RISE - Opening Ceremony Presented by Mastercard | Finals | 2018 World Championship

  • Published on Nov 3, 2018
  • The Opening Ceremony performance of RISE at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship in Incheon, South Korea, presented by Mastercard. #Worlds2018
    Featuring The Glitch Mob, Mako, The Word Alive, and Bobby of iKON.
    For all things Worlds, visit www.lolesports.com.
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  • OwnedByZed
    OwnedByZed 3 hours ago

    Oh I will certainly remember this one 😂👍

  • recall8780
    recall8780 2 days ago

    0:51 The blonde guy

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 2 days ago

    Although I've never played LoL i still think the 2017 opening ceremony was better...

  • Beta Wolf
    Beta Wolf 2 days ago

    At first I thought this was a joke

  • It’s Nana
    It’s Nana 2 days ago

    Everyone talking about the show and I’m looking at the lyrics like......,

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola 2 days ago +2

    blonde guy sacrificing his voice to save the show

  • Hanif Anida
    Hanif Anida 3 days ago +2

    My baby boy jiwonieeeee right there😘

  • Connie Pak
    Connie Pak 3 days ago

    Turn on your captions haha.

  • NwMo
    NwMo 3 days ago

    mako sounds fine to me...maybe a little different from the studio version but this is still epic nonetheless...

  • Коля Изотов


  • dr. watson
    dr. watson 3 days ago

    the guy with the green guitar is having the best time of his life

  • Александер Александр

    This korean boy finally ruined this performance... my ears(

  • Pablo Quiape
    Pablo Quiape 4 days ago

    Autotune? :v

  • Mrowiec
    Mrowiec 4 days ago


  • Mal Othman
    Mal Othman 5 days ago

    2017 opening is better

  • 윾짱최고다
    윾짱최고다 5 days ago

    고딩들 예술제임?

  • mobile ba
    mobile ba 5 days ago

    Hay vl

  • Rizqi Alfaruq
    Rizqi Alfaruq 6 days ago +1

    Is not rise,but is rice

  • Benja torres
    Benja torres 6 days ago


  • Matcha Oreo Chocoball
    Matcha Oreo Chocoball 6 days ago +2

    1:47 Bobby performance

  • Justinas
    Justinas 7 days ago

    At the 0:10 I've got Ears cancer.

  • Kaijing Lim
    Kaijing Lim 7 days ago

    That guitar fake

  • T0ri
    T0ri 8 days ago +2

    Bobby and the blonde guy save the show

  • Brixx Music
    Brixx Music 8 days ago

    Tenía que llegar el chino a cagarla >:v

  • judgement131313
    judgement131313 9 days ago


  • Erick Michelena
    Erick Michelena 9 days ago

    si me gusto :D pense que ra peor. y de verdad no creo que sea tan facil cantar esa cancion y con esa energia menos :D
    muy bueno.

  • VICKY #
    VICKY # 13 days ago

    Well who's Bobby.?🤔

  • Auggus
    Auggus 15 days ago +2

    I hate league and don't play it but this kind of show is cool gota admit it

  • piero alexander yepez franco

    tje music rise amiuzing

  • Brandon Quan
    Brandon Quan 16 days ago

    Holy Moly that is TOO MANY PEOPLE!!!

  • 7 SINZ
    7 SINZ 16 days ago

    Take to the skIIEs

  • Eliza Navez
    Eliza Navez 17 days ago

    Como cuando el adc la caga y el support tiene que armarse AP para salvar la partida.

  • Remakee Pro
    Remakee Pro 17 days ago

    se la meto a rekkles

  • Srk Kaito
    Srk Kaito 18 days ago

    it's bad

  • 비치나는솔로
    비치나는솔로 18 days ago

    원래 이분이 부르신건가요

  • 김미래
    김미래 18 days ago +4


  • 김미래
    김미래 18 days ago +5

    I actually cry when i listen to this song ㅠㅠ its so good!! Bobby such a representative of Koreans!

  • devignator killer
    devignator killer 19 days ago

    Why is the musiv is more good in 1.5 and1.25

  • L Mthi
    L Mthi 19 days ago +5

    Itnro 🤢🤢
    Blone guy and Asain guy 😱👌

  • Josefa C.
    Josefa C. 20 days ago

    I think the rap ruins the song... they should have not added it

  • gusti rizal
    gusti rizal 20 days ago +1

    The word alive hit hard this stage

    PJSA XXVII 21 day ago

    0:10 v: :c

  • SH• Ghost
    SH• Ghost 21 day ago

    Bad song

  • matheuspxg da
    matheuspxg da 21 day ago

    o japa tava empolgadao mesmo hein

  • Kiều Kiều
    Kiều Kiều 23 days ago


  • Heisel Espejo
    Heisel Espejo 23 days ago

    Me encanta

  • Lưu Hữu Được
    Lưu Hữu Được 23 days ago

    Please version dance

  • Szszoda
    Szszoda 24 days ago +1

    i didn't like this song until I heard this live version :p they are so good especially at the end

  • Kami Easton
    Kami Easton 24 days ago +3

    They sucked so bad live they had to bring a Korean rapper on stage halfway through the song lol.

