Top 10 Most HATED Motorcycles (Part 2)

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    What should my first bike be? A Turbo Hayabusa.
    Very funny, no seriously. What should I get? A TURBO BUSA.
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  • Yammie Noob
    Yammie Noob  27 days ago +225

    What up! Check out the Honda CB650R, Kawasaki Ninja 400, and DRZ-400 I’m giving away FOR FREE:

    • Jason T
      Jason T 2 days ago

      One more bike for you to wreck.

      RAYMOND JAMATIA 19 days ago

      I want that bike please 😍

    • Jule Rulez
      Jule Rulez 19 days ago

      For your sake-NO!

    • Michael Piano
      Michael Piano 20 days ago

      Yammie Noob I own the second most hated. Additionally, I have no chicken strips on my rear 190/55 and when I ran my GP-A 190/60 it was about half an inch. My mech is putting on 200/60 as I type this. I’m not a SQUID either. Ride safe!

    • ptauszig
      ptauszig 20 days ago

      In the words of Rob Schneider “you can do it!!!!!”

  • Eric Lunger
    Eric Lunger 14 hours ago

    “Ape-hangers” ROFL

  • VNT
    VNT 19 hours ago

    Had a panigale, gave it away cause that thing was a nut roaster. In summer it was almost impossible to ride it. Worst bike I ever had

  • Hayden Lund
    Hayden Lund 21 hour ago

    For my beginners bike im deciding whether to get a ninja 250 or a honda shadow.. I want to find out if i want sport ot cruiser..

  • Enlightened Idiot
    Enlightened Idiot Day ago +2

    No motorcycle should be hated. Because it's a motorcycle.

  • Eleftherios Ververakis

    Who the fuck told you that people hate those bikes? It's just your opinion. Did you read a study or something? I agree with some but that's MY FUCKING OPINION.

    MAKSTR 2 days ago

    Who is "we" in "we hate it" ? I don't "hate" bikes just dislike a few models and you included the whole companies what's left? ... just when there is no positive inspiration for a video but you gotta put up for the sake of schedule.

  • Jason T
    Jason T 2 days ago +1

    How many bikes have you wrecked and destroyed?

  • Angelo Valencia
    Angelo Valencia 3 days ago


  • Hari Shankar
    Hari Shankar 3 days ago

    H2 is one of de awkward looking superbikes in my books like de hayabusa and zx14r.

  • LateNite
    LateNite 3 days ago

    I love your videos even though I rarely watch them you're such a smart guy I'm not sure why you act like an idiot 😂🤣😂

  • Tuukkis
    Tuukkis 4 days ago +1

    Thank lord the first ever superbike isn't here.

  • Joseph Janeth
    Joseph Janeth 4 days ago


  • Ryan Deal
    Ryan Deal 5 days ago

    9:05.. That's a dope cloud.

  • ResinArt 86
    ResinArt 86 5 days ago

    Ha! Carry handle....

  • Aswin 99
    Aswin 99 6 days ago

    Royal enfield classic 350

  • Dipesh Naik
    Dipesh Naik 6 days ago

    Your mad hayabusa is loved by ever one even today indian are crazy for hayabusa .

  • The Litterbug
    The Litterbug 6 days ago

    Shadows are the best cruisers. Change my mind

  • Oliver Jensen
    Oliver Jensen 7 days ago


  • assassinvishal007
    assassinvishal007 7 days ago

    yammie test some tilting trikes like yamaha tricity and piaggio mp3, get a video out about it.
    yeah they are cvt scooters

  • CTw0H5OH
    CTw0H5OH 7 days ago

    People don't know hate until you buy a Buell. Everyone hates my Buell, and I love it!

  • MrRookie
    MrRookie 7 days ago

    And im with

  • juggernautxtr
    juggernautxtr 8 days ago


  • Xavier Van den Bosch

    I love how you're talking about the Ninja 250! I totally agree it's hard to keep up on a group ride, but as you mentioned, I'm one of those crazy guys that takes a 250 on the circuit... ;) Gotta love the A2 drivers license in Europe... I still get faster rounds than some 650cc bikes though, so I'm quite happy!
    Love your content, keep it up!!
    PS: Please let us take part in your giveaways in Europe ;)

    UNKN0WN 9 days ago

    You just made me realize i want a ryker.

