Bert Kreischer Sweats Profusely Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Sep 1, 2016
  • Comedian Bert Kreischer has lived many lives, all of which involve partying and being awesome. His legendary college antics inspired the movie Van Wilder, and his standup is anchored by some of the most outrageous anecdotes you've ever heard. Watch him achieve #PeakBert as he appears on Hot Ones, a show he's been riding for since day one. Shout out to Bert, the O.G. celeb Hot Ones fan!
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Comments • 5 046

  • Ken Sylvia
    Ken Sylvia Hour ago

    This was such a great episode

  • Joe Vicarious
    Joe Vicarious 4 hours ago

    Can't follow an albino cock should be on a tee shirt

  • That Dude
    That Dude 11 hours ago

    Those gurgles

  • Introvert Chip
    Introvert Chip 23 hours ago

    Are these stories legit... ? Ahahahahahahaha

  • dan g
    dan g Day ago

    How have I missed this until now?!?! And why am I not following Bert's stuff more!?!?! Hilarious!!!

  • Sam Marran
    Sam Marran Day ago

    Is it too hot for the machine

  • Deon B
    Deon B Day ago

    Sean was soo scared at the end lmao😂😂😂

  • Austin Combs
    Austin Combs 2 days ago


  • Queen Remains
    Queen Remains 2 days ago

    Bert is a god damn nut, and I love it.

  • Jon Lybeck
    Jon Lybeck 2 days ago

    He has the BEST DAD.

  • Ryan Corkwell
    Ryan Corkwell 2 days ago

    Im crying hahaha

  • KingCalamity
    KingCalamity 2 days ago

    D-did smoke come from his throat at the end?

  • Nyhna Law
    Nyhna Law 2 days ago

    Van Wilder?!

  • XxLotioBoi69xX
    XxLotioBoi69xX 3 days ago

    I forgot that both of them where eating the wings

  • HayYou 2
    HayYou 2 3 days ago

    OMG the last 3 minutes had my cccrrryyyyiiinnnngggggggg

  • HayYou 2
    HayYou 2 3 days ago

    this was soooooo good

  • Eric Sanchez
    Eric Sanchez 3 days ago

    You gotta respect the hosts oddly precise chicken wing eating form. I don't know if I want to make fun of him or try to apply that technique to my next wing sesh.

  • Nate
    Nate 4 days ago

    I'm so used to watching his stand-ups I made myself hear whistles in the background

  • TrueRomance
    TrueRomance 4 days ago +1

    "I thought there would be beer" lmao

  • Garret Osborne
    Garret Osborne 4 days ago

    It takes quite a bit to make me laugh out loud and I laughed out loud 5 good times watching this video! Bert is hilarious 😂😆 Loved this episode! 💓

  • Dwan Shamburger
    Dwan Shamburger 4 days ago

    Bert has a classic Rolex Bert he can't be more amazing

  • okay Meme
    okay Meme 4 days ago

    He is the machine

  • That_One_Guy_Run
    That_One_Guy_Run 4 days ago

    Is it just me or does Bert sound like John Cena a little bit

  • The Holiboys
    The Holiboys 4 days ago

    "this is flying dildos, get your cameras" hahaha

    CAMREN SCOTT 4 days ago

    Is the Russian mafia story real because I don’t know if it’s real or a joke

  • FukYoNoScope
    FukYoNoScope 4 days ago +1

    Heard that story before, most I have ever laughed. Even better, when I saw it, Bert was already beyond drunk lol

  • Andres Escudero
    Andres Escudero 6 days ago

    Bert kinda looks like a fat Bruce Willis with a beard...

  • Niall Kearney
    Niall Kearney 6 days ago +1

    the funniest one ive seen on hot ones 😂😂😂

  • OscarGonzoJim
    OscarGonzoJim 6 days ago

    love bert he's genuine as hell

  • Gixxer Boi
    Gixxer Boi 6 days ago

    “You’re freaking me out man..” “You’re freaking me out!!!!” 😂😂😂😂

  • Kevin Durham
    Kevin Durham 7 days ago

    Just 4 episodes Eric Andre's psycho ass broke a plate and a glass on his head...I'm calling bullshit on Bert freaking Sean out over almost way!!

