Overlooked & Underrated Movies of 2017


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  • Matías Infante Melloni

    you could let us know when a movie was "fine" and when it was "great" when talking about underrated films… with some text maybe

  • RPG Legendary Soundtracks

    Damn, a lot of very bad movies in this video...

  • big kahuna burger
    big kahuna burger 15 days ago

    Is Chris doing one for 2018

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith 24 days ago

    2017 was an incredible year for movies.

  • Peter Love
    Peter Love Month ago

    Alien Covenant was the literal ship of fools, none of the human characters shouldn't have been doing anything more complicated than driving automated cars...

  • Guilherme Huyer
    Guilherme Huyer Month ago

    A Cure For Wellness

  • SabriX
    SabriX Month ago

    Please do a review for The Ballad of Buster Scruggs it may be the first A+ movie in 2018 😉

  • Sarah Mary
    Sarah Mary Month ago

    Yeah no, Personal Shopper was a piece of shit. The tonal shifts were annoying, the story was bland, and Kristen Stewart still can't act for her life, I don't know how she keeps getting work.

  • New Society
    New Society Month ago

    Check out skate kitchen very underrated

  • Michelle Valiev
    Michelle Valiev Month ago

    Guys you need to watch brigsby bear! Such a wholesome film

    DREAMBIG Month ago

    I wasn't sure if I should watch Alien: Covenant. After you said you "really liked Prometheus"....I'm never going to watch Covenant.

  • c20ux
    c20ux 2 months ago

    A Cure For Wellness was great. But don't get me started on Alien Covenant "you blow, I'll do the fingering." hahaha David is overrated too.

  • Colin Searle
    Colin Searle 2 months ago

    I thought 'A Cure for Wellness', 'Ghost in the Shell' and 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' were all very good.

  • Luz Velasco
    Luz Velasco 2 months ago

    I look forward your review and to get Stuckmanized. PLEASE show names or posters of all the movies to see the names. Thks!!!

  • CastelDawn
    CastelDawn 2 months ago

    alien covenant...what a sad piece of shit

  • Jordan Benn
    Jordan Benn 2 months ago

    Ghost in the Shell live action is alright. Not bad

  • Jordan Benn
    Jordan Benn 2 months ago

    Alien convinent was good.

  • Cinto Buchanan-Cortese
    Cinto Buchanan-Cortese 3 months ago

    The killing of a sacred deer is the most underrated film of 2017.

  • Dan Cole
    Dan Cole 3 months ago

    OK. I panicked & thought people might actually think I thought MOVIE 43 was a work of genius. I was kidding. It was a joke. God help me, I'm so sorry!

  • Dan Cole
    Dan Cole 3 months ago

    Did you review PROMETHEUS? Because you might be able to explain it to me. As so many others have tried. Because I hated it. Not quite with a red hot passion, but pretty close.
    But I loved THE WITCH & SNOWPIERCER as you did.
    So maybe you could explain to me why the cream of Earths scientists in PROMETHEUS are so goddamn stupid.
    Love your stuff. Even when I disagree with it. For example MOVIE 43 was a work of genius. But I respect your opinion

  • bodiddly mitchell
    bodiddly mitchell 3 months ago

    Your "That was ok." Is how I felt about Jurasic World. Then Jurassic World 2 was (for me) fabulous! So I understood your reaction.

  • davidkuinov
    davidkuinov 4 months ago

    please review 'Elizabeth Harvest' (2018). i think Sebastian Gutierrez is overlooked as a writer and director. thanks

  • Thomas Bludis
    Thomas Bludis 4 months ago

    What about the last Jedi or mother

  • Allison Miller
    Allison Miller 4 months ago

    It comes at night would have been better had it had a different title and a different preview.

  • Joe Pee
    Joe Pee 5 months ago

    Thanks for all these interesting heads-ups about movies that went under the radar. I watched your best movies of 2017 and knew all of them and had seen at least 50%. I then watched your worst movies of 2017 and found that I'd not even heard of 80% of them (which probably makes sense). But this list is really intriguing; I've only seen a couple and you've piqued my interest. I'm a big fan of your reviews. All the best.

  • Veyvovv Sapkota
    Veyvovv Sapkota 5 months ago +1

    Short List:
    Under-rated: Blade Runner 2049

  • Benjamin Lock
    Benjamin Lock 5 months ago

    I genuinely disliked Killing of a Sacred Deer. Sure it was artsy, had excellent cinematography and acting but on the surface the actual plot and ending was just awful.

