The Perfect Fish Tacos, According to Oscar Hernandez | Food Skills

  • Published on Feb 5, 2018
  • Chicken, pork, or steak-the Big Three of taco fillings have their place, but true Mexican food-enthusiasts know when to switch things up. Enter: The fish taco. Deep-fried or pan-seared, the dish offers a pescatarian respite from mundane Tex-Mex menus. At Tacombi's new outpost in the Empire State Building, chef Oscar Hernandez offers two regional takes on the dish: a crispy, Baja-style cod, and a spicy, "tikin xic" rock fish grilled on the flat-top. No matter how they're prepared, fish tacos should be on every Mexican food-lover's bucket list.
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Comments • 188

  • Raymond Chow
    Raymond Chow Month ago

    Perfectly wasted piece of fish.

  • Raymond Chow
    Raymond Chow Month ago

    Fish tacos just taste bad. Why do people eat them? The worst component is the slaw. Why the fuck people eat this garbage?

  • Julie Harden
    Julie Harden Year ago

    Taco Paco in Puerto Aventuras has the best fish tacos ever. Fresh, simple and cheap.

  • Mrblend27
    Mrblend27 Year ago

    I love Baja tacos. I make mine with Tilapia with sriracha mayo slaw and lime-pickled shallots. Fucking delicious.

  • Jorge Tovar
    Jorge Tovar Year ago

    Check out Taco Nazo in La puente Ca "the pioneers of the fish taco "

  • Steve freeze the GOAT

    2:10-2:13 " that pussy in the Mexican restaurant is seen"

  • eastportland
    eastportland Year ago

    Road Trip!

  • ghost grizzly
    ghost grizzly Year ago

    damn im hungry

  • Jonathan Meulenbelt

    General gas venture sweet culture pit athlete willing necessarily resemble seat.

  • Patti White
    Patti White Year ago

    Fried fish Baja Tacos the best

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez Year ago

    $7 for 1 seared fish taco god damn

  • Adriano Giasolli
    Adriano Giasolli Year ago

    Looks amazing, but dear God why use rockfish, of all fish. If not prepared right that's your last meal.but if done correctly it has to be one of the most memorable of meals. Just a risk.

  • Zach Van Harris JR
    Zach Van Harris JR Year ago +1

    Fish tacos are the best!!

  • Karen Everett
    Karen Everett Year ago

    YUMMMM !!!!

  • dmskmc
    dmskmc Year ago

    First We Feast your East Coast Bias is showing. There is no way there are good fish tacos on the east coast.

    • eyespy3001
      eyespy3001 Year ago

      Why’s that? All the ingredients come from similar places. I doubt a corn tortilla or a mayonnaise-based sauce or cabbage and pickled vegetables taste any different or better on the west coast than they do here in NY. That’s YOUR bias showing.
      Anyway, First We Feast features NY and the east coast a lot because they’re based in NY. Why don’t you contribute to their budget and fly the whole crew out to your neighborhood to feature whatever otherworldly place you think we should know about.

  • bossaddict08
    bossaddict08 Year ago

    This is cultural appropriation.

  • Ahmad Nieves
    Ahmad Nieves Year ago

    For 8 dollars a taco? No mames.

  • Alejandro a.avalosfabian

    Rockstars? I don't even know the name of the taquero in my colonia jajajaja

  • Ben Rollman
    Ben Rollman Year ago

    This place is doing it right. Looks delicious.

  • Vulcan Raven
    Vulcan Raven Year ago

    They say it's from Monaco
    A special kind of taco
    Made up of creatures from the sea
    You might think it smells fishy
    And looks unpleasantly squishy
    But it tastes all right to me
    Its eaten raw not fried, and turned upon its side
    Vertical seafood taco

  • Sashik Pro
    Sashik Pro Year ago

    I don't like it. Whole video is an Ad and you even not tasted it.

  • Jennifer Small
    Jennifer Small Year ago


  • Waddles622
    Waddles622 Year ago


  • Christian Torres
    Christian Torres Year ago

    Yo fuck Gordon Ramsey
    This is the guy

  • Nathan Burns
    Nathan Burns Year ago

    I wish all your videos did as well as Hot Ones. 2m subs and only 60k views? Damn people. Show some love.

  • Vicky Lakdawala
    Vicky Lakdawala Year ago

    Bring Will Smith on Hot ones next season

  • Jacob Adams
    Jacob Adams Year ago

    What happened to the MGK video from super bowl??? Why did it get taken down?

  • Ben Roach
    Ben Roach Year ago

    Sometimes I have to exit out of these Food Skills video because I get to hungry! Haha

  • ZiMRA
    ZiMRA Year ago

    perfect fish taco is without the fish ez

  • Nach gonzo
    Nach gonzo Year ago

    beautiful. keep on killin it!

