Bert Kreischer Sweats Profusely Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Sep 1, 2016
  • Comedian Bert Kreischer has lived many lives, all of which involve partying and being awesome. His legendary college antics inspired the movie Van Wilder, and his standup is anchored by some of the most outrageous anecdotes you've ever heard. Watch him achieve #PeakBert as he appears on Hot Ones, a show he's been riding for since day one. Shout out to Bert, the O.G. celeb Hot Ones fan!
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Comments • 4 456

  • Alvaro Alves
    Alvaro Alves 3 hours ago

    If you´ve played Farcry before... meet the real life Hurk

  • Green Kreeper
    Green Kreeper 8 hours ago

    I love the flying dildo's

  • t walsh
    t walsh 17 hours ago

    I’ve been binge watching and this one is my favorite one hahahahaha when he almost pukes and Sean is freaking out hahahahahahahaha I have tears of laughter

  • Crimedian b
    Crimedian b 19 hours ago


  • EdisonMedicine
    EdisonMedicine 22 hours ago

    Joe Rogen

  • Josh Comfort
    Josh Comfort Day ago

    I didnt realize until about the 2nd to the last one the host was actually eating with Bert, he sounded so damn calm.

  • AbovelandFilms
    AbovelandFilms Day ago

    this is by far the best episode hahahahahaahahaha

  • Andrew Amende
    Andrew Amende Day ago

    Я машина

  • jacob wieck
    jacob wieck Day ago

    this just got good

  • Austin Koevoets
    Austin Koevoets Day ago

    One of my favourite episodes

  • Chance Johns
    Chance Johns Day ago

    Hands down my favorite episode. Burt is a skinny legend.

  • Sverre Johan Berg
    Sverre Johan Berg 2 days ago

    drinking water does litteraly nothing to the heat, if anything it gets worse

  • James Cisneros
    James Cisneros 2 days ago

    i started watching hot ones prob 5 episodes before this one and was like 'ok good episode'. But i've been really watching Bert's stuff for the past 2 months, like everything, and it makes this episode 1000xs better. Awesome dude!

  • Jesse Hinckley
    Jesse Hinckley 2 days ago

    Best hot ones by far.

  • Slickdamin
    Slickdamin 2 days ago


  • b0sse
    b0sse 2 days ago

    Why does he always take off his shirt and get half-naked on every show? He does it pretty much on every podcast he is on too.

  • E Po
    E Po 3 days ago

    Freaking LOVE Bert!! 🤣❤️

  • Ian Sawyer
    Ian Sawyer 3 days ago

    I dont find this guy funny at all

  • Francis Acupan
    Francis Acupan 3 days ago

    Wait, how'd I miss this one!!!

  • Ludwig van Beethoven
    Ludwig van Beethoven 3 days ago +4

    the background crew are dying
    please bring more comedians to this

  • evan love
    evan love 4 days ago

    This was my favorite one . It just flowed . I think he was slightly delusional at the last one , slurring his speech and passing through new doors of consciousness

  • Andre Masghati
    Andre Masghati 4 days ago

    Bert sounds like John Cena

  • Tom Li
    Tom Li 4 days ago

    2:06 Then u got basically a drumstick, and thats why drumsticks r betr than wings

  • Adrian Moreno
    Adrian Moreno 4 days ago

    omg it literally looked like smoke came out of his mouth bahaha a

  • GÖD ØF WÅR Gaming

    18:51 the look on his face is pure horror

  • Jri Sparks
    Jri Sparks 4 days ago

    this was the funniest one thus far

  • Brendan Gallagher
    Brendan Gallagher 4 days ago

    I like how Bert talks about the right way to eat a wing, pulls out the bone and engulfs the first one. Then completely disregards the technique and nibbles on every wing afterward like just about everyone else has done on the show. Gotta follow through man

  • Marki Swigert
    Marki Swigert 5 days ago

    Why..... Does Sean look like Dr. Evil in this episode?

