Joe Rogan Experience #1268 - Ron White

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Ron White is a stand up comedian and actor, best known as a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. His new special "If You Quit Listening, I'll Shut Up" is now streaming on Netflix.

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  • cody Austin
    cody Austin 2 days ago

    I thought he was talking about Bruce Buffer "Let's get ready to rumble!" 😂

  • Big Love Bully Farm LLC

    Humility with with Ron White and Joe Rogan

  • jeramie fout
    jeramie fout 5 days ago

    Love you brother all hail Rohan and white you guys are kings of our time🤘 watch you every day!!!

  • mathew thomas
    mathew thomas 7 days ago

    Did they repeat the bad review story or are they
    Having a stoned forget

  • dboii carter
    dboii carter 7 days ago

    O'doules pot.🤣🤣

  • Christopher Weaver
    Christopher Weaver 7 days ago +1

    If you dont like ron white then fuck you

  • Mr Awesome
    Mr Awesome 9 days ago

    Ron used to look like a ginger

  • Jo Mont57
    Jo Mont57 11 days ago

    Howdy Joe. No other way to post or message so will leave my 2 cents here. Love your podcast and your Netflix specials.. That said, I have a cat, she's 9, she's meaty and beautiful and I mix vegan dry kibble with her rabbit and Chicken kibble to give her vitamins and cut back on the diabetes causing issues of regular grain dry food. May lose cats to this as well as kidney and liver issues. Also, cats have a different intestinal makeup as well as different teeth for chewing. Humans are not meant to eat meat or consume dairy. Cats are meat eaters, but a little side of veggies never hurts. In older age, senior citizens in most cases become lactose intolerant as their bodies are tired of fighting it off. Wouldn't you rather use that body to better your other activities? I know I would.. but keep on keepin' on. The results are the same. Cancers, liver and kidney issues. Lastly and before I pop an informative video in here...I could hear Ron Whites cry for help around his drinking in your latter podcast . 888? I think? Someone please help him as he seemingly can't help himself at this point. I'd like him around for a long long time and he is more than his persona. He could really do some great material on rehab as well, help a huge amount of people in the population, etc. The booze is killing him right before out eyes. Now, check this out...

  • TheLalaGOD
    TheLalaGOD 13 days ago

    So relaxing

  • sunnylilme
    sunnylilme 15 days ago

    I'm like 2:00:00 hes too drunk. Rambling on and on about nothing, no point of stories..

    ABN_TNKR [ABRMS] 17 days ago +1

    I was blessed to see RW when I was stationed at Fort Hood and he came through to do a show for the Troops and it was awesome and an amazing memory I will always have. Thank you for that sir. One of my favorite comedians.

  • Martin Foley
    Martin Foley 18 days ago

    Like Ron’s honesty

  • Khal Drogos
    Khal Drogos 18 days ago +1

    Classic Joe Rogan laugh "hahahaha AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH"

  • bonasty1990
    bonasty1990 20 days ago +1

    Ron White is the voice in my head.
    shit i must be drunk

  • t catechi
    t catechi 25 days ago

    Used to listen to this podcast until you two out of touch dipshits starting stroking Obamas Agenda.Im out

  • Matthew Severance
    Matthew Severance Month ago

    Why does Joe always wear headphones?

  • Matthew Severance
    Matthew Severance Month ago

    Why was this one awkward....

  • Green Morning Dragon Productions

    33:28 I'm not sure if there is or not. But a nine dart checkout in darts, and a maximum 147 in snooker are also as rare as rocking horse shit.

  • fuckupayme65
    fuckupayme65 Month ago

    Joe Rogan is a bitch and I’ll knock him out

  • Doublevanoz
    Doublevanoz Month ago

    I've heard all of these comedians talk about crying alot.
    Bunch of pussies, sensitive ass bitches

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Month ago

    Watch yellowstone! My favorite show now!

  • lafan2003
    lafan2003 Month ago

    I am a Obama supporter and laughed at jokes that were about him. Ron is right though, you dare not do that about Trump otherwise people will go apeshit.

  • Evan Azbell
    Evan Azbell Month ago

    The funniest guy ever😂

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 Month ago

    Dr Phil is a fucking huckster

  • Dan Marshall
    Dan Marshall Month ago

    Have James Rolfe the angry video game nerd on!

  • Mario Velazquez
    Mario Velazquez Month ago

    Who else is heading a cordless drill

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 Month ago


  • Michael T
    Michael T Month ago

    People should judge intelligence not by speech but by action

  • Doublevanoz
    Doublevanoz Month ago

    Typical dumbass Hollywood leftist

  • Spencer Steele
    Spencer Steele Month ago

    Timestamp for the Cosby bit?

