Watch Gordon Ramsay Make Sofia Vergara Seem Visibly Upset in Resurfaced Tonight Show Interview

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • The 52-year-old chef is facing backlash after his 2010 appearance on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' resurfaced.
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  • BradPwnsU
    BradPwnsU 13 hours ago

    Really? She goes out wearing that outfit, actually SPOONFED him during the interview, and she is known for enjoying this type of thing. Don’t act like she’s some child she’s a full grown woman and can make decisions and stand up for herself

  • Kurii Klang
    Kurii Klang 14 days ago

    Perhaps if he armed his hand up her and said do u want to be a glove puppet that would be something to complain about

  • isauceso
    isauceso 26 days ago

    She didnt accuse him of stuff cause, she got her own monayyy

  • Khal Rhaego
    Khal Rhaego Month ago

    Beware Sjws flood the comment section

  • UKfan1975
    UKfan1975 Month ago

    The #metoo movement should not let Gordon Ramsay get away with this. This is too awful to watch !!!

  • NI:CK
    NI:CK Month ago

    Notice how the clip is 9 years old and no one cared in 2010...It's only in 2019 people are so butt hurt about everything.

  • Sliime
    Sliime Month ago

    Next Episode: Adolf Hitler recieves backlash after video that resurfaced from 1940

  • Mr Chu
    Mr Chu Month ago

    SJW bullshit

  • Let Go Crypto Inc.
    Let Go Crypto Inc. Month ago

    Disregard these junk. It was obviously entertaining then and now. She didn't care to make issue. And 2010? Everyone today is like nearly 10 years older. Lol Let's talk about that. Oldies'

  • Rishi Jaggan
    Rishi Jaggan Month ago

    Needs to cut his head off

  • Arijate
    Arijate Month ago

    Looks kinda like flirting except Ramsay has a weird way of doing it

  • Ivan Alvarez
    Ivan Alvarez Month ago

    He just wanted to bang her what's the big deal.

  • The Law
    The Law Month ago

    I miss jay leno. :)

  • B randon
    B randon Month ago +3

    She literally rubs his bicep at the beginning of the video that is completely inappropriate, unprofessional and demasculating I have no words for this blatant act of sexual harassment on her part.

  • rowan 3
    rowan 3 Month ago

    I'm just here to see all the comments from the triggered Millennials LMAO

  • Senior Heffe
    Senior Heffe Month ago

    5 seconds in Sofia victimized ramsay and no one said a thing. They should have pulled the plug on the episode right there.

  • I Polaris I
    I Polaris I Month ago +1

    Omg, RAPE, RAPE. Needs to be killed...

  • Sam Murray-Brown
    Sam Murray-Brown Month ago

    Don’t know why people are throwing shade at Gordon for something that happened years ago...... if it’s that bad it should have been dealt with there and then.

  • Logen M
    Logen M Month ago

    It's a 2010 clip? Why are we bringing it up now?

  • Rae Jackson
    Rae Jackson Month ago

    Joe should've whooped his ass

  • Ray1994
    Ray1994 Month ago

    Oh fucking well

  • Andres
    Andres Month ago

    Oh please! People these days will find anything to be offended by. He clearly had a crush on her. It was all in good humor.

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey should go to jail for sexual harassment (triggered)😡

    Am I liberal snowflake❄️ yet?

  • Daniel Prosser
    Daniel Prosser Month ago

    How is this disrespectful 😂😂 this is just how we British are we say it how it is when everyone else is scared to

  • Waz
    Waz Month ago

    Honestly he let him self down there but she did put her hands on him first

  • John Dez
    John Dez Month ago

    Haha Gordon Ramsey looks hella high

  • Kate Phillips
    Kate Phillips Month ago

    Omg old man Ramsay ..... pull yourself together. This is so not exceptable towards your wife or daughter's

  • undead9999
    undead9999 Month ago

    Let's consider this for a second. Sofia Vergara is known for being a very outspoken and fearless woman. She takes shit from nobody. If that really would have upset her as they claim she would have said something. Instead she just played along and everybody had a good laugh.
    I've seen a clip of her reading mean tweets about herself, one user said something like "sofia vergara sounds like she talks with a dick in her mouth". To which she replied "what's wrong about having a dick in my mouth?". Do you honestly want to make people believe that a woman like that would feel assaulted by those high school levels of banter? C'mon now, be real.

  • Reggie Turner
    Reggie Turner Month ago

    Really! Get a life!!!!!

