Hard Candy - Trailer

  • Published on Apr 20, 2010
  • A mature 14-year old girl meets a charming 32-year old photographer on the Internet. Suspecting that he is a pedophile, she goes to his home in an attempt to expose him.

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  • :D Wollscheid
    :D Wollscheid 12 days ago

    I still watch it.
    twice a week.

  • Siivonen
    Siivonen Month ago

    i love how i can google "the movie where the girl toastes testicles" and i can find the movie

  • RaaYee
    RaaYee 2 months ago +2

    I just don't understand why it's called Hard Candy

  • TomatoNut
    TomatoNut 5 months ago

    spooky rice

  • Raymonf Rose
    Raymonf Rose 10 months ago

    I never heard of this movie
    Looks pretty intense.

  • Mimi Dawgs
    Mimi Dawgs 11 months ago

    Patrick Wilson was the only reason I kept watching this movie 10 yrs ago... well, and I met people from chat rooms back in tha day too. Wonder I survived.

  • Emily Rose Dawson
    Emily Rose Dawson Year ago +1

    This guy seems like the dating game killer. He was a photographer who lured young girls to his "studio" as well.

  • Parodix
    Parodix Year ago +4

    The man will die

  • Greg Sticker
    Greg Sticker Year ago +1

    The plot of this movie is gripping. a very dark departure from Ellen Page's character Juno. However, I would like to say with all due respect.... Isabelle Furhman would have given the dark sinister theme a more darker tone. Just saying.

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    Amazing film on so many levels, although the amazing photography intrudes a little bit.
    Also an interesting debate on who the villain is.

  • K M
    K M Year ago

    THIS MOVIE WAS EYE OPENING!, anyone siding with the pedophile... I have news for you

  • Brooke
    Brooke Year ago

    Um yeah you guys forgot the part in the video where she snips his balls

  • TaRhaun Sherrod
    TaRhaun Sherrod Year ago +8

    Whenever I describe this movie I always say that it's the best episode of To Catch a Predator ever.

  • Joshua Rollins
    Joshua Rollins Year ago +1

    Y'all play life is strange notice any similarities

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure Year ago

    Y did i watch this?

  • Inquisitor Christopher

    Oomph - Beim ersten Mal tut's Immer weh

  • Temmie Flakes
    Temmie Flakes Year ago

    what is youi problem. PEDOPHILE

  • Arthur Herrera
    Arthur Herrera Year ago +1

    You gotta watch to the end! He truly deserves all this but you don't understand until you watch to the end!

  • Ken9284
    Ken9284 Year ago

    Hated this movie. It’s basically for a bunch of pervs who jack off to guys getting beaten and tortured by little girls.

  • Roman Soiko
    Roman Soiko Year ago

    if I was Haley I would have done the same thing I would go the library or a university medical department get a book on the subject of medical science learn how to do a castration operation of course I would be stupid enough to keep him conscious I just use general anesthesia

  • Yourworldsavings[dot]com & Yourworldhobbies[dot]com

    It has the worst ending ever... -_-

  • Hi Everyone
    Hi Everyone Year ago +2

    Do NOT waste your time watching this crap. A psychopathic 14-year old girl meets up with an older man, drugs him, castrates him and eventually kills him. A complete pile of garbage.

  • Anindividual
    Anindividual Year ago

    they're literally both the antagonist.

  • Green Cream Screen
    Green Cream Screen Year ago +1

    Okay now i can watch because my parents get very curious why i want to watch this while im on netflix

  • Mac Kobalt
    Mac Kobalt Year ago +62

    And the FBI is nowhere to be found, but no when I search free spongebob episodes online they send the squad to my house

