Top 10 Things To Remember Before Seeing Avengers: Endgame

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
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    It's the movie 10 years in the making! We've all been waiting patiently for the follow-up to Infinity War, and it's finally here! What will happen to our favorite heroes like Spider-Man, Black Panther and Star Lord when this new movie is released?
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    List rank and entries:
    10. Half the Universe is Dead
    9. Thanos Has All Six Infinity Stones
    8. Doctor Strange Saw it All Coming
    7. Hulk and Banner are On the Outs
    6. Iron Man is Stranded
    5. Thor’s New Weapon
    4. Valkyrie’s Fate is Unknown
    3, 2 & 1. ?
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  •  Month ago +230

    If you are a fan of the MCU, then you HAVE to check out our Hardcore Trivia for MCU fans!

    • TopUpMovies
      TopUpMovies Day ago

      MCU so good movies

    • carealoo744
      carealoo744 3 days ago

      'Loki,' used his Left Hand, to try and kill: 'Thanos!'
      He might have been an Illusion!

    • Spider Web
      Spider Web 3 days ago

      I watched captian marvel today. I will be watching Avengers Endgame in July 5 three day after the release of Spider-Man Far From Home.

    • Eman Atta
      Eman Atta 10 days ago

    • -Btw-my-name -is-carl-
      -Btw-my-name -is-carl- 12 days ago

      Got 8/10!

  • Youssef Hefny
    Youssef Hefny Hour ago

    Ironman dies after he kills thanos

  • Nathan Näckdal
    Nathan Näckdal Hour ago

    i saw the movie today, what me to spoil the whole shit?

  • Hsh Ysha
    Hsh Ysha 2 hours ago

    Iv watched endgame in Australia

  • Livia V.
    Livia V. 2 hours ago +1

    Valkyrie is alive, it's was confirmed in an interview many months ago

  • Ο Κουλης
    Ο Κουλης 3 hours ago +1

    no captain can lift no hummer to be true

  • Isaiah Eatmon
    Isaiah Eatmon 3 hours ago +1

    scotch tape is the key everyone but don't tell nobody I told you this

  • Meosjin Kim
    Meosjin Kim 5 hours ago

    Tony stark will save everyone in End Game.
    But you will cry in the ending.

  • The collector guy
    The collector guy 6 hours ago

    This movie will be the biggest box office hit off all time

  • yung xanny aka lil xanny

    Just call Deadpool for help smh

  • 10k with no vids challenge no vids challenge

    The snap THE SNAPPPPPP

  • Sofia Potter-Skywalker

    Be like strange. Dont post spoilers

  • BIonIc oP
    BIonIc oP 8 hours ago

    No freaking du have the univerce is dead we dont have the memorey of a dog

  • Graandady Memes
    Graandady Memes 9 hours ago

    The soul stone breaks 50% of universe comes back and they all fight thanos on his home planet

  • Zein Shion
    Zein Shion 11 hours ago

    Are superman and batman not an avengers??Answer my question plss..

  • Louisentine
    Louisentine 11 hours ago

    I really want to spoil now but Avengers said "Do not spoil the game" TwT, that's ok I will respect them since this is their last movie

  • cie -
    cie - 11 hours ago

    So Thanos is the real hero....

  • samuel velasquez
    samuel velasquez 11 hours ago

    Yeah what if this was the version that they won and to win all that had to happen so they could win

  • tankeryy
    tankeryy 11 hours ago

    Captain marvel is showing up?! Damn!

  • tankeryy
    tankeryy 12 hours ago

    Thx for the recap

  • W. Jones
    W. Jones 12 hours ago

    She’s been gone because she’s been helping the shape shifters. She warned fury to call only for emergencies, he had faith in his avenger.

  • Velile Mhlungu
    Velile Mhlungu 12 hours ago

    Captain Marvel is the way. She can take on Thenos.

    • Ace Destroyer
      Ace Destroyer 5 hours ago

      Thanos bitch slaps her but it's okay because Tony Stark puts on the infinity gauntlet and saves the day.

  • Seppe Verschueren
    Seppe Verschueren 13 hours ago

    spoiler alert: korg plays fortnite

  • Spherical 3
    Spherical 3 14 hours ago

    Damn the avengers endgame is so awesome. That's all.

