Johnny Lee 1980 Looking For Love

  • Published on Oct 15, 2009
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  • Justine Robison
    Justine Robison Day ago

    great movie and song and cast

  • Jamau Souza
    Jamau Souza 4 days ago

    I spent a lifetime lookin' for you
    Single bars and good time lovers were never true
    Playing a fools game, hopin' to win
    Tellin' those sweet lies and losin' again
    I was lookin' for love in all the wrong places
    Lookin' for love in too many faces
    Searchin' their eyes
    Lookin' for traces of what I'm dreaming of
    Hoping to find a friend and lover
    I'll bless the day I discover
    Another heart lookin' for love
    I was alone then, no love in sight
    I did everything I could to get me through the night
    I don't know where it started or where it might end
    I turned to a stranger just like a friend
    I was lookin' for love in all the wrong places
    Lookin' for love in too many faces
    Searchin' their eyes
    Lookin' for traces of what I'm dreaming of
    Hoping to find a friend and lover
    I'll bless the day I discover
    Another heart lookin' for love
    You came knockin' on my heart's door
    You're everything I've been looking for
    No more lookin' for love in all the wrong places
    Lookin' for love in too many faces
    Searchin' their eyes
    Lookin' for traces of what I'm dreaming of
    Now that I found a friend and lover
    God bless the day I discover
    You, oh you, lookin' for love
    Lookin' for love in all the wrong places
    Lookin' for love in too many faces
    Searchin' their eyes
    Lookin' for traces of what I'm dreaming of
    Now that I found a friend and lover
    God bless the day I discover
    You, oh you, lookin' for love

  • Lynn Kanerva
    Lynn Kanerva 4 days ago

    OMG ! Another one of those songs I love but havent heard in FOREVER ! Thank you !

  • Michael A. Matte
    Michael A. Matte 5 days ago +1

    Awesome movie and awesome soundtrack

  • mike cubes
    mike cubes 7 days ago

    thats a great movie if you like country music and pick up trucks

  • Jackie. L
    Jackie. L 9 days ago

    July 10th 2018 😊.

  • Susan Daniel
    Susan Daniel 9 days ago

    Love this song. We heard Johnny Lee sing this at the height of his fame at the Texas Bar Convention in Houston, Texas. We arrived early to get a front row seat--very worth the effort.

  • Shawn Jarman
    Shawn Jarman 10 days ago

    I use to go to a small casino in Henderson Nv that had a singer that would sing this song, but always said it was Mickey Gilley, finally had to correct him and tell him it’s actually Johnny Lee

  • Tim Riley
    Tim Riley 10 days ago

    Bud and sissy!!

  • lit lit
    lit lit 11 days ago

    Um boo boo loves dis song n movie tx girl in mn world 💖😘 2018

  • Ron Tny
    Ron Tny 13 days ago

    Ima stop all this for her

  • Ron Tny
    Ron Tny 13 days ago

    I love her

  • Ron Tny
    Ron Tny 13 days ago

    I drink to much

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith 15 days ago

    I have been looking for someone LIKE U LONNIE DAVE SMITH and I DID lol

  • John-boy
    John-boy 16 days ago

    Great song, I wonder if urban cowboy John Travolta can ride a horse (it's been too long, I can't remember much about the movie)

    • El Comandante
      El Comandante 10 days ago

      John-boy probably not. Most hat wearin wannabe cowboys don't. Especially here in South Texas.

  • Rigo Vlogs
    Rigo Vlogs 18 days ago

    Is this song on spotify?!

  • Skiking226 USA
    Skiking226 USA 18 days ago

    This not the 1980 version, and it’s not “Looking” it’s Lookin’ just sayin’

  • Yolanda Marquez
    Yolanda Marquez 24 days ago

    Great Movie

  • Kristy Licata
    Kristy Licata 26 days ago


  • Mike Rollins
    Mike Rollins 27 days ago

    I miss you Dana

  • Ndhzb Hhdhhs
    Ndhzb Hhdhhs 29 days ago

    Im not much of a country music fan but i know damm good music when i hear it and lee's track'looking for love 'is incredible in any genre ahh those were the days Saturday night fever & urban cowboy they made Travolta a super star too bad Scientology fucked him up like it did tom cruise i would have thought better of them not to fall for scams & cult psychos like those nut balls.its like the force it only works on the weak minded .but lees track is timeless to say the least like. Rosanne cash '7 yr itch awesome

  • Brandie Blythe
    Brandie Blythe Month ago

    Oh Bud & Sissy. John Travolta's best role ever. Passion meet crazy

  • Critter
    Critter Month ago

    Wonderful Johnny Lee song. Thanks for posting!

