• Published on May 16, 2019
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  • Oston Espinosa
    Oston Espinosa 42 minutes ago


  • DaVon Holmes
    DaVon Holmes 4 hours ago

    Bruh you are fucking hilarious.

  • kennith sue
    kennith sue 4 hours ago

    I swear every time the camera went to her her eyes was drifting further and further from her face 🤣🤣🤣

  • Scott D
    Scott D 4 hours ago

    Damn I'm rootin for this nigga to get some skins one of these days

  • Smoove Tru Armstrong
    Smoove Tru Armstrong 7 hours ago

    Apricots and cinnamon sticks? Dude is crazy!!!😆

  • Josh Greaves
    Josh Greaves 8 hours ago


  • deaconeze
    deaconeze 9 hours ago

    Slow down, Homey.

  • elimastermind
    elimastermind 9 hours ago

    I had to watch this again 2 DA MAAX!!

  • Kiero B
    Kiero B 12 hours ago

    I've been in this situation, but my dumbass would just whip the D out!

  • Richard Baker
    Richard Baker 13 hours ago


  • 48bamaboy803
    48bamaboy803 13 hours ago

    On the couch yeah all night yeah,in my juvenile voice 💯🤣🤣😭😭😭yams....

  • damien cruz
    damien cruz 15 hours ago

    Lmao when he came out with the umbrella. One of few youtubers that has funny bloopers

  • Ameachel Grace
    Ameachel Grace 20 hours ago

    The way he raised his top lip to smell her was soooooo funny

  • lro001
    lro001 21 hour ago

    Came back to part 1 after seeing part 2.....😂

  • Jaja Wilson
    Jaja Wilson 21 hour ago


  • Black Cloak
    Black Cloak 21 hour ago

    Nooooo huh

  • Kelly Mcculloch
    Kelly Mcculloch Day ago

    she get close give her a kiss and let that simmer for 20 mins and then start petting that kitty she gone bite. Keys to the game👌

  • LetsGetIt Mindset

    Bruh when she was poking that ass out you suppose to say "you seem a little tense let me rub your back. Take your shirt off so so I don't get this oil on your clothes"

  • Donald Chesser
    Donald Chesser Day ago

    This nigga said apricots and cinnamon sticks

  • Shotta Slim
    Shotta Slim Day ago


  • Tariq Muhammad
    Tariq Muhammad Day ago

    Lame part is the niggah should had kept it real from the begin and told her about her actions, then she probably would had told him to smash on the couch after she pulled his meat out and began to caress it very carefully. Damn! 😖

  • Tariq Muhammad
    Tariq Muhammad Day ago

    Introduction scene should had introduced us to that ass walking 🚶 in. Instead, the lame editor shoots to the couch scene immediately. 👎

  • KushLit Supreme O

    Lmaooo😂😂😂😂😂 she said I did... Yeah on the couch😭😭😂😂😂 bed is like the 3rd or fourth round

  • Darvyawn Heath
    Darvyawn Heath Day ago +1

    Nigga got me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😁

  • Sleeping Giant
    Sleeping Giant Day ago

    I can't finish the video because its disturbing that he fuck it all up..😂😂..
    That couch make you get yo paper.. I was fuckin bitch froggy style,not doggy style,its a difference..
    Doggy style is on knees but froggy style is when you in squat position and you hitting it from the back!!

  • Gerald Green
    Gerald Green Day ago +1

    ....she got a real sexy voice....

  • Dre Mac
    Dre Mac Day ago

    She dam near high

  • James Jean
    James Jean Day ago


  • Heath Johnson
    Heath Johnson Day ago

    Maaan! Those choosin' signals were way too obvious. Smash action dot com!

