Galaxy S10 5G's Verizon speeds blew us away

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • We downloaded about 10 hours of video in under 5 minutes and sped past 1Gbps download speeds in our downtown Chicago field tests. This was a night-and-day experience compared with our first tests six weeks ago.
    Read more about our test of the Galaxy S10 5G:
    See how Sprint's 5G compares in Dallas:
    Watch our first test of Verizon's 5G data speeds:
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Comments • 3 779

  • CNET
    CNET  Month ago +694

    So.. waiting on 5G or going for it??

    • hidden KARD
      hidden KARD Day ago +1

      Verizon should be paying Huawei for using its tech and towers

    • Davis Lyon
      Davis Lyon Day ago

      so you mean Verizon stole 5G technology from Huawei?

    • Zeus Starfall
      Zeus Starfall 6 days ago

      who is faster in 5g sprint o verizon

    • William Woods
      William Woods 6 days ago

      Lots of lovely CANCER free with your 5g, wi-fi, mobile phones, smart meters etc and the LED Street lights that the 5g is sitting on top of and plenty of scientists such as Professor Olle Johansson, doctors such as Dr Graham Downing and ex- Royal Navy Electronic Warfare Experts such as Barry Trower exposing all of this. All of this just so that a planet full of zombies can sit staring at their screen full of drivel while our governments are enacting UN Agenda 21, 2030 etc to get rid of 95% of the worlds population by 2050. They are even covering up all of the cancer sures such as GCMAF by shutting down the people producing this and then jailing them to shut them up as is being exposed by Ian R Crane on his channel on here just now with regard to David Noakes and Lyn Thyer. He was also exposing Gateshead Councils attempt to jail Mark Steel to shut him up from exposing the EVIDENCE showing that the 5g and LED Street Lights are dangerous and causing cancer.

    • Tech review vps
      Tech review vps 8 days ago

      Going to stop working 5g soon all network providers are still using Huawei modem all are going to stop using the same modem in future

  • Taylor Curtis Braz

    I've seen those nodes, and they look like shit. They put those nodes on every single light pole. The cell networks are turning our downtowns into industrial zones. I might as well as take my vacation photos in front of a warehouse. And you can always count on the cell networks to do the cheapest co-location possible. Nevermind that placing the node on a building is better aesthetically and even functionally.

  • The Real Challenge
    The Real Challenge 2 hours ago

    Wine Country times: 10:42 / 10:43 pretty close together :) (the first time would have been much quicker tho)

  • Mitch Richard
    Mitch Richard 3 hours ago

    All smoke and mirrors. Wait until the network gets saturated. LOL at thinking carriers are trying to get you to have faster speeds. They just want to most connections possible on a single end point. LTE is barely fast in cities compared to when it was released.

  • Dimtiri
    Dimtiri 4 hours ago

    I dont see any dead birds

  • Mr Big
    Mr Big 4 hours ago

    5g is death

  • Zoid Burg
    Zoid Burg 4 hours ago

    Enjoy cooking your insides...

  • Mustafa Hussein
    Mustafa Hussein 4 hours ago

    Is that in MB or Mb ?

  • The Player One
    The Player One 6 hours ago

    Huawei 5g Is bett....

  • Hassan Asif
    Hassan Asif 7 hours ago

    just wait until the cancer rates increase ❌🧢

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak 9 hours ago

    What's the data cap? No point having 5G if there is a cap. I still think internet is overpriced back in the states.

  • PolinGuira
    PolinGuira 9 hours ago

    Verizon fake 5G got sues

  • RoaringGrizz
    RoaringGrizz 9 hours ago +1

    my internet at my house is 100mpbs while a phone hits 1gigabits

  • Mat Mamat
    Mat Mamat 10 hours ago

    The more we are near the antenna the more Radiation you get so yeah it is fast

  • Joshua Woods
    Joshua Woods 18 hours ago

    Yes people this is awesome... let's all microwave the shit out of each other for the convenience of a download! 5g is going to change everything and not for the better!

