There's a NEW SCHOOL in BALDI'S Basics!

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • our favourite pinhead is back
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  • Cedrick잃어버린 마음

    The game link Dan?

  • markpheiffer122
    markpheiffer122 Day ago

    Dan do u remember me I'm the one that send that letter to u

  • Corrupt_Jelly
    Corrupt_Jelly Day ago +1

    Can you play dark deception?

  • lalarukh robinson
    lalarukh robinson 2 days ago

    Dan the real and actual answer to baldi’s impossible question is 31718

  • Crunch playzz
    Crunch playzz 3 days ago


  • Kevin Snijders
    Kevin Snijders 3 days ago

    1:11 Then Lets Do This!
    3:09, 6:23, 7:43, 10:13 ❗️
    8:18 ⁉️
    3:58 **intensity**

  • Stickman inc. Studios

    Baldi : Apples! Yum!

  • Zainuddin Mohamad
    Zainuddin Mohamad 4 days ago +1

    Baldi's basics Dan Tam ??? AAAAAAAAAAA

  • Greg Rutkowski
    Greg Rutkowski 5 days ago

    No escaping detention IN THE HALL XD

  • Krew Fisher
    Krew Fisher 6 days ago

    “Baldis fog machine malfunctioned again hacks”

    I was dying of laughter Idk why

    Btw instead of “baldis fog machine malfunctioned again ack hack he said that lok

  • SnowCats
    SnowCats 7 days ago +1

    1:59 Who else got triggered when he said 8 Notebooks as normal as 7 notebooks are normal. 😒

  • Troy luck
    Troy luck 8 days ago +1

    4:05 that face

  • CoolBloxGamingGuy
    CoolBloxGamingGuy 8 days ago +1

    "8 notebooks, as normal"
    it's 7 notebooks in the normal game, not 8.

  • Nora Gagne
    Nora Gagne 9 days ago


  • Mauricio Lizarzaburu
    Mauricio Lizarzaburu 11 days ago

    M mental
    A abuse
    T to
    H hearts

  • Horse-Sky roblox stuff

    Haha baldi little bald man lol “!

  • Horse-Sky roblox stuff

    This is a nightmare

  • Dominic Manley
    Dominic Manley 14 days ago

    DanTDM kinda got scared or shocked at the start of the game 1:47

  • Moonsong
    Moonsong 15 days ago

    Aww, it's not as interesting without him getting more mad and faster the more math you get wrong, but the new stuff is very interesting!

  • Georgina Pulbos
    Georgina Pulbos 16 days ago

    I. Wait until you can come pick me up haha

  • Zoë 101
    Zoë 101 16 days ago

    Try grappling to the spike things when baldi comes!

  • LUSHY 82
    LUSHY 82 17 days ago

    Dantdm can you play call of duty mobile

  • Alexandria Harden
    Alexandria Harden 18 days ago

    Hi DanTDM

  • annablaze 457
    annablaze 457 19 days ago

    When he screamed it made me laugh 😂

  • Heather Bloomer
    Heather Bloomer 22 days ago

    I discrive

  • Bodhi Rojas
    Bodhi Rojas 24 days ago

    I just watched you do nightmare baldi and right after the gotta sweep thing i quit and now im watching this

  • Oakley King
    Oakley King 26 days ago

    BFF yjgbyvg yfcj cry it yfit fkunftukyku fykngunynnkynogyiyunuoniynynynoyniotnioyibtofnutdvryidvryvryyufhytfhyfnyttfyhfynfhytfvyftvynytfvyfvyo noooooooooo$22222223’tytkytyuoyukuyuyoykuyuiyuiyuiyuo

  • Oakley King
    Oakley King 26 days ago

    I love you Dantdm 😍🥰😘💩😻👮🏻‍♂️ dab police 🚔

  • Gaming GirlC
    Gaming GirlC 26 days ago +1

    V Baldi

  • Gaming GirlC
    Gaming GirlC 26 days ago +1


  • Erin unicorn Magic
    Erin unicorn Magic 26 days ago

    How many time did Dantdm Look scared


  • Hammad Bhatti
    Hammad Bhatti 27 days ago

    11:48 D A N C E D A N C E D A N C E

  • Cali Angel
    Cali Angel 27 days ago

    Baldi has had brown eyebrows but now he's BLONDE. Well at least his personality matches his hair!

  • Cillian Doyle
    Cillian Doyle 27 days ago

    Where's build battle?!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Teton
    John Teton 27 days ago


  • twentyonefiftyseven
    twentyonefiftyseven 28 days ago


  • Jjill Moya
    Jjill Moya 28 days ago

    Play tabs

  • Richard Healey
    Richard Healey 29 days ago

    Dan:we have to find 8 note books as normal
    Me:you mean 7

  • Madison Taylor
    Madison Taylor 29 days ago

    Stop, ok? *Baldi laughs* dan: ..

  • Kaiden Sheffield
    Kaiden Sheffield 29 days ago

    yeah is your real name kaden Because my name is Kaiden too
    And yea i am still thinking of dans child

  • AkaParadise_kr
    AkaParadise_kr 29 days ago

    Tap TAB to get a map on the screen
    Edit: it’s true I’m not lying dan pls try it thanks 🙂

  • Jackeline Montalvo
    Jackeline Montalvo 29 days ago

    can you play granny!?

  • Irregular Kiwi
    Irregular Kiwi Month ago

    There should be a level maker in baldi’s basics

  • Eva White
    Eva White Month ago

    That strand of hair never gets old

  • Harleyy YT
    Harleyy YT Month ago

    Dan their where 7 note books

  • Freddy Fazgirl
    Freddy Fazgirl Month ago

    Or let me invite you

  • Freddy Fazgirl
    Freddy Fazgirl Month ago

    Dantdm look to your creative destruction I give you something and can we pls play a game right now

  • Elytro 13479
    Elytro 13479 Month ago


  • Takiqueen :3
    Takiqueen :3 Month ago

    I favorite pinhead is back
    Who Are you calling pinhead

  • Mr Skits
    Mr Skits Month ago

    1:43 Fat boy Laughing? Or a Race car?

  • Mr Skits
    Mr Skits Month ago



  • Dacanay Gamers 2
    Dacanay Gamers 2 Month ago

    Dan! There's a new demo update of Baldi's Basics!

  • olivia bolden
    olivia bolden Month ago


  • Leon Dunn
    Leon Dunn Month ago

    Dan has a child?

  • Unicorn lovely Cat
    Unicorn lovely Cat Month ago

    Hi dan

  • Diego channel
    Diego channel Month ago

    Dantdm your yhe coolest youtuber

  • Denise O'Sullivan
    Denise O'Sullivan Month ago

    Please stand that your blue hair but that your blue hair but they are pleased and just get your blue hair back if you don’t I will unsubscribe and get your colourful circle of thing on your face can when you’re playing the games💎🧬 that room purple circular thing on your FaceCam

  • Denise O'Sullivan
    Denise O'Sullivan Month ago

    Get your blue hair back

  • Fnaf Gaming
    Fnaf Gaming Month ago

    I think this demo is easier than the original baldis basics