Interviewed Before and After Our First Date - Tajah & Dustin | Glamour

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Tajah and Dustin are about to go on a first date. We interviewed them beforehand and afterward, separately, and had them rate their date. Were they initially attracted to each other? What did they talk about? Would they go on another date?

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    Interviewed Before and After Our First Date - Tajah & Dustin | Glamour
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  • Kiarra Adelia
    Kiarra Adelia 3 hours ago

    Mann they could’ve been great😂😩😍

  • Kimberly Hernandez
    Kimberly Hernandez 7 hours ago

    he got money to have fogo de chao as an optionnn

  • Dammie Mustapha
    Dammie Mustapha 7 hours ago

    OMG they had so much potential. I sense an ego thing

  • Danica Rakić
    Danica Rakić 8 hours ago

    lmao what a plot twist

  • Nesrin Yilmaz
    Nesrin Yilmaz 16 hours ago


  • Marie Jackson
    Marie Jackson 16 hours ago

    Wait, Liberia? Yasssssssss

  • TheBlack SnowBunnii

    African American= Dustin’s pendant
    I like it

  • Makayla Flores
    Makayla Flores Day ago

    Finally the video loaded

  • CeddieCed
    CeddieCed Day ago

    She know she saw dude text, but refuse to answer, that’s a quick way to lose interest... Those dates you suppose to be on standby for those texts if you’re really feeling that person.. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Valerie Martinez

    Wow unexpected ending 💔

  • Francess Sowa
    Francess Sowa Day ago

    I peep the L.I.B chain 🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • laurence apitz
    laurence apitz Day ago

    Dustin you gotta get out of your momma's house, or girls are gonna keep doing this.

  • Kimberlee Benton
    Kimberlee Benton 2 days ago

    Wow... he doesn't drink. It is SO hard to find people who don't drink like me.

  • iamsandyocean
    iamsandyocean 2 days ago

    Nah, no such thing as a ‘bad texter.’ If you’re feeling someone, you will make time for them. point blank period.
    Otherwise you’re just putting people on the back burner, and that sucks.

  • Chheangheng Seng
    Chheangheng Seng 2 days ago

    Why these people hate Android that much... Jezzz.

  • Jatyra Coleman
    Jatyra Coleman 2 days ago

    After a month I can finally click on the video

  • Kiki Cal
    Kiki Cal 2 days ago

    Her voice 😍

  • hope
    hope 2 days ago

    Tajah is so pretty omg 🤩

  • peterpan3ful
    peterpan3ful 2 days ago +1

    Nah, he said “females” way too much. She’s too smart for him

  • yasmine persley
    yasmine persley 3 days ago

    Let me get this clear ain’t nothing wrong with an android

  • Dee Bibi
    Dee Bibi 3 days ago

    Text him backkk 😂 he is a bit corny so you might feel he is full of himself but he is actually not ...

  • Emma
    Emma 3 days ago

    go on dustin stand up for yourself

  • Abigail Skittles
    Abigail Skittles 3 days ago

    My exes would say I’m nice, funny, and very down to earth 🙄

  • BeautyBren28
    BeautyBren28 3 days ago

    Hmm I thought Tajah would be the reason they didn't go out again.

  • kenzie kae
    kenzie kae 3 days ago

    I had high hopes for them dude! During their first interviews I knew they’d be compatible. Shooooo theyd be so cute togetherrrr.

  • peacheay
    peacheay 4 days ago

    Dustin was cute and adorable ☺️☺️ but i can see that he’s short , im pretty sure that and the living with his mom turn her off

  • Marie Antholee
    Marie Antholee 4 days ago

    I think their chemistry is great but not for a relationship.. great friendship tho

  • Oretha Nensah
    Oretha Nensah 4 days ago

    Is Dustin Liberian? 😍 aye L.I.B all day 🇱🇷

  • BallerzLife Channel
    BallerzLife Channel 4 days ago +2

    Her: we both had chicken
    Him: boya lanachacho
    Me: 🤣

  • Kelly Anderson
    Kelly Anderson 4 days ago

    She is definitely going to be looking for him in her 30’s. Trust me girl he was a keeper