  • james lee adajar
    james lee adajar 21 hour ago

    Hmmm maybe if Huawei wasnt banned it would be faster. .. 🤔🤔

    • X M a L i K X
      X M a L i K X 8 hours ago

      You obviously don't understand how 5g modems work

  • LaunchLab
    LaunchLab 22 hours ago

    My verizon 4g was awful! I switched to T-Mobile and I consistently get 100+. Verizon used to be great until everyone and their mother signed up. They never update their towers and the speeds are dismal. 5G works great now cause its new. Wait until everyone signs up.

  • Vgp Moenia
    Vgp Moenia 23 hours ago

    Real!! china 5g



  • Aditya Antwal
    Aditya Antwal Day ago +1

    Wait what? Pubg in 2.5 mins? And in 5g? Dayum, my wifi works just as fast

    • Aditya Antwal
      Aditya Antwal 6 hours ago

      @ahkh oh ok

    • ahkh
      ahkh 11 hours ago

      I think it was being on 4g moment, check pocketnow video downloaded asphalt game in just 10 seconds.

  • Phakphum Phopoom

    Mr Prump oh 5g is dangerous for users......... fake news?

    • ahkh
      ahkh 11 hours ago

      Yes fake News

  • Ýôû Çéf
    Ýôû Çéf Day ago

    Pubg mobile should be downloaded in just 2 seconds not 2 minutes WTH

  • shuilong52
    shuilong52 Day ago

    what app u use to monitor the speed? thanks

  • Andre
    Andre Day ago

    I will set data speed management , it's like limit the speed .. because sometimes you watch the video just say in 4k .. and you're in 4 minutes on the video but decide to leave it because you don't like it .. but the video is already fully loaded because fast internet .. so it sucks i think .. unless you have it on wifi

    • ahkh
      ahkh 11 hours ago

      Weird argument !!

  • Davis Lyon
    Davis Lyon Day ago +1

    Verizon are you going to pay patents you stole from Huawei?

  • Juan Reyes
    Juan Reyes Day ago

    😎I got Moto z4 with 5g Mod, and it's very faster..

    • Juan Reyes
      Juan Reyes 11 hours ago

      @ahkh the only reason I have Moto, is the mods! But you right!!

    • ahkh
      ahkh 11 hours ago

      But s10 better it has 4200Ma battery

  • Juan Reyes
    Juan Reyes Day ago +1

    Men stop complaining and get *Verizon,* it's expensive but they give you what you pay for! I have verizone for 15 years, and I'm still happy with it!! Now *Internet unlimited* it's true with them! I know because I have it... 💪🙄 Thanks for the video...

    • Juan Reyes
      Juan Reyes 10 hours ago

      @ahkh I try T-Mobile and it's good! But I still love verizone men!! It has very good covering, good costumer service,plus fast internet, but I know T-Mobile start doing Good! Well but I'm still happy with verizone, some times when I go with my friends hiking, they lost signal, not me, but we in USA most of the company's are good...

    • ahkh
      ahkh 11 hours ago

      @Juan Reyes

    • Juan Reyes
      Juan Reyes 11 hours ago

      @ahkh with T-MOBILE and AT-T right?

    • ahkh
      ahkh 11 hours ago

      Verizon has ultimate networking comparing with others.

  • Robert Root
    Robert Root Day ago

    Not impressed

  • Grisanty de la cruz
    Grisanty de la cruz 2 days ago +1

    That's what I just don't get. Huawei has been banned so who's installing 5g Networks!?

  • DatTexasBoi _
    DatTexasBoi _ 2 days ago +1

    Yeah it's also fast at growing cancer cells in your body

    • 50 Pct Amused
      50 Pct Amused 17 hours ago

      So is being obese, which a huge chunk of Americans already are.

  • Joseph Gorbach
    Joseph Gorbach 2 days ago

    before you consider this, im not saying you shouldn't but definitely do your research on 5G because I've been seeing alot of people making videos talking about this who work on cell phone towers for a living and it I guess is actually alot more dangerous than people realize because of the frequency setup. It might not be true. I don't know. I rely more sources from people who actually experience first hand rather than just news which you kind of have to nowadays to find out the actual truth.

    • Robert Root
      Robert Root Day ago

      There is no way to know the truth until 20 years are passed

  • who care
    who care 2 days ago

    Now i will live under that tower.