  • Its Me
    Its Me 15 hours ago

    Good thing Doctor Strange Died cuz he will be a big spoiler

  • Sekai Eruza
    Sekai Eruza 16 hours ago

    turns out ur theory about the time travel was true

  • Euro's saylum
    Euro's saylum 17 hours ago


    • Its Me
      Its Me 14 hours ago

      Im eatching it on next tuesday

    • Its Me
      Its Me 14 hours ago

      Pls dont spoil in comment sec

    • Euro's saylum
      Euro's saylum 15 hours ago


    • Its Me
      Its Me 15 hours ago

      Dude did you watched Endgame?

  • The Nutdealer
    The Nutdealer 17 hours ago

    Damn totally forgot half the universe is dead.

  • Poy
    Poy 17 hours ago

    End game gave "you should've gone for the head" very unexpectedly

  • big fox
    big fox 17 hours ago +1

    remember that Iron Man dies

  • ami ssaddai
    ami ssaddai 17 hours ago +1

    Tony stark is gonna save everyone

  • Hippos Jump
    Hippos Jump 19 hours ago

    Iron man dies so does black widow

  • Hippos Jump
    Hippos Jump 19 hours ago

    Iron man dies and black widow dies

  • Hippos Jump
    Hippos Jump 19 hours ago

    He does not have all six

  • My Name
    My Name 21 hour ago

    Thanos is not strong is a fact!!

  • Andrew Oxford
    Andrew Oxford 22 hours ago

    Half the universe is dead?! I had no idea?!?!

  • Jeffrey Ahmed Sampulna
    Jeffrey Ahmed Sampulna 23 hours ago

    number 0 captain america shave her beard

  • Clone Captian Kelee

    Number 8 is true Doctor Strange told Stark "It was the only way" meaning he had to give up the time stone if they were to win the one out come they could!

  • Benji Wong
    Benji Wong Day ago +36

    Here’s theory. When Strange said he only saw one seeable future, he knew starlord would punch Thanos, and that it was part of how they were gonna win. So while everyone thinks that starlord ruined their only chance to win, maybe it was actually key to them winning.

    • Homer Simpson
      Homer Simpson 6 hours ago +1

      Yes everyone keeps saying it was Starlord’s fault for them losing but people are ignoring the fact that the 14 million futures Doctor Strange saw, he said they only won one

    • You
      You 8 hours ago

      Dude that's actually very smart of u

  • TheAbc45678
    TheAbc45678 Day ago

    Half the universe didn't die in Avengers Infinity Wars. Nobody died. Let me explain. When Thanos snapped his fingers he split the universe into two multiverses. Everyone was duplicated. Then in each multiverse a different half of the population died a few moments after the split. Avengers Endgame will merge these two multiverses back into one. My guess is that the infinity stones themselves were duplicated and the Avengers will use the duplicates to defeat Thanos. In fact if you look at the movie frame by frame you will see Thanos's gauntlet splitting into two gauntlets for several frames when he snaps his fingers. Coincidence?

  • Tony Blanchard
    Tony Blanchard Day ago

    Decimate is only 10%. If anything, they should call it "the Halfening".

  • Kyler Greer
    Kyler Greer Day ago

    I mean...hopefully u already know this stuff

  • Lorenzo Martinez
    Lorenzo Martinez Day ago +5

    Thor is the strongest. Prolly won’t happen but I wanna see him and captain marvel get into a little fight

  • JAMES Patrick
    JAMES Patrick Day ago

    Ok everyone, it's obvious Korg will be the one to kill thanos

  • SnX Hyprz
    SnX Hyprz Day ago +1

    Imagine if before Stan Lee died they got to record a final scene where Stan destroys Thanos, would be the best send off for him :(

  • nepalese boyz
    nepalese boyz Day ago

    👉 Guys watch out this @QTRA

  • Yogesh Naik
    Yogesh Naik Day ago +5

    Gamora will kill Thanos , she is inside the soul stone

  • Sam McCain
    Sam McCain Day ago +1

    Number 11: Thanos is Purple


  • TimeforTymbus Notimeforhate

    Why is it called the decimation? To decimate means to killing one in ten. Thanos killed half the Universe.

