• Who were the 9 Players Taken before Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft? Where are they now in the 2020 Season? How did their careers turn out? Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, Christian McCaffrey and more were in that Draft Class!
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  • LNUBlitz
    LNUBlitz  2 months ago +253

    Which player should I do next?!

  • HarbingerOfBattle
    HarbingerOfBattle 14 hours ago

    Patrick is not just a boom, he’s an atomic explosion!!!

  • Maximo Ibietatorremendia

    but in 2017 the Panthers had a Cam Newton

  • Roope Jalava
    Roope Jalava Day ago

    And they said that mahomes wouldn’t be so good if he went to other team

  • Roope Jalava
    Roope Jalava Day ago

    Every player whos not hall of fame is not a bust i cant say that myles garret was he had rookie season and one mistake makes him bad?

  • Warren Quinn
    Warren Quinn Day ago

    The 11 players taken before Odell Beckham Jr

  • poocky1000
    poocky1000 Day ago

    im a fortyniners fan (cheifs and seahawks suck) so do kittle or jimmy G

  • Damon Duke
    Damon Duke Day ago


  • cassius
    cassius 2 days ago

    guys he just tern his comments off i feel bad

    Carlos TROCHEZ REZA 3 days ago


  • Gabe Smith
    Gabe Smith 3 days ago


  • Browns Productions
    Browns Productions 3 days ago

    Myles Garrett A Bust? Really.

  • DaNarius Barry
    DaNarius Barry 4 days ago

    Corey Davis is good I bet you're not even as good as him

    • lil snipey
      lil snipey 4 days ago

      And John Ross and Mike Williams

  • Connor Ferrelle
    Connor Ferrelle 5 days ago

    Who is better... Andy Dalton or Barry Sanders. It’s Andy dalton because a franchise QB is better than a franchise RB

  • Veronica Adame
    Veronica Adame 6 days ago

    Do Tom Brady. Please.

  • BATBOi 3000
    BATBOi 3000 6 days ago

    Dude if they don’t want to have him so leave them alone

  • slimez
    slimez 7 days ago

    This do sucks off Mahomes so much smh

  • J Lee
    J Lee 7 days ago

    You can change Myles Garrett

  • ggchesire
    ggchesire 7 days ago

    dont tell me about the number 2 draft IM STILL MAD

  • David Stutz
    David Stutz 7 days ago

    Solomon Thomas was drafted as their DT not DE. But he does play multiple techniques/positions. Plus they did the ultimate bamboozle to the bears. Panthers wouldve stuck with CMC. At that time Cam was supposedly healthy. They were trusting him when he said he was fine but turned out his whole body was falling apart.

  • Ethan Preece
    Ethan Preece 7 days ago

    Dose this man know that Myles Garrett is resigned

  • Pauline Fleischauer
    Pauline Fleischauer 8 days ago


  • Hayat Jabbour
    Hayat Jabbour 8 days ago

    C mac is almost as good as mahomes but jamal isint

  • Devin Snell
    Devin Snell 8 days ago

    Lamar Jackon

  • Wyatt Family
    Wyatt Family 8 days ago

    this dude knows nothing about football

  • Andrea Peters
    Andrea Peters 8 days ago +1

    The Seahawks

  • Cayden Draws
    Cayden Draws 9 days ago

    Myles garret was not a bust his first snap was a sack

  • Joseph Beller
    Joseph Beller 9 days ago

    Tyreek Hill

  • Dubstep Sidestepper
    Dubstep Sidestepper 9 days ago

    My man just called Corey Davis a horrible pick 😑

  • The bffs Gaming
    The bffs Gaming 9 days ago

    May u do a face reveal

  • Michael Cornelius
    Michael Cornelius 10 days ago

    John Ross is decent

  • T Pierotti
    T Pierotti 10 days ago

    Do the many players picked before Tom Brady

  • Everett Koriath
    Everett Koriath 10 days ago

    Russell Wilson

  • Zakari Haider-Bierer
    Zakari Haider-Bierer 11 days ago

    under andy dalton the bengals were a good team

  • Dana D'Orsi
    Dana D'Orsi 11 days ago

    Lamar the legend jackson

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 11 days ago

    Chargers could’ve gotten juju

  • Packers Fan12
    Packers Fan12 12 days ago

    Davante adams

  • ok let's go w
    ok let's go w 12 days ago

    Nick Bosa

    KAEX BROS 13 days ago

    you said mike only had 2 touchdowns,he had 1,000 yards

  • Izequiel Bedolla
    Izequiel Bedolla 13 days ago

    JG Jimmy g

  • Ted Anderson
    Ted Anderson 13 days ago

    They could take Patrick Mahomes in the second round

  • Caroline Jarboe
    Caroline Jarboe 13 days ago +1


    • Caroline Jarboe
      Caroline Jarboe 13 days ago

      he’s also gonna win a super bowl and he won mvp

  • Gannon Martin
    Gannon Martin 14 days ago

    can you please do highschool

  • Don Adam
    Don Adam 14 days ago

    Lamar Jackson

  • ZachTube 10
    ZachTube 10 14 days ago

    Jags got Gardner Minshew II. Now their qb problem is solved.