  • samphorsluong
    samphorsluong 2 days ago

    You call that 5G. 300 feet max distance. Lol ....US don’t have 5G yet

  • Reece Potts
    Reece Potts 2 days ago

    Yeah but what’s the point when wifi is shitter sort that out first instead of rinsing my data

  • Zeto PR
    Zeto PR 2 days ago

    My sperms were blew away, coocked by the 5 net

  • mrmoo
    mrmoo 2 days ago

    It must suck to have network exclusive phones, that'd piss me right off.

  • BoostedLeague
    BoostedLeague 2 days ago

    1000mbs isn’t 5G
    True 5G should be 1024 gbps.

  • icecreampaintjob
    icecreampaintjob 2 days ago

    Why did they keep using Netflix as a real world test I couldn't watch it anymore

  • Wayne Lee Ramsden
    Wayne Lee Ramsden 2 days ago

    here in the uk i get unlimited calls,text and data on the 3 network for £35 a month i guarantee that will go up when 5g becomes i thing..also my note 9 does everything i need so won't buy a new phone for at least another year maybe 2..edit.oh and my speed test i get 21.2 down and 6.17 yep 5g will be pretty cool.

  • Anthony Robertson
    Anthony Robertson 3 days ago

    Pfff. At the end of 2018 this guy online was telling me how 5g was not much better than 4g speeds. I was thinking "how do you even know, there are no 5g phones out yet?" Looks like that guy was blowing a lot of smoke.

  • Pirate Modz
    Pirate Modz 3 days ago

    I have unlimited data, but not that fast.

  • ICY 300
    ICY 300 3 days ago

    Goodbye brain cells, hello cancer!!

  • S MD
    S MD 3 days ago

    Now 512 GB memory is nothing for a mobile phone on this 5G !

    • ahkh
      ahkh 11 hours ago

      S10 1Tera + sd 500Gb = 1.5Tera

  • Movies Maniac
    Movies Maniac 3 days ago +2

    Yeah, Keep Faking that you guys have 5G.

  • Bischarch 1111
    Bischarch 1111 3 days ago

    Here in the Philippines we have 4g signal but 3g speed only! They are now upgrading to 5g this year! Hope I can now feel the 4g speed!

  • CracktonGaming
    CracktonGaming 3 days ago

    scene of the 5g crime indeed

  • Azharil Azizi
    Azharil Azizi 3 days ago

    Hawaii 5G is 1.8GBPS

  • The IronFist
    The IronFist 3 days ago

    And here I am paying 80 buck for 8 mbps

  • Louie Santiano
    Louie Santiano 4 days ago

    Everything wonderful clap clap clap ...opssss except 1 thing? Blocking all ads in apps.... it makes nothing for us if samsung cant block totally all the ads on pop up... iphone can do that... no ads on....seriously? So sad...i am a samsung user ... but about ads on? Im not happy and iphone can beat you 1000 times coz iphone dont allow ads on 🤔

  • ickisistheshitz
    ickisistheshitz 4 days ago

    Lol, so Verizon is using over 230 Huawei tech (without permission) for their 5g. Due to the trade war and patent infringement, 5g in the US may be dead for the time being..

  • 8D Gasm
    8D Gasm 4 days ago +4

    In PH: 800mb is the limit per day.
    Me:Proceeds to use 5g.
    *Gone in a blink of an eye*

  • 07dree02
    07dree02 4 days ago

    (((( 5G is highly dangerous ))))

  • Lord Katakuri
    Lord Katakuri 4 days ago

    Not impressed. There is gigabit LTE. I expected 2 gigabit or higher

    • ahkh
      ahkh 11 hours ago

      5g will impoving and updating in the future it is Impreseed comparing with 4g ten times better.

  • Lord Katakuri
    Lord Katakuri 4 days ago

    Get to the point

  • Jack Ripper
    Jack Ripper 4 days ago

    Anyone seen Aiden Pearce around with a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G?

