Election results 2019: Former PM Theresa May is asked about projected Tory win - BBC News

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Former Prime Minister Theresa May says she is "very pleased at the majority" her successor appears to have secured.

    She held her own seat of Maidenhead too.

    Asked how he managed a majority when she didn't, she says: "At this election people were faced with a very clear choice on whether they wanted to ensure Brexit was delivered and knew if a Conservative majority government got in they would deliver Brexit.

    "This election was about ensuring we could get over this deadlock in Parliament, get Brexit done and move on."

    And can Mr Johnson get a trade deal with the EU by the end of next year?

    "Yes," says Mrs May. "Because actually a lot of work on that has already been done, both in the original set of negotiations and in the political declaration.

    "With the will on both sides to ensure we can now deliver, yes it is possible."
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  • Louise Rothwell
    Louise Rothwell 3 days ago


  • DB1968
    DB1968 15 days ago

    TREASON MAY tried her best to sell us out to the rotten EU, but thank goodness she failed, because the British voters cannot be fooled. She was the worst PM in British history, and should not have stood again as an MP. It sickens most Leavers, to have to see her face in Parliament any longer. The Tories' election victory in Dec 2019 was despite her. She deliberately threw away the 2017 election and the 12-majority, with a Manifesto from hell of: Dementia tax, Pension triple-lock gone, school meals cut, and FOX-HUNTING reintroduced (opposed by 80% of voters), no attractive polices at all, and Leaving the EU was barely mentioned in the campaign. Who in their right mind would expect to do well with this terrible Manifesto??? She did not expect or want to do well. Mrs Treason so obviously wanted to hand all the power to Remoaners in the Parliament, as she did - and to make it much easier for them to sabotage everything, as they did.

  • IanGettings
    IanGettings 18 days ago

    How an ex leader SHOULD behave

  • Waqar Hussain
    Waqar Hussain 22 days ago

    12th of December - the day the UK chose fascism. A dark day, the consequences of which will be remembered for decades to come.
    Those who voted for the fat BJ bloke will realise the mistake they have made soon. They have been fooled by an Eton pig who will destroy the country beyond measures.

  • Martin Warne
    Martin Warne Month ago

    Your swindle didn't work may. Go rot in he'll.

  • Buggles mymind
    Buggles mymind Month ago

    You can vote for a Freemason, a Freemason, or a Freemason and if you don't like that you can have a Freemason

  • Anthropoid
    Anthropoid Month ago

    useless idiot

  • John Bull
    John Bull Month ago

    Under SNP tenure in Scotland:
    Increase in crime rate and overcrowding in prisons,
    Breakdown in discipline in schools due to implementation of failed restorative practice schemes,
    Biggest drugs death crisis in Europe as a result of defacto decriminalisation,
    High young white male suicide rates,
    Police Scotland relying on thread-bare resources.
    For example.

    ENOCH WAS RIGHT Month ago

    Why interview the country's most Gutless ' traitorous X prime minister in history ?
    Let's get BREXIT 🇪🇺 done from the gob of the X PM who fkd BREXIT 🇪🇺 up and achieved 💩 in over 3 years !
    Boris Johnson has a spine " May hasn't ! "

  • Connor Watson
    Connor Watson Month ago +6

    "Good morning Mrs May"
    "Good morning Andrew"
    "Just checking as we've had some sound problems"
    He doesn't give a sh*t about how she actually is lol

    • M E
      M E 23 days ago

      Connor Watson Why should he? That’s not what he’s there for.

  • Rt L
    Rt L Month ago

    She is so boring. How did she get to be PM? Reminds me of someone who could have been in John Major's cabinet.

  • Breas
    Breas Month ago

    Her husband wanted her to remain, ££££££££

    İSTANBUL Month ago

    The World Is Bigger Than Five Countries
    Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN

  • Martin McHugh
    Martin McHugh Month ago

    She lost because of her stupid greedy social care 'sell your home' scheme

  • Ian Foster
    Ian Foster Month ago

    Lost because she was a remainer. How the hell could a remainer get Brexit done? She's a toothless yes woman, zero personality, no guts and didn't connect with the majority of the people.

  • Patrick Martin
    Patrick Martin Month ago

    Theresa Maybe

  • H.T. Ng
    H.T. Ng Month ago

    Theresa May can give unclear answers, but Andrew Neil can ask tougher questions.

  • Chris P
    Chris P Month ago

    She was a good leader, just got a bit nervous, and that dancing 💃 oh my lord

  • Pat Wayne
    Pat Wayne Month ago +1

    Boris Johnson is awesome 👍👍 As an American The Trumpster rocks and will get another powerful 4 years 👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • GuitarFreak
    GuitarFreak Month ago

    Labour found to have used vote rigging and double voting in 2017. They also lead people to believe they would deliver Brexit.

  • Shibli Sohan
    Shibli Sohan Month ago

    She lose a majority because she is not very strong leader and she is remainer heart but talk brexit she think public is fool but no they very smart look boris 365 sest and she done big mass about brexit and i hope if she do this election labour will win .

  • Cristo Mario
    Cristo Mario Month ago

    why? because Epstein did not killhimself!

  • Chris1553
    Chris1553 Month ago

    I wish this woman would clear off, she virtually ruined this country single handed,
    Disaster !

  • Kiranpal Singh
    Kiranpal Singh Month ago

    Stupid cow

  • oliver o brien
    oliver o brien Month ago

    Andrew Neil is the gem of the BBC he's fair he doesn't talk over people ,I'd say one of the best interviewers anywhere ,he could start up his own online show I don't know what he's doing with those losers at the BBC.

