The Conjuring Universe Timeline in Chronological Order

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • Corin Hardy's upcoming film The Nun is the 5th entry in producer James Wan's connected horror world, so we thought it was time to sort out the spooky series' complicated chronology.
    The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline in Chronological Order (Infinity War Update):
    The Transformers Movie Timeline in Chronological Order:
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Comments • 4 493

  • Marion
    Marion 2 days ago

    Soo.. you have to watch part of one movie. pause it, watch a part of another movie??

  • Great Shaman
    Great Shaman 6 days ago +1

    I swear Annabelle : Creation is the scariest amongst all of the Conjuring universe

  • ugly face 69
    ugly face 69 7 days ago

    Can't wait for conjuring 3

  • Geese Howard
    Geese Howard 9 days ago

    What about the Crooked Man?

  • Lucy
    Lucy 10 days ago

    Wait hol up, I read somewhere that Valak shows up in every movie? Like you have to be slick enough to see her in some movies

  • GisiXD
    GisiXD 12 days ago

    Is this a scene from the movie 8:29

  • SkanDog Vids
    SkanDog Vids 14 days ago

    What confuses me with the time line how does Conjuring 1 have Annabelle in the case and Annabelle Comes Home she is put INTO the case but yet they have the spin artifact from Conjuring 1 🤔

  • Kayla Cabarris
    Kayla Cabarris 16 days ago

    I just relized that at 4:59 you see the actuall Anabelle ragedy ann doll.

  • David Varga
    David Varga 16 days ago

    they should do a tv series with all those creepy things in their room

  • Elmer Bayot
    Elmer Bayot 22 days ago

    Wait for Annabelle endgame

  • Lil, Charmander
    Lil, Charmander 22 days ago +1

    I just want to know in what order should I watch the movies
    I know ea. Movie has flashbacks and references to the other films but still.... 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Malin B Music
    Malin B Music 22 days ago

    I was so confused watching the movies. And now it's like "oh I want to watch this new horror movie I'm so excited" and then at the end it shows the annabelle doll and then it's like "will this ever end?! Or will every new horror movie be a connection?"

  • Flor Luis ruiz
    Flor Luis ruiz 22 days ago

    Is that the real anabell doll in da back 4:58

  • fre _she
    fre _she 25 days ago

    Must be a stand user behind this!

  • Dustycat
    Dustycat Month ago

    horror movies not made scary by watching IGN

  • TheGamingTrex95
    TheGamingTrex95 Month ago +1

    6:04 meme review

  • Syed Almas
    Syed Almas Month ago +2

    order of terror
    1. The Nun
    2. conjuring 2
    3. Annabelle creation
    4. conjuring
    6.the curse of La Lloroan
    7.Annabelle comes home

  • fleur x
    fleur x Month ago

    why aren´t you guys talking about this creepy af easter egg at 4:58 ??
    if you can't see it, i will explain. in the left corner you can see the 'real' annabelle doll..

  • 「Angelbella」
    「Angelbella」 Month ago

    This all makes sense😂😂..

  • Steve Varghese
    Steve Varghese Month ago +1

    4:59 Any one noticed the real Annabelle doll on the left corner lol!!!!!

  • Kurrykatgirlplays
    Kurrykatgirlplays Month ago

    holy moly i need my guacamoli to watch this and i know i spelled it wrong

  • kyrstyn yocum
    kyrstyn yocum Month ago

    Did anyone else notice in the Annabelle movie that the original doll is In the corner of the shop

  • Ur boi Ninja
    Ur boi Ninja Month ago

    Oh yeah if you feel scared of the conjuring just think that your a terminator and that your an T-x

  • Kry PT
    Kry PT Month ago

    Me: *chillin alone*
    Ghost: *makes noises and flickering lights*
    Me: ju- just don't...
    Ghost: bu- but you should be scared?!
    Me: I'm tired of that scaring thing, just kill me or possess me
    Ghost: aight, I'mma head out. I hate you

  • KJ Sub9odh
    KJ Sub9odh Month ago

    In Conjuring Movies,
    You are not supposed to open that door, it's dangerous.
    Girls open the door and take out Annabelle out of the room and cause tantrums😂😂😂

  • The FUN kids
    The FUN kids Month ago +1

    It’s so funny when you said SPOILERS ALERT 🚨 no she’s still alive hahahahahahahaahahah lol 😂😹😹😹😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅

  • Heri Puryadi
    Heri Puryadi Month ago


  • fried
    fried Month ago


  • GabbyMo
    GabbyMo Month ago

    you make me dizzy !!!