  • Misty hawkinz
    Misty hawkinz Month ago

    I really thought I found my love July 4 2017

  • The Legend
    The Legend Month ago

    I’m still looking in the wrong places .

  • C Su
    C Su Month ago +1

    This generation is weak..........2018

  • Eirelav
    Eirelav Month ago

    Forever in my heart
    Will never forget our song.....Willie
    Still MISS you Cowboy

  • Christina Smith
    Christina Smith Month ago

    Idk why I love this song it reminds of growing up I guess lol

  • Antro Alexander
    Antro Alexander Month ago

    Definitely a great song and very great movie!

  • James Blanche
    James Blanche Month ago

    When men were men and women were women and there wasn't a fucking mobile phone in sight!!!

  • Carlos Sensato
    Carlos Sensato Month ago

    Awesome song!

  • pag3309
    pag3309 Month ago

    Fucken Sissy all this happen for her being a PUTA

  • #COWBOY UP ,
    #COWBOY UP , Month ago

    Love this movie #Bud Davis

  • J Ray
    J Ray 2 months ago

    go home to your daddy u like him better!

  • Brett Koeshall
    Brett Koeshall 2 months ago

    John Travolta back in 1980.

  • amanda davis
    amanda davis 2 months ago

    I'm not a big fan of country music, but this song is awesome.

  • RLD
    RLD 2 months ago

    I remember dancing at Gilley's BEFORE the movie came out. Then it got too crowded because of all the tourists!!

  • Elias Calderon
    Elias Calderon 2 months ago

    Tank you for this song

  • Grace
    Grace 2 months ago

    My favorite movie ! This song plays in my head over and over love it ! ❤️👢Bud and Sissy

  • wp4866
    wp4866 2 months ago

    not looking, don't want

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 2 months ago

    This movie had too many memorable songs, moments and quotes. Damn, how can one film do all that?

  • Anglin David
    Anglin David 2 months ago

    Tell me about it I feal ya

  • VietVet 1970
    VietVet 1970 2 months ago

    Ok. Parents W/O Partners Chapter 277, Fairfield, California. 1980-1985. We camped together, we laughed together, we cried together, and some of us even slept together. That was our theme song. Some of the best people I have ever known in 50 years of being single!

  • Joann Barnes
    Joann Barnes 2 months ago

    I love you urban cowboy

  • Ernie Medina
    Ernie Medina 2 months ago


  • Teery Baker
    Teery Baker 2 months ago

    thanks like looking for love n facebook

  • gina schutte
    gina schutte 2 months ago

    Urban Cowboy is the best!

  • Maria Sandra Amador
    Maria Sandra Amador 2 months ago

    Love this song and movie

  • minanea
    minanea 3 months ago

    sorry dear

  • Jessie Barrera
    Jessie Barrera 3 months ago


  • Shirley D
    Shirley D 3 months ago

    I've always said this is the movie that made people see John Travolta as a serious actor. Those other parts and Kotter all made him just look dumb. This made people notice him.

  • Ellie Stratton
    Ellie Stratton 3 months ago

    This is how I feel right now

  • DJ Dank
    DJ Dank 3 months ago


  • Maree Lewis
    Maree Lewis 3 months ago

    Love this song still years later.

    LOVE HATE 3 months ago +1

    You already have one so this is the way I act like this but will be single again and I am a fool you lose a good thing. You already been there house apt,motel and hoetl

  • Sammy Johnson
    Sammy Johnson 3 months ago +1

    Drink up

  • Sammy Johnson
    Sammy Johnson 3 months ago +1


  • Sammy Johnson
    Sammy Johnson 3 months ago


  • megan marler
    megan marler 3 months ago

    LOVE this song

    LAWMAN RICHARD HOOVER 3 months ago


  • Sammy Johnson
    Sammy Johnson 3 months ago +1

    I wanna rock that juke box?

    CINDI DANLEY 3 months ago

    love love this song, and the movie was the sexiest. My favorite.

