Sourdough Bread - Part 1: The Starter

  • Published on Aug 30, 2017
  • Learn how to make a Sourdough Bread Starter! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy demo for Sourdough Bread - Part 1: The Starter!
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  • Food Wishes
    Food Wishes  Month ago +3

    Check out the recipe:

  • Christian Graves
    Christian Graves 9 hours ago

    I named mine doughbert: bringer of yeast

  • Jane A
    Jane A 15 hours ago

    I started this today. Wish me luck! I love ❤️ sour dough bread. I named mine John Dough 😆

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong 22 hours ago

    Those who says the starter smell like shit should shove a can of 2 litres beer up their anus and then drink the anus canned beer.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 4 days ago

    I've never weighed or measured my flour or water for my starter nor have I discarded any either. Bread tastes great !

  • Paul Bickley
    Paul Bickley 6 days ago

    Have you seen this video...
    I would give up my truck driving job and do this as my retirement job...

  • Leanna
    Leanna 7 days ago

    Chef John remember this little trick to see if your starter is ready to use. Take a glass bowl and add water enough so that when you add a teaspoon of the starter it will float every time. That is how I know it's ready to use.

  • dalex60
    dalex60 9 days ago

    Brett Favre’s last name contains 2 syllables, and is actually pronounced, “Fav-ruh”, not “Farve”. It’s French,. Take a closer look, the “v” comes before the “r”.

  • D.L. Campbell
    D.L. Campbell 11 days ago

    You have great videos but please talk like a normal person.

  • Carl Creighton
    Carl Creighton 16 days ago

    This is such a one-stop shop!

  • Susan Darby
    Susan Darby 18 days ago

    "...eventually you'd have to move out of your house..." LOL

  • ashresearcher
    ashresearcher 19 days ago

    John: Culls half of yeast population daily

  • Sigridovski
    Sigridovski 22 days ago

    Also add 1 tsp RAW, unheated honey - on first day. Feed two more times, each time after only 12 hours. It is called the Honey Salt method.

  • Sigridovski
    Sigridovski 22 days ago

    Also add 1 tsp RAW, unheated honey in the first mix.

  • Kat Kat
    Kat Kat 25 days ago

    You are so pleasant to listen to ♡😊 thanks 🌸

  • k8eekatt
    k8eekatt 27 days ago

    Hey 2017 Chef John, I hope you try making this again in Sonoma in 2019, and see if the yeast properties in that area yield a distinct sour culture?

  • Gobblarr
    Gobblarr 28 days ago

    You forgot to mention that starter is characteristic of its region and that your sour dough will taste better than mine. If you live in SF CA you have an advantage and can sell your starter around the world. Starter is real easy money if you live on the BW struggling for extra "dough".

  • dirtyketchup
    dirtyketchup 29 days ago

    I used an organic whole meal rye from the U.K., so I named her Kate. Kate Bakingsale…

  • Steve Farber
    Steve Farber 29 days ago

    There are many ways to use the discard. You just have to enjoy those products, e.g. scallion pancakes.

  • hedge hodges
    hedge hodges Month ago

    Can you please do some delicious Christmas desserts that travel well? I always make the same things for my neighbors and husbands coworkers I’d love to try some of yours 😍

  • graycloud057
    graycloud057 Month ago

    Do not use tap water.

  • jgranahan
    jgranahan Month ago

    Thanks for this! Was recently beginning a starter!

  • CluelessEvil
    CluelessEvil Month ago

    I tried this durring the summer using a different tutorial but a heatwave fried the poor thing. I actually did name it though, Sir Breadrick W. Wheatly the first
    Gonna give it another go now that its fall

  • Dan Bev
    Dan Bev Month ago

    Tap water will NOT work if your water has chlorine in it.

  • neuroflare
    neuroflare 2 months ago

    Finally decided to make a starter and I'll be using a heritage wheat bread flour from the local mill to do it with!

  • mfhmonkey
    mfhmonkey 2 months ago

    Started two different sourdough starters today. One with whole wheat and another with white unbleached flours.

  • Jayson Stonne
    Jayson Stonne 2 months ago

    Isn't it possible to save the "discarded" half to create two starters?

  • Baby wyrmlad
    Baby wyrmlad 2 months ago

    0:45 nice

  • Hassan Alhakeem
    Hassan Alhakeem 3 months ago

    7 days
    200g x 2^7=28600 gram
    28.6 kg of starter

    15 days
    6500kg go out

  • Mexican Highlife
    Mexican Highlife 3 months ago

    Can you use some store yeast to start it off. Would this not speed up the early stage?

