• Published on May 16, 2019
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  • Lynn Dorsette
    Lynn Dorsette 13 hours ago

    E is the best she makes you

  • beastzeus
    beastzeus 3 days ago

    smash 'o' clock

  • Wattz & Learn
    Wattz & Learn 3 days ago

    That reach over you to grab something is the ultimate giveaway. I had chicks grab stuff off my lap before and then try to act normal. GIRL YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID!!!

  • Truth hurts Souls
    Truth hurts Souls 3 days ago

    I let the ads on our video play in full because you make such good content , keep up bro big fan, you voice of the bachelor with his own crib 🏆

  • rico stokes
    rico stokes 3 days ago

    Her voice sexy ah

  • JAY Gaines
    JAY Gaines 3 days ago

    Always start on the couch..if you on the couch 😉you might get lucky 🤞

  • Dwayne Tobal
    Dwayne Tobal 4 days ago

    OMFG y lol

  • c j
    c j 4 days ago

    😂😂😂 Yo faaamilee!!!

  • Wax Doe
    Wax Doe 4 days ago +1

    😂😩 you know how many women I smashed on MY couch HER couch. You NEVER kick them out fellas. Oh... And do NOT ask to smash it'll come to you. 😶

  • Tony Cherry
    Tony Cherry 5 days ago

    We call that the "Overnight Scenario" in DC. 💪💯

  • WhosDexy
    WhosDexy 6 days ago

    "Yea kick rocks"

  • Abou kante
    Abou kante 7 days ago


  • Jerry Norm
    Jerry Norm 7 days ago

    She is so pretty I be begging for some too

  • Jerome Benton
    Jerome Benton 7 days ago

    She is so fine!!!

  • mwanguhya edgar
    mwanguhya edgar 8 days ago


  • Tone G.
    Tone G. 8 days ago

    Mary j. Said DON'T RUSH

  • Tone G.
    Tone G. 8 days ago

    Damn fool

  • jayshine27
    jayshine27 8 days ago +1

    Sometimes tryna relocate or do too much can kill the mood

  • King P
    King P 9 days ago

    Hey now!! she touchin a nigga knee ...she doin the knee touch..... cuz is funny asf lmfLGao 😆😂😂😂😂

  • Roland Roy
    Roland Roy 9 days ago

    Boy did he fuck that up,, LMAO 🤣 😂

  • gaurd3
    gaurd3 10 days ago

    Had a feeling. I would have left the the tv on and went for it on the couch. The TV off is a hair short of an ultimatum......At least he ejected fast once rejected.

  • Martin C
    Martin C 10 days ago

    Smash o clock bro what you crazy you kicked out Kassandra lol 😭😭😭😭

  • Positive Vibes Only
    Positive Vibes Only 10 days ago


  • SeanScatpack Fallon
    SeanScatpack Fallon 10 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who was low key trying to listen and hear what episode they watching??😂😂

  • Dj illy
    Dj illy 10 days ago

    Am I the only one who would’ve went into the bedroom and then came back to the couch butt ass naked like “I’m ready”

  • Charles Dixon jr
    Charles Dixon jr 10 days ago

    This dude is hella funny. Laughing hella hard.

  • George Banks
    George Banks 10 days ago +2

    Mann ! That Woman is Beautiful ! Brother you Funny 😄😀😀🎯✌🏿

  • Trey C.
    Trey C. 10 days ago

    “She being goofy” lol

    • DDM
      DDM 9 days ago

      Trey C. 🤣😆

  • wgtroncat
    wgtroncat 10 days ago +5

    *Goes to a Oriental restaurant*
    Me: "y'all got some Low Moan?"😂

  • Teddy Swagger
    Teddy Swagger 11 days ago

    Damn she mad sexy fam! And she sounds like Alicia Keys. Mmmmmmm. #KassandraLee

  • TheBarriMedia
    TheBarriMedia 11 days ago

    It's smash o'clock 🤣

    MICAHISGOD 11 days ago

    Dying yo! 😂😆😂😆😂
    This actress, Sade and E are the People's Favorites. But speaking on behalf of the brothaz across the globe, "Where da fuck is E, yo?!!!!"

  • Jimmi James
    Jimmi James 11 days ago

    Dude..we all been in this spot. Damn....LOL. Lesson learned, a few times.

  • Jay
    Jay 11 days ago +4

    Damn she got a sexy voice... She woulda GOT IT right there ON THE COUCH!

  • Aaron Daniel
    Aaron Daniel 11 days ago

    This was literally me with women in high school.....wtf...

  • Alhaji Jalloh
    Alhaji Jalloh 11 days ago

    She is so sweet cool and sexy.Where do you find this gem?Wish I was 20.

  • Patrick B
    Patrick B 11 days ago

    good spin ! us guys always talkin in our head.