  • BlackRaptor 115
    BlackRaptor 115 Year ago

    Ok. I just watched this movie and it's a good mystery with a dissatisfying ending. Spoiler time: 1. Why doesn't the guy just tell her he only watched? She (might've) have gone through with cutting off his balls and he didn't just tell her he only watched the murder? And if she knew who he was why didn't she just torture him no questions asked? And from what we can tell this guy is new to this, she finds no other victims, but she acts like the dude has a mile long kill list. 2. People will find her finger prints, signs of a struggle, and this girl's blood everywhere, along with pills in his system that he couldn't have access to. If anyone wanted to look into this they could find her and arrest her, yet she hinges it on people just believing he's a kiddy-diddler. 3. Who is she? What's she doing here? We have no indication she even knows this bitch or how she found our protagonist's (because like it or not he is our protagonist) friend Aaron (who actually did the killing)? 4 why didn't he just jump off that roof? Why didn't he just jump onto his ex's car and tell her everything? What was she gonna do, shoot him? Or just shoot himself in the leg, and blame it on the girl? He has the wrist marks, the surgery utensils all of it has her hand prints on them. A good enough officer could find out that this bitch is crazy, and he could get her locked up for his kidnapping and Aaron's murder. This evidence has led me to believe that this girl is actually Elliot Stabler from Law and Order SVU.

    • Marie Philogene
      Marie Philogene Year ago +4

      BlackRaptorJesus 115 did you even watch the movie? He flirted with a 14 years on the internet, he met with her and took her to his house, he had a chance to call the cops but he didn't because he wanted to continue cover his dirt. yet you still think his innocent smh

  • BlackRaptor 115
    BlackRaptor 115 Year ago

    I'm watching the first scene of this movie in Netflix and it feels like Elliot Stabler (from SVU) was given a second chance at torturing pedos and rapists as a 14 girl.

    • BlackRaptor 115
      BlackRaptor 115 Year ago

      Boy was I wrong! She only had the word of a pedo that this guy had anything to do with anything. He could've literally lived his life to the fullest, had his murder buddy not tell Ellen Paige what happened.

  • MartiniGasolini
    MartiniGasolini Year ago +1

    She represents every SJW in the world.

    • washedblue
      washedblue Year ago +2

      meaning... your side would be the guy? hm. he actually did do the accusatory things she brought up and was continuing to prey on others. not saying she was in the right, but he was by NO means innocent and was an obvious predator.

    • Paul Engelen
      Paul Engelen Year ago

      lmao my thoughts

    ASIA’S CORNER Year ago +4

    Ended up hating this movie. She was just as guilty as he was.

  • That Dude
    That Dude Year ago +1

    Literally the worst movie I've watched, the guy was innocent but this bitch wanted to be right so bad that ignored everything he said. If you're looking to waste your time then this piece of crap is what you're looking for.

    • BlackRaptor 115
      BlackRaptor 115 Year ago

      I think it's good, but I get what you're saying, she drives this guy mad just because Aaron told her this guy was in on it. For all she knew this guy was lying through his teeth.

    • Steven McClendon
      Steven McClendon Year ago +1

      Daniel Herrera just finished watching it. I feel like the movie was very good. And he was some what guilty, he watched the girl being murdered and of course he was into lil under the girls

  • Emily Malik Shrier

    This movie was WILD

  • Sappy K.D.C
    Sappy K.D.C Year ago

    SHES FUCKING AWESOME. we should take down all pedos. Shes smart.

    • Burnt Orange
      Burnt Orange Year ago

      Cameron Hagon Pedophilia is a mental disorder. And not all pedophiles are child molesters. So killing them would be an unethical solution. Rather we should keep them from acting on their urges and offer them in therapy.

  • Jeremy Schmidt
    Jeremy Schmidt Year ago +3

    Just watched this, thought it sucked

  • inferno0020
    inferno0020 2 years ago +1

    Ellen Page is the most terrifying slasher of all time.

  • the red dragon
    the red dragon 2 years ago +1

    Pile of shit!

  • Alex j M.
    Alex j M. 2 years ago

    That guy is fucking hot and handsome. Guys that are hot aren't pedophiles usually they old and creepy

    • Emily Malik Shrier
      Emily Malik Shrier Year ago +2

      Alex Matias the ignorance of this comment is incredibly moronic 😑

    • Sappy K.D.C
      Sappy K.D.C Year ago

      You are fucking stupid. LIKE actually stupid. Pedophiles are MEN who fuck little kids. or flirt with young girls or boys. Dont be stupid, it makes men look bad. You are making men look weak and stupid.