  • liddy paul
    liddy paul 3 months ago

    Why do I need bread, it’s certainly not for the dough, I never get a rise, and this guys voice needs ramming up a ducks arse where it belongs.

  • Benton Bain
    Benton Bain 3 months ago

    Instead of throwing away half, use this half in another container and do the same as the original half so you have twice the starter.

  • Tyrone M.
    Tyrone M. 3 months ago

    I'll stick tp plain white bread for now

  • Bee Attack
    Bee Attack 3 months ago

    Do you really throw away half of the mix? Seems like a waste. Can we use them? Will we get sick from the bad bacteria?

  • Caelum μ
    Caelum μ 3 months ago

    I missed a feeding and it reduced. If I feed it again will it grow to the original size before I forgot to feed it?

  • Zak Lloyd
    Zak Lloyd 4 months ago

    I wonder if it would be more practical to start with 5g of flour and 5g of water and increase everyday to ensure that as the mass grows the food intake of the starter increases but without the waste?
    (Unless of course we can make some sort of bread rolls with the waste)

  • Michaela Cannon
    Michaela Cannon 4 months ago

    I named mine Felicity. (look it up). I was really sad the day I decided to go Keto and I used her up one last time. Bye Felicity!! Actually, maybe it's akin to naming your livestock that you intend to eat. EW. Oh, I mean... Yak. Wait! I mean... Oh Hogwash!

  • Diane Greene
    Diane Greene 4 months ago

    < sadly realizes there is nowhere in Arizona house with 70 degree temp>

  • Max Wylde
    Max Wylde 4 months ago

    Doesn't your location matter to the flavour of sourdough, like some wild bacteria and yeast from San Francisco or Florence or something better than others?

  • Beautiful Disaster
    Beautiful Disaster 4 months ago

    Instead of throwing the halves out each time, could you make all those into breads? Or is it a health reason you have to throw them out?

    SWEETROSE SINGS 4 months ago

    Great video and explanation, best I have run across. You make it so clear and easy to understand. Staring mine now!

  • groenner81
    groenner81 4 months ago

    At 4:08ish did he just make a football reference (NFL) - Bread Favre (Brett Favre) 🤣

  • Marc B
    Marc B 4 months ago

    I’ll give a name called “SamCimentie”

  • Raven Cole
    Raven Cole 5 months ago

    You are the John Wick of cooking comedy shtick.

  • array s
    array s 5 months ago

    Making sourdough in a tropical country is such challenge.

  • Mokhtar Ben Mlouka
    Mokhtar Ben Mlouka 5 months ago

    My yeast is called Dante

  • ZX10R ZX10R
    ZX10R ZX10R 5 months ago

    whats wrong with that bread in the vid? I looks so flat with real thin crust.

  • GrampappyJoe
    GrampappyJoe 5 months ago


  • Seyed Clour
    Seyed Clour 5 months ago

    I have never gone wrong following your videos .

  • Seyed Clour
    Seyed Clour 5 months ago

    You are simply a master

  • Addie Welch
    Addie Welch 6 months ago

    You should have mentioned that the bad smell smelt REALLY bad. Smells like death

  • Elijah Gosnell
    Elijah Gosnell 6 months ago

    Hero bacteria. Killing the savages in the name of flavor. Bac Fieri.

  • Sarah's Foodlab
    Sarah's Foodlab 6 months ago

    is there any yeast in this starter does it ferment

  • Ezequiel Caste
    Ezequiel Caste 6 months ago

    Great video, I just have one question. at the end of the feeding process (7 to 10 days) how much starter do you have?

  • Maltfalc
    Maltfalc 6 months ago

    don't discard starter, just double it every day until you have way too much and then pour most of it into several containers and freeze them. thaw one out to get a head start next time you need to make starter.

  • Tamiris Bortowski
    Tamiris Bortowski 6 months ago

    You are always the best!!

  • Cyborg1337
    Cyborg1337 6 months ago

    Worst fucking recipe I have ever seen.
    Do this if you want to waste your money... or if you would just be a little smarter you would just use a MUCH smaller starting ratio and don't throw half out and just use double the flower & water each time... but that's too smart for this dipshit idiot. OR if this is too hard for you just keep it instead of throwing it out and bake more.

  • elmma 3g
    elmma 3g 6 months ago


  • Dannie N
    Dannie N 6 months ago

    Mr. Bubble

  • Tri Hermawan
    Tri Hermawan 6 months ago

    Please start discarding some of the starter when you first 'feed' your starter and don't skip any step from this man's tutorial, if not you will get nasty smell on your starter, you dont want that