    APRYL A 4 days ago

    He really likes her, but when he got a glimpse of some of her responses, I think that he started to doubt himself a bit. I think they should get past it and go on another date though, they definitely have chemistry! I get Dustin's pov though, he did put in the effort and maybe wasn't seeing it reciprocated. And the end is literally SENDING me lmaoooo, our generation man

  • ladybug12627
    ladybug12627 4 days ago +9

    Texting someone days later is rude and show that you’re uninterested in them

  • LC Mason
    LC Mason 4 days ago

    Sooooo, they both acted like assholes in the end then. Smh

  • Tayzjuh
    Tayzjuh 5 days ago

    My name is Taizia and it’s pronounced the same way as her name. It was so funny hearing my name in this video tho😭

  • Jessica Wood
    Jessica Wood 5 days ago

    Is there gonna be a follow up?!? I need to know if they went on a second date!!! 😭❤️

  • DAV1DD
    DAV1DD 5 days ago +7

    I cringed so hard when she said go Lebron🤦‍♂️

  • Ashley Paez
    Ashley Paez 5 days ago

    I so wanna try this! Glamour bring me on the series haha 🔥😂

  • veronica chasie
    veronica chasie 5 days ago

    Meanwhile watching using Android.

  • Que Te Importa
    Que Te Importa 6 days ago

    What does ghosted means?

  • Kiwikick238
    Kiwikick238 6 days ago

    Her band for the Apple Watch in the second interview was mad cute I didn’t know ones like that could be made

  • Kiwikick238
    Kiwikick238 6 days ago +3

    Idk if I just saw a picture he’d be cute but something about the way he talks bugs me

  • Breanna Michelle
    Breanna Michelle 6 days ago

    Lol so now that i know this name exists I’m going to go back to high school and tell my algebra teacher that Tajah is a name. My name is Tyjah though 😂😂😂🤗

  • Lifeless Love
    Lifeless Love 6 days ago

    Gabrielle union Though?? NEGATIVE!

  • 13DIAMINDZ13
    13DIAMINDZ13 6 days ago

    She messed this up

  • Miss Kabamba
    Miss Kabamba 7 days ago

    If Tajah doesn’t want him I’ll have him

  • マシュー ॐ
    マシュー ॐ 7 days ago

    I clicked off the video after she said I Love TaLl MEn

  • Ebony Williams
    Ebony Williams 7 days ago

    Well, that was entertaining 🍿

  • Jairi Lopez
    Jairi Lopez 7 days ago +1

    “my awkwardness is cute” can’t relate😔

  • Elsie Omondi
    Elsie Omondi 7 days ago +1

    I’m telling you , this guy is smooth 🤣 “ she has five tattoos there closer to her heart... that’s where I’m tryina be” “next text is coming in 3-5 business days”🤣

  • chalce powell
    chalce powell 7 days ago

    Awww this was cute. Sign me up !! Tell Dustin I’m single ready to mingle lol

  • Annelle N
    Annelle N 7 days ago +1

    they both being petty at the end. you can tell with the "ahahahhahahha" that she mad. homebody just gotta pick a new day/ they have matching energy it can't be ovaaaa lmao.

  • Itsxtajah
    Itsxtajah 7 days ago

    My name is Tajah that’s the only reason why i’m watching this 😂 and it’s weird bc we are just alike lmao

  • zo ho
    zo ho 7 days ago +4

    dustin coming on strong in the interview after just exudes such sagittarius energy.

  • nyatrendyme
    nyatrendyme 8 days ago

    They had so much potential

  • Haya
    Haya 8 days ago

    UGH it’s so frustrating that they’re not putting the time to tryyyyyy THEY HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL

  • Haja Mabinti
    Haja Mabinti 8 days ago

    They should have know they chose the wrong one once he said he was a Sagittarius smh...

  • Madeline Eade
    Madeline Eade 8 days ago +1

    He’s not even funny he is kinda crazy low key
    Like that texting joke thing wasn’t even funny

  • Roxy Rose
    Roxy Rose 8 days ago

    Aww that sucks he should have picked up the phone and called her. People are busy but if u wanted a second date just call and say are u free this date? arrange something tf. Not everyone is a texter

  • Winter Sa
    Winter Sa 8 days ago +2

    She reminds me of a real life Maggie Pierce 😭

  • Rasheeda Sutton
    Rasheeda Sutton 9 days ago

    “Dajah...... ouuu😂😭”