  • Pho
    Pho 15 days ago

    John Ross is actually good this season

  • Stephanie Perry
    Stephanie Perry 19 days ago

    Myles garret is not a bust yes going to play again you dum

  • Teresa Whiteside
    Teresa Whiteside 20 days ago

    Please do Lamar Jackson next!

  • Schlong
    Schlong 21 day ago

    mahomes would not be good in the panthers offense so cmc was the better option

  • Dark Love
    Dark Love 22 days ago


  • Carl Roberts
    Carl Roberts 23 days ago

    Subscribe to my channel it is called team tn boys

  • Jandi Campbell
    Jandi Campbell 23 days ago +1

    Derrick henry

  • coach smitty
    coach smitty 24 days ago

    Dk metcalf looks like Zion

  • it's me Easton
    it's me Easton 24 days ago

    John ross catching =insane.route running =amazing.size =ok

  • it's me Easton
    it's me Easton 24 days ago

    John Ross is insane

  • Multivi
    Multivi 24 days ago +1

    Does this guy know what the hell a bust is. Just because you get suspended doesn't mean you're a bust. Also John Ross hasn't been bad he's just has so many injuries.

  • Gryan107
    Gryan107 24 days ago

    Saquon b

  • Lets Talk Chiefs Live
    Lets Talk Chiefs Live 24 days ago

    "Too many Touchdowns to count!"....I mean could you try..

  • Michael Berhanu
    Michael Berhanu 24 days ago

    Russell Wilson

  • Waffle Bouncer
    Waffle Bouncer 25 days ago

    Blake Bortles played good, but sold when he shouldn't have.

  • Slim Dawg
    Slim Dawg 25 days ago +1

    How do the Bears go 11-3

  • M4Y Lol
    M4Y Lol 25 days ago

    I don’t wanna talk about it

  • some random person
    some random person 26 days ago

    I feel like this was copied from TheFlightMike

    just a thought

  • Yoboy cheeta mini stunts

    The Cincinnati Bengals are drafting a quarterback named Joe Burrow

  • Professor Robot Zap
    Professor Robot Zap 27 days ago

    Lamar Jackson do the 31 teams that passed on Lamar

  • Quick
    Quick 27 days ago

    You should do Lamar Jackson

  • Camdog 99
    Camdog 99 27 days ago

    So fuck u

  • Camdog 99
    Camdog 99 27 days ago

    Fuck u u bitch trubisky has one bad season and apparently hes so bad

  • Sharkyboi Minecraft
    Sharkyboi Minecraft 28 days ago

    Kerk cusoins

  • Random Person named Me
    Random Person named Me 29 days ago +1

    How could it be to early to draft defense???? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Random Person named Me

    Yo, In 2017 the Panthers had Cam Newton, So they thought he would be their Franchise. So, Honestly I think they would keep it. But go back to the beginning of the year. Do as bad as the Bengals but worse. Get the number 1 pick and draft Tua or Joe. There.

  • Tyler Ahnert
    Tyler Ahnert 29 days ago

    Ross only played 8 games fourth most receiving yards on the team with 506 and had Finley and Dalton as his QB so I don’t think he is a bust

  • egg
    egg Month ago

    The editing in this video is awful my god

  • Kris Snelson
    Kris Snelson Month ago

    12-4 baby your a clown

  • Vulpicide
    Vulpicide Month ago

    Biggest thing ur forgetting is Mahomes is great but Andy Reid and his team made him amazing yes he would still be amazing on any given team but not to this caliber

  • Lucas Ruminot
    Lucas Ruminot Month ago

    Do lamar

  • Sarah Carolla
    Sarah Carolla Month ago

    Lamar Jackson

  • Benjamin Heiberger (Student)

    Players drafted before JuJu smith shuster

  • Vuk Podovac
    Vuk Podovac Month ago

    Patrick has won the Superbowl !!!