  • nbmufc94
    nbmufc94 5 days ago

    I can see the radio waves making her skin darker as the video goes on

  • dba chris
    dba chris 5 days ago

    You idiots have no idea what 5g really is and it makes me sad this world really needs Jesus

  • Arne Maeschaelck
    Arne Maeschaelck 5 days ago

    congrats girl, you probably just turned radioactive.
    but all joking aside, who needs this? I live in Europe so I assume technology is a step ahead in the US, and even over here LTE gets speeds of about 100 Mbps down and 50 up when it's very crowded outside. I live in a quiet, more rural neighborhood and just did a test downstairs: 93 Mbps down and 36 up, and the results are usually much better upstairs. even in the basement, on two bars, I get about 40-50 Mbps down.
    worst case scenario, you're connected to a low frequency antenna for better coverage and then you get about 20 down, 20 up, but when browsing the web you're not gonna notice a difference between 20 and 200 Mbps at all! and nobody downloads movies over LTE, nobody has enough data for that, and if you'd have enough data, it's still smarter to stream, which I can even do in 4K over 3G! 3g speeds are 7 Mbps at worst but about 20 in the city on dc-3g and 12-ish Mbps on hspa+ in rural areas.
    if you have a family pack, home WiFi is usually 200 Mbps down (or 400 if you have a booster option) which is more than enough to download a movie before you leave.
    at 1 gbps, you're literally pretty much downloading faster than the phone can write / save the information?? + most Android users probably save it to an SD card, which will take away all of your speed advantages instantly. this is so unnecessary lol, heck I could totally still live with 3G without any problems at all! the main advantage of LTE for me is latency (usually around 15-20 ms, whereas 3G is around 40 for me. home WiFi is 5-10).

  • Only Hope
    Only Hope 5 days ago

    5G is Cancer

  • Aarsh Patel
    Aarsh Patel 5 days ago

    Gimme that net i wanna play fortnite without lag

  • Troubled Sky .Shaun
    Troubled Sky .Shaun 5 days ago

    Why won't Lloyds of London insure this technology?

  • Niel Hill
    Niel Hill 5 days ago +4


  • GoodGuy Good
    GoodGuy Good 5 days ago

    Huawei sues Verizon. Trump MAGA

  • Flavaofthemonth
    Flavaofthemonth 5 days ago

    Rolling out frequency waves without proper testing and working out how it effects living things. This could lead to cancer and all sorts of ailments. All for faster Internet. We wasn't asked whether we want 5G we are being told globally. Wake up people

  • Noob_Tactics
    Noob_Tactics 5 days ago

    I have 4g lte in S10e and I can download a 1 GB game in 10 minutes lmfao

  • Rajesh Biber
    Rajesh Biber 6 days ago +1

    Super Cool.... Samsung..

  • Zeus Starfall
    Zeus Starfall 6 days ago

    try at&t and sprint in 5g

  • ze zo
    ze zo 6 days ago

    5G wtf. Hun u'r far behind the Chinese Dragon.

  • Onepunch Boi
    Onepunch Boi 6 days ago

    Download movies on Netflix there is no hustle in it try to download torrents. Oof it's illegal

  • UlTrApLeX
    UlTrApLeX 7 days ago

    5G is a cancer

  • Matthew McKinney
    Matthew McKinney 7 days ago

    This will only be in large cities, not in the suburbs or rural areas. Thankfully I have AT&T Fiber (Fiber to the Home) and 1000/1000 speed.

  • just two
    just two 7 days ago

    Why is the phone so big😕

  • PhoneTech313
    PhoneTech313 7 days ago

    On my 4G LTE download 13.1 mbps and upload 0.14... I remeber being on T-Mobile 3G a decade ago getting 15mbps when my iPhone 3Gs got a hold of the T-Mobile 3G signal, before they even sold the iPhone..

  • Franyi L
    Franyi L 7 days ago +1

    All American only have 4.5G not 5G

    • Arne Maeschaelck
      Arne Maeschaelck 5 days ago +1

      most of Americans don't even have true 4G yet, but still 3.9G (LTE). LTE Advanced is true 4G, but they're still pretty behind. I do understand they have a crazy large area to cover as well, though. But then again, phone plans are also ridiculously overpriced over there, so...