  • Mae Del Rey
    Mae Del Rey 5 months ago +1

    can you please do a columbus spoiler review

  • Ana Gonzalez
    Ana Gonzalez 6 months ago

    Going to watch super dark times, taking your recommendation.

  • The Brown Knight
    The Brown Knight 6 months ago

    Hostiles. Everything about that film is underrated. It explores the 'aftermath' similar to Logan and Christian Bale was phenomenal.

  • Collin 115
    Collin 115 7 months ago

    I think the most underrated movie of the year was stronger with jake gyllenhall, this movie was so amazing with one of the best performances from jake, especially the scene in the car good lord, not really anybody is talking about, as one of the best it made me cry, smile, and feel thankful for what I had, it was just amazing and I can’t believe people don’t see that here

  • Andrew Gechter
    Andrew Gechter 7 months ago

    in the first part you didn't even talk about one movie you thought was that good/truly underrated. what's the point of talking bout "underrated" ones if don't have movies to mention you really liked/loved? to show that you sometimes, kinda disagree with critics?

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 7 months ago

    Super dark times is one of the best films I've seen in years! I highly recommend it

    YOUR GOD 7 months ago

    Alien covenant just wasn't for me. It has some good stuff like David and Walter but everything else is just kinda bad.

  • LowaLua music
    LowaLua music 7 months ago

    Why does he look a lot like Chris Pratt??

  • Kyle Roberts
    Kyle Roberts 7 months ago

    Roman J Israel is the definition of a completely generic,mediocre film that gets by on the strength of it's lead performances. You take that away,it's a very inconsequential film. Sorry.
    Loved A Cure For Wellness,though.

  • gregg benac
    gregg benac 7 months ago

    MEGAN LEAVEY!! That film took me by surprise and had me crying tears of joy! I will champion this film to anyone.

  • thewanger
    thewanger 7 months ago

    Anime fan boys ruin every movie review. They should all die.

  • Steve Acfield
    Steve Acfield 8 months ago

    Just a big thank you for all your work. I find your reviews far more honest than most other critics. I very seldom disagree with your reviews, and even when I do, I realize it's more about personal taste. I love that you have added this extra insight into overlooked movies. Have seen most and agree entirely with your summarizations. When trolls simply hate on movies like Ghost in the Shell simply for the sake of it, or because they hate a particular franchise, it is so annoying, but then I turn to one of your honest reviews. You seem to understand the work that goes into movies and all involved and give them kudos, yet still thoughtfully review. The best movie reviewer on TVclip hands down. So Thank you Chris.

  • Lady_ OreoXD
    Lady_ OreoXD 8 months ago

    I didn't expect you picked A Silent Voice on your video and I gotta say, I FUCKING LOVE THIS MOVIE! It's so good it srsly deserves an award for best animated films of the year. I even got emotional throughout this movie

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 8 months ago

    A dogs purpose. 33 percent on rotten tomatoes my foot.

  • ilovefood
    ilovefood 9 months ago

    the little hours?

  • ZiroWatt
    ZiroWatt 9 months ago

    i loved king arthur its just so energetic but not in a generic way. Bought that once it hit google play, really sucks that critics trashed it

  • Vinnie Chan
    Vinnie Chan 9 months ago

    I think Ghost in the Shell was just dated and the philosophical aspect was grossly dumbed down

  • MostlyHarmless
    MostlyHarmless 9 months ago

    I liked Ghost in the Shell.

  • Endrank luvs da 4 loko
    Endrank luvs da 4 loko 9 months ago

    I really wish someone could explain what makes a movie pretentious or thought-provoking. Like what about a movie puts it in one of the two categories.

  • bahemutking12
    bahemutking12 9 months ago

    King Arthur was good,by far the best on list however Covenant was Horrible,do people really wanna see Fastbender gay porn?cause that wat this movie felt like

  • theunpossiblefile
    theunpossiblefile 9 months ago

    Good selection of films. Bravo to Denzel & Roman J Israel. Would not see the Morgan Freeman movie. Personal Shopper was great. Only Living Boy In NY much better than average. Killing Of Sacred Deer was one of the strangest ever made.

  • Kellie Barnes
    Kellie Barnes 9 months ago

    I really didn't like okja

  • Chad Cuervo
    Chad Cuervo 9 months ago

    Devil’s Candy wasn’t even scary!
    Meyoeritz(?) Stories was fantastic! People probably thought that it was another shit Sandler comedy.
    Hmm maybe A Cure for Wellness ain’t bad.