  • Jackson The Epic
    Jackson The Epic 5 days ago

    The Machine

  • LynnleeAnn Jefferson

    Burt reminds me ot Bill Cosby's throw up machine joke

  • Yousif yalda
    Yousif yalda 5 days ago

    Got my hot wings ready, lets get this start 😂

  • yutzy1
    yutzy1 5 days ago

    Omg, with the picture I thought it was Ben Affleck

  • mike allen
    mike allen 5 days ago

    How do u tell the host hes eating a wing wrong then show him how u do it then the rest of the show eat them the way he just said was wrong

  • Matt Rush
    Matt Rush 5 days ago

    I love these episodes. Like Bert said its awesome to see people be themselves and sometimes snap out of character. Also the best part is he is actually really good at doing interviews. I remember I'm almost positive that it was logic he asked him a question about his favorite video game theme song or favorite video game album and I just remember logic kind of stopping and saying wow that's a really good question noone had ever asked me that before. Kudos brotha keep up the good work.

  • flossy
    flossy 5 days ago

    Bert could be Post Malones Dad. They look so alike!

  • Siggi
    Siggi 6 days ago

    BILL BURR pls!!!

  • Carter Wayne
    Carter Wayne 6 days ago

    "ExcePt yOu BerT"

  • Mario
    Mario 6 days ago +1


  • Onedread806 Brown
    Onedread806 Brown 6 days ago

    You have Dane cook energy

  • Kazi Supreme
    Kazi Supreme 6 days ago

    Umm how did the dildos fly..16:55 the Machine died a little

  • Jacob Monroe
    Jacob Monroe 6 days ago

    It seemed like he was gonna cry about the lack of beer.

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright 6 days ago

    You need to have him back again

  • Chevy Turk
    Chevy Turk 6 days ago

    When he gagged, did smoke come out?! Lmfao

  • Chevy Turk
    Chevy Turk 6 days ago

    Flying dildo’s... hands down the best story ever told lmfao god damn!

  • Saul163r
    Saul163r 7 days ago +3

    Isn’t this the guy that once joined the Russian Mafia on a College field trip?

  • Mndkiller08
    Mndkiller08 7 days ago


  • Carson Ledbetter
    Carson Ledbetter 8 days ago

    You need some mad dog plutonium 357. A whopping 9 million scoville units

  • blu henriquez
    blu henriquez 8 days ago


  • Joseph Rice
    Joseph Rice 8 days ago

    Have you ever laugh and swallowed at the same time I gagged I’m dead xD

  • KrAkEn
    KrAkEn 8 days ago


  • pups C
    pups C 9 days ago

    I can't stand Sean Evans I watch these for the guests, feel like he doesn't even like the conversations that go on here, I'd be LMFAO conversating with these guys!!

  • William Alarie
    William Alarie 9 days ago

    the flying dildo story might be the greatest story of all time, and now i'm going to investigate everything by this cat

  • Ronnybanan
    Ronnybanan 9 days ago

    How can somebody not love this?! It's entertaining, great interviewing, pure content, cutting. This video is great... This is the type of videos that TVclip needs a super-like button for.

  • Tyler Young
    Tyler Young 10 days ago

    funniest shit ever hahahaha

  • Vikas Gujadhur
    Vikas Gujadhur 10 days ago

    So, this sauce will rip your heart out and melt your face.... tell me about your childhood?

    LUCIFER CJ 10 days ago

    He's not eating the wing properly after the first. Hypocrite

  • Trgr Hppy
    Trgr Hppy 10 days ago

    can u please invite DAVE CHAPELLE into ur show? coz that'll be fire man. thanks much love here from the Philippines.

  • Ponder
    Ponder 10 days ago

    hahahaa when he ate his last wing. funniest hot ones ive ever seen. I love Bert

  • neobes
    neobes 10 days ago +3

    Is Sean wearing his uniform shirt from prison?

  • NoodleNinja
    NoodleNinja 10 days ago

    Once I heard "treat poison with poison" I imeadiatly took some cyanide (tasted terrible) then I drank bleach (niether did that) but it was spicy so it was good.

  • Van HasVoice
    Van HasVoice 11 days ago

    Ooooh, I know the guy xD Lol, at sriracha he was like, you dudes eat it wrong, cleaned the shit out of it... itsybitsybitten the big boys xDD

  • plum moloko
    plum moloko 11 days ago

    sean's collar makes me insanely uncomfortable

  • logandh2
    logandh2 11 days ago

    How do all of those pictures and videos of him when he was younger make him look older than he his now?

  • Arick Oltmans
    Arick Oltmans 12 days ago +1

    Had mad dog 357 not knowing what it was... I thought I was going to die...