  • Floydfan47
    Floydfan47 7 days ago

    So is him not wearing a shirt part of his shtick?

  • Jeremiah Castro
    Jeremiah Castro 7 days ago

    Best one yet

  • Leo Giroux
    Leo Giroux 7 days ago

    I love this episode and I would still love to see Will Smith on the show

  • john Rizzo
    john Rizzo 8 days ago

    if i ever happen to meet this guy, i shall offer him weed.

  • Lunar Vania
    Lunar Vania 8 days ago

    So ALWAYS have to get the fast pass....

  • Anthony Celikian
    Anthony Celikian 8 days ago

    You need to get childish gambino on here

  • Paul Loraine
    Paul Loraine 8 days ago

    Funniest one for me so far! Great work guys love this show...

  • Maria queen09
    Maria queen09 8 days ago +1

    23:26 his soul being sucked out oml

  • ReposefulCrane4
    ReposefulCrane4 9 days ago

    Dude I eat wings the exact same way xD

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks 9 days ago

    I just watched this one again and Bert's reaction to the last wing made me cry from laughter this time too!!

  • levi levis
    levi levis 9 days ago

    Yo did he just fucking blow STEAM out his mouth there!?

  • Climax Bonfire
    Climax Bonfire 9 days ago

    First time I’ve seen this show, and Bert almost never disappoints. He needs a model career!

  • Corey
    Corey 10 days ago

    69K likes.. fitting

  • OhMan ThatGuy
    OhMan ThatGuy 10 days ago

    This is still more entertaining than the Gordon Ramsey episode.

  • Raikageb33
    Raikageb33 11 days ago

    I've only just realised how much The Machine sounds like John Cena.

  • Tim Hoekstra
    Tim Hoekstra 11 days ago

    "You can't follow an albino cock." Classic!

  • Top Honor
    Top Honor 11 days ago

    Redman the best ever!

  • Frank_Mon_Wolf
    Frank_Mon_Wolf 11 days ago

    I want to get high and drunk with Bertone day

  • alex hernandez
    alex hernandez 11 days ago

    This was one of the greatest episodes of all time hahah god I love that man

  • Bree Fenton
    Bree Fenton 12 days ago

    HAHAHA “*GAGS* Where did you put yours?!!”

  • Dr. Frumpy and the Dumpy bunch

    the machine eats hot wings and fucking dies

  • Nico Angelo
    Nico Angelo 12 days ago

    Get joe Rogan on here

  • Alex kush
    Alex kush 12 days ago


  • Ca11m3Raven
    Ca11m3Raven 12 days ago

    So it's a girl house...

  • Stephen Mcdowell
    Stephen Mcdowell 13 days ago

    "Do you feel it?"

  • SBHW
    SBHW 13 days ago

    11:22 for the Flying Dildos story

  • JTD472
    JTD472 13 days ago

    I come back to this interview every so often. He’s one of the best storytellers, and it helps that he has some of the most ridiculous stories to tell

  • Gabbster89
    Gabbster89 13 days ago

    He should do a number about this interview xD

  • T.P Ali Da Great
    T.P Ali Da Great 13 days ago

    Holy shit this is awesome

    ILL BOMBER! 14 days ago


    VOLT ZORO 14 days ago

    *"He didn't take a big enough bite.... then now I'm thinking... that was PLENTY!"*
    Laughed so hard, I scared my damn dog.

  • Tony Grenier
    Tony Grenier 14 days ago

    OMG! I thought his stand up was awesome...Im crying here at work this is awesome!!! LMFAO

  • Rodrigo Lopez-Salto
    Rodrigo Lopez-Salto 14 days ago

    Poke it back in 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • OGPokey151
    OGPokey151 14 days ago

    The flying dildo story had me dying. Haha

  • Sean Scott
    Sean Scott 14 days ago +3

    Get Theo von on you fools

  • Rae Derps
    Rae Derps 14 days ago

    This man is the best story teller of all time

  • Life Glenn Tan Virtue
    Life Glenn Tan Virtue 14 days ago

    That comedian mind is f@@ed up man

  • Renato Pascoal
    Renato Pascoal 15 days ago

    I’ve seen so
    Many episodes. I’ve seen this one even before knowing about Bert. Re watching this after finding out about The machine. Was, still is my favorite episode ever.