  • Yeno SeeKnowt
    Yeno SeeKnowt Day ago

    I hate losing pussy cause I was moving too fast

    • bdd d
      bdd d Day ago +1

      Yeno SeeKnowt man I read your comment and it literally took me to a moment I dropped the ball. Better yet I got to the goal line and dived but lateraled.
      She was my home girl and she came by.made it to the room and I talked myself out of it by literally forgetting she was leaving town that night.
      I had bs to much but time fly when you in good company... 🤦‍♂️

  • Tyeem Keen
    Tyeem Keen Day ago

    instagram.com/the_kassandra_lee/ This the young lady in the video

  • David Craig
    David Craig Day ago

    She go be ready when she ready realist he said to hisself

  • Eric
    Eric Day ago

    What is up wit the "knee touching" thing🤣🤣

  • Kenneth Duncan
    Kenneth Duncan 2 days ago +1

    You actually opened the door at 2am is why im trippin

  • Black Bro
    Black Bro 2 days ago

    Shorty BAD🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏻

  • Derrick Asare
    Derrick Asare 2 days ago

    Taste the air? 😂

  • JaKing Allah
    JaKing Allah 2 days ago

    Peace. I also had an illiterate moment before like that smh

  • Mechael Culbreath
    Mechael Culbreath 2 days ago

    Her sexy ass voice tho!

  • Ronald Smith
    Ronald Smith 2 days ago

    Lmaooo 😂😂😂 shit too accurate tho 😭😭😭

  • Will Jackson
    Will Jackson 2 days ago

    You fit in where get in big ish mess up the mood. Funny as a maths fucka

  • elliex20
    elliex20 2 days ago +1

    Oh my God, what a voice this girl has. The voice can make a man do things. Sounds like Alicia keys too.

  • Moshi
    Moshi 2 days ago +1

    Hey now she doing the knee touch lmao..... 2 Da Maxxxx

  • Joe Mosely
    Joe Mosely 2 days ago

    Its Smash-a-CLock

  • Xxthe1andonlyxx One
    Xxthe1andonlyxx One 2 days ago

    So true😂

  • Glitchcinema
    Glitchcinema 2 days ago

    I wish I could get girls super easy but i'm just a 20 yr old virgin.

  • Wiston Clair June
    Wiston Clair June 2 days ago +5

    I really be talking to myself in my head when i got a girl over. 😄 making my next moves and joint

  • Sondra Myles
    Sondra Myles 2 days ago


  • Leo Scarpoli
    Leo Scarpoli 3 days ago

    Chicks be playin too much

  • Macus Lane
    Macus Lane 3 days ago


  • Benz Bama
    Benz Bama 3 days ago


  • Viet Nine
    Viet Nine 4 days ago


  • beto reyna
    beto reyna 4 days ago

    Foo you cool ass hell you should try and do some movies but whatever you doo much props big homie

  • Latascha Bibbs
    Latascha Bibbs 4 days ago

    I like his stupid honesty

  • Nephyr
    Nephyr 5 days ago

    Bruh she did not make it seem like she wanted a couch session

  • Hasaan Williams
    Hasaan Williams 5 days ago

    Maaaan I would've put her out too, not time for mixed signals and head games.

  • Chris Sambet Africa
    Chris Sambet Africa 5 days ago

    What is the meaning of companies

  • Ferris Thodé
    Ferris Thodé 5 days ago

    Hahahah bigg Jah ur smash o clock is working backwards hahahah

  • sagacious Sage
    sagacious Sage 5 days ago +1

    Why do women do that type of things. Mixed signals play games.

    THE REAL PD ANGEL 5 days ago

    That is so funny ... I feel him ... I respect her and him and but she did have the signals to mixed up. She had him thinking she was down for everything . Hahaha! Too funny😂😂😅 that is why I've laid save I don't even try anymore . I just tried to let it happen

    THE REAL PD ANGEL 5 days ago


    THE REAL PD ANGEL 5 days ago


    THE REAL PD ANGEL 5 days ago


    THE REAL PD ANGEL 5 days ago

    See people will give you mixed signals all the time and I hate when women do that I like for a woman to be direct straight up tell me what she wants. Now she wants things I can deal with that periods Flex that

  • Asaf Beats
    Asaf Beats 6 days ago


  • Jerome Dingle
    Jerome Dingle 6 days ago

    A Hunnid and a half 😂

  • Wealthbuilderz TV
    Wealthbuilderz TV 6 days ago


  • ronald tyili
    ronald tyili 6 days ago

    Big JAh comedy skits are super hilarious! he should come up with his own TV Show i will be keen to watch it! on Comedy Central.. to add on, he knows how to spot talent! the female cast on his show are on point! i like them hot birds mate

  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford 6 days ago

    Damm so many commentors...WTF?
    What have I missed...?