  • Svetlana Rakhimova
    Svetlana Rakhimova Month ago

    It was a Brexit election.

  • Eat the pork
    Eat the pork Month ago

    Appalling excuse for a political leader. She lied about her doings in Brussels. She signed us up to the European Arrest Warrant when she didn’t have to. Not conservative in a meaningful sense, quite a Blairite lefty really.

  • Paul Bergin
    Paul Bergin Month ago

    Who cares she was a disgrace 👎👎👎👎

  • manco82
    manco82 Month ago

    Weak and wobbly!

  • Telcontar1962
    Telcontar1962 Month ago

    Terrible treacherous woman. Rather than standing in front of a camera pontificating about a country she was trying her utmost to abolish, she should be standing in a dock in front of a judge looking at a very long prison sentence.

  • Noname 1st
    Noname 1st Month ago

    Scotland want a referendum to be a independent country but want to be a part of the united nations, Im confused lol

  • Jonny Webster
    Jonny Webster Month ago

    Like how Andrew gets the reduced majority snipe in at the end...😂. Twice in as many years.

  • mombser2
    mombser2 Month ago

    She lost because she failed to campaign on Brexit and had a manifesto that put Brexit as a side issue.

  • S Gardner
    S Gardner Month ago

    The SNP are wrecking Scotland, rousing up nationalism to secure a big following.

  • The jupiter
    The jupiter Month ago

    Yeh, sure, she is "very happy". But she's a remainer and was enjoying hindering us leaving while in office.
    But now we are almost free of the European mafia. Bet she won't be so "happy" when we are out!

  • W1DO
    W1DO Month ago

    The snp said it was a once in a generation vote, but the conservative party said "vote no to independence or lose your EU membership"

  • TCV12
    TCV12 Month ago

    Massive failure as a PM but she has managed to do what past PM's haven't...and that is to still be a decent, likeable person.

  • Mike Mikeson
    Mike Mikeson Month ago

    Look at the traitor 😂

  • Andre Siqueira
    Andre Siqueira Month ago +4

    I miss May as Prime Minister. I love Johnson, but I think May is better.

  • Francis JJ
    Francis JJ Month ago

    I was expecting to see her stood in a field of wheat now she’s escaped number 10

  • Ginger T
    Ginger T Month ago

    Maybot Version 2.0

  • A K
    A K Month ago

    Nasty left wing line of questioning

  • Wojtek Swietochowski

    To ask twice seems to be not enough 🤣

  • Lee r
    Lee r Month ago +1

    She’s great

  • ledg59
    ledg59 Month ago

    The woman has no shame. Just say it woman, "my deal was pure shit" Typical woman, never admits when they're wrong 😂😂😂😂

  • Jesus’s Eternal Son


    I seek international order of protection.
    Constitution of ILLYRICUM TESTAMENT - Romans 15:19-21

  • Ian Turley
    Ian Turley Month ago

    Mrs may,
    bless her, lol..
    waiting to be told what to say through the ear piece by the whitehall officials. And then passing it off as a glitch in the sound system like a pro! Lol!!!
    If you have seen that old tv programme, yes minister
    Or yes prime minister then You know exactly what i mean!

  • G R-S
    G R-S Month ago +1

    A very dignified lady.

  • Ramanathan Mathavan

    Andrew Neal is shit stirring about Scottish independence. I use think he was a professional journalist he is only a shit stirrer. Even when he interviews party leaders he is arrogant and insulting. Boris was right in not giving him an interview. The election results speaks for it self.

  • KissTheGreat
    KissTheGreat Month ago

    Tory funded, Johnson fellating BBC at it again!

  • Michael Delgado
    Michael Delgado Month ago +1

    I dont care what anyone says, she took some s#it when she was PM and has skin of a rhino. I do have respect for her

    • Alex McConaghy
      Alex McConaghy Month ago

      Michael Delgado Yes and was completely undermined by the likes of Hammond and Gauke.

    BRIAN RIPLEY Month ago +1

    TM is the most spineless PM we have ever had. Totally lied to the electorate "No deal is better than a bad deal" whilst sidelining the various Brexit ministers to let Olly Robbins capitulate to the EU . She was always a "Remainer" and just lied and lied.

  • James Colby
    James Colby Month ago +5

    She looks healthy. I genuinely wish this lady well.

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man Month ago

    I’m conservative through and through but she never did much for Maidenhead as PM, hopefully now she’s not at No.10 all the time she will start to improve the town.

  • Hillary Clintub
    Hillary Clintub Month ago

    Just like here in the U.S., they needed to smash the liberals before they could get anything done.

  • Blueysea
    Blueysea Month ago +12

    2017 Tory vote share: 42 %
    2019 Tory vote share: 43 %
    May did most of the work before Boris arrived.

    • Prasanna MaY
      Prasanna MaY 21 day ago


    • The_red_ barron
      The_red_ barron Month ago +2

      The Brexit party weren't around in 2017, alot of people who voted for them would of voted Conservative.

  • judgewest2000
    judgewest2000 Month ago

    She nearly ended Brexit. She VERY nearly managed it.

  • baboon2525
    baboon2525 Month ago

    In answer to the first queston she should have asked him why he's such a shit journalist he couldn't even tie Boris Johnson down to an interview.

  • Abdul Fatau
    Abdul Fatau Month ago

    2020 OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN. m.tvclip.biz/video/QECyPXUPjR0/video.html

  • parkey107
    parkey107 Month ago

    what may did wrong was to say 4days before her election that we need to have a conversation about old people to sell their house to pay for their care her majorityforcast at about 80 went down to 20 and then she had 21 traitors making a minority government , showing how dumb she is and a poor priminister and home sec. poor quality mp