    • Terryparadox
      Terryparadox 9 hours ago

      TimeforTymbus Notimeforhate no tf it doesn’t

  • M L
    M L Day ago +1

    I think Bruce Banner is going to make a plan to stop Thanos, because he said: “Oh screw you you big green asshole, I’LL DO THIS MYSELF!” And Thanos also said that in a after-credit scene.

  • Lacanister
    Lacanister Day ago +1

    a nlgger hacking infinity stone? Please.... how about they hack their welfare and harlem first, lol.

  • Dominic Corradi
    Dominic Corradi Day ago

    I will watch this movie. Whatever it takes.

  • Koin onian
    Koin onian Day ago

    I thought the infinty gauntlet broke cause he snapped

  • Sehaj Kamboj
    Sehaj Kamboj Day ago

    How Bruce banner came to earth from Thor's ship

    • tjolney92
      tjolney92 17 hours ago

      He didn't he came by the byfrost

  • Richard AFAMASAGA
    Richard AFAMASAGA Day ago +2

    He forgot to go for the head

  • Sahand Ghorbani
    Sahand Ghorbani Day ago

    They need the punisher

  • Nvllify PK
    Nvllify PK Day ago

    Okay so real people remember when in Civil War, Vision went through things. If thanos was trying to pull his stone why didn’t he use that power so his hand could go through his body?

  • TopUpMovies
    TopUpMovies Day ago

    I'm waiting Coming soon April,6 😘😘

  • Krishnendu T
    Krishnendu T Day ago

    Wasn't it loki
    Is he still alive

  • Veevslav1
    Veevslav1 Day ago

    Thanos created 2 realities and split the population... ENJOY!!!

  • Matt Gillard
    Matt Gillard Day ago

    There is a second glove on Nidavellir that they forgot about

  • Dolly Neek
    Dolly Neek Day ago

    man this is the most intense movie ever aside from infinity war i'm so ready for thursday

  • Victor Ryan
    Victor Ryan Day ago

    Thanos with the infinity guantlet is ranked as one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel multiverse. It just makes me wonder what the next big villain will be

  • Victor Ryan
    Victor Ryan Day ago

    Bruh who cares about the story line... I just want to know if Loki is dead

  • Raymond Noa
    Raymond Noa Day ago

    Also remember that doctor strange could just open a portle and put thanos hand in it and just cut it or go to the past and kill thanos when he was a baby and had no power

  • Jamyl Hurtado
    Jamyl Hurtado 2 days ago

    Number 4
    Don't worry she lived

  • cнoυ мaιn
    cнoυ мaιn 2 days ago

    Avenger forget captain marvel... The story starts from captain marvel... The S.H.I.E.L.D start from captain marvels... I think they are not alone cause there are still skrull
    Were they help captain marvel what the real story that where are her power come from... And maybe there more enemy coming... That from captain marvel movie that they escape i think they will take a revenge in captain marvels

  • Pro Roblox Gamer
    Pro Roblox Gamer 2 days ago

    This should be marvelous.

  • SSJ Goku
    SSJ Goku 2 days ago

    Dr. Strange is still alive

  • Sama Emad
    Sama Emad 2 days ago

    To be honest I’m not hating but u spoiled the film

  • Rash mi
    Rash mi 2 days ago

    I saw the infinity war movie again on television yeterday

  • uma bisht
    uma bisht 2 days ago +21

    The first to watch the thanos vs avengers and guardians of The Galaxy ( on Titan) before any of you was Dr. Strange

  • Dexterdrone 2125
    Dexterdrone 2125 2 days ago


  • Tune NinetyNine
    Tune NinetyNine 2 days ago +1

    No thanos do not have infinity stone now...we seen the last scene, and he's hands were bare. From what i think, the infinity stone did their work and now they are gone to where they came from.

    • JAMES Patrick
      JAMES Patrick Day ago

      But in the scene after that there is a destroyed gauntlet with all the stones on Thanos's left hand

  • Lina IsNotANoob
    Lina IsNotANoob 2 days ago

    None of these are things anyone would have forgotten... just saying.