  • Dan Lincoln
    Dan Lincoln 3 months ago +1

    Urban Cowboy is one of the most underrated love stories, still one of my favorite movies..

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez 3 months ago

    God i love this i love this song. Sissy i love u sweetie.

  • Ronald Humphrey
    Ronald Humphrey 3 months ago

    What's not to like about this song?

  • Jadi Knight
    Jadi Knight 4 months ago

    love this song and this movie need me an Urban Cowboy

  • mike p
    mike p 4 months ago

    Wookin Pa Nub...... Buckwheat Sings

  • Josepha Delgado
    Josepha Delgado 4 months ago

    Told my mom I wish I would of lived during the 80s because it looked really decent. The time period

  • MR. C.
    MR. C. 4 months ago

    Pure heart...❤

  • Lori Owens
    Lori Owens 4 months ago

    This is how I feel about getting a new guy right now. It isn't the right time for me at all.

  • Kelley Broussard Mackaig
    Kelley Broussard Mackaig 4 months ago +1

    Buuuuuuud!! & Sissy!! 🍺

  • Dag Nabbit
    Dag Nabbit 4 months ago

    I don't understand what the scorn was for this movie ! I think time has vindicated it and this is a Classic !

  • Ricardo _gar1
    Ricardo _gar1 4 months ago

    Fav song !!!

  • scracer24c
    scracer24c 4 months ago


  • nikki Perez
    nikki Perez 4 months ago

    Love the movie and songs

  • Milan Stankovic AD FREE
    Milan Stankovic AD FREE 4 months ago +1

    Real classic in potatoe vision but real good audio.

  • Christina Chambers
    Christina Chambers 4 months ago

    This song reminds me of my best friend for life! crispy

  • Christina Chambers
    Christina Chambers 4 months ago

    Love the movie song. Fuck that shit!kick rocks dudes!!!! N

  • topaz r
    topaz r 4 months ago

    The best times of my life during this period of time

  • Sheila Barron
    Sheila Barron 4 months ago

    Beautiful Song Great Movie

  • Feelingknotty
    Feelingknotty 5 months ago

    When country was country ❤️Best travolta movie! What a classic!!

  • Melissa Bennett
    Melissa Bennett 5 months ago

    Love this movie and sound track. ❤❤

  • Steve Cody
    Steve Cody 5 months ago

    fucking red necks

  • Austin Line
    Austin Line 5 months ago

    If you would, please check out my cover of this song.

  • Jerry Ellis
    Jerry Ellis 5 months ago

    real country music, country music isn't country anymore

  • Katherine Goodacre
    Katherine Goodacre 5 months ago

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  • corey333p
    corey333p 5 months ago

    Before I started this song, I thought, "Oh my god, I'm--I'm going to do this."
    It was the first time I heard it in years.

  • Hunter Zaniewski
    Hunter Zaniewski 5 months ago

    Wookin pa nub in all the Wong places

  • Barbara Jones
    Barbara Jones 5 months ago +1

    I'm the only "Black Cowgirl" love this Movie & Soundtrack. I'm a 80's! child!

  • Linda Robets
    Linda Robets 5 months ago

    this is mine and my hubby's song I'm so glad that I found him I love him so much

  • fryelee11
    fryelee11 5 months ago

    Great song!

  • Rosemary Lopez
    Rosemary Lopez 5 months ago

    iam still waitting for u

  • Leta Brave Bull
    Leta Brave Bull 6 months ago

    Still a great song!

  • Michael Molash
    Michael Molash 6 months ago

    Wookin pah nub....

  • Aaley Ramirez
    Aaley Ramirez 6 months ago +1

    My dad love this song and he love this song so much and he sing to my mom and I am about to be 9

  • Rafael Perez
    Rafael Perez 6 months ago

    Now this is what you call music:):)

  • tom bowden
    tom bowden 6 months ago

    Mandy Royall I love you please come home tonight

  • Ryan gst
    Ryan gst 6 months ago

    Beautiful song💛

  • Ga Fin
    Ga Fin 6 months ago

    This sounds like an alternate version of the tune.

  • Shayla Gurley
    Shayla Gurley 6 months ago

    Back when urban cowboy came out I could out ridee bud Travolta. I rode a mechanical bull 15 times one after another. Was recorded and my pñoto was put in cox cable winfow.