  • Corie Hart
    Corie Hart 9 days ago

    Did uou ever get the mighty 2 strokes 250 in America RGV250,TZR250,
    NSR 250,apprilla Rs250 rgv copy,these Bikes are all band from learner and restricted license,s,rgv can embarrass some of the 1000 cc bikes.even Kawasaki made a 250 2t call it a K1or K1rs not a ninja

  • lakay moto
    lakay moto 10 days ago

    Hello bro new subs here,. I love them bro... Its only dream for me to have 1. Cant afford to have 1.. nice videos..

  • Balithazzarr
    Balithazzarr 10 days ago +1

    My bike is a 1998 Kawasaki concours but I call it a Ninja.

  • Hriatpuia Pachuau
    Hriatpuia Pachuau 10 days ago

    I want ninja

  • maaadgooner
    maaadgooner 10 days ago +1

    Wanna get a Harley just so I can wave to real riders. #breakthenorm

  • Jeff Kerr
    Jeff Kerr 11 days ago

    Harleys should have been number 1. Ninja 250 ok but you have to start somewhere and at least it's a sport bike. Gixxer. Love em. But yea for some reason people like extended swingarm, led lights, big black fat chick on the back. The busa as well. Ducati fine craftsmanship but good luck at maintenance. Valve adjustments, brakes big bucks. Get one but pay later. Big time. Customs? Well if you can afford so what? It's what you pay for. Trikes? Sorry once I cant ride my gsxr 750 or 1000 I'm not going to a recliner on wheels. I just concede my ridings over. Go fishing more. Grom well never had one but good entry bike for a dads son or daughter. I'm a gixxer guy and when I see extended swing arms, ugly paint jobs, mostly black guys trying to look cool I puke. Why is it always the gixxer or hayabusa ? I have had time on a busa and very comfortable. Straight line it's like the space shuttle. Corners forget it. It's all for show. Yami, Kawhi, suzuki, honda their all good. just depends on the one you like. Leave it that way and your bike wont end up in a most hated bike video.

  • Z XBobbyBoy
    Z XBobbyBoy 11 days ago +2

    Disagree about the ZX14 mate. Handles like a dream. I’ve had mine for 13 years. Happy to share pics of my chicken strips.

    BHAI JAAN 12 days ago

    Yammie buy new Honda Fireblade 2020

  • Les The Great
    Les The Great 12 days ago

    I'm getting a H2. Bad luck hammy fisted

  • firehawk 99
    firehawk 99 12 days ago

    So, how about Indian motorcycles?

  • Nizkalaz
    Nizkalaz 13 days ago

    ninja 250cc (zx-25R) 4 cylinder will be released, will you hate it too?

  • Felix Mcturk
    Felix Mcturk 13 days ago

    it seemed like you repeated alot from series 1

  • Jeff Taylor
    Jeff Taylor 13 days ago

    our HDs dont make us cool, WE Rock with out a motor cycle Nubby nub

  • John Ward
    John Ward 13 days ago

    Grom Squad!!!!!

  • babasarfu
    babasarfu 14 days ago

    I have a duke 250 n i kinda understand y a 600 guy would hate to ride with a 250 but the new ninja zx250r is a beast i hope ill soon buy 1

  • Shane B
    Shane B 14 days ago

    I started on a Harley softail slim, but have found love for the small cruisers. Watched your video on starter bikes and am considering the Yamaha bolt as more or less a daily commuter. Is there anything you’d recommend in that price range that would be better, maybe lil mo power, more fun..? Haha Thank you 😊

  • Vikas Sharma
    Vikas Sharma 14 days ago

    Ninja 400 .

  • afe nijmeijer
    afe nijmeijer 14 days ago

    Where is the Yamaha R1 and R6.? The reason I hate them is because Rossi rides them. What a noob?

