Bert Kreischer Sweats Profusely Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Sep 1, 2016
  • Comedian Bert Kreischer has lived many lives, all of which involve partying and being awesome. His legendary college antics inspired the movie Van Wilder, and his standup is anchored by some of the most outrageous anecdotes you've ever heard. Watch him achieve #PeakBert as he appears on Hot Ones, a show he's been riding for since day one. Shout out to Bert, the O.G. celeb Hot Ones fan!
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  • Chaos Rein
    Chaos Rein 21 hour ago

    If it ain’t hot ones I don’t wanna see the interview

  • Janky Doc
    Janky Doc 2 days ago

    If I ever get famous I want to be on the show

  • Verison Lover
    Verison Lover 4 days ago +1

    Bert... THE MACHINE

  • Brad H
    Brad H 5 days ago

    Funny how Burt was sweating like a dog in a Chinese Restaurant 🤣😂

  • Natalia Alfonso
    Natalia Alfonso 7 days ago

    Your uvula is in the back of your throat. Lol.
    Men literally have no idea what a woman is.
    Admittedly this is the guy that thought Anne Frank was Hellen Keller on that same trip to Amsterdam, so what can I expect??

    • Natalia Alfonso
      Natalia Alfonso Day ago

      gharbi hamza yeah that’s why I referenced his comedy.
      No, demographic data isn’t a sexist generalization. Men are not taught enough about female bodies.
      Neither are women frankly but we usually seek out wtf is going on with us more than men care to.

    • gharbi hamza
      gharbi hamza 3 days ago

      You do realize he's a comedian, right?
      That's a sexist generalisation about men.

  • M4st3r0fN0n3
    M4st3r0fN0n3 8 days ago

    I love how Sean looks like Neil Patrick Harris cosplaying Dr Evil

  • Mayan1
    Mayan1 9 days ago

    Oh that's not flying dildos?? 😂😂😂😂

  • Stubbs 99
    Stubbs 99 9 days ago +3

    I wouldnt say flying dildos goes under the radar but whatever

  • Crooked TrixTer
    Crooked TrixTer 11 days ago

    First #firstwefeast video I’ve thumbs down.. this guy is a twat.

  • Stallion801
    Stallion801 12 days ago

    Albino cock lol

  • Adele
    Adele 12 days ago

    really cool how easy they can talk about getting fvcked in the ass..

  • Adele
    Adele 12 days ago

    russian jew man?

  • lucas wolf-pudney
    lucas wolf-pudney 14 days ago

    He’s like Randy of trailer park boys

  • Connor Freeman
    Connor Freeman 14 days ago

    Flying dildos

  • Øne Eyed Demøn
    Øne Eyed Demøn 15 days ago

    Smoke comes out his damn mouth

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 16 days ago

    I have a request use the hot sauce The End.

  • TheKingtijger
    TheKingtijger 16 days ago +1

    2:47 that's what we call in the Netherlands: student!!!

  • BiggieCheese21
    BiggieCheese21 16 days ago

    C O O L I O D I E D I T H I N K

  • DanSm1l3r
    DanSm1l3r 17 days ago

    You know if you listen to Bertcast ep 217 (Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds) he got called by Sean from this. Makes you wonder if that was him offering this!

  • not sumner
    not sumner 17 days ago


  • Yassin Rklm
    Yassin Rklm 18 days ago

    dude just breathed smoke

  • Malachi Bourne
    Malachi Bourne 19 days ago

    The edit at 23:29 made me swallow a whole cough drop I literally almost died

  • Aierek
    Aierek 20 days ago

    23:25 Is he blowing out smoke?

  • Agent Knight
    Agent Knight 20 days ago

    One of the best "HOT" ones yet.

  • Drake
    Drake 22 days ago +2

    This video reminds me of Drew Bulloch. It's so funny when Bert talks and starts to cry. Just like that drew kid.

    • Drake
      Drake 22 days ago

      +Drew Bulloch Wait what?!?! This is crazy!!!

    • Drew Bulloch
      Drew Bulloch 22 days ago +1

      Woah wtf? This might be the craziest coincidence ever, that's my fucking name and it also turns out that I do cry like half the time I talk.

  • Jahmez
    Jahmez 23 days ago

    23:25 when burt almost breathes fire

  • Gee BEE
    Gee BEE 23 days ago


  • James Howlett
    James Howlett 24 days ago

    Complains and Shows how to eat a wing correctly. Then proceeds to eat the rest of them wrong. 😂

  • Lance McRee
    Lance McRee 24 days ago

    Go Braves!