  • shawn goodone
    shawn goodone 6 days ago

    LMAO them yams

    TOO BOOCOU 6 days ago

    bro said its smash 'oclock

  • Calli Dawkins
    Calli Dawkins 7 days ago +3

    We all been there .. lol

  • Frank Moshi
    Frank Moshi 7 days ago

    Itx so rly😅

  • MrZimeir
    MrZimeir 7 days ago

    Sometimes they just want dat couch grind

  • AR ACE
    AR ACE 7 days ago

    Oooo she smell goooood

  • dlikescheese
    dlikescheese 7 days ago

    Foolish, should have started the play on couch then it could have led to the bed. You have to think like a quarterback in these type of situations. He was simply a kicker, he took a chance.

  • Mr G
    Mr G 7 days ago

    Closer than close!! Lmaoo

    MURDER BOY BEATS 7 days ago +8

    Lmfao, ladies this is truly how we think as men... 2damaxx

  • Ranger Dad
    Ranger Dad 7 days ago

    She is... JUST WOW!

  • Light Dart
    Light Dart 7 days ago

    Memory Desyncronized Target Lost

  • T.J. Horton
    T.J. Horton 7 days ago

    Damn she fine af

  • Johannes Hlomla
    Johannes Hlomla 7 days ago

    Damn it's Time

  • nj devil
    nj devil 7 days ago

    It's smash o'clock lol

  • wickedscorpion
    wickedscorpion 7 days ago +6

    "it's smash o'clock"! LMAO
    'ol butta peekin rican could've got it on the couch!

  • Aubrey Woodson
    Aubrey Woodson 8 days ago

    Hahahah rigggghhtt....she Kno what the hell LOL!! yea yea I a walk u to the door LOL

  • SweetTooth's Asylum
    SweetTooth's Asylum 8 days ago

    That was the Funniest "Damn" yet.
    It was all loud, echoed and reverbed. LMAOO 😂

  • Obsidian Portal
    Obsidian Portal 8 days ago

    She touchin a niggas knee! Lmao

  • Obsidian Portal
    Obsidian Portal 8 days ago

    Damn im cryin!! 🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Brenden Steele
    Brenden Steele 8 days ago

    My nigga make a movie....you have all these good story lines

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams 8 days ago

    Make a another ep. This can go a long way. Also do this from the female perspective. Lol. Funny stuff

  • BB Finesse
    BB Finesse 8 days ago

    I felt this shit 3000 😭😭

  • Rei Brasileiro
    Rei Brasileiro 8 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 bro that’s hilarious

  • SizzleVille TV
    SizzleVille TV 8 days ago

    He fucked that whole situation up trying to get the ass too soon #takeyourtimebruh lol

  • Donny Yayo
    Donny Yayo 9 days ago


  • Omar Tucker
    Omar Tucker 9 days ago

    am I the only one coaching this dude as the video players and said DAMN! at the end?

  • pably william
    pably william 9 days ago

    New subscriber and iam suuuuupeeerr dupppeeeeeer loving 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • lilj804
    lilj804 9 days ago

    “It’s smash o’clock “ lol

  • Kadeem Smith
    Kadeem Smith 9 days ago

    I would've just thought of everything to get my dick hard then see what she do wit it. Literally just have it up n ready then see if she really bout that action. Let her come to me type shit. really works nfs

  • Dion Thornton
    Dion Thornton 9 days ago

    Never jump to the bed room. Always start on the couch

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 9 days ago

    Brah!! Lol

  • Raw
    Raw 9 days ago

    Smash o’clock!