Minecraft But Every Drop Is Random

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • Minecraft But Every Drop Is Random
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  • Mitrajit Chandra Chandra

    i loved the music of i was testing at the intro

  • LAYME tomato
    LAYME tomato Day ago

    Make sure to lick that like button

  • J Taylor
    J Taylor 2 days ago +1

    why did skeppy need diamonds,hes made out of them

  • Cringe kid 555
    Cringe kid 555 2 days ago

    12:49 my ears hurt

  • MittenGamerGirl 123
    MittenGamerGirl 123 3 days ago

    Sure, I will lick my screen.

  • Eevee えいえヴい

    The game was glitched

  • DankChickenFeet 1
    DankChickenFeet 1 4 days ago

    13:05 what kind of mating call is that?

  • Kazumi
    Kazumi 5 days ago

    *Intro song name?*

  • schockocraft
    schockocraft 5 days ago

    Has wood and dont try mine Planks, fences, Pressure plates, stairs etc...

  • Federico Reinoza
    Federico Reinoza 6 days ago

    You mine mobs

  • clsssic sonic
    clsssic sonic 10 days ago +1

    mom:don't waste diamonds its doesn't grow on the trees

    me:ummmmm yeah it is

  • Fat Thomas
    Fat Thomas 10 days ago


  • Ballislife 30
    Ballislife 30 10 days ago

    12:54 anyone else see ghost bottom left corner

  • Ballislife 30
    Ballislife 30 10 days ago

    Skeppy when he trolls baldboyhalo: surprises him
    Baldboyhalo when he tries to troll skeppy: iM gOnNa BaMbOoZaL yOu

  • Noel Black
    Noel Black 11 days ago

    ,,i was Testing“

  • Flop Nation
    Flop Nation 11 days ago

    "oh my goodness"

  • Nila Gamer
    Nila Gamer 12 days ago

    It will take 208 years for woman equallity make it shorter by telling someone and tell them we CAN make it shorter just talk to someone about it

  • Spongebob’s Pen Pal
    Spongebob’s Pen Pal 12 days ago

    So if you mine skeppy
    You get another player?

  • Smile
    Smile 13 days ago

    everyone:ok wood from a tree thats normal
    you on drugs:

  • Jacie Mae
    Jacie Mae 13 days ago


  • Alex The Dancer
    Alex The Dancer 13 days ago

    Intro song pls

  • rvtoyo72
    rvtoyo72 14 days ago

    Wear me cookie :(

  • Minty Minnie
    Minty Minnie 15 days ago

    Guys sub to me i upload daily

  • itsmecooperyt
    itsmecooperyt 15 days ago

    It triggered me so much that they didn't break the blocks to see what they were once they found a new one

  • Erna Marie Scharbau Jørgensen

    First thing in the video: like or no more cookies for u ever.
    Me: I don’t like cookies 😀

    • Chxrm
      Chxrm 14 days ago

      Jk I respect your opinion :)

    • Chxrm
      Chxrm 14 days ago

      How cOuLd yOu

    • Chxrm
      Chxrm 14 days ago

      Erna Marie Scharbau Jørgensen whAt

  • Noah Shepherd
    Noah Shepherd 17 days ago

    *skeppy picks up TNT

  • Wolfe Chuu
    Wolfe Chuu 17 days ago

    Who remembers the vid he kept saying “I was test I was testing I was testing I was testing”

  • JuddTheGood
    JuddTheGood 17 days ago

    I cant help but facepalm when he threw the shulker boxes

  • Paige Draney
    Paige Draney 18 days ago

    RIP my ears.

  • Jaxon Covey
    Jaxon Covey 18 days ago


  • WindyEvolution
    WindyEvolution 18 days ago

    "You Muffintard"

  • HitmarkerGamer
    HitmarkerGamer 18 days ago

    I was testing

  • I plazz Strucid mobile


  • FrenchCrepe
    FrenchCrepe 19 days ago

    redstone machine

  • Icee
    Icee 21 day ago

    12:55 huge mineshaft

  • Billy Animates
    Billy Animates 23 days ago

    What I lick?

  • Satsuki Gacha
    Satsuki Gacha 23 days ago +3

    My mom: *walks in the room*
    Me: *licking my ipad*
    My mom: “what are you-“
    Me: “it said to lick... don’t judge”

  • Spaghetta 99
    Spaghetta 99 23 days ago +1

    Best intro music ever

    *i was test-test-testing*

  • Meggy Spletzers
    Meggy Spletzers 23 days ago

    12:54 why is there a ghast at the bottom left?

  • Hudson equestrian
    Hudson equestrian 24 days ago

    I didn't lick and I have a bunch of cookies next to me :D

  • Anc ient
    Anc ient 24 days ago

    Boomer boy halo

  • Ashe 101
    Ashe 101 24 days ago

    I literally had to turn volume off

  • Patnaree Chanapim
    Patnaree Chanapim 24 days ago

    I alway dont like cookies

  • Rhiannon Matheson
    Rhiannon Matheson 25 days ago

    How do I lick the vid?

  • Derpy The awesomeness of derp

    I was testing

  • JustAVillager
    JustAVillager 25 days ago +1

    Minecraft but it’s Roblox but it’s also Minecraft but it’s also Minecraft but it’s also Roblox but it’s also Minecraft but it’s also Roblox but it’s also Minecraft but I don’t have a clue about what I’m saying

  • Arda Selet
    Arda Selet 26 days ago

    Diamonds grows on the tree

  • Capra Family
    Capra Family 26 days ago

    i like you vid

  • water is not wet bruhfonus

    Seing skeppy play Minecraft makes me not want to play Minecraft

    Subscribe to technoblade

  • Susan Pini - Barefoot Essentials

    0:01 what?...... Lick and sub or no more cookie for u

  • xXRose_ChanXx
    xXRose_ChanXx 27 days ago

    I love the one in the hood he’s so cute

  • Bruh YT
    Bruh YT 28 days ago

    Skeppy got played by A6d

  • StarSong’s Spirit
    StarSong’s Spirit 28 days ago

    Skeppy is now officially a muffin top.

  • Devin Blair II
    Devin Blair II 28 days ago


  • awsmegmr 222 draws
    awsmegmr 222 draws 28 days ago

    Eats cookies before video

  • Gacha May
    Gacha May 28 days ago

    I'm in bed on my phone and its my bedtime ☺

  • Alex Rose
    Alex Rose Month ago

    That editing tho

  • Andy Red
    Andy Red Month ago

    Who else wants “I was Testing” to be a real song? I know I’m not the only one

  • Loser fish
    Loser fish Month ago

    Lick and sub?

  • Melkek :D
    Melkek :D Month ago

    What if: you mined diamonds, and got bedrock?