PASTEL PORTRAIT CHALLENGE! - Crazy Colors - Super-Bloom Effect!!

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
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  • Mary Walker
    Mary Walker 9 months ago +6049

    🌈 🎉🎊🎁 *_SUPER BLOOM_* 🌈🎉🎊🎁

  • Edward Soda Jerk Miranda

    The first 3 mins of this video is a WASTE!!

  • Nicolene Harris
    Nicolene Harris 16 days ago


  • Ryker Waters
    Ryker Waters 17 days ago

    Jazza: I haven’t used pastels since I was 9
    Me: yes, I’m not the only one that struggles with pastels
    Jazza: *makes a masterpiece*
    Me: dang it. I new it

  • kibatsuki
    kibatsuki 18 days ago

    Hey jazz it would be Nice seeing you draw geometric pattern challenge! Like viking, celtic, islam etc geometric designs xD

  • SolarEclipse Solar
    SolarEclipse Solar 18 days ago

    I'm really surprised at how well the pastels blend

  • Elsie Barnes
    Elsie Barnes 21 day ago

    Are theories are the best game theory come on try to get jezza I'm challenging you Matt pat

  • Erdinc
    Erdinc 21 day ago +1

    I’m getting that game

    Just for that fox dog thingy

  • epik forknite
    epik forknite 24 days ago

    So they basically said draw our characters in a cool style and we'll pay you *MONEY!*

  • Yoongift
    Yoongift 26 days ago

    Fennekin ex.ttedghgfff mj fphone i hving strke

  • Sara Alam
    Sara Alam Month ago

    Pink in the middle, yellow petals.
    Me: that's not how flowers work!!!

  • Thomas Schoch
    Thomas Schoch Month ago

    it´s awesome. i wish i could watch you paint with pastells every day. this medium is made for you.

  • Headless Gorilla
    Headless Gorilla Month ago

    6:38 Ooh, cheeky cunt.
    There's the Aussie side of Jazza showing.

  • Iñigo Doble
    Iñigo Doble Month ago +1

    "Best dad ever!!!"

  • Drawing kid
    Drawing kid Month ago

    👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 infinite

  • Jade Holley
    Jade Holley Month ago


  • Ernest Singleton
    Ernest Singleton Month ago

    When my pet said it's just a theory I yelled it's a game theory because I love David. What can I say I love it

  • FirePhoenix523
    FirePhoenix523 Month ago

    I've used pastels a decent amount for various things, since it's like the only decent color medium I have (until my Jazza's Jazzy Art Box arrives!), but Jazza still managed to outdo any of my pastel drawings with his first time.
    What a master.

  • febriana cinta keberuntungan

    OMG holy gacha ers
    10000000000000000 out of
    10 WOW

  • febriana cinta keberuntungan

    I just r everytime he says " Super Bloom " something shining like a angel

  • Bandana Wolfie
    Bandana Wolfie 2 months ago

    That's just a thoery/ a film/game theory~! Aaaand, cut. I love The Game/Film Theorysts.😁

  • FALSEHOOD Sanders
    FALSEHOOD Sanders 2 months ago

    Mattpat: That's just a theory a game theory!
    Jazza: That's just a theory an art theory!

  • Florence Stergiou
    Florence Stergiou 2 months ago

    How the fuck is he good at everything?
    Bloody bastard
    Love him

    VIDIT SHAH 2 months ago

    You must try chalk/soft pastels.
    They are more satisfying.

  • Tiny Gaming Eclipse
    Tiny Gaming Eclipse 2 months ago +1

    There was no super bloom 3:25

  • Hanna Wilson
    Hanna Wilson 2 months ago

    I wanna see Jazza make a cake

  • Anything Coffee
    Anything Coffee 2 months ago

    That blendingbis fantastic, but even tho fingers give a great result it isn't recommended. You can get blending tools or use a soft cloth, and make up sponges are great too. If you haven't already, you should give pan pastels a try, you use little soft covered tools with them, far better & less messy than using your fingers.

  • wolfcara16
    wolfcara16 2 months ago

    I rediscovered this video in my watch-later-list. It has been buried there for so long, that Jazza hadn't even telocated his studio, yet.

