Top 10 Things You Never Noticed in Mean Girls

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Top 10 Things You Never Noticed in Mean Girls // Subscribe:
    This list will make you second guess your "Mean Girls" knowledge BIG TIME. Did you catch these hidden details in "Mean Girls"? If you did, that's so fetch. But if you didn't, stay tuned for the small or hidden details that it can be easy to overlook in the popular film, “Mean Girls.” What if she DOES even go here?! Join MsMojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Hidden Details in Mean Girls You Never Noticed.
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  • Gaming with Lexy & Kat

    November 27 :D

  • Lulu
    Lulu 17 hours ago +1

    So nobody's gonna talk about how the elephant has no eyes 🤣🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Hailey Girl
    Hailey Girl Day ago +1

    I’ve noticed the necklace the first time I’ve ever seen Mean Girls

  • That_Goth_bitch
    That_Goth_bitch 2 days ago

    Lindsay Lohan looks like a bug.

  • Carly Garcia
    Carly Garcia 2 days ago

    It wasn’t racist

  • LpsStitch 10
    LpsStitch 10 3 days ago

    I thought I was early....then I realized this was posted 1 month ago

    ESTONIAN DOLL 3 days ago +1

    oMg CaReN yOu CaNt JuSt AsK pEoPLe wHy ThEy’Re WhiTe

  • Larry Infante
    Larry Infante 3 days ago

    There's an app that has Mean Girls Trivia! Check it out.

  • Alex’s World
    Alex’s World 4 days ago +1

    Stop trying to make fetch happen Msmojo

  • Lucy M
    Lucy M 4 days ago +4

    Anyone else upset they took it off Netflix?

  • Danika Barron
    Danika Barron 5 days ago

    She got SO pissed when Cady said something that can be seen as racist to the black kids

  • Peggy Hartog
    Peggy Hartog 5 days ago

    So fetch

  • Lulu Coolz
    Lulu Coolz 5 days ago +1

    November 27th is my birthday.
    And wait, that's Thanksgiving?! I never knew, honestly. I don't live in the US...
    Also, who says they're from Africa? Not even the name of the country?!

  • raj sun
    raj sun 5 days ago

    Omg karen u cant just ask people why their white

  • Rosa Campos
    Rosa Campos 6 days ago +2

    Candy is wearing jeans on Wednesday and you can only do that on Friday

    Gad that was bugging me for a long time 😤

    • Lireni Lotha
      Lireni Lotha Day ago

      She probably didn't sit with the plastics then😁

  • Sonya Herfmann
    Sonya Herfmann 8 days ago

    the most iconic teen comedy

  • Darcie Lewis
    Darcie Lewis 8 days ago

    Gretchen is wearing hoops because she now hates Regina and doesn’t have to follow her anymore

  • Emily Nichole
    Emily Nichole 9 days ago

    “What the actual hell katie” ok now say this like that one popular girl you know 😂

  • Ava’s Life
    Ava’s Life 9 days ago

    Then suddenly it’s hard to breathe said everyone next to their crush


    7:20 girlll the narrator is acting like she wasn't ordered to to that for the movie 💀 it's acting jeez

  • YOONMIN Fan_101
    YOONMIN Fan_101 9 days ago

    Me: lives in England and is convinced that I know everything about England

    'What is fetch?'
    'Oh, it's like slang...from England.'

    Me: it is?

  • Lotte Wiechers
    Lotte Wiechers 10 days ago

    okay i don't know why i'm soo hyped about this but.. I WAS BORN ON NOVEMBER 27TH 2003! haha

  • Tiarra Moore
    Tiarra Moore 10 days ago

    You’re reading way too much into the #2 one!

  • dont read my profile pic

    Dont read my name

  • sarikatimmi
    sarikatimmi 10 days ago +2

    so much of our vocab came from this. who didn’t start (and never stopped) using fugly or maybe even a grotsky

  • bonnie leigh
    bonnie leigh 10 days ago +1

    cady did not try to speak Swahili to black kids she knows a guy called jombo from africa, and she thought that jombo was on that table. its still a bit racist but just sayings

  • Kiah Fredrickson
    Kiah Fredrickson 11 days ago

    Let me tell you this. If you havent hit high school yet, it isnt like this at all.

  • Kristen O
    Kristen O 11 days ago

    Ok speaking African to African ppl in America isn’t that racist. She had never gone to a school before so maybe she thought everyone spoke different languages. I wouldn’t mind if someone came up to me and started speaking Irish. I wouldn’t be offended even tho I’m Irish but don’t speak Irish. I would be like cool where did u learn that? 😂

  • Kristen O
    Kristen O 11 days ago

    I don’t get #6 could someone explain

  • Kristen O
    Kristen O 11 days ago

    Most of these are so dumb like the stupid Asian not African elephant and the book Regina George they look way too much into this stuff 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Suzanne Nsimire élève
    Suzanne Nsimire élève 11 days ago +1

    when Catherine said im from Africa and then carent said then why are you white well in south africa theirs white people too if ou guys did not know?

  • kate k
    kate k 11 days ago +3

    *like what the actual hell cady*

  • אריאל גולני
    אריאל גולני 12 days ago


  • Shu Hui
    Shu Hui 12 days ago

    Stop trying to make fetch a thing UGH

  • Bryn
    Bryn 12 days ago +2

    I'm a mini regina George

  • The Frizzy hair
    The Frizzy hair 12 days ago

    Finally someone mentions the weird racism

  • Hafsah Saeed
    Hafsah Saeed 12 days ago

    8:01 I’m actually dying ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth McCallum
    Elizabeth McCallum 12 days ago +2

    can you please do enemies turned friends in movies I know one enemy that became a friend from one movie that I like it is warren peace from the disney movie sky high

  • TH DOG SQUAD Adamos
    TH DOG SQUAD Adamos 13 days ago +5

    I thought she said "my parents got me really expensive white gold shoes" 😂😂

  • lovely tea
    lovely tea 13 days ago +1

    The reason she probably said "Jambo" to that group of kids was because she is from Africa. That isn't implying she was being racist in any way, she was just saying hello to them. *I don't want to fight so please, do not hate!*

  • Danica Patrick
    Danica Patrick 13 days ago +1

    I feel like this movie is a warning to 8th graders...