  • Dawson Winter
    Dawson Winter 7 days ago

    1 GBPs, pretty impressive !

  • magic mirror
    magic mirror 8 days ago

    5 seconds later:
    You have the film and cancer.
    That’s great.🤖

  • PUBG Nation
    PUBG Nation 8 days ago +1

    To all the people saying I have enough speed with dont actually understand the usefulness until you have used it.

  • Onã Sousa
    Onã Sousa 8 days ago

    Here in Brazil we have 30mb for U$ 25

  • Javed omor
    Javed omor 8 days ago

    Nicee speed

  • Mihai Nicolae
    Mihai Nicolae 8 days ago

    OMG! Faster than my WIFI network. :O

  • Steven Marriott
    Steven Marriott 8 days ago

    5G Very Dangerous.!!!

  • Kratos
    Kratos 8 days ago

    5G is real crazy fast

  • Yeatming Lai
    Yeatming Lai 8 days ago

    Bahahaha upload speed like 3g

  • PUBG gang320
    PUBG gang320 8 days ago +1


  • jc bali
    jc bali 8 days ago +3

    Thank u HuaWei!!!

  • PUBG gang320
    PUBG gang320 8 days ago +1

    Who else is not enjoying 5g it going to kill us search up no laying 🚨🚨🚨😱😨🚨😨😨😨😨😨

  • PUBG gang320
    PUBG gang320 8 days ago +1

    This is so bad😨 whoever gets 5g is going to have health problems and lot of things😨😭😱

  • Jazz Ali
    Jazz Ali 8 days ago

    Bye bye iPhones it’s rubbish

  • ti kher kher a
    ti kher kher a 9 days ago +4

    in india we play 100 kbps on pubg! its different....

    • Reece Potts
      Reece Potts 2 days ago

      ti kher kher a so your the laggy bastard who keep killing me bhenchode

  • Jordan Carpenter
    Jordan Carpenter 9 days ago +1

    We( USA) doesn't have any 5g! Only 5g fake! Only China has The Real 5g!

  • Jet Brown
    Jet Brown 9 days ago

    actually she downloads the pubg in 2 mins, that is actually a 4g speed...I can do the math for u
    2*1024/120=17 Mbp/s. which is definitely 4g speed...even in the center of a big city...I dont know how on earth it is going to roll out here in the US.
    and ooops, the wine country is 555 Mb there, I saw it, haha. So it's about 50 Mb/s..that is some advanced 4g there.

  • The NooB Channel
    The NooB Channel 9 days ago

    Here I am happy with my 1-2MBPS

    DELTA 4RCE 9 days ago +1

    The moment you realize her data is faster than your wifi

  • Tom Herbert
    Tom Herbert 9 days ago

    I currently get around 300mbps in melbourne on 4G... 5G is available here now, but I dont think its even necessary to spend extra with already good 4g speeds

    • Tom Herbert
      Tom Herbert 7 days ago

      @Henry Li and more technology comes out that can use it, yes. More research should be done on the affects of it on the body though...

    • Henry Li
      Henry Li 7 days ago

      @Tom Herbert When the price go down, 5g Is life changing.

    • Tom Herbert
      Tom Herbert 7 days ago

      ​@Henry Li I am saying currently, when the tech is still expensive, new and unnecesary for the average user.

    • Henry Li
      Henry Li 7 days ago

      That's exactly what people used to say when they're using 3g.

  • Thinking Clearly
    Thinking Clearly 9 days ago

    OMFG 😨

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby 9 days ago +1

    5g Internet is not good it could cause higher radiation and you can get cancer

  • Shark Guard
    Shark Guard 10 days ago

    Oh big deal. Who needs that speed. It's only near the base station

    • Henry Li
      Henry Li 7 days ago

      5 years later, Every Game will be 500gb, say that to ur ps4 or pc please?

  • gelatin mrk
    gelatin mrk 10 days ago

    where ?

  • Mohd Adil
    Mohd Adil 10 days ago

    Yaha to pubg download karne ke liye raat me download pe lagao subah tak to ho hi jata hai

  • Johnson videos
    Johnson videos 10 days ago

    i hear 5 g causes cancer