  • Absolute Gamer
    Absolute Gamer 2 months ago

    3:25 . there was no SUPER BLOOM explosion in that scene

  • Maggie Moy
    Maggie Moy 2 months ago

    Looks bloody awesome!😂😂

  • Screech Owl
    Screech Owl 2 months ago

    As soon as I saw the sketches I was like NoT tHAt PrOMo wAoW JaZzA sUcH a PLuGg lOL

  • theReDaNnImAtOr Xd
    theReDaNnImAtOr Xd 2 months ago

    Mmmm no
    That was
    You didn’t use the pastels right

  • Ducky & Genna
    Ducky & Genna 2 months ago

    Jazza: I've never used this medium before and I'm really jut JUMPING into this new style. Also Jazza: Makes the most beautiful artwork ever. Me: ._.

  • Shnitzer Weesle
    Shnitzer Weesle 2 months ago


  • Bob Mudangdang
    Bob Mudangdang 2 months ago

    Has no one else noticed Jazza says “cheeky c**t” at 6:38??

  • drschplatt
    drschplatt 3 months ago

    "Stand alone" sequel is a bit of a stretch. Reskinned with no story would be a bit better. I feel so bad that he spent so much time doing an art work of two of the stupidest, point pointless, idiotic, cardboard, story-less characters ever put into a pathetic attempt at a video game.

  • Backsbfans
    Backsbfans 3 months ago


  • Jack Soldano
    Jack Soldano 3 months ago

    You forgot a SUPERBLOOM

  • Меркуцио Третий

    Super bloom? Expressionism ? Nope?

  • Gamer248
    Gamer248 3 months ago

    I just don't know how you do it!!

  • Cole Robson
    Cole Robson 3 months ago

    Incredible finished result, it really was a SUPERBLOOM!

  • Gage Morgan
    Gage Morgan 3 months ago

    I've always thought of pastels as big boy crayons.

  • :p hi
    :p hi 3 months ago +1

    But that's just a theory.....

    A film theory! And...... CUT!

  • the make up chair
    the make up chair 3 months ago

    cali had a real one this spring it was lovely

  • CreakHead Hour
    CreakHead Hour 3 months ago

    Jazz’s black characters are always so beautiful. I’m not saying women of colour aren’t. I’m saying he pictures them the way they should be. Proud and happy to be themselves ❤️

  • Malika Noyez
    Malika Noyez 3 months ago


  • Aimz360
    Aimz360 3 months ago

    I'm sure there's a solvent out there that can melt the oil pastels. I'm only saying this because i'm sure Jazza lost a few layers of skin getting the oil pastels off his hands.

  • SteveGiggles
    SteveGiggles 3 months ago

    I've come to the conclusion that any art supply Jazza picks up, he becomes a master at.

  • Fuusok
    Fuusok 3 months ago

    Ohh... She's holding her helmet. For the whole video I thought she was pregnant.....

  • TheIdioticFox
    TheIdioticFox 3 months ago

    I wouldn’t want to be near that dog that hops in the car due to you know.....radioactive particles and I wouldn’t want to risk radiation poisoning

  • TheIdioticFox
    TheIdioticFox 3 months ago

    Your videos got me back into art

  • Mazou 2425
    Mazou 2425 3 months ago

    It’s great Jazza

  • Simon Farquharson
    Simon Farquharson 4 months ago

    Try soft pastel

  • Srikavya Balu
    Srikavya Balu 4 months ago

    Is the pink lady pregnant?

  • Sammy
    Sammy 4 months ago

    I’m jealous of how well he can draw

  • Rin&Red T.V
    Rin&Red T.V 4 months ago

    I know it doesn't matter like at all but you missed one super Bloom and I'm genuinely sad

    This comment is actually sad like I actually cared that much about this wow I'm so lame

  • Ramayana Roxas
    Ramayana Roxas 4 months ago

    Your hands must be so dirty

  • jokez jo
    jokez jo 4 months ago

    Please draw some Pictures from rainbow six siege (maybe tachanka)

  • I Like Pokemon
    I Like Pokemon 4 months ago

    The pink character in the thumbnail art looks like she's pregnant lol

  • Lachlan Osborn
    Lachlan Osborn 4 months ago