  • TheMaloney
    TheMaloney 14 days ago

    I feel like I have to represent the real Ninja ZX-14 owners. American who had a CBR954RR in Europe for 8 years and used to tour on it, sometimes for a week at a time. Gots bit older and moved back to the US, still like getting my lean on, and love to have vehicles that are crazy fast (tuned German muscle in cars too), ride sensibly but like to push it when the opportunity arises. Likes to commute into work as a technology exec. We’re not all dimwits...probably not even most of us.

  • ras 47
    ras 47 14 days ago

    I have a 99 katana and alot of people hate on them but I love it so fuck it

  • Wobin Carson
    Wobin Carson 14 days ago

    What a lot of agest infantile comments about bikes........ total tank

  • Nick East
    Nick East 14 days ago

    The ZX14R doesn't get the Ninja badge in the UK :( Just ZZR1400

  • Evan
    Evan 15 days ago +6

    Only in America do gsxrs have a bad reputation. Gsxrs are actually very refined, reliable bikes. America is kind of stupid for hating on the gsxr.

    • Jimme Rustle
      Jimme Rustle 9 days ago

      Evan In my city they don’t get a bad reputation for being unreliable they just get lots of jokes about how people who ride them are squids and what not but it all seems to be jokes ‘throwin hate’ but there’s still respect for them

  • Chris Cierley
    Chris Cierley 15 days ago +1

    I’m AMAZED you didn’t have the BMW R1200 GS on that list. I personally love mine but some of your other videos make it obvious your not a fan of the big Beemer. 😁

  • CustomGadget
    CustomGadget 15 days ago

    A Big Fat Hog on wheels = Hayabusa. Never liked it's look from day One.

  • Martindoesvideos
    Martindoesvideos 15 days ago

    I just barely made it above the 250cc lmao

  • ian legaspi
    ian legaspi 16 days ago

    how about those people who aren't living on a U.S state? kinda feel sad about that.

  • anxiousappliance
    anxiousappliance 16 days ago

    well - I ride a Ducati and have found that even subsets of ducatistas hate other ducati riders. No dry clutch? Water cooled? blah blah. My experience with non riders is curious: They'll compliment the bike and if I say - "well it's nice but so was my Honda", they look upset. So now I just say - " Yeah, it's great" - and I guess we're all part of the club now because they look happy too. In the end it's kind of like with BMW owners - you're always surprised when one of them isn't a total douche or boor.

  • ampuzzler
    ampuzzler 17 days ago

    Hi Y.N, if just you can make yours sweepstakes over throughout the world, it will make the best decision you can take for your fans overseas and in your United State for sure. I'm from the Far East, and I hope you would be able to make it happen in near future as its worth it for you to have a huge impact on your subscribers on your TVclip channel. I'm MB from the Far East. Take care man. Cheers!

  • Hammad Malik
    Hammad Malik 17 days ago

    If there is any shit bike in the world, that's the Gixxer... Of Any kind

  • Zeg Zeazon
    Zeg Zeazon 17 days ago

    *_Entries for Worldwide Participants?_*

  • Edkaszwagrakobitybrat 1

    Is this Chopin in the background?

  • Deeman
    Deeman 18 days ago

    when the ducati is the ferrari of bikes, then what is mv agusta and aprillia? you talkin a lot about envy !
    I don´t wanna buy expensive motorbikes, because my family budget makes no compromises, and monetary heavyness is also a deep hurt, if you throw away the bike, even when u wish that never happens. But i would like to have SOME of these sharp italian girls- ääähh no, : bikes, sorry. But why should i hate them?

  • Somesh Bid
    Somesh Bid 18 days ago +1

    Yammie noob : hates on 250s
    Kawasaki : hold my beer *brings back 250 l4*

  • ThreeCepas A.U.R
    ThreeCepas A.U.R 18 days ago

    Hi I am from the Philippines 😊 hoping that you will pick me 😀 for the. Give a away bikes I love CB 6r it's sooo cooolll