  • Cyber Bird
    Cyber Bird 2 days ago +3

    26 April 2019 waiting for that day

  • Lincoln Hupp
    Lincoln Hupp 2 days ago

    These videos are always trash man

  • Maligaya Billiards
    Maligaya Billiards 2 days ago

    what a about thors new eye

  • 24/7 Bacon
    24/7 Bacon 3 days ago +23

    Ask help in the DC universe it will be the biggest crossover in the whole history
    P.s it’s a joke

  • Myra Belle Dingal
    Myra Belle Dingal 3 days ago +2

    Watched the MCU movies chronologically and I got better understanding. So excited for the upcoming movie!

  • RGF ProGamerJJ
    RGF ProGamerJJ 3 days ago

    I only just realised theirs a face in mojo

  • Small World - Official
    Small World - Official 3 days ago +28

    Oh man! I forgot Thor got the Stormbreaker! Thanks for telling me!

      THEWATERGUY 728 14 hours ago

      *EXPAND* *DONG* I also forgot cap lifts Thor’s hammer

    • *EXPAND* *DONG*
      *EXPAND* *DONG* Day ago +1

      Too bad they forgot to mention that Steve Rogers is Captain America. I'm sure nearly everyone has forgot that!

  • Nicci Veroni
    Nicci Veroni 3 days ago

    Valkyrie is dead. There is a promo picture with her face on it that reads, “Avenge The Fallen”

  • Jasmine Nicole
    Jasmine Nicole 3 days ago

    The end is not even close.
    My father, he saud when he was a child, he completed the comic collection of marvel since his father was rich. He said there will be a lot of heroes that will collab with them. I WAS SO FREAKING HYPED UP he also said that the only way is to reverse time.

  • DaMinionLord
    DaMinionLord 3 days ago

    I just want Spider-Man to come back.

  • carealoo744
    carealoo744 3 days ago +9

    'Loki,' used his Left Hand, to try and kill: 'Thanos!'
    He might have been an Illusion!

  • Anant Jadhav
    Anant Jadhav 3 days ago +33

    Today only i watched infinity war,😂😂😂😂😂

  • Emily Masri
    Emily Masri 3 days ago

    I love your videos keep it up you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lewi Adam
    Lewi Adam 3 days ago

    red skull vs captain america end game

  • SilverGun007
    SilverGun007 3 days ago

    4:49 dude.. that's his helmet 😂

  • Chintan Panchal
    Chintan Panchal 3 days ago

    in such hollywood movies it is shown that the villian got all the powers and become immortal.and then also killed by hero

    EMU ESHAD 3 days ago

    She's not the MCU's strongest hero

  • divya singh thakur
    divya singh thakur 3 days ago

    This comment was posted before thanos snapped his fingers.

  • Gamer 123
    Gamer 123 3 days ago +205

    Doctor strange already saw endgame

    But not us....Not us

    • Gamer 123
      Gamer 123 20 seconds ago

      +Naeem Bin Farid captain*

    • Naeem Bin Farid
      Naeem Bin Farid 8 hours ago

      And caption america beat thanos with Thor's hammer

    • Naeem Bin Farid
      Naeem Bin Farid 8 hours ago

      Iron Man dies sorry for the spoiler

    • Lilly Malsom
      Lilly Malsom 11 hours ago +1

      Strange is definitely coming back. Along with Spider-Man, look up ‘Avengers 4 cast list” and you can see the actors who play strange and spider man. If they were dead? Why would they be in the casting list ;)

    • PMD997 123
      PMD997 123 16 hours ago

      I have seen it

  • Tall Grande
    Tall Grande 4 days ago

    oh my god i totally forgot about all of these😩😨😨¡¡

  • Shubham Arora
    Shubham Arora 4 days ago

    Ant > Elephant
    This might be the theory to believe guys.

      SOLAR PLEXUS 3 days ago

      Shubham Arora it’s ant > grape, not ant > Elephant

  • Tilly Ramshaw
    Tilly Ramshaw 4 days ago

    I have a bad feeling they’ll lose the endgame lol

  • Tilly Ramshaw
    Tilly Ramshaw 4 days ago

    The infinity stones look like quality streets

  • Aaron Myers
    Aaron Myers 4 days ago

    I watched Captain Marvel

  • Joel Gullikson
    Joel Gullikson 4 days ago

    Some B list characters Are going to stay dead, groot will probably be one of them.. but with thore's new Axe with groots arm on it.
    I'm thinking they will use the time crystal to speech of his growth, And hopefully keep Him at that Cute gardens Of the Galaxy 2 age