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  • Annika Joe Jimenez
    Annika Joe Jimenez 9 hours ago

    Jen is strong!!!

  • Lily Morris
    Lily Morris 18 hours ago +1

    And that vacuum is from Luigi’s mansion

  • Nicole Schafer
    Nicole Schafer 2 days ago +1


  • Nicole Schafer
    Nicole Schafer 2 days ago +1


  • Nicole Schafer
    Nicole Schafer 2 days ago +1

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  • Nicole Schafer
    Nicole Schafer 2 days ago +1


  • Lava Boy666
    Lava Boy666 3 days ago +1

    Play pokemon quite

  • Ethan the Pikachu/ETP

    3:44 pika pikachu pika pika

  • epicArr nostalgia
    epicArr nostalgia 7 days ago

    That's the poltergust from Luigis haunted manshion

  • Mira-Lee West
    Mira-Lee West 7 days ago

    he lied

  • brenda frey
    brenda frey 8 days ago

    I’m not s

  • Rajni Perez
    Rajni Perez 10 days ago

    It's luige's manision like luige is Saving Mario and gost

  • Ethan Hill
    Ethan Hill 10 days ago

    It's the vacuum from a morio game

  • Ellie cool kitten
    Ellie cool kitten 11 days ago

    i need to tell you that cloud is so cute

    RAINBOW STORM 11 days ago +1

    It's the vacuum from Luigi's mansion

  • johnrei mendoza
    johnrei mendoza 11 days ago

    pat and jen how to find lucky block online

  • Michiko Culgue
    Michiko Culgue 11 days ago

    for some reason i thought both of you is child so thats why you guys are so weird

  • Brycen Owens
    Brycen Owens 11 days ago

    Jen is the killer

  • Melissa Flynn
    Melissa Flynn 11 days ago


  • Melissa Flynn
    Melissa Flynn 11 days ago

    This makes me wanna get a loot box

  • David Thomassie
    David Thomassie 11 days ago

    Lol its a Mario product (the box)

  • Juan Jose Tamay
    Juan Jose Tamay 12 days ago

    PAT play the battle cats

  • User User
    User User 12 days ago

    Popularmmos is good for me and my life

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller 12 days ago

    It's Luigi's vacuum from Luigi's Mansion

  • Lily Navarro
    Lily Navarro 12 days ago

    The pin is from Another Mario game

  • Anthony Castro
    Anthony Castro 12 days ago

    Luigi's Mansion

  • Sharon Murphy
    Sharon Murphy 12 days ago

    Mario is my fauverit game

  • Nathan Dye
    Nathan Dye 12 days ago

    207: collecters cion

  • vishanju
    vishanju 13 days ago

    You are awesome

  • Israel Ali Anguiano
    Israel Ali Anguiano 13 days ago

    You guys make everything fun for me I will give you 1000 dollars for my gratitude

  • Nathanael Tampos
    Nathanael Tampos 13 days ago

    OMG Zizer star yay

  • Chỉ Là Một Channel

    i like turtles

  • Radmehr Bagheri
    Radmehr Bagheri 16 days ago

    Loooooooòoooooòoooooooooooooove you

  • Luis Jolalpa
    Luis Jolalpa 16 days ago


  • roblox vs pixel gun
    roblox vs pixel gun 16 days ago

    But I did subscribe

  • roblox vs pixel gun
    roblox vs pixel gun 16 days ago +1

    I almost left the video because pat said Pikachu

  • Paul Armahizer
    Paul Armahizer 17 days ago

    It's a vacuum cleaner from Luigi's Mansion

  • Angelene Gonzalez
    Angelene Gonzalez 17 days ago

    I subscribe

  • Shadow Starlight 201831

    That is from Ghostbusters

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams 21 day ago +1

    Poltergeist 5000

  • Mario Jumonville
    Mario Jumonville 24 days ago

    its luigi machon

  • Tboy57 Gaming
    Tboy57 Gaming 25 days ago

    THE POLTERGUST 5000!!!

  • hailee o'brien
    hailee o'brien 25 days ago

    the muusssroom is a thing that you put on your backpack
    and hey

  • Brian Beilby
    Brian Beilby 26 days ago

    Where did you get it from I won't one
    Plz reply to this page

  • Heart Beat
    Heart Beat 27 days ago

    the pin is from a game with Luigigi in it.

  • Lego Fizz
    Lego Fizz Month ago


  • Michael Redmon
    Michael Redmon Month ago

    Its a ghost catcher from Luigis manchin

  • Lawrence Assaf
    Lawrence Assaf Month ago

    Good socks

  • E . K
    E . K Month ago

    Is it me or the pikachu head is kinda...scary?

  • Malena Whitekiller
    Malena Whitekiller Month ago

    Jen is now none to me as one swipe sally !😂

  • Tina Bidwell
    Tina Bidwell Month ago

    Minecraft. Block

  • Yohana Reyes
    Yohana Reyes Month ago

    yes it is gost busrs

  • Leah Lincoln
    Leah Lincoln Month ago

    You said there would be no links in the description!!!!!