  • mrbrainchild76
    mrbrainchild76 Month ago

    Aww come on you guys he's all white, err uhh, I mean he's alright! 🙄

  • daniel gomez
    daniel gomez Month ago

    The husband needs to check Gordon asap

  • Will Turner
    Will Turner Month ago

    Gordon was low key out of line, and especially bc he has kids

  • Craig Stevenson
    Craig Stevenson Month ago

    He had anal with her that night.

  • Jeff Mcglone
    Jeff Mcglone Month ago

    Please i'm sure if she didn't like it she would've told him to shut up. She's a big girl

  • HeavyInstinct
    HeavyInstinct Month ago

    "With another commenting that Sophia should have had him charged with sexual assault". Seriously... Sexual assault? Yes he was acting like a jackass but sexual assault!?!?!? This is one seriously fucked-up world we live in.

  • shockcityrocker
    shockcityrocker Month ago

    That’s why you don’t let some drunken dork on the show.

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    yeah, he's a arrogent gross guy... shocker!... many men in the entertainment biz are

  • Ismail NEW
    Ismail NEW Month ago

    You mean sexual harassment not assault

  • uncle_gazpacho
    uncle_gazpacho Month ago

    and here goes the witch hunt ...lmao...pathetic

  • ItsTara 215
    ItsTara 215 Month ago

    Omg this was cringe

  • Cal Shinmar
    Cal Shinmar Month ago

    Ramsay should think twice before insulting Deathstrokes wife

  • cool cool
    cool cool Month ago

    Ramsey don't give a Fuck he just jk around that's how he is

  • David Monroy
    David Monroy Month ago

    People are so soft.

  • Ryan Long
    Ryan Long Month ago

    No kidding g around or having fun anymore.

  • bluntXsmoke bluntXsmoke

    This shits getting out of control. Can't even make comments.

  • [BRSH] Oggaly Boogaly


    DJRICKYDEEUK Month ago

    Big fuss over nothing. I know her fire fighting brother.. Jose and Hose-B.

  • TheIzoneGamer
    TheIzoneGamer Month ago

    Its hilarious not disrespectful

  • #ꘪꪱꪇꫝ ꪋꙄf꙼

    He literally tapped her a few times lol nearly sexual harassment lol the man is married with kids and he is funny he is only making the audience laugh she is just bitter because she can give the lingo but can’t receive it

  • Mushin Aesthetics
    Mushin Aesthetics Month ago

    He wanted to slap that ass so hard he tridd it twice

  • Mushin Aesthetics
    Mushin Aesthetics Month ago

    Sofia is like the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Id like her to say Get to the choppaaaaaa

  • Isaac Barragan
    Isaac Barragan Month ago

    Fawken leftist are as fragile as a house built out of straws

  • London Cars and Games

    You all are reaching it’s not that deep , she’s a strong women and strikes me as the type that will tell you when you’re out of line this was harmless

  • Alan Barron
    Alan Barron Month ago

    Picking flys out of this ffs..jog on.

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man Month ago

    Everyone just needs to grow a pair of balls and stop being offended by everything, he is known for being disrespectful and he has done a lot worse on his tv show.

  • P
    P Month ago

    ugh I can't watch! I'm cringinggg!

    RIEAcTIoN Month ago

    oh no, this mean man, how could he

  • Eric Corvinelli
    Eric Corvinelli Month ago

    What a loser. He has to be single. Lol

  • Michael Sierra
    Michael Sierra Month ago

    Master Chef, Noob playa

  • BizWiz
    BizWiz Month ago

    *Ramsey needs to keep his mouth shut and get back in the kitchen.*

  • mp mc
    mp mc Month ago

    She's the perfect women 10 out of 10 Lawd have mercy

  • Keith Nandin
    Keith Nandin Month ago

    Such nonsense. If she was flirting with him and he didn’t reciprocate than he’s “gay” smh. Idk why everything about being a man nowadays is considered wrong or bad.

  • Dirty Saint
    Dirty Saint Month ago


  • ih8mcfly
    ih8mcfly Month ago

    He acted like a right prick but he’s always like that.
    To charge him for rape and assault is a bit too far imo.

  • roninpainbringer
    roninpainbringer Month ago +1


  • sex machine
    sex machine Month ago +1

    She's like "get away from me"

  • 3%GW-Prepper
    3%GW-Prepper Month ago

    Damn he was thirsty lmao

  • Boi_Better_Know
    Boi_Better_Know Month ago

    Sexual assault is that a joke

  • lucas m
    lucas m Month ago

    English banter , that's all it is , stop getting offended

  • BadLuckCoderre
    BadLuckCoderre Month ago

    Dude bombed HARD

  • p m
    p m Month ago

    Go to the kitchen now!