  • 1200technics1
    1200technics1 Year ago


  • Sergei Crow
    Sergei Crow Year ago

    This place is 🔥!

  • Jason
    Jason Year ago

    $6 for a taco , Nah Im good

  • Whitewolf
    Whitewolf Year ago

    I must be picky as hell but that's way too many veggies on a taco, I like lettuce, tomatoes and hot peppers, not much else.

  • SteddyBeing 416
    SteddyBeing 416 Year ago


  • Bulwark1911
    Bulwark1911 Year ago +22

    *You had me at Pablano Mayonaise!*

  • EDMblasta
    EDMblasta Year ago


  • Li0N
    Li0N Year ago

    i really enjoy this series!

  • cryptiv
    cryptiv Year ago +2

    So what makes them "perfect"? this ad doesn't explain what makes them so perfect

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez Year ago

    I live in San Antonio Texas. Dont eat seafood at any of the jaliscos or taquerias here. My job puts me in kitchens and the way the cooks disrespect the fish and shrimp should be a crime. Mainly defrosting techniques but super unsanitary. The asada here sucks nobody does al pastor correctly and the tripas get deep fried. The tortilla game is next level tho.

  • D u D
    D u D Year ago

    Show lil pump on hot ones👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ButtonWalls
    ButtonWalls Year ago

    I really want some fish tacos now.

  • Agentleman D
    Agentleman D Year ago

    Pasa la cachucha csmarada!. Those tacos look fuego!.

  • Mycel
    Mycel Year ago

    I would have thought that "fish taco" was a term for female genitals.

  • Alan González
    Alan González Year ago

    They look just like the original here in Mexico good shit

  • Lucas Miller
    Lucas Miller Year ago

    That looks delicious

  • Ron K
    Ron K Year ago

    Time to head to Dell Taco

  • 4USD
    4USD Year ago +46

    lmao starting at 00:45 i thought the guy started spitting mad bars. Flow matched up with the music perfectly.

    • Kjersleif
      Kjersleif Year ago +3

      hahaha this made the video even better

  • OscarGonzoJim
    OscarGonzoJim Year ago

    damn now i want to ensenada

  • killercaos123
    killercaos123 Year ago

    Mmmmmmmm yummy.

  • Bookie Anderson
    Bookie Anderson Year ago +40

    mexican oregano is probably better than mexican weed

    • Mystic J
      Mystic J Year ago

      Bookie Anderson
      Lmao 😂 as kids we’d always get my moms oregano bag and pretend it was weed 😆

    • Miguel Castellanos
      Miguel Castellanos Year ago +2


    • Kray Rodriguez
      Kray Rodriguez Year ago

      yeah, you'd think so but you'd be wrong...Lol'z

    • Bookie Anderson
      Bookie Anderson Year ago +2

      yea if oregano looked like green dog shit with stems and seeds

    • Sam guevenne
      Sam guevenne Year ago +2

      isn't mexican weed basiclly the oregano?

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray Year ago

    I'm so hungry now!

  • Jack
    Jack Year ago

    This guy is using the font from The Room on his menu!

  • XzBionicRamZx
    XzBionicRamZx Year ago

    damn these look good!
    hopefully we don't see all the "these aren't mexican" or "this is in NY, they should try Cali fish tacos" comments this time.

  • Waldo Torres
    Waldo Torres Year ago +51

    Those look like real Ensenada fish tacos, keep up the good work

    • Don Snow
      Don Snow Year ago +1

      Isaac Martinez most bs statement ive read. change is inevitable. you dont improve, you get left out

    • Waldo Torres
      Waldo Torres Year ago

      Yo tambien soy de Ensenada y conosco varias personas y lugares que suan Spicy mayo en los fish tacos

    • Isaac Martinez
      Isaac Martinez Year ago +1

      Waldo Torres they dont look like Ensenada tacos, they are more like fish n' chips, and saying he uses beer in the batter is right, but which kind of beer, and in Ensenada we dont do spicy mayo, its suppose to be a light cream on the tacos.
      Im from Ensenada, and i have to say, he doesnt do justice to a simple food item, why do people have to try to elavorate to much, dont try to fix something that isn't broken.
      Then again, I would've love to try this type of fish tacos.

  • Oliver Santiago
    Oliver Santiago Year ago

    Damn it's in New York and I'm in California

  • high horse
    high horse Year ago +2

    this is what a taco should look like. Not like the ones that white people serve doused in mayo sauce. Whenever that happens, it pisses me off. You're just eating a tortilla with mayo inbetween, can't taste anything else.

  • Divert
    Divert Year ago

    I thought fish tacos were an analogy/euphemism for dirty vaginas...

  • Andy M
    Andy M Year ago

    Hmmmm quite fancy that now but it's late and I'm in the UK. Will go the the fish and chip shop buy fish and cut it up and use some taco shells I have.

