The Conjuring Universe Timeline in Chronological Order

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • Corin Hardy's upcoming film The Nun is the 5th entry in producer James Wan's connected horror world, so we thought it was time to sort out the spooky series' complicated chronology.
    The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline in Chronological Order (Infinity War Update):
    The Transformers Movie Timeline in Chronological Order:
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  • Z_rYzAh1302 —————-TU

    This is all wrong

  • Wet Electronics
    Wet Electronics 14 hours ago

    I'm one of those freaks who just wanted was to know the whole story without having to watch the movies.

  • Heri Puryadi
    Heri Puryadi 5 days ago


  • Denise Nyström LeCat

    Who else noticed the replica of the original Annabelle doll in the backround? 4:57

  • Hassanhor Bacolod
    Hassanhor Bacolod 9 days ago

    Just call GHOST BUSTERS.

  • Eric Hicks
    Eric Hicks 10 days ago

    The Warrens were know as frauds and still are.

  • Laci Marie
    Laci Marie 12 days ago

    I wish in Annabelle the actually used a Raggedy Ann doll, I'm always more of a history buff, so I love it when the movies are somewhat similar to what happened.

  • VwieVendetta o'conner
    VwieVendetta o'conner 13 days ago

    And Insidious?

  • C. I .A
    C. I .A 14 days ago

    Valak💖😍, did you know Valak is waterproof

  • Tiffany Pettis
    Tiffany Pettis 15 days ago

    Also what about La Llorona is she not included

  • Tiffany Pettis
    Tiffany Pettis 15 days ago

    Thank you so much. I google the timeline at first got through four movies saying to myself this timeline doesn’t make sense at all. Now I have to start over from your order

  • Hail Satan
    Hail Satan 18 days ago

    This doesn’t tell me In what order to watch these.

  • inbi's vlog
    inbi's vlog 19 days ago

    you are so funny! i watched it and laughed!

  • Kamyah Pitts
    Kamyah Pitts 19 days ago +1

    Damn right its creepy as hell uhhhzzz

  • andrew hager
    andrew hager 21 day ago

    The Warrens from the haunted one of the best horror movies ever

  • Friends and Moral
    Friends and Moral 23 days ago

    When it was shown in the movie Annabelle creating that they locked the doll in the car and left how would jennice get the doll suddenly after growing up?🧐

  • Frisk Boo
    Frisk Boo 23 days ago

    you can see little nods to the real annabelle doll, like the one given to the girl, and in the shop. It's nice little easter eggs like that, that i love

  • Pet Skills
    Pet Skills 26 days ago

    Don"t forget the Goosebumps Universe?

  • GachaViola 2008
    GachaViola 2008 27 days ago

    Insidous is part of this timeline

  • Just Watching
    Just Watching 27 days ago +1

    Yo then wtf does insidious have to do with all this because if I remember correctly that darth maul looking demon appears in conjuring and insidious...?!?!?

    • Just Watching
      Just Watching 27 days ago

      The Non-Believer you sure because isn’t the red demon in both?

    • The Non-Believer
      The Non-Believer 27 days ago +1

      They aren't connected with each other

  • charizma baker
    charizma baker 29 days ago

    so is no one gonna talk about frenchie and his back story ???

  • Jason Sonic V
    Jason Sonic V 29 days ago

    Thanos is the final boss.

  • Pagan Druid
    Pagan Druid Month ago

    La Llorona was connected to this conjuring universe because of the priest Father Perez

  • Bullyhopper
    Bullyhopper Month ago

    Wait the conjuring 1&2 îs after the annabelle comes home? Im confiusion

  • Nik Doodle
    Nik Doodle Month ago

    Anyone here knows the timeline already and watching it because it's entertaining?

  • Idontknowwhat I’mdoing

    The nun

  • Chloe Mae Y. Quiambao

    Thank you for this! I wanted to understand the chronological order.

  • TSIlenceBUL
    TSIlenceBUL Month ago +1

    One thing characters in horror movies should learn:
    *It wont hurt pressing F5 sometimes*

  • Mr ditkovich
    Mr ditkovich Month ago +2

    the curse of the weeping woman

    • Ph@tMantv
      Ph@tMantv Month ago

      XxdarksoulxX45 2 years later..