  • lexotan
    lexotan 12 days ago


  • Halo79hi
    Halo79hi 12 days ago

    Sean: How did we dissapoint?
    Bert: I thought there'd be beer
    Of course

  • Arbiter-nine-oh-two
    Arbiter-nine-oh-two 12 days ago

    Nice cut @ 17:05, almost didn't catch it. But he goes from having the wing in his hand to the napkin in less than 2 seconds.

  • Cory Jones
    Cory Jones 13 days ago

    The machine

  • Cory Jones
    Cory Jones 13 days ago

    My favorite comedian

  • Cory Jones
    Cory Jones 13 days ago

    An why I love this man . He's so real . I eat wings the same way

  • broken toaster
    broken toaster 13 days ago

    why is there nothing tha bert is in that I don't like

  • Elhormiguero
    Elhormiguero 13 days ago

    Lol that slow mode was hilarious 😂 love this show and gotta love Bert! Keep up the good work.

  • maxpower10k
    maxpower10k 13 days ago

    Andrew WK is a fake ass bitch. Ill fucking fight him. Im 6’2 230. Bring it you fuckin bitch.

  • Azrael Tsubuzaki
    Azrael Tsubuzaki 13 days ago

    The Machine

  • Aaron Chadwick
    Aaron Chadwick 13 days ago

    What happened to not eating wings like a savage?

  • Mike Sawchyn
    Mike Sawchyn 13 days ago

    23:25 he literally blew smoke out 😮

  • Mike Sawchyn
    Mike Sawchyn 13 days ago

    Privyet ya machina ✋🏻

  • Mike Sawchyn
    Mike Sawchyn 13 days ago

    Ok so now I Know to give Bert weed instead of by him shots

  • Daniel Curry
    Daniel Curry 14 days ago

    U don’t have good bedside manner dude ur freaky me out I lost it

  • Sam Golab
    Sam Golab 14 days ago

    sean’s disgusted/horrified reaction to the gag has me fucking dying

  • Sam Golab
    Sam Golab 14 days ago


  • the weird guy
    the weird guy 14 days ago

    This is the first time I learned he's from my town

  • Jake McCasland
    Jake McCasland 15 days ago

    Bert is fat
    Also get Tyler the Creator on the show

  • JiffyPop410
    JiffyPop410 15 days ago

    I just realized you guys need to get the stranger things cast on here!

  • RageTechno
    RageTechno 15 days ago

    Holy fuck the albino story is legend.

  • Bradford White
    Bradford White 15 days ago

    This had the greatest ending of all time. *clapclap*

  • Thenever
    Thenever 16 days ago

    The host has no personality at all.

  • Just Jen
    Just Jen 16 days ago

    “You have terrible bedside manner” “Handle your high” I’m fucking dying

  • Just Jen
    Just Jen 16 days ago

    Why hasn’t Joe Rogan been on hot ones !?

  • ILL Mannered Films
    ILL Mannered Films 16 days ago +1

    I Am a director (Film/Music VIdeo/TV). I started in music videos and have expanded into Comedy, Drama and Documentaries. My credits include Cypress Hill - Redman - LOX - Chuck D (Public Enemy) - Sean Price - Onyx - Wu Tang - Stephen Marley & 100s more. Ive made the movie into comedy and I have written, produced and directed a comedy Web Series called The Weekend Warriors. The Trailer is on my channel.

  • GunnySGT1911
    GunnySGT1911 16 days ago +1

    This is the best Hot Ones ever.

  • simo moutawakil
    simo moutawakil 17 days ago

    The interviewer annoyed me at first but he earn my respect by the end of the video

  • Patrick H
    Patrick H 17 days ago

    Love this episode. Bart is definitely my favorite racist comedian

  • Slime Fish
    Slime Fish 17 days ago

    Damn fuckin straight newzealand is awesome

    bRADATTOUIE 17 days ago

    Fucking finally someone showed yall how to eat wings. Mad respect Mr. Kreischer. MAD FUCKING RESPECT.

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey 18 days ago +1

    Love Bert am a huge fan, wish he still had his travel channel show... love how he was one of the first people to really be a big fan of the show.

  • Justin Bouscher
    Justin Bouscher 18 days ago

    Finally someone who it's wings right.

  • Emma Hughes
    Emma Hughes 19 days ago

    wooop wooop New Zealand!!

  • On The Road with the Wolf

    Smoke came out his friggin mouth! lol

  • Patriot Beats
    Patriot Beats 20 days ago

    I love the flying dildos story and the machine story