  • emanuelbuesing1
    emanuelbuesing1 15 days ago

    Bert should have Sean on Somethings Burning and make a super hot curry or something.

  • Isaac montoya
    Isaac montoya 15 days ago

    Bert's the best. Cant what for Denver in March.

  • Lucas Burns
    Lucas Burns 15 days ago

    Try and get mark hamill

  • Jett Morris
    Jett Morris 15 days ago

    I don’t comment on these. I took the time while driving on the highway to comment how not funny bert is. I’ve tried for years, he’s like your friends wife who is on a high dose of lexapro that thinks she’s so hilarious and she is so nice you can’t be mean or tell her the truth.

  • Bill Carter
    Bill Carter 15 days ago

    You should have Bert on again to try the new batch. 550k for the last wing. Bring on the last dab xx!

  • Mango wishes
    Mango wishes 15 days ago

    Killed me

  • xXIvIercenaryXx
    xXIvIercenaryXx 15 days ago

    id love to see bert return with the new lineup from S8! see how he handles The Last Dab

  • Krizzi
    Krizzi 15 days ago

    Where did the last dab go?

  • Tim Förster
    Tim Förster 15 days ago

    Well I am german, so I can shotgun beers rather good, but we are super efficient and don't have humor

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 15 days ago

    who else thinks he got that dildo shoved into his ass??

  • Bobby Gee
    Bobby Gee 15 days ago

    That miami show story is completely fabricated

  • Simply Magical
    Simply Magical 15 days ago

    My oh my, Bert is rather graphic isn't he lol. I'm not familiar with him or his comedy, but it seems like his shows are very raunchy.

  • Accelerated Weather
    Accelerated Weather 15 days ago

    2019 anyone else?

  • Daximous
    Daximous 15 days ago

    I love bert, but this is debateably one of the grossest ep of Hot Ones.

  • MasonicNoodles
    MasonicNoodles 15 days ago

    Bert should convince joe rogan to do the show too

  • John Bravehawk
    John Bravehawk 16 days ago

    We found Shawna weakness vomit.

  • el Mexican
    el Mexican 16 days ago

    It's the MACHINE

  • Jacob Mayle
    Jacob Mayle 16 days ago

    2:10 mind blown

  • chris chapin
    chris chapin 16 days ago

    Sean needs Burt and Tom segura together on this ... oh shit and Joe Rogan

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez 16 days ago

    Ali siddiq or James clark from top gear

  • TheLlamabomb
    TheLlamabomb 16 days ago

    Keep your shirt on Bert

  • Salar Ismaili
    Salar Ismaili 16 days ago

    Does anyone else sweat while watching this lol

  • Kendall McClennon
    Kendall McClennon 16 days ago

    Taking all that juice down my throat...pause

  • Ra No Father
    Ra No Father 16 days ago

    Holy shit! Get Dice on Hot Ones like yesterday!!!!! It would be entertainment interweb gold!

  • lqdxoni1
    lqdxoni1 16 days ago

    best one yet for conversation

  • DeeLee
    DeeLee 16 days ago

    Those hotel pieces are so hilarious, I was dying from laughter.

  • Kdkreig
    Kdkreig 16 days ago +1

    I've never had a hot sauce that was measured that hot, but i have had home made hot sauce made out of ghost peppers and Carolina Reapers. That hurt and i was the only person who could eat it without going into a coughing and gagging fit. I'm not sure if the sauce just got milder after getting everything mixed together, or my spice tolerance is stupid high

  • dragosanie
    dragosanie 17 days ago


  • Damien Alexander
    Damien Alexander 17 days ago

    Bert "I got bufftucked by Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith" Kreischer.

  • TDashNoAkaTno
    TDashNoAkaTno 17 days ago

    This is the funniest episode I've never seen 😂😂😂

  • Hold my Grenade
    Hold my Grenade 17 days ago

    He is my favorite comedian and this came out on my birthday