  • Mitch Gibson
    Mitch Gibson 24 days ago +1

    The way Sean gets visibly uncomfortable when Bert's about to puke.

  • Gerhardus van wilgen
    Gerhardus van wilgen 24 days ago

    Where's the beer?

  • James Barrett
    James Barrett 25 days ago +4

    Some kind of smoke LITERALLY came out of Bert's mouth. LMFAO @ 23:25

  • AmieK
    AmieK 26 days ago

    This is the funniest episode I've seen. I'm in beer man.....

  • Sean Pubins
    Sean Pubins 26 days ago Hey I'd love if you all could check out the comedy stuff on my channel. Thanks

  • Karatheya Roxan
    Karatheya Roxan 27 days ago

    What... Sean is not wearing a hoodie?

  • Don Guille
    Don Guille 27 days ago

    Hahaha everyone wants beer

  • Chris Gilliam
    Chris Gilliam 27 days ago

    Best one ever ..his life is crazy

  • Chicago Swish Rhymes
    Chicago Swish Rhymes 28 days ago

    23:25 lmfao bert breathing fire

  • Faris S
    Faris S 28 days ago

    Is it just me or did Sean wear shirts that didn't fit him as well in these earlier seasons?

  • Sergio Roman
    Sergio Roman 28 days ago

    You need a pepto bizmo commercial cuz hotones is the shizzzzzzzzznit

  • Sergio Roman
    Sergio Roman 28 days ago

    Webby webby webby webby webby webby webby wenby

  • el fancy pants
    el fancy pants 28 days ago

    I love this show Sean's the best interviewer

  • achanwahn
    achanwahn 28 days ago

    14:19 Sean is all of us

  • achanwahn
    achanwahn 28 days ago

    The glasses are so small in this episode lol

  • no Name
    no Name 28 days ago

    hey you got van wilder on here

  • Brodey Ryan
    Brodey Ryan 28 days ago

    Dude below me has a fabulous point I was trying to dip on. Does he eat every wing like the first one?

  • John Lathrop
    John Lathrop 29 days ago

    Let's get the fresh prince of bell air on the hot ones

  • OFWdatabase
    OFWdatabase 29 days ago

    Flying dildos and albino coks. Haha. I'm laughing so much

  • Hugo
    Hugo 29 days ago

    I need to shower

  • Queen 2020
    Queen 2020 Month ago

    Flying dildos 🤣

  • Jordan Conley
    Jordan Conley Month ago +3

    Can't believe I'm just watching this now. The last wing was the best reaction!

  • David Henley
    David Henley Month ago +1

    Hard to believe people think kreischer is funny. He yells, takes his shirt off then laughs at his own jokes more than the audience. Then rinse and repeat. No thank you, bert.

  • Banana Nana
    Banana Nana Month ago

    I have never laughed so hard! When starts gagging I’m crying 😂

  • Ben Middleton
    Ben Middleton Month ago

    I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam for one because of the obvious, but for two to actually try to find that place that has flying dildo's, it has to have become a hit and still be on, surely! I'd just be sure not to be silly enough to volunteer for anything!

  • Powsser
    Powsser Month ago

    I mean, I’m crying.

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson Month ago

    I understand he's a comedian, but he seems kinda gay

  • Large Knives
    Large Knives Month ago +1

    I'd be like, "Ahhh I'm dying... and you look like Dr. Evil." Also... Sean is so lowkey scared of puke.

  • Foxtrot Mike Lima
    Foxtrot Mike Lima Month ago

    Bart is a racist

  • CTCAC2000
    CTCAC2000 Month ago

    23:46 the funniest part of the video.... poor Bert sounds worried and in pain and he says "you know, you don't have a good bedside manner, you're freaking me out, man"

  • Ephyra Corinth
    Ephyra Corinth Month ago

    23:00 I was laughing so hard I was crying

  • Elliott Tilton
    Elliott Tilton Month ago


  • Christopher Fraze
    Christopher Fraze Month ago

    "I thought you would have beer."

  • BayChevy 510
    BayChevy 510 Month ago +31

    "You don't have a good bed side manner man your freaking me out" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Heal Z
      Heal Z 29 days ago +2

      BayChevy 510 “you’re freaking ME out”

  • Doran Amatto
    Doran Amatto Month ago +2

    Nope....dude is wrong. Tommy Chong is the "Hot Ones" king hands down!