  • Dovahkiin_ Skyrim_Savior_

    Did you notice the Avril Lavigne poster in the back?

  • Hamburger Master
    Hamburger Master 14 days ago

    I have one: Cady was a new student who didnt know most of the kids, so why would they think she wrote the burn book.

  • Samantha VeraRamirez
    Samantha VeraRamirez 14 days ago +2

    At 8:35 the girl in the middle was the girl Regina was talking about the skirt and she was nice and Janis said UNFRIENDLY black hotties......

  • Nevaeh or Billy the llama

    What about Glen coco

  • Mikail Thomas
    Mikail Thomas 15 days ago

    Quit trying to make fetch happen it's not going to happen!!

  • Liz Hays
    Liz Hays 15 days ago

    yes! if u r from africa- why r u white????????????????????????

  • Liz Hays
    Liz Hays 15 days ago

    how dang dumb. love the movie. hate this dumb video.

  • Anna Kraiz
    Anna Kraiz 15 days ago +2

    Just makes me wanna watch it again for the 100th time.

  • Not the Doctor
    Not the Doctor 15 days ago

    I, like many girls at the time, only saw this movie on dvd shortly after it was released and of course it was life changing. It's realistic enough, and one of the few with an actual teenage cast with the exception of regina george who they turned in to a believable teenager, and far fetched enough to be wildly successful at the same time. Definetly the most quotable movie of this century

  • Embry Quintana
    Embry Quintana 15 days ago +1

    I'm the real Regina George in real life i have my own burn book on TVclip

  • Selena Martinez
    Selena Martinez 15 days ago +2

    That's so fetch👸🏽

  • hoe H-Heaven O-On E-Earth

    The movie is just too iconic so is The NoteBook,Titanic etc...

  • Royally Blue
    Royally Blue 16 days ago

    1:19 I don't remember that part

  • it's Deimy
    it's Deimy 16 days ago

    I don't get it at all

  • kookie loveee
    kookie loveee 16 days ago +2

    when she said ‘November 27’ i was weezing its on my birthday

  • Caroline and clover
    Caroline and clover 16 days ago

    Aahhhhh, the classic best rom com

  • Sean Romero
    Sean Romero 16 days ago

    *boo, your whore*
    My favorite part out
    Of the whole movie

  • Paulina Hormizda
    Paulina Hormizda 16 days ago

    10. Gretchen Gets to Wear Hoops - 00:36 - Gretchen wears hoops at the end of the movie
    9. Regina's Homeschooler Beloved Book - 1:26 - Regina despite being extremely dismissive of homeschoolers has a book frequently used by homeschoolers in her room
    8. The Wrong Elephant - 2:20 - Young Cady is pictured with an Asian elephant and not an African Elephant
    7. Odd Time for a Talent Show - 3:15 - The talent show was held on Thanksgiving.
    6. A Flimsy Ruse - 4:01 - Regina's ploy to pin the burn book on Cady, Karen and Gretchen and make herself look like a victim was flimsy since the book is handwritten and the school could have checked everyone's handwriting
    5. Shakespearean Queen Bees - 4:48 - The iconic Glen Coco scene features a classical Easter egg related to the film's plot; A Shakespearean quote from The 2 Noble Kinsmen where 3 queens asking for revenge for the deaths of their husbands.
    4. Ms.Norbury is a piano virtuoso - 5:43 - Ms.Norbury plays the classic song Jingle Bell Rock by ear so she is a piano virtuoso.
    3. Cady copies Regina before replacing her - 6:36 - You might not have noticed the entire plot of the movie
    2. Caddy's weird racism - 7:23 - Cady attempts to speak Swahili to the unfriendly black hotties (Janis calls them that.) because she assumes they know the language.
    1. Janis and Damian's map - 8:10 - The map Janis and Damian make for Cady is filled with useful information.

  • Nafisah Islam
    Nafisah Islam 18 days ago

    Elise , stop trying to make *fetch* happen, it's not gonna happen

  • Abigail None of your business

    The only thing I disagree with is her racism. I mean she spent most of her life in Africa so can you blame her

  • Blurbyy
    Blurbyy 18 days ago +2

    Dude Regina has an Avril Levigne poster though

  • Liana Soares
    Liana Soares 18 days ago

    I’m just as dumb as Karen Smith.

  • Imma Cat
    Imma Cat 19 days ago +1

    *Gretchen, stop making fetch trying to happen, IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN*

  • Renzo Rivera Valdivia
    Renzo Rivera Valdivia 19 days ago +2

    8:48 also the "YOU ARE HERE" sign stands for the place they like to go when they skip classes

  • Proud Dreamer
    Proud Dreamer 19 days ago

    Stop trying to make Fetch a word, Gretchen!

  • Nutty_ Sunshine
    Nutty_ Sunshine 20 days ago +2

    "you go glen coco!"

  • Sierra Goodson
    Sierra Goodson 20 days ago

    Lol virtuoso because she already knows the jingle bell rock tune???? Lololololololol whoever wrote this don't know shit about music lol

  • GachaBlues 210
    GachaBlues 210 21 day ago

    If ir from africa, why are u *White* LMFAO

  • Awesome Blossom
    Awesome Blossom 21 day ago