  • Andrew Bartlett
    Andrew Bartlett Month ago

    great video pat and Jen

  • Pete Urquhart-Sell
    Pete Urquhart-Sell Month ago

    I mean finds

  • Pete Urquhart-Sell
    Pete Urquhart-Sell Month ago

    My little brother has the same Mario money box as that but you can get it seperately. He stores all his rings in it instead.

  • Keaton Patton
    Keaton Patton Month ago

    Poltergust 5000. I play Luigi's mansion dark moon on my nintendo 3DS

  • Leebons Mecate
    Leebons Mecate Month ago

    Pat is pro jen is noob and no subscriber on him

  • Wilfredo Veliz
    Wilfredo Veliz Month ago

    Lol so cut

  • Arlene Corpuz
    Arlene Corpuz Month ago

    It's from Ghostbusters

  • Kai Gillies
    Kai Gillies Month ago

    Yes yes yes

  • KR Gamer
    KR Gamer Month ago

    Rip Jen 1428-6926 wow such wow

  • Tonasja Pendergrast

    Thank you

  • Paige Harned
    Paige Harned Month ago

    Why don't you the very ulnlce block👦👩

  • Terry Maestas
    Terry Maestas Month ago

    Its a mario block

  • KCS [TG]Ghoul
    KCS [TG]Ghoul Month ago

    The Pin Is Like A Ghost Buster Weapon But On The Game Of Luigi Mansion

  • be rekege
    be rekege Month ago


  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow Month ago


  • Markiplier DanTDM
    Markiplier DanTDM Month ago

    It's Luigi's vacuum from Luigi's Dark Moon not from Ghostbusters he said it was a Mario box not Ghost Buster box so I think you guys are going insane because everybody knows that's when we just poster gust so bravo bravo Pat and Jen

  • Deamon wolf gamer
    Deamon wolf gamer Month ago

    it's Luigi's mansion

  • frenzie divine
    frenzie divine Month ago

    pat it is a vacume. you dont know a vacume!!!!?? hahahahahah

  • LashedAnt 36
    LashedAnt 36 Month ago

    The vaccum from luigis haunted mansion

  • Sisters 4 Life
    Sisters 4 Life Month ago

    I like the pin

  • Damien Salomon
    Damien Salomon Month ago

    Pat keeps wearing the same thing sometimes but not Jen O-O

    BEAVER- Month ago

    The pin was from liege ghost Mansion

  • Sohan Ron
    Sohan Ron Month ago

    I love you

  • Audra Lenahan
    Audra Lenahan Month ago

    I love pocemon

  • Ahmed Asim
    Ahmed Asim Month ago

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  • Lucian's Channel
    Lucian's Channel Month ago

    I can smell that from Michigan toady thing

  • Danielle Copp
    Danielle Copp Month ago

    The hover is from Luigi's hunted manction

  • Danielle Copp
    Danielle Copp Month ago

    Its a mario block from the mario games

  • Rakhu Das
    Rakhu Das Month ago

    like to get the key to go down dere \/ O \/




    the hole

    to go



    duehdhdiuwhdh world


    ur outt

    the hole goes furthur into this pipe reply to turn smol to fit in dere
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    u did it




    oh no my world dried up
    a;; what is left it lava (the line above)
    u cant climb back up but its long gud luck press the show less button

  • uno monforte
    uno monforte Month ago


  • diamond king
    diamond king Month ago

    I have a gameboy

  • Kirstyn Farnsworth
    Kirstyn Farnsworth Month ago


  • Kendra Ybarra
    Kendra Ybarra Month ago

    I have some who has them cool suprises

  • GemProtectorOrange
    GemProtectorOrange Month ago


  • Ebba Tenhunen
    Ebba Tenhunen Month ago

    7:28-7:32 Jens face

  • Ny Cheeks
    Ny Cheeks Month ago

    I love your vlogs

  • Trevor Williams
    Trevor Williams Month ago


  • Grace Givens
    Grace Givens Month ago

    to late every one already left sorry .

  • Aracely Secundino
    Aracely Secundino Month ago

    make another video of lucky blocks in real life

  • Sofia Cook
    Sofia Cook Month ago


  • Tresna Elsom
    Tresna Elsom Month ago

    thank's pat best gift's in the world

  • Braydon Orling
    Braydon Orling Month ago


  • Jayce Benitez
    Jayce Benitez 2 months ago

    PIKATU(I am a bad speller)

  • Adam Lahav
    Adam Lahav 2 months ago

    Next time, use a picaxe to open it.

  • Jeanie Darnold
    Jeanie Darnold 2 months ago

    is from Ghostbusters

  • Eliseo Ceniza
    Eliseo Ceniza 2 months ago

    A pat jen i have badnews for you two i think dan is inlove with you jen i looked in fan made video dan is chasing jen and you pat killed dan

  • Cindy Manns
    Cindy Manns 2 months ago +1

    Jens boobs are big