  • sebastian buckwalter
    sebastian buckwalter Month ago +3

    I never realized how much he actually sounds like *John Cena* in this o.o

  • Lynne again
    Lynne again Month ago +4

    "maybe if you stop provoking it" lmao

  • Bryant Barboza
    Bryant Barboza Month ago +1

    Thanks to Bert now I eat wings the correct way

  • R GEN
    R GEN Month ago

    Sean Evans looks so unhappy during this whole interview

    • Mc Earl
      Mc Earl Month ago

      R GEN What? I don’t think so. I think he might have got uncomfortable at the talk of dicks so much and giant black dicks but he seemed fine otherwise. Also remember he’s dealing with the same burning mouth as Bert, he just holds it back.

  • Mackenzie Onyx
    Mackenzie Onyx Month ago


  • Chavez James
    Chavez James Month ago

    You can't follow an albino cock

  • Alien From Area 51
    Alien From Area 51 Month ago

    It's *THE MACHINE*

  • matthew grow
    matthew grow Month ago

    Lmao he ain’t from the south eating wings like that😂😂 that’s some north/ west coast bullshit hahaha. In Texas you dip that slut in ranch and destroy it till the bone clean

  • Hector Beltran
    Hector Beltran Month ago

    - You freakin me out -
    - You freakin me out -

  • Soo_LetsGo
    Soo_LetsGo Month ago +11

    I would love to see Joe Rogan on this show

  • philippe cardinal
    philippe cardinal Month ago +1

    Im The MACHINE

  • Blake Blake
    Blake Blake Month ago +2


  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Month ago

    “Where did you put yours?! Did it go down your throat!?”😂😂😂😂

  • Red
    Red Month ago

    Flying dildos might be the best story I’ve ever heard. That was fucking nuts 😂 😂

  • Dramatik Breezy
    Dramatik Breezy Month ago

    "Or you acquiesce...and let her go yard in your jaw" 😂😂😂

  • B O N E L E S S
    B O N E L E S S Month ago

    He sounds just like John Cena

  • Aidan Davis
    Aidan Davis Month ago

    Man I love Bert

  • Mearlyn Ambrosius
    Mearlyn Ambrosius Month ago

    I didn't know bert owned a shirt

  • TigerwithDiesel
    TigerwithDiesel Month ago +39

    Poor Sean omg he is freaking out because of Bert's gagging lol 😂😂😂

  • TigerwithDiesel
    TigerwithDiesel Month ago

    Bert is a natural artist and it's kind of amazing

  • Kellin Ronquille
    Kellin Ronquille Month ago

    15:05 "It doesn't even taste like food, it makes it taste like poivin"

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones Month ago

    Get merkules on here

  • Matt Corker
    Matt Corker Month ago

    This is the one that got me subscribe

  • Kevin Ballard
    Kevin Ballard Month ago +1

    I'm freaking out because your freaking me out. Tears have been shed.

  • Infectious
    Infectious Month ago

    Did he cough steam?!?!?!

  • MadMo_11
    MadMo_11 Month ago

    The gags lolol

  • Ethereal Toad
    Ethereal Toad Month ago

    Bert only puts on a shirt so he can take it off

    RAGE TACTICS Month ago

    dude at 23:28 Bret was legit about to start breathing out 🔥🔥

  • Enigma's Game's & Life

    Dude Bert's a beast lol, yeah he didn't handle the wings as good as the host but he damn sure followed through to the end 😂 talk about persistence! Good shit Bert

  • State Of The Human
    State Of The Human Month ago +1

    Bert knows the truth. Sleeping sober is impossible.

  • Demitria Jarrott
    Demitria Jarrott Month ago

    Dude you gotta invite him back on with the new lineup of hot sauces you guys have! And don't forget the beer!

  • Ohshii
    Ohshii Month ago +6

    The last 3 minutes of the video made me cry laughing the entire time hahaha this channel is so god damn good

    PJΛZΞЯŁΛZΞЯ Month ago

    Yeah this is before TVclip got boogie

  • Dave hutch
    Dave hutch Month ago

    Literally had steam coming out his mouth when he wretched at the end lmao. Never seen that before lol

  • TheJp2903
    TheJp2903 Month ago

    Bruhhh what are Florida niggas even onn