemrac
    Alemrac 11 days ago

    🙁 the new version is super easy for a little girl who doesn't have a ton of fun time

  • Midknight
    Midknight 11 days ago

    3:26 *Save the trees man! Trees have souls! Unlike you you corporate pig!*

  • BSR_Ryanaitor
    BSR_Ryanaitor 11 days ago

    I read the title wrong.

  • michaeljordan23491
    michaeljordan23491 12 days ago

    Doesn't make it Rusty on the metal pen

  • Blood Killers09
    Blood Killers09 12 days ago

    ZumjijIiThe.,JJ?M. ! K mn'. Mg fifth hbv

  • Jade Adams
    Jade Adams 13 days ago

    No you cannot Say f####!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😡😡😡😡

  • Amy the neko Chan
    Amy the neko Chan 13 days ago

    I wanna have all of these!

  • kailagaming 1003
    kailagaming 1003 13 days ago +1

    7 years pen? I will lose that pen in 3 days

  • Lilly Dovan
    Lilly Dovan 13 days ago

    Hay joy do you have a girlfriend and if you don't come with me I am 20 how old are you?

  • Abraham Okomanyi
    Abraham Okomanyi 14 days ago

    5:15 I mean.

  • Abraham Okomanyi
    Abraham Okomanyi 14 days ago +1

    4:34 awesome on the batman!!!!!!!!

  • TechInvestGuy 139
    TechInvestGuy 139 14 days ago

    i love these videos and products, but i think there just making these complation videos just to milk in more ad revenue

  • some hole - deaf
    some hole - deaf 14 days ago

    Hmm, still doesn't have a bottle opener.

  • louie lee
    louie lee 15 days ago

    Im not Einstein but dont magnets destroy electronics?

  • Izabella Odom
    Izabella Odom 15 days ago

    Those gradients fill me with indescribable peace

  • butta boi
    butta boi 15 days ago


  • Jac Howl
    Jac Howl 15 days ago

    I enjoy vat19 videos but the intro really was a put off.

  • Sandra Luna
    Sandra Luna 15 days ago


  • J•Erik
    J•Erik 15 days ago +1

    Fat 19

  • Candy Companions91
    Candy Companions91 16 days ago

    I acutely just made a jollyrancher pen today. It's awesome.

  • Jaisungaming25036 Idk you

    Why 40 dollars just for a polar pen

  • Mr wiz Word
    Mr wiz Word 16 days ago

    Dose he have a relationship with the pen iris he just weird1:43

  • MaiCha MH
    MaiCha MH 16 days ago

    Who is farting and suddenly fart man came out?😂

  • Puppylover Barajas
    Puppylover Barajas 17 days ago

    2:30 hahhahaha

  • gamer jayden avenger fan

    Yup man,😂 😂

  • Russell Robes
    Russell Robes 17 days ago

    Why do they have to be so expensive 😩

  • Lilyona Wilson
    Lilyona Wilson 17 days ago


  • Mint Sugar
    Mint Sugar 18 days ago

    That freakin 7 year pen wont last 7 years my new brought pen just stolen by my classmate

    EVERYTHING KPOP AND GACHA 18 days ago +28

    1999: 29 years from now there will be flying cars

    20 years later

    Vat19: Hmmm

  • TindieNK
    TindieNK 18 days ago +1

    I’m a pen collector like seriously i collect pens!

  • Yemane Tesfaye
    Yemane Tesfaye 18 days ago

    How would it write under water if the paper would get to wet and tear apart

  • kinjal savani
    kinjal savani 18 days ago

    I’m Indian kid

  • Leonardo Bertoni
    Leonardo Bertoni 18 days ago

    What if we combine into 1 epic pen?

  • Sima Cat
    Sima Cat 19 days ago +1

    Someone stole my seven year pen two years ago and im still salty so I skipped that video 😤😤

  • Aman Abdul
    Aman Abdul 19 days ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😘i 💜 you vat 19