• Published on Sep 2, 2018
  • Here is a huge set of most popular riddles of summer 2018! If you missed some of my videos it's a good chance to try out the trickiest riddles of this summer in case you didn't see them. If you struggle with most of these riddles, you should try to add more brain exercises (like reading or solving riddles) into your daily life. These tricky puzzles and brain games are perfect for improving your logical skills and ability to do tasks faster. So if you are ready, push the 'Play' button!
    00:14 - A hard riddle to test how fast your brain works! There are 5 levels of difficulty, if you pass all of them, I'll worship you the rest of my life!!! It's almost impossible to pass this hard riddle, let me know if you did!
    01:30 - A tricky visual puzzle to challenge your brain and make you sweat! You have to turn on your mind power and do your best to concentrate on the pictures, then you will have a chance to keep up with it. I must say I failed every single one as I'm not careful enough for such puzzles, but I believe you'll crack them all!
    04:25 - This crime riddle is extremely difficult because the criminal scheme was being elaborated carefully for a long time. It's almost impossible to reveal the way the killer managed to get rid of one of the brothers without doing any harm to the other one, but there is nothing impossible for a brilliant Detective! Maybe one of the brothers is poison-resistant? Or he just pretended to drink? Who knows... You're the only one to solve this case and make the killer suffer the consequences!
    05:58 - A mind-blowing emoji puzzle to test your eyesight and attentiveness. Only 10% of people can cope with all the tasks of this set of puzzles and if you are among them, you can call yourself a genius! You will have to concentrate and focus all your brain power on the tasks, then and only then you have a chance to get them right. Let me know how many of them you solved! Fun puzzles with answers to cheer you up during the day!
    08:38 - A blood-freezing riddle that hardly made me feel disappointed in mankind๐Ÿ˜ฑ It will turn your mind upside down! The criminal's alibi seems perfect and every precaution was taken beforehand, so how could they reveal the malicious husband if he had covered up the crime? It's a hard riddle with an answer that will tease your brain and make your mind as sharp as a blade. If you can cope with it without any additional hints, you must be a logical genius!
    10:03 - This super useful trivia quiz will show if you're attentive to the ordinary things you use every day. We pay with our credit card here and there without even thinking about how safe it is. Would you be able to figure out if it's a real skimmer in front of you or a fake one which will steal your money? If you have any doubts, this quiz is meant for you!
    11:34 - A tricky survival riddle where you have only one chance to get away alive! Do save your life, you will have to rack your brain hard and come up with a really ingenious solution as the guards will show no pity at all. Take your time and think well, you can even pause the video to think a little bit more and don't let them confuse you!
    12:54 - Spot the man before he shoots! Boost your attentiveness and try to find where he hides before the time is up!
    15:00 - A set of essential self-defense tips that will help you protect yourself even from a person who is much stronger than you! Just practice the tricks you've learned from this trivia quiz and remember where the sensible parts of the body are. And take care of yourself, don't walk alone at night!
    17:04 - A creepy and mysterious riddle that will make your blood freeze in your veins! It's a challenge that will show if you survive this little adventure or stay there forever as a new ghost. You will have to think REALLY QUICKLY and use your perfect logic to decide which door you should enter. There is only one right answer! Well, good luck, my friend, may the force be with you๐Ÿ˜ˆ
    18:39 - An intriguing visual puzzle for the smartest solvers! You have to think outside the box to figure out who's really about to escape from there. A hint: watch carefully and pay attention to EVERY small detail๐Ÿ•ต
    19:33 - A fun trivia quiz that will prove our life is an incredible game we shouldn't treat too serious! This trivia will amuse you and chill your brain after a long working day. Do you enjoy playing this game?
    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the easiest for you!
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  • 7-Second Riddles
    7-Second Riddles  10 months ago +505

    Did you find these hard? Tell me what kind of riddles do you prefer? Crime riddles, Picture puzzles(what's wrong here), tricky questions or.... what? I'd love to hear your feedback :)

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    • Becky Martinez
      Becky Martinez 3 months ago

      7-Second Riddles tricky riddles are the best

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      Noe Marquina 3 months ago

      i hate your question

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      Soldier Studio 3 months ago


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    • Thahira dubsmash Channel
      Thahira dubsmash Channel 3 months ago

      I hate this channel not proper

  • Danny Luo
    Danny Luo 4 days ago

    11:34 Alternative solution: Ask either guard "Is the truthful guard standing in front of the door that leads to freedom?". If the guard answers yes, go through that door. If the guard answers no, go through the opposite door.

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    Hey everyone! Youโ€™re not the only person who hates it when it says comments, because I hate it as well! Please like

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    No_More_ Banana_Sheep 15 days ago

    That 700/wpm was so easy to read, I can read even faster than that, not bragging but I guess I have a skill for that

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  • cringley is the best 126000

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    TheSixteen60 Month ago

    18:39 i thought that the answer was B because there was a window so the woman on the right could simply climb all the way down

  • Cel Ecoy
    Cel Ecoy Month ago +1

    i got the 600 words/min, im being honest :/

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    Emma Henken Month ago

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    Wrist Watch 2 months ago

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    Pretty Girl Taiii 2 months ago

    11:40 you could also ask โ€œWhat time is it?โ€

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    Simone Grollimund 2 months ago

    I got it until 700 words a min

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    Oro Mendez 2 months ago

    4:05 you guys didnโ€™t point out that when you say the answers you guys didnโ€™t point out that the green poster says football and the boy is playing soccer โšฝ๏ธ

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    ROAD BLOCK 3 months ago

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    Lizzy McCarty 3 months ago +1

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    And no, I didn't change the speed of the video.

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    Kaled Foster 3 months ago +3

    I donโ€™t like how we have to answer in the comments.
    I would rather have answer
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  • Rosseanne Lisa
    Rosseanne Lisa 3 months ago

    Can you find two same emojis
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    Coment if you did it

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    Kyra Bald 3 months ago

    did anyone else realise that at 4:21 they had 32th instead of 32nd

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    Dhruv Dornal 3 months ago

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    02:13 and mirrors reflect things backwords

  • Lizzy McCarty
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    I'm a book worm!

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    I ain't no fuckin' bookworm
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    Very easy.

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