Trying Fun Holiday Gadgets w/ iJustine!

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
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    I hope you enjoy today's fun #React #Vlog! We #Try a bunch of funny and weird Holiday Gadgets. What other videos would you like to see? Subscribe for more videos!
    xoxo Ro
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  3 months ago +941

    I hope you enjoy today's video! Definitely watch until the Reindeer Flying Drone. Things get.... intense 🤣💕. What are you doing for the holidays???

    • Alex Bing
      Alex Bing 11 days ago

      I'm going to eat cookie's

    • Hannah Ayland
      Hannah Ayland 21 day ago

      Simple diy!!!

    • Ivan Francis
      Ivan Francis 29 days ago

      Nothing I didn't get any gifts on Christmas

    • London Quincy
      London Quincy 2 months ago

      Rosanna Pansino I couldn’t stop laughing at the drones for some reason. Ily ro

    • Tijana Filipovic
      Tijana Filipovic 2 months ago

      LOL, this was funny !!!

  • Meg Davidson
    Meg Davidson 21 hour ago

    add more water so it sticks together

  • Gracie Cox
    Gracie Cox Day ago

    I have a flying thing like the Rudolph one except mine is a rainbow discoball I got for Christmas.

  • laundry miracle
    laundry miracle Day ago +1

    The snow : you at to much water thats why

  • Naruto and Goku
    Naruto and Goku 2 days ago

    Cookie was trying to protect ro that’s why she was attacking it

  • Allie B
    Allie B 2 days ago +1

    Honestly, you and Justine should get a channel together where you test gadgets and try food and candy.

  • Stephanie Brummer
    Stephanie Brummer 2 days ago +1

    I laughed so hard 😂 i love the video

  • james hamaker
    james hamaker 2 days ago

    This is super entertaining, especially when the girls were trying to drive that wall crawling car.

  • laura zhang
    laura zhang 3 days ago +4

    Ro, can u plz make another Harry Potter themed cake like a golden snitch or like a food from it or something. Hehe love ur channel😍😍, keep posting those great Vids! ❤❤

  • laura zhang
    laura zhang 3 days ago +1

    Ro, can u plz make a Harry Potter themed cake like a golden snitch or like a good from it or something. Hehe love ur channel😍😍, keep posting those great Vids! ❤❤

  • Ava Grace
    Ava Grace 3 days ago +1

    #Rosatine ( ROSANNA+JUSTINE) I love you guys together!

  • Tominator
    Tominator 3 days ago

    mewwey cithmith

  • Alizah Adil - Hazel McCallion Sr PS (1549)

    I live in Canada and that is nothing close to snow

  • Little Luna
    Little Luna 3 days ago

    OMG! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! YOU ARE SO FUNNY! (Also i love how in the title Ro says “fun” and not “odd” or “weird”

  • Sierra Moore
    Sierra Moore 3 days ago

    I have one like the reindeer but it is a circle and it lights up and works great I live it

  • Mayar Alqaissi
    Mayar Alqaissi 4 days ago