Top 10 Things You Never Noticed in Mean Girls

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Top 10 Things You Never Noticed in Mean Girls // Subscribe:
    This list will make you second guess your "Mean Girls" knowledge BIG TIME. Did you catch these hidden details in "Mean Girls"? If you did, that's so fetch. But if you didn't, stay tuned for the small or hidden details that it can be easy to overlook in the popular film, “Mean Girls.” What if she DOES even go here?! Join MsMojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Hidden Details in Mean Girls You Never Noticed.
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Comments • 624

  • opal and evie
    opal and evie 7 hours ago

    The first one yeah she was wearing hoops because they split up so that's not a rural enemor

  • Maureen Dowd
    Maureen Dowd 12 hours ago

    I noticed the necklace lol

  • Picture Art
    Picture Art Day ago +1

    At 1:05 you can see Lisa Kudrow in the background ( Phoebe in FRIENDS .)

  • Llama Playz
    Llama Playz Day ago

    mojo, stop trying to make “fetch” happen. it’s not going to happen.

  • tik tok
    tik tok Day ago

    My birthday is on nov.27

  • madz w
    madz w Day ago

    don’t think cady meant to be racist... she jus saw some people who she might fit in with -

  • BiLLiE EiLLiSh
    BiLLiE EiLLiSh Day ago

    That’s because you got the year wrong duh

  • Rina Yani
    Rina Yani Day ago

    Nov, 27 is my parents’ anniversary

  • Carrieanne Michelle
    Carrieanne Michelle 2 days ago

    I loved the movie Mean girls.

  • Erika Rivera
    Erika Rivera 2 days ago +1

    7:30 she would obviously speak Swahili to them because she grew up in Africa and she would only speak that language and had African American friends so when she saw African American students in the cafeteria she thought they also speak Swahili and she was also homeschooled so she wouldn’t know there were other languages😪🤦🏻‍♀️

  • emily
    emily 2 days ago

    And they’ve all wrote in the book not just Regina ?

  • emily
    emily 2 days ago

    And for the second one , put into note that it was once her parents room and she might of not cleaned everything out because there wasn’t enough room in the other bedroom???

  • emily
    emily 2 days ago

    Ok but like I think they were using the hoops on Gretchen in the end on purpose to show that Regina doesn’t own her anymore and she has her own click now 😂

  • Annie M.
    Annie M. 2 days ago

    4:10 HuRtFuL GoSsIp

  • Chloe McGrath
    Chloe McGrath 2 days ago

    Ok but like what person would care about any of these thing? They’re completely irrelevant to the plot of the movie.

  • Jessie Fast
    Jessie Fast 3 days ago

    Whos watching mean girls after this?

  • Introvert! At The Disco


  • Beatnik RN
    Beatnik RN 4 days ago

    All of this and you didn’t mention Janis’ name? Janis Ian. As in the singer-songwriter who wrote the song “At Seventeen”.
    “I learned the truth at 17
    That love was meant for beauty Queens
    And High school girls with clear skin smiles
    Who married young and then retired.” 🎶
    And this wouldn’t be “obvious” bc they never reference the song or the writer, and the movie is based on an entire generation that didn’t grow up listening to 1970’s music.

  • Panda IZ Cool
    Panda IZ Cool 4 days ago +3

    8:01 *like, what the actual hell cady* I cringed

  • Ben Parrish
    Ben Parrish 5 days ago

    What if we did notice it...

  • Ambitious Amira
    Ambitious Amira 5 days ago +1

    November 27 is my birthday how ironic

  • Carolina Garcia
    Carolina Garcia 5 days ago


  • Cookie Dough
    Cookie Dough 7 days ago

    Wow! This movie came out the year I was born! So cool!

  • Bitchy
    Bitchy 7 days ago

    if yall don’t know,Regina actually wore a wig

  • Shinta Himura
    Shinta Himura 8 days ago

    stop trying to make fetch happen

  • Upasana Chatterjee
    Upasana Chatterjee 13 days ago

    I did notice the burn book handwriting stuff

  • Reinba And Solaris
    Reinba And Solaris 15 days ago

    sO FeTch

  • Juleka the Slytherin
    Juleka the Slytherin 18 days ago

    7:08 I noticed that when I watched it. Such a small detail...

  • Christian Garo
    Christian Garo 21 day ago

    #2 is unnecessary, it's called a JOKE

  • b3HLS
    b3HLS 21 day ago


  • Kathleen Russell
    Kathleen Russell 21 day ago

    ok but like most of these are fake probably because they couldn’t think of anything

  • Mirprinces 101010
    Mirprinces 101010 23 days ago

    Anybody else notice she was almost hit by a bus in Regina George gets hit by a bus

  • Jenn Truong
    Jenn Truong 23 days ago

    I have seen this movie so many times but didn't notice all these details; Great video!