  • Frosted Flakes
    Frosted Flakes 25 days ago +1

    Ty mastercard

  • Vikingg
    Vikingg 25 days ago

    kkkkk que bosta

  • Andrey Silva
    Andrey Silva 25 days ago

    É só eu que assisto esse vídeo toda hora?

  • dia !
    dia ! 25 days ago +4

    wahhh im still speechless, so much love for bobby

  • Alexander Yarov
    Alexander Yarov 26 days ago +1

    азиат и блондин норм, а тот толстый это ппц ватник

  • mikko lehtinen
    mikko lehtinen 26 days ago +1

    Most fastest worlds ever. History made by fnatic 🤣🤣

  • XxChilerOutXx
    XxChilerOutXx 26 days ago +6

    Wielcom to te wiorld with nio heroes an villians, wielcome the the war
    weve only begun, pick up your weapon and fiace it, theres blood on the
    griound go and take iit, youve got onliy one shiot to make it out
    aliaive. no for real he sings like he has a really bad accent and a girl
    voice. :D

  • Shh Wds
    Shh Wds 27 days ago +2

    does anyone know about the background dancers?

  • sha
    sha 27 days ago +8

    Bobby is crazy sick haha . What a performer

  • MST CH
    MST CH 27 days ago +1

    Auto tune/real

  • D HandOfNoxus
    D HandOfNoxus 27 days ago +2

    Estaba viendo este vídeo porque un amigo me dijo de reaccionarlo y me he quedado to loco al ver que Bobby está en el vídeo!!
    He saltado de golpe a enseñarle "Killing Me" y "Love Scenario"♥♥

  • D HandOfNoxus
    D HandOfNoxus 27 days ago +2


  • 손원반
    손원반 28 days ago +1


  • Sebas Guzman
    Sebas Guzman 28 days ago

    Yo no se pero tuvieron los wevos para subir el en vivo

  • Kevin mai
    Kevin mai 28 days ago

    auto tune is a drug

  • Super 17 The Random Gamer

    *Closes my ear*

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 29 days ago +1

    This sounds so much worse than the actual song, I am very disappointed

  • moolaboola1
    moolaboola1 Month ago +1

    What are those weird instruments those three guys are playing?

  • AnIdiotsLantern
    AnIdiotsLantern Month ago +2

    Moral of the story is Glitch Mob and Mako should perform live way more often

  • epMeroy
    epMeroy Month ago


  • aseame la casa :v
    aseame la casa :v Month ago +1

    Alguien que spanish? :v

  • Hanna
    Hanna Month ago +3

    omg thanks bobby

  • huishi
    huishi Month ago

    spongebob singer

  • Anak Bawan&
    Anak Bawan& Month ago +4

    I got here because of *Bobby* ❤

  • Luki
    Luki Month ago +2

    Turn caption on hHahhah, meatballs we take

  • Amily TV
    Amily TV Month ago

    So bad

  • Nani Biased
    Nani Biased Month ago +5


  • James Gordon
    James Gordon Month ago +4

    why does the main singer seem like he's gonna cry maybe even sassy high school girl? tell me :D

  • Helmi Fatmasari
    Helmi Fatmasari Month ago +2

    Im here cause bobby ikon 😍😍😍😍😍 awesome

  • Noot
    Noot Month ago +1

    I wish they would upload what the choreo was *u*

  • Daniel Chambi
    Daniel Chambi Month ago

    No lo c rick parce falso 😆😆😆

  • ꧁ꓖꝊ༒ꓲꓠꓧꓮ ꓖⲐⱰ꧂

    Hey man this music is strange

  • cj shadow
    cj shadow Month ago

    Where is yoosung ?._. 🤣🤣 LOL

  • Mocap HD
    Mocap HD Month ago

    1:00 turn your captions and you'll see *cockpit*

  • best gamer
    best gamer Month ago +1

    the games dead

  • Giwrgos Meletiadis
    Giwrgos Meletiadis Month ago

    Bobby has autism😂 HATERS, GATHER UP

  • Bru Martins
    Bru Martins Month ago

    O cara do cabelo preto parece eu falando inglês

  • Joubert Paula
    Joubert Paula Month ago


  • J Ch
    J Ch Month ago

    0:10 That autotuning man ._.

  • SoundSpark
    SoundSpark Month ago +1

    Still better then the Imagine Dragons song.

  • Agent Veemo
    Agent Veemo Month ago

    Whoa they r really bad

  • arijana ruzic
    arijana ruzic Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who wants BTS at ceremony 2019...Cuz they would kill it...

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago +1

    Wtf is this?

  • Shujon Khan
    Shujon Khan Month ago +1

    Nice song

  • qwerty hai yi
    qwerty hai yi Month ago +6


  • 1Gamer Original
    1Gamer Original Month ago

    I like the first guy sing :) lol...

  • nighttareYT lives
    nighttareYT lives Month ago


  • Asian Iq
    Asian Iq Month ago +2

    The first time I listened to the song I was like this guys voice is amazing but then I listened to it a million times I was like is this guy drunk

  • Asian Iq
    Asian Iq Month ago +2

    "Pick up your weapon and fece" Wadu heck

  • Fiki Maulina
    Fiki Maulina Month ago +2

    Bobby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • lazycat 00
    lazycat 00 Month ago

    Gotta order one more extra Rice! Rice! Rice!