    • Vera
      Vera Year ago

      Oh you know what you said Alex don't try and turn this around you should've of said ''That actor is fucking hot and handsome'' and that is all not mentioning that pedophiles are usually old and creepy that's stereotyping.

    • Alex j M.
      Alex j M. Year ago

      Vera lmao women pedophiles I was just saying the actor is hot and yes they creepy men

    • Shinzenbi
      Shinzenbi Year ago +3

      Pedophilia is an illness, it's not because they can't attract women/men their own age. Being old and creepy is a stereotype, when really they just look like anyone, can be any age. That's how so many get away with it, everyone is looking for the boogey man. In reality most are people that you know, usually family and friends.

  • Playlists- -Watch my
    Playlists- -Watch my 2 years ago

    this and super 8 are pretty funny considering her nude "scandal"

  • ThenThereWasOne
    ThenThereWasOne 2 years ago +50

    Somewhat has a Life is Strange similarities don't it :3

  • TheDollmaker28
    TheDollmaker28 2 years ago

    The best thing about this movie was the dvd cover.

  • zotharr
    zotharr 2 years ago +4

    One of my fav movies of all time, Ellen Page plays soo good in this :)

    • MartiniGasolini
      MartiniGasolini Year ago

      zotharr She's a barbaric nut case in this. Yeah pedophiles are sick and twisted people but she could have called the cops and left the photos out and he'd go to prison for a long time.

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 2 years ago

    It's nite owl

  • Melissa McGowan
    Melissa McGowan 2 years ago

    girls hurry up so they don't miss the bus

  • Frank White
    Frank White 2 years ago +2

    Really shit Movie with a laughing ending and frustrating child .

  • James Howard Owen Murray
    James Howard Owen Murray 2 years ago +24

    Still dont understand why Michael jackson has a cameo in this

  • John A.i.
    John A.i. 3 years ago +17

    The director of this movie was a complete imbecile. This movie lacks a lot of things. The man should've been able to cast his revenge on the stupid little girl, and there's no proof that he's a pedophile like she claims he is.
    He should've never jumped, but killed her instead; for being such an incompetent child.

    • ThisIsNotaUsername31
      ThisIsNotaUsername31 Year ago +6

      SomethingToAim4 he was chatting with her online - thats an immediate violation of the law. He then touched her on the lips and licked the chocolate off his finger. He brings her to the house and she finds his collection of kiddie porn. There is so much proof in this movie.

    • SomethingToAim4
      SomethingToAim4 Year ago

      He was drugged when she stripped and then in the end she threatend him to say he was raping her if he didnt kill himslef even if he was not guilty she had made him guilty so it doesnt even matter if he did it or not in the end he didnt really confess but look at this side if he didnt do it then he was forced to confess a crime he did not commit if there where better proof i would have felt pure joy in seeing him get tortured but there wasnt any oh yes sure she said there was but was it the truth or did she lie

    • MartiniGasolini
      MartiniGasolini Year ago +3

      He was a dirty pedo, but that girl was also a nut case.

    • Likeabadgirlshould X
      Likeabadgirlshould X 2 years ago +37

      If you actually saw the movie you wouldn't be saying this 🙄🙄

    • Celeste Williams
      Celeste Williams 2 years ago

      It's also on Netflix (-:

  • lady jiji
    lady jiji 3 years ago +4

    I really don't know what should I say.. I'm so confused.. 😦

  • corique ravenell
    corique ravenell 3 years ago +1

    i seen this movie

  • Mr.masky
    Mr.masky 3 years ago +31

    That cake made my hunger hard just like that candy

  • TFtusave
    TFtusave 3 years ago +13

    one of the worst movies I've seen....I honestly just watch it beacuse of all the hype....and was dissapointed.
    Movie was boring, made no sense, and very predictable at the end.

    I guess those who liked it just do because they are a fan of Ellen Page

    • Soulsphere001
      Soulsphere001 9 months ago +1

      Actually, he never admits to raping or murdering anyone, but he does admit to being an accomplice to the crime. At the very least, he watched as it happened.