  • RayArea36
    RayArea36 Year ago +13

    $4 for a taco?!!!!!! Nooo

    • RayArea36
      RayArea36 Year ago +2

      rudy76 On Tuesdays you can get tacos for 1 dollar at many restaurants here in CA. Trust me, I enjoy these deals!

    • Jennifer Reyes
      Jennifer Reyes Year ago +1

      rudy76 I don't know these days, I moved to France 7 years in France unless you're in a major city, and even still can be complicated, you won't find real tacos. They think a taco is a burrito sized tortilla folded to make a rectangular shape and inside they put creamy cheese based sauces (not necessarily homemade), some cooked meat, undercooked fries and maybe cooked onion or tomatoes. they grill it on a panini press and call it a taco...?! That you can pay anywhere from 5€ to 8€ on average. It disgusts me because the people are so out of it here (not a 100%, but a nice chunk of the majority) they think that's what a real taco is....I own a food truck called Brooklyn Foodz (check it out on Facebook) and we serve real tacos, fortunately we've succeeded in re-educating many and turning them away from bad food, but we have encountered the occasional person that thinks we're scamming him or her whether he sees the small size of the taco and no oozing creamy meat pile...we sell our tacos 3€/piece and 8€/trio.

    • Jennifer Reyes
      Jennifer Reyes Year ago

      Jack Byrne you misunderstood his pronunciation he says the empire state building for sure....and anyway:

    • rudy76
      rudy76 Year ago +1

      How much are tacos over there? Its around 2 for $11 here in Brisbane, Australia. Around 8USD

    • Jennifer Reyes
      Jennifer Reyes Year ago +2

      Empire state building real estate....they must pay rent out of their asses.....I love the irony of this amazing Mexican chef being in this iconic American landmark...fuck your stupid wall trump, eat tacos. In any case those tacos look out of this world. I'd pay 4$ for one in a heartbeat.

  • Rob C
    Rob C Year ago

    He forgets to add "Mexican" before every ingredient he mentioned.

    • Mycel
      Mycel Year ago

      like the mexican alaskan cod?

  • Jose Guerra
    Jose Guerra Year ago

    Good but extra

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    fuck that ear rape at the beginning i had my shit on autoplay and i was looking at ebony milf porn in another tab

  • Aalim Chin
    Aalim Chin Year ago

    I had some at outback steakhouse. They were delicious

  • Peanut Turner
    Peanut Turner Year ago

    As a British person, a good 75% of the reason I come back to California every year is fish tacos. My only problem is that, also as a British person, I can't do spicy foods... So if this guy can make me a good 'mild' baja fish taco, even tho I'm sure that's not how it's meant to taste, then I'm sold. Right now, that chain place 'Rubio's' is probably my favourite....

    • Yesica Flores
      Yesica Flores Year ago

      @Peanut Turner Chile is good for you bro, it helps lose weight, fight cancer and makes you feel better overall. It releases endorphins as you eat it which is why many celebrities on hot ones claim they are feeling a 'High' from it. My advise to you is to always get the salsa, but just one that tastes really good, because there are really good tasting salsas even if they are really hot. Guacamole with jalapeño or pico de gallo are amazing for tacos.

  • j burggg
    j burggg Year ago +3

    the baja fish tacos is perfect. grilled fished not so much.

  • Bilal
    Bilal Year ago +7

    LongBeachGriffy would approve

  • Kyle Donart
    Kyle Donart Year ago +1

    I've never wanted a fish taco so much.

  • Aviation Compilation


  • Oriana
    Oriana Year ago

    Why did I watch this I’m so hungry now 😂😂

  • Craig Krage
    Craig Krage Year ago

    Now I want fish tacos.
    Maybe I have some crappie in the freezer????

  • Fuiger
    Fuiger Year ago

    Jesus why do americans bite tacos from top to bottom?? It's sideways ffs.

    • Deriv801
      Deriv801 Year ago

      I've lived in the United States (think that's what you meant when you said americans) my whole life and I've never seen nor eating a taco top to bottom.

    • shabut
      shabut Year ago

      Not unlike others who judge others on how the eat fucking tacos. Jesus wept.

    • Max W
      Max W Year ago

      They are a weird breed of people

  • Infinite Athletics
    Infinite Athletics Year ago +21

    Did someone say Tacos? :D

    • Foo Duo53
      Foo Duo53 Year ago

      Infinite Athletics Nooooo *taco*

    • Max W
      Max W Year ago

      No I don't think so

  • wickedd365
    wickedd365 Year ago

    Nom nom

  • Roy Godiksen
    Roy Godiksen Year ago

    Now This is food i can appreciate!

  • Maximiliano Gonzalez

    im from baja and i can tell you those tacos are the real deal

  • Phillip DeCheescake
    Phillip DeCheescake Year ago +4

    the only fish taco i had was my girlfriend's.