  • Cera Whittaker
    Cera Whittaker Month ago

    lmao the timeline in this video is wrong the right one is:
    1. The Nun (plays in 1952)
    2. Annabelle : Creation (plays in 1955)
    3. Annabelle (plays in 1967)
    4. The Conjuring (plays in 1971)
    5. Annabelle comes home (plays in 1972)
    6. The Curse of La Llorona (plays in 1973)
    7. The Conjuring 2 (plays in 1977)

  • Ellie And Hermione
    Ellie And Hermione Month ago

    I love the conjuring 1&2 and next year maybe conjuring 3 in 2020

  • Gacha Eve
    Gacha Eve Month ago

    Okay lets just say, I have a raggedy ann doll and she does make me a little creeped out.

  • Golam Mostofa
    Golam Mostofa Month ago

    Assa anabell ki sotti asa

  • P L
    P L Month ago +1

    The man that they were performing a exorsism is actually Mauice (I don’t know how to spell it). He is the man “Frenchise” from the Nun, who valak possesed 👍🏽

  • Ania Fenger
    Ania Fenger Month ago +4

    IGN: demons hate there names
    Me: so when demon attacks me i just say his or hers name thats what i understand

  • Z_rYzAh1302 —————-TU

    This is all wrong

  • Wet Electronics
    Wet Electronics 2 months ago

    I'm one of those freaks who just wanted was to know the whole story without having to watch the movies.

  • Heri Puryadi
    Heri Puryadi 2 months ago


  • Denise Nyström LeCat
    Denise Nyström LeCat 2 months ago

    Who else noticed the replica of the original Annabelle doll in the backround? 4:57

  • Hassanhor Bacolod
    Hassanhor Bacolod 2 months ago

    Just call GHOST BUSTERS.

  • Eric Hicks
    Eric Hicks 2 months ago

    The Warrens were know as frauds and still are.

  • Laci Marie
    Laci Marie 2 months ago

    I wish in Annabelle the actually used a Raggedy Ann doll, I'm always more of a history buff, so I love it when the movies are somewhat similar to what happened.

  • Moin Meister
    Moin Meister 2 months ago

    And Insidious?

  • C. I .A
    C. I .A 2 months ago

    Valak💖😍, did you know Valak is waterproof

  • Tiffany Pettis
    Tiffany Pettis 2 months ago

    Also what about La Llorona is she not included

  • Tiffany Pettis
    Tiffany Pettis 2 months ago

    Thank you so much. I google the timeline at first got through four movies saying to myself this timeline doesn’t make sense at all. Now I have to start over from your order

  • Hail Satan
    Hail Satan 2 months ago

    This doesn’t tell me In what order to watch these.

  • inbi's vlog
    inbi's vlog 2 months ago

    you are so funny! i watched it and laughed!

  • Kamyah Pitts
    Kamyah Pitts 2 months ago

    Damn right its creepy as hell uhhhzzz

  • andrew hager
    andrew hager 2 months ago

    The Warrens from the haunted one of the best horror movies ever

  • Friends and Moral
    Friends and Moral 2 months ago

    When it was shown in the movie Annabelle creating that they locked the doll in the car and left how would jennice get the doll suddenly after growing up?🧐

  • Frisk Boo
    Frisk Boo 2 months ago

    you can see little nods to the real annabelle doll, like the one given to the girl, and in the shop. It's nice little easter eggs like that, that i love

  • Pet Skills
    Pet Skills 2 months ago

    Don"t forget the Goosebumps Universe?

  • GachaViola 2008
    GachaViola 2008 2 months ago

    Insidous is part of this timeline

  • Just Watching
    Just Watching 2 months ago +1

    Yo then wtf does insidious have to do with all this because if I remember correctly that darth maul looking demon appears in conjuring and insidious...?!?!?

    • Just Watching
      Just Watching 2 months ago

      The Non-Believer you sure because isn’t the red demon in both?

    • The Non-Believer
      The Non-Believer 2 months ago +1

      They aren't connected with each other

  • charizma baker
    charizma baker 2 months ago

    so is no one gonna talk about frenchie and his back story ???

  • Jason Sonic V
    Jason Sonic V 3 months ago

    Thanos is the final boss.

  • Pagan Druid
    Pagan Druid 3 months ago

    La Llorona was connected to this conjuring universe because of the priest Father Perez

  • Bullyhopper
    Bullyhopper 3 months ago

    Wait the conjuring 1&2 îs after the annabelle comes home? Im confiusion

  • Idontknowwhat I’mdoing

    The nun