  • Garrett Laurence
    Garrett Laurence Month ago

    8 ball break in pool is comparable to a hole in one

  • Ethan king
    Ethan king Month ago

    1:29:09 Joe trying to suduce young Jamey

  • Shawn Jerome
    Shawn Jerome Month ago

    Joe,go golfing with Ron

  • Shawn Jerome
    Shawn Jerome Month ago

    The trichomes are the only thing that gets you stoned on the plant

  • Shawn Jerome
    Shawn Jerome Month ago

    Delicious Joe says but look how hard he is struggling to talk after taking a shot that awesome scotch

  • Matr Olmem
    Matr Olmem Month ago

    The rarest sports stat that I can think of is scoring an nhl goal in 4 different situations (5 on 5, power play, penalty kill and penalty shot) all in the same game. Mario lemieux is the only player to ever to do it.

  • john Quillan
    john Quillan Month ago

    Golf means alot!! I hope that i can get another par..Im happy having memories of shooting a 39 on the back 9 at MY ALL TIME favorite course..The memories remain!!

  • netbyte
    netbyte Month ago

    I've never been a huge fan of Ron White's material, but having him on the podcast really shines a new light. Great Podcast Joe. The story about his friend making par while dying, really amazing. Glad I watched.

  • Lyle Hwong
    Lyle Hwong Month ago

    Respectfully with regards towards the Mr. Norton situation (Package Handling) 📻

  • Leighton B.
    Leighton B. Month ago +2

    I bought a bag of popcorn when I was drunk...Hilarious
    Even when Ron is toasty he is composed and brilliant and not a ego-asshole
    He keeps talking about being old...Look at Don Rickles, George Burns, or Jerry Lewis lol

  • Leighton B.
    Leighton B. Month ago +1

    Ron saying he saves up for 8 months before coming on Joe's show and saying he is loyal to his show. Impeccable gentleman he is. And I would love to fly on Dr. Phil's Gulfstream with Ron White ...He's actually a cool guy, check out his appearance on Jay Leno's Garage

  • _____
    _____ Month ago

    Please get Sam Elliot, Ron White and Alex Jones together on a podcast. Lee Marvin too if you can find him.

  • ryan kelly
    ryan kelly Month ago

    show me one video where Obama wasn't reading from the teleprompter

  • Nick Roosa
    Nick Roosa Month ago

    Ron White talking about playing golf with Bill Clinton: *tells story about quipping a joke to Larry Ellison whos playing golf nearby* .... seconds later "But he wasnt even there.. anyway"

  • Hard Mothafucka
    Hard Mothafucka Month ago +1

    The weed peaks from 48:50-50:00 😂😂

  • asvp R
    asvp R Month ago

    Just seeing this and I didn’t know I needed it but thank god 😂

  • iamsheep
    iamsheep Month ago

    Joe needs to have Michael Blakey on!

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore Month ago

    these guys are great.. could listen to them all day.

  • Nicholas Morabito
    Nicholas Morabito 2 months ago

    Joe, stop looking into my soul

  • Garrett h
    Garrett h 2 months ago

    Trump 2020

  • kevin moler
    kevin moler 2 months ago

    If call a man who fuckd tranys. Id call them transformers

  • Clay Maxon
    Clay Maxon 2 months ago

    Still, it’s a big fucking pig.

  • Raymomd Hutchins
    Raymomd Hutchins 2 months ago

    Ron white, joey Diaz and jo rogan are the most comical pairs ever! Rogan and the astrophysicist will blow your mind! God bless Rogan, I wish I could meet someone of your caliber

  • Mason White
    Mason White 2 months ago

    “A touch of alcoholism.” I can hear his liver screaming through the screen. But I get it. It’s part of his existence. Molded into him. I’m not to much better a lot of days.

  • Richard Waithe
    Richard Waithe 2 months ago

    Anyone else completely die when Ron said " I gotta start bringing a friend with me" ??????

  • Paul Schroeder
    Paul Schroeder 2 months ago +1

    Joe "xanax gotta pee" Rogan.

  • Doc Chop
    Doc Chop 2 months ago

    a 9 dart game in 501 would be the equivalent to a hole in one. Super rare, and the biggest darters in the world don't hit them very often..Some never.

  • Gabriel W
    Gabriel W 2 months ago

    Hate that annoying buzz

  • Branflakes 4547
    Branflakes 4547 2 months ago

    I can't believe I haven't watched this episode. Only got 55 seconds in and forgot about it

  • justin dilio
    justin dilio 2 months ago

    False: Eating weed will not get u high.