• Published on Jul 13, 2019
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  • Marga Rita
    Marga Rita 16 hours ago

    I laughed a lott!
    Hit the blue button if you laughed to

  • Sarah Yates
    Sarah Yates Day ago

    This made my day

  • Kimberly Pewitt
    Kimberly Pewitt 5 days ago

    When vsco girls try too hard

  • Emma L.
    Emma L. 7 days ago +1

    Plastic straw we don’t know her!😂

  • fernanda ruiz
    fernanda ruiz 9 days ago

    this was hilarious

  • madison nelson
    madison nelson 12 days ago

    Horrible video but good job for showing your broke

  • King Elle
    King Elle 12 days ago

    WTF is this!?

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 16 days ago +1

    How to be a vsco girl for $0.00

    Don’t become a vsco girl

  • Weetles Wootles
    Weetles Wootles 16 days ago

    I cant have airpods I have a Samsung not iPhone

  • Violet Arbulu
    Violet Arbulu 20 days ago

    That duct tape was plastic brooo

  • LJ Alexander
    LJ Alexander 21 day ago

    Did anyone else get kinda annoyed when she wrapped plastic duck tape around herself

  • Pikachu lover 123
    Pikachu lover 123 21 day ago +1

    Omg at 2:02 I was like what the hell

  • jp cote
    jp cote 23 days ago

    I wore a scrunching while watching this

  • Aleesya Rizal
    Aleesya Rizal 27 days ago +1

    I mean.. does the hydro flask is really exspensive? Because someof them is exspensive btw Love your vids💜

  • XxNarwal_ KøøkiysxX
    XxNarwal_ KøøkiysxX 28 days ago

    I’ve noticed that people that actually say they are vsco and aren’t joking NEVER say Sksksksks or andioop

  • Corinne Landry
    Corinne Landry 28 days ago

    *cough cough* it works great

  • Corinne Landry
    Corinne Landry 28 days ago +1

    i checked out ur shop on etsy and ill probably buy stuff

  • Angelica Yeeterz
    Angelica Yeeterz 29 days ago

    *thank you* I will grow up as a Vsco girl (I am a kid).

  • Kandy FN
    Kandy FN 29 days ago

    *Next Vid* 😳 *Well Bye Then* You Know What I’m Gonna Stay Because My *Sister* Yes My *Sister* Is Ummmmm A Vis.. Co... *God Damit!* *Im Out!*

  • Cutie Cupcake
    Cutie Cupcake Month ago +1


  • Cutie Cupcake
    Cutie Cupcake Month ago


  • Cutie Cupcake
    Cutie Cupcake Month ago


  • Bailey Gensler
    Bailey Gensler Month ago +1

    Rip off

  • CatChanGalaxy CatChanGalaxy

    Skskkskskksskkskssksksksksksks and i oop

  • Fisher Rozzi
    Fisher Rozzi Month ago


  • ItzzMashyYT
    ItzzMashyYT Month ago

    its funny when i say so myself it is but i thought u were going to be seriously

  • Bailey Ellis
    Bailey Ellis Month ago

    boi my shell neklace was 8.00 bucks !

  • Nastya Yavna
    Nastya Yavna Month ago

    And I OOP 🤰🏾🤡
    Sksksks 🔷🧚🏻‍♀️

  • Sarah Grossman
    Sarah Grossman Month ago

    Are you sure I can wear a blanket on my waist to skool?

  • Mrs. Thomas’s Class


  • Kim Gacha_playz
    Kim Gacha_playz Month ago

    Can a hijab girl be VSCO?

  • Aleiriela Domaboc
    Aleiriela Domaboc Month ago +2

    *she removed her glasses
    me: omg she's so adorable

  • Angry purple Potatoes

    I caught someone using plastic straws for their project and i said “next time use metal straws because save the turtles 🐢 sksksks

  • Anna Payne
    Anna Payne Month ago

    sksksksk save the trails

  • Moe Trujillo
    Moe Trujillo Month ago

    What was the name of the backpack

  • Jenna Kirsten
    Jenna Kirsten Month ago +1

    i made a “mario badescu” at math class a few months ago. i just took an alcohol container and took of the label and added pink watercolor in the alcohol itself. then i sticked a mario badescu logo i printed in the library & everyone was weirded out with what i was doing until they saw i had a “mario badescu” 😂

  • Dino The goldfish
    Dino The goldfish Month ago +1

    You need airpods

    I lost mine when i was at the airport :')

  • Lady Green レディグリーン。

    Okay so my mom has a big hydro flask I finna steal it now and throw some stickers on em

  • Randall Royal
    Randall Royal Month ago

    You really tried

  • Brooklyn Tea
    Brooklyn Tea Month ago

    Perfect I’m a true vsco girl now

  • Lexi Motes
    Lexi Motes Month ago

    I love this you are so funny

  • Acyzei
    Acyzei Month ago

    I never knew I was a VSCO girl in my whole entire life...

  • Tamzyn Orchard
    Tamzyn Orchard Month ago

    Yes this is a joke

  • Ouch_ I_Just_Got_Roasted

    This was like 1000000$ dollars 😒😒

  • paulina Ramirez
    paulina Ramirez Month ago

    "Plastic straws, we don't know her" 😂

  • JuJu Gacha Tik tok and Art!!!

    Wut if we dont got this

  • Grace Havens
    Grace Havens Month ago

    I hate youuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!

  • Paco !
    Paco ! Month ago

    How to make a oversised shirt.
    Strech the shirt

  • Nicole Wright
    Nicole Wright Month ago

    I actually thought this was going to work tou disappoint me!!😪😪🥺

  • Cøffee Føx
    Cøffee Føx Month ago


  • Lyla Simpson
    Lyla Simpson Month ago

    Don’t have Tele ties or and Birkenstocks and crocs and vans

  • Lana Monahan
    Lana Monahan Month ago

    I believed the title 😥😥😂

  • Elizabeth Carson
    Elizabeth Carson Month ago

    This is straight up trolling

  • Zia G
    Zia G Month ago

    i think this video is hilarious and i love your channel

  • Stan Ciezkowski
    Stan Ciezkowski Month ago

    Wow i wasted my time to see this not looking at this channel agian

  • itz Stealth
    itz Stealth Month ago

    Fuck vsco girls and fuck u

  • Pensri Kenbubpha
    Pensri Kenbubpha Month ago

    Ok so no hard feeling but this vid makes me mad and sry but I would say maybe but yeah.....

    • Kellie Burden
      Kellie Burden  Month ago

      10/10 for honesty!!!!!!!! Shoutout honesty!!!!!!

  • keilah
    keilah Month ago +2

    don’t forget me when you blow up ! :)

  • Roxy Christina
    Roxy Christina 2 months ago +2

    Omg the shirt doesn’t have to be THAT long

  • Caitlyn Stroud
    Caitlyn Stroud 2 months ago +1

    I thought this video was gonna be serious!