  • The Richest Bum
    The Richest Bum 11 days ago

    1:28 every time a girl do this. I go crazy.

  • William Sellars
    William Sellars 11 days ago

    Sexxxy azz chick knocks on my door unannounced in the middle of the night, let me get my sh🔫t. Bitch plottin.

  • jusjash
    jusjash 11 days ago +2

    This episode is like memory lane......when one got away🤣🤣

  • JokerL1000
    JokerL1000 11 days ago +3

    He shouldve known from the knee grab. YOU DONT DESERVE THE YAMS.

  • Dale Jopson
    Dale Jopson 12 days ago

    Hella funn

  • Jermaine Eghan
    Jermaine Eghan 12 days ago


  • Mi W
    Mi W 12 days ago +3

    Apricots and cinnamon sticks bro!!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Tony Taino
    Tony Taino 12 days ago


  • Jaime Gonzalez
    Jaime Gonzalez 12 days ago

    Come on Jahhhh u done fucked up XDXDXD

  • k. dot
    k. dot 12 days ago

    My nihga, why are you like this?!!. Hold on why am I like this🤣

    KINGABUNDANCE 888 13 days ago


  • Leonard Williams
    Leonard Williams 13 days ago

    Her voice! Omg!........

  • Samantha Rodriguez
    Samantha Rodriguez 13 days ago

    That's what y'all think? 😂 lmao

  • Abe Hassan-Froman
    Abe Hassan-Froman 13 days ago

    This is why i wait them out.... by 5am, you falling. LOL

  • kevin branch
    kevin branch 13 days ago +1

    NEVER !! Thiink. you know what a. woman. is. thinking!!! 👍👍😂😂😂

  • C M
    C M 13 days ago


  • Roland Baron
    Roland Baron 14 days ago +1

    She playin mind games knowin she wanted to smash. 🤔

  • Dee1922
    Dee1922 14 days ago

    Hell its been a few times I got it on the couch hell wasn’t thinking about going to the room. Couch was just fine

  • Willie Polite
    Willie Polite 14 days ago

    If show to my house no call you be still knocking

  • Taj MaHustle
    Taj MaHustle 14 days ago

    Spot on Braxton impression

  • Push Pronto
    Push Pronto 14 days ago +8

    I think my couch has seen more action than my bed

  • Warehouse TheWoodman
    Warehouse TheWoodman 14 days ago

    Because it’s Smash O’clock...

  • John Dyer
    John Dyer 14 days ago

    LOL!!!!! That's what happens when he not watchin football. He just scored the friend zone.

  • shotgun shawty respect the Elohim

    Us men think just like this

  • Charles Coley
    Charles Coley 15 days ago

    That's why you do the massage move first, then the tittie grab, then the pussy rub, followed by some kisses, and if she's going, you won't have a problem with any of that. Once you're rubbing that puss, you go to taking dem clothes off! If she doesn't resist, YOU'RE IN THERE! LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY! 😉😉👍👍

  • Von Doe
    Von Doe 16 days ago +22

    Imagine her talking low and sultry to you like that While you beat them yams into sweet potato cream pie filling🤔🤤

  • Allen Overall
    Allen Overall 16 days ago +1

    You never make the first move if shes already seducing you lol

  • Rio Ras souljah
    Rio Ras souljah 17 days ago +1

    Apricots and cinnamon sticks wow bruh silly

  • J Hustle AKA imreddi
    J Hustle AKA imreddi 17 days ago

    I knew it! Girls just wanna smash anywhere possible! Fuck the bedroom! 😭😭😭💯

  • Asiatic OverLord
    Asiatic OverLord 17 days ago

    I’ve been there 😂😂😂😂

  • blackz!!!!
    blackz!!!! 17 days ago

    2 o clock am bro. Starts from the living room and ends wherever shit .. Better than Netflix and chill. ..cuss of perfect timing.. 2am. What's more booty call than that ..

  • Giggles Tv
    Giggles Tv 18 days ago

    😂😂 that’s how we got get down with it 😂 not always its turning into it 💯

  • LA Don
    LA Don 18 days ago

    Lol I hate these moments, I ain't got time to figure shit out. Bitch you either with it or you ain't, and if not get tf out!

  • Montrez Holloway
    Montrez Holloway 18 days ago

    Forget bro lol... u blew it🤣🤣

  • Trevin Shepard
    Trevin Shepard 18 days ago

    Bro...why is this life?!😭

  • zeppelin 911
    zeppelin 911 18 days ago +1

    2:47 lmfaoooo

  • Mam Mam
    Mam Mam 19 days ago

    اى مدام من المنصورة تعالى او سالب

  • SupermanRM27
    SupermanRM27 19 days ago +1

    Whhhhyyyyyyy would you interrupt the flow though??? Every man knows you gotta match move for move with her. Get it poppin on the couch and THEN suggest taking it to the room 🤦🏿‍♂️