  • TheLEGEND313
    TheLEGEND313 Month ago

    *Some of these comments are unbelievable.... You are part of the problem... He never touched her thigh or her butt... He slapped with the back of his hand her thigh... Yet it's okay for her to make racist comments... She touched him more than once... But everyone ignores that... You are part of the problem*

  • Emcy Osias
    Emcy Osias Month ago

    Hes English Get Over It

  • Kacper Pytlarz
    Kacper Pytlarz Month ago

    People dissing Ramsey for this forget that this kinda personality is why we find him so interesting in the first place.

  • Trevor B
    Trevor B Month ago

    I bet that the producers told him to say some s*** like that because it brings in their ratings

  • Gbaby
    Gbaby Month ago

    You guys serious... Not a issue then. All a sudden an issue now. Sensitivity all time high.

  • Peter Gibbons
    Peter Gibbons Month ago +1

    Wow she physically assaulted him! Shame on her

  • Emilio Beltrano
    Emilio Beltrano Month ago

    Love how he keeps slapping her ass 😂😂

  • shy fly
    shy fly Month ago

    This is shocking from Jordan Ramsey, clearly a perv

  • JCRS Channel
    JCRS Channel Month ago

    In this day and age it is not acceptable to behave as Gordon was due to the media backlash that this clip is having. Back then things were different and things that are deemed unacceptable now were deemed fine back then. This could be blown up in such an extreme fashion if we keep taking events of the past and trying to punish people in the mordern day. Absolutely ridiculous movement.
    Gordon is more than a respectable man. Fuck off haters.

  • Daan Made in Holland

    nine years ago lol, people need to get a life,or kill them self, and there family while there at it.

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis Month ago

    Get back in the kitchen! Gordon..

  • J-WAR
    J-WAR Month ago

    To be fair, he looks like he’s off his nut on flake

  • Michael Cramer
    Michael Cramer Month ago

    She comes out in a short dress and her boobs hanging out, BUT don’t look at her like that?! Ridiculous

  • Carl W
    Carl W Month ago

    It was just banter. Jesus overreaction or what.

  • Espy Wilson
    Espy Wilson Month ago

    People better read. tRumps DOJ just changed the rules on sexual assault and domestic violence. Only rape by force is considered sexual assault. We are on our own ladies. Sofia handled Gordon.

  • Marlo Bauco
    Marlo Bauco Month ago

    Chef was hilarious

  • Josh London1
    Josh London1 Month ago

    Loads of chefs are like that based in Britain it’s British humour more so European go to Spain and Italy ie Sicily the same jokes are made spent summers there as a kid watch gino dacampo he’s the same get a grip it’s a laugh!

  • JimAmbrose
    JimAmbrose Month ago

    she liked it

  • Tommy Smith
    Tommy Smith Month ago

    Some of you mfs are ridiculous lol I love it (British accent) (a little on the vulgarish side)

  • Mr Mez
    Mr Mez Month ago

    He obviously pissed. He's done nothing wrong there. People these days 🙄

  • ESP500
    ESP500 Month ago

    He was just giving her a hard time. Im sure he was just kidding

  • eric solskjar
    eric solskjar Month ago

    Sofia Viagra

  • TheCund
    TheCund Month ago

    Ramsey being typically unfunny. Nothing to see here...

  • Priince Brvce
    Priince Brvce Month ago

    Someone getting backlash over a clip that was 9 years ago?? Plus he was just having fun. God I am praying for an apocalypse! Humanity should be extinct

    SAM SMITH Month ago

    Jay lost control...or had no idea how to handle it

  • colton williges
    colton williges Month ago

    To be honest it was childish but not really that bad. I think he’s just being Ramsey but I do advocate Sofia for taking it so maturely.

  • Dr Avalanche
    Dr Avalanche Month ago

    Ramsay is a known sex pest. Old Creep.

    • Thanos
      Thanos Month ago

      Yeah a little reminder the Drake has been Caugth trying to Fuck Underage Girls< But keep being Concerned about Gordon Fooling around on a Night Show 10 Years ago!

  • Practice Joy
    Practice Joy Month ago

    the funny part is if you watch Sofia in interviews she does this too herself. 1. this was in 2010? I guess ET is having a slow year if they gotta recylce old things to make them relevant for today's topic. I guess every guy that flirts poorly will have to be arrested. 2. Was there an interview where she disapproved of this or are we speaking for her?

  • Blair Rice
    Blair Rice Month ago

    I generally think these types of videos lately about bashing on men are a bit to much....... but this here is farrrr to much, I could live with one rude comment but he made a few so it was already weird. But the slapping of her side there a few times. That’s to far, especially from a man who should know better.