  • PeachySmiles
    PeachySmiles 24 days ago

    Regina wasn’t even fat though-

  • Roxanne Higa
    Roxanne Higa Month ago

    Mean girls womans. Mean this don't good. Mean. Girls.

  • Shaniafan1
    Shaniafan1 Month ago

    November isn’t too early for Xmas themes. Xmas things start selling after Halloween.

  • Shaniafan1
    Shaniafan1 Month ago

    Some of the girl world rules apply in the guy world. Like don’t date your friends ex. But people do it anyway.

  • Eloise Wiggins
    Eloise Wiggins Month ago

    Anyone else catch that this movie is actually a satire of Heathers?

  • Billy M
    Billy M Month ago

    Also, Cady foreshadows Regina being hit by the bus early in the film. She says something along the lines of ‘...hit me like a big yellow school bus’.

  • UmbreonErick
    UmbreonErick Month ago +1

    and.. glen cocoa?


  • Lola Lizzie
    Lola Lizzie Month ago

    I know Kiswahili (it’s pronounced Swahili but spelled Kiswahili,or at least that’s what I learned)
    I used to live in Tanzania, it’s a country in Africa
    I live in 🇦🇪 U.A.E now

  • Haley Marie
    Haley Marie Month ago

    Regina likes Avril Lavigne. Never noticed that.

  • Emma MacDonald
    Emma MacDonald Month ago

    8:23 your welcome.

  • Mattique Jones
    Mattique Jones Month ago +1

    Katey becoming more like Regina isn't just foreshadowing. In literature it is often found that the plucky protagonist trying to take down the antagonist in dystopian type futures usually becomes more like the antagonist to do so. The school isn't dystopian but Regina George is a dictator ruling viciously over the school.

  • Darcy Geweke
    Darcy Geweke Month ago +1

    How about the fact that mean girls was inspired by HEATHERS

  • Dhityous
    Dhityous Month ago

    Number 2 : I think that book in there because it's her parent's room.. But she made them thread her

  • Dana Mullis
    Dana Mullis Month ago

    I can't believe you left out the whole "Janice is a LESBIAN" gag. She reveals during the prom that she's LEBANESE. Regina misunderstood what Janice told her and started spreading rumors. It's my favorite joke in the movie.

  • Peyton Bloom
    Peyton Bloom Month ago

    With all the Christmas-y aspects of the movie, I'm surprised it's not considered a Christmas classic

  • Echo Mitzu - The Alien

    *"Stop trying to make fetch happen!"*

  • Ben Kahnke
    Ben Kahnke Month ago +1

    Oh my god Cady is not racist for god sake

  • Emma Wallis
    Emma Wallis 2 months ago

    It seems like ariana grande got the idea for her video thank you you next from this movie

  • Shaira ismyname
    Shaira ismyname 2 months ago

    This movie just never gets old, It's so *Fetch* ..

  • Wynn Ni
    Wynn Ni 2 months ago

    Not that racist honestly. Maybe oblivious of America ethnic generational composition and historical background. It just demonstrates that the character is uncultured, which is a major plot point. The fact that there were a clique of black people in the first place demonstrates more racism than the misunderstanding itself.

  • Blurbyy
    Blurbyy 2 months ago +1

    David Reale is Glen Coco

  • Idyness
    Idyness 2 months ago

    I noticed something: When Regina was called „fat ass“, she had normal Coke on her table and the other plastics diet coke.

  • Red Flame
    Red Flame 2 months ago

    No 7: while it is out of place to wear Santa dress, it is definitely not to sing Jingle Bells since it is actually a thanksgiving song not Christmas

  • Shingo _rp
    Shingo _rp 2 months ago

    now i gotta go watch it AGAIN.

  • Vered Cookie
    Vered Cookie 2 months ago

    Yeah but when Gretchen wore those hoops, the plastics broke up so it was ok for her to wear them.

  • Jennifer Wang
    Jennifer Wang 2 months ago +1

    I just noticed Rachel’s character here is similar to her character in The Hot Chick.

  • FullCourseDiner
    FullCourseDiner 2 months ago +1

    You forgot the fact that at the beginning of the movie, Cady is almost hit by a bus. She managed to miss it because she hadn't been taken over by popularity. Then Regina is hit by the bus because she became over her head about her place in the school hierarchy. And then at the end, the new Plastics are almost hit by a bus but miss it.