  • Mgooy
    Mgooy Year ago +4

    I thought fish taco was just an innuendo until now

  • Ariel Castillo
    Ariel Castillo Year ago +6

    HOPSIN on Hot Ones!!

  • en4ce
    en4ce Year ago +4

    Alaska fish farmed cod is one of the most unhealthy products at the moment ... great you put that in there

    • Jennifer Reyes
      Jennifer Reyes Year ago

      en4ce lololol

    • Jennifer Reyes
      Jennifer Reyes Year ago

      en4ce I respect you for saying the truth.....people are too ignorant to hear the truth these days. however I would still eat those tacos anyway,they look Damn good!

    • Falcown Pawnch
      Falcown Pawnch Year ago +2

      Everything is unhealthy, biotch.

    • Sam guevenne
      Sam guevenne Year ago +1

      how do you know he is latino?

    • Mike Tython
      Mike Tython Year ago +2

      high horse where are the white people refusing to acknowledge it? I’ve never met a whites person who refuses to acknowledge slavery. I think you’re just a racist little bitch.

  • Sauce Stache
    Sauce Stache Year ago

    MMM damn those look good! Im from Florida and I thought we had good fish tacos but wow!

  • thesens8
    thesens8 Year ago

    yall sleepin on fish tacos fam. them shits da bomb

  • The Fuck You Looking At

    Taco's are fucking delicious , but mostly prefer Japanese food now I've eaten Mexican food forever , the only Japanese food I'll never eat is Sushi to scared of parasites lol

    • DanTheM4n29
      DanTheM4n29 Year ago +3

      If you buy sushi from restaurants you should be fine like 99.99% of the time just don’t try to make it yourself using local raw fish lol

  • Dacollector
    Dacollector Year ago

    Das right! animo mi gente !!✊🏽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • No Name
    No Name Year ago

    Looooooove fish tacos yum !

  • Bubba Wiggles
    Bubba Wiggles Year ago

    Title got cut off, was hoping for Oscar the Grouch.
    Mother fucker ain't even a LITTLE grumpy.

  • David Montes
    David Montes Year ago

    These are dope I got a lot of shit for calling out the fake tortas but these tacos I’d eat all day for sure

  • Felicia 925
    Felicia 925 Year ago +7

    Mmmm. HELL YEAH. I want to try those grilled ones.

  • Matt Boselli
    Matt Boselli Year ago

    I don't like fish or fish tacos but this looks really good

  • Ryan Oliver
    Ryan Oliver Year ago

    These look amazing but I hope you get a few for the $5.95 price point.

  • DroneWolf Media
    DroneWolf Media Year ago

    I love making fish tacos! I usually only make them once or twice a month though cause it's so expensive to find quality wild caught fish filets here in Idaho. I use cod or orange roughy.

  • james edmiston
    james edmiston Year ago

    No cream sauce, just regular hot hot hot sauce and a couple slices of avocado. No Fucking mayo shit ughhh

  • Dame
    Dame Year ago +92

    I've never had fish tacos, it's always sounded weird to me lol. But these look good.

    • Raymond Chow
      Raymond Chow Month ago

      Don't eat it. It's not weird. It's just bad.

    • Joseph Chavez
      Joseph Chavez Year ago

      So do I, Baja Tacos in East LA is the bomb, I highly recommend the shrimp and fish tacos there

    • Kim Long Vo
      Kim Long Vo Year ago

      I don't even like fish, but fish tacos are delicious.

    • Onyx
      Onyx Year ago

      Oskar I’m also from Canada and agree with this statement, the fish tacos here are disgusting. I traveled to California once and had them there, was absolutely blown away. They have it down to a science out there, amazing stuff.

    • Yesica Flores
      Yesica Flores Year ago

      @papa molly What? What about lengua, cabeza, tripa, pastor, choriqueso, chorizo, barbacoa, dorados, etc?, your taco game is lacking

  • george Bennett
    george Bennett Year ago

    Dude. Doesn't anyone realize what (fish taco) sounds like? Yes. I know i am being juvenile but i have to try a fish taco so i can get these thoughts out of my head. After i return from the Iss I will try one. I wonder if Russia has fish taco's?

  • aR0ttenBANANA96
    aR0ttenBANANA96 Year ago +2

    That's a nice-looking place

  • ZesuRodriguez
    ZesuRodriguez Year ago

    my mouth wont stop watering over the baja tacos

  • Harate
    Harate Year ago +7

    Damn that looks good

  • Emmanuel Alejandro

    Fish Tacos are amazing on the west coast. They know their stuff with tacos.

  • Jøshüa 115
    Jøshüa 115 Year ago +24

    Let's taco bout these fish tacos and if fish tacos are nacho your thing no problem

  • crazy STL
    crazy STL Year ago