  • Bramm Bettesone
    Bramm Bettesone Month ago

    The character 'Maurice' from the movie 'The Nun' was possessed during the end of the movie and in the Conjuring he re-appears as that dude who gets an exorcism from Loraine and Edd Warren.

  • live life with Manisha

    Very horror.Verygood

  • Brandon Rodman
    Brandon Rodman Month ago

    Debbie wasn't having that crap! Smartest woman ever in a paranormal based movie

  • Hamid Adibzadeh
    Hamid Adibzadeh Month ago

    I'm thinking about how sarcastic will be Tony Stark if he will be face to face with Valak!

  • Luha Luha
    Luha Luha Month ago

    If you want the demon out of your house just play DOOM and the DOOM GUY should be right beside you, happy to help

  • Nea J
    Nea J Month ago

    The narrator is hilarious! “Thanks Alfre Woodard” 😂

  • sidou 4real
    sidou 4real Month ago

    i didnt understand this: which one is the cursed annabelle doll is it the creepy one or the red nose one like whaaaaat

  • DRSReaper275
    DRSReaper275 Month ago

    If the demons participated in Ww2

  • Kai Cheung
    Kai Cheung Month ago +1

    6:05 MEME REVIEW

  • Isela Morales
    Isela Morales Month ago

    I’m lost af

  • nam e puthpong
    nam e puthpong Month ago

    that "clap-clap" in the conjuring oddly reminds me of penn and teller...

  • Diamond Tenorio
    Diamond Tenorio Month ago

    Nown i finally understand

  • kuleroselie1
    kuleroselie1 Month ago

    Lorraine didn’t see ed’s death when she locked herself in for eight not gonna say what she saw tho

    • A MYsteRY
      A MYsteRY Month ago

      You seen The Conjuring 2?

  • legendarydaniel6 nothing though


  • Hi I’m Bobby Griffin

    Did anyone else notice that Loraine warden is the nun in the white in the nun movie

  • TheDefJamm
    TheDefJamm Month ago

    This is all wrong. The nun is the first film, then Annabelle creation, Annabelle, the conjuring, the curse of Llorona, the conjuring 2, and then Annabelle comes home.

  • sam jones
    sam jones Month ago

    i love this franchise.

  • Zenendrah Hernz
    Zenendrah Hernz Month ago

    so basically, there were three demonic forces, one was a witch that was succeededaly cast out (Bathshedea, sorry for spelling error), and the other two are actual demons: Annabel the possessed doll and Valak the nun demon. I'm glad that clarifies it bc I was pretty confused if Annabel and the nun were connected and were the same demon.

  • Ayuri Scarlet
    Ayuri Scarlet Month ago +1

    to that creepy effing doll lmao
    after watching this, I realize, I just watched conjuring and not there others, someone get me my Bible and a laptop,I'm binge watching

  • palash reja
    palash reja Month ago +1

    The narrator is downright savage

  • jessie nealson
    jessie nealson Month ago +1

    These movies used to freak me out but they don’t anymore just some jump scares

  • Arda Gulay
    Arda Gulay Month ago

    Don't give a name your girls starting with 'J'
    Janice from Annabelle:Creation
    Janet from Conjuring 2
    Judy from Annabelle Comes Home

  • Don vlad
    Don vlad Month ago

    Where's demonic?

  • Dark Lord Sauron
    Dark Lord Sauron Month ago +1

    Such a curious demon..

  • Gingernut Studios
    Gingernut Studios Month ago +1

    EVERYONE LOOK AT 4:57 and PAUSE! The REAL ANNABELLE DOLL it in the top right corner! No joke!

  • Mysterious Person
    Mysterious Person Month ago

    6:05 Meme review

  • Nazia Nadir
    Nazia Nadir Month ago

    I lllooovvee Ur humour!

  • Yoshilo
    Yoshilo Month ago

    And now we have la llorona, the priest who helped with getting rid of annabelle is in that movie.

  • Alp 01
    Alp 01 Month ago

    Pennywise vs Valak who'll win?

  • Zvone Manduric
    Zvone Manduric Month ago


  • Gaming Hacker17
    Gaming Hacker17 Month ago

    Annabell creation is first before Annabell