    • Marie C
      Marie C 2 years ago +1

      TFtusave must be a more of a rude awakening knowing this is based on a true story it happened in Japan

    • floret
      floret 2 years ago +1

      What do you mean?

    • בשר העניין
      בשר העניין 2 years ago +3

      Stupidity makes us all bitter

    • floret
      floret 2 years ago +17

      Did you even watch the movie? He literally admits to having raped and killed a girl her age, that was possibly her friend. Thats why she hunts him down. Its a revenge thing because he literally did rape a child and then tried to do the same to her. I mean when he was running after her in the movie he literally screams 'What do you want to fuck first? The knife, or me?!' Like. Im sorry buddy. Im not sure you watched the same movie i watched. Or maybe you werent paying attention to what was actually going on because you had already made up your mind? But its def not about believing all men are rapists. The movies message was to make people pay attention to the fact that child grooming is a thing childrapists do/etc & to show the strategies they use and how they manipulate. And it was a message to them in a way that they wont always get away with that. And yeah, i def. got to worked up over your comment just now. Sorry. But this kinda stuff just makes me pretty bitter.

  • Memily23
    Memily23 4 years ago +38

    This movie make me fall in love with Ellen Page

  • cherry coke
    cherry coke 5 years ago +3

    Watching this with headphones is officially sick

  • ryan McDaniel
    ryan McDaniel 5 years ago +10

    All I will say is that kids a shit, no proof he's a peddo, even though it sure looks like it. Well now that i think about, he could be one. See the movie!

    • That Dude
      That Dude Year ago +1

      Lizzie Allen no he didn't he just witnessed it

    • Marie C
      Marie C 2 years ago +8

      ryan McDaniel he was still chatting and saying sexual things to Her in the Chat room and in the Beginning so he's still a pedo

    • Mr.masky
      Mr.masky 3 years ago +1

      +Lizzie Allen life is strange

    • Playful Fruit
      Playful Fruit 4 years ago +5

      @Lizzie Allen It doesn't come out and say it, but near the end he starts stabbing a photo and admits it.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 5 years ago +28

      He IS one and what more he murdered a 14 year old girl he raped.

  • Matt
    Matt 5 years ago

    So there was mescaline in the cake?

  • Madeline Nagy
    Madeline Nagy 5 years ago

    It's not shit

    • That Dude
      That Dude Year ago +1

      Madeline Nagy notice how your comment hasn't gotten a single like in 3 years? It's because no one agrees with you

  • Esteban Rincon
    Esteban Rincon 5 years ago

    Just gimme that old-time misandry.

  • Megan Warner
    Megan Warner 5 years ago +81

    That's the girl from beyond two souls!

    • Skyr
      Skyr 4 months ago

      @Moegara Really wtf

    • Moegara
      Moegara 4 months ago

      @Skyr No, she even tried to sue them. xD

    • MoistDaddyTom
      MoistDaddyTom 4 months ago


    • Skyr
      Skyr Year ago

      She voices her and is made to look like her.

    • Jean //The Android Sent By CyberLife
      Jean //The Android Sent By CyberLife Year ago +4

      TheDollmaker28 Ellen Page wasn't the actress of Ellie, she just looked identical to her

  • Jason Macken
    Jason Macken 5 years ago +6

    She's crazy I seen it

    • SomethingToAim4
      SomethingToAim4 Year ago

      Are u sure about that?do u believe a 14y old girl more then a tortured man? if yes then torture doesnt work because people dont believe what people under torture are confessing lol

    • Sappy K.D.C
      Sappy K.D.C Year ago

      Shes smart, but insanE. But she's awesome for torturing a pedo. :)

  • mvandemar
    mvandemar 6 years ago +2

    Paul, you need to re-watch it. I don't want to give any spoilers, but she didn't get the worng guy.

  • Magita Perez
    Magita Perez 6 years ago +7

    Ellen was 18 in this movie o.O

  • Sarahi Monterrosas
    Sarahi Monterrosas 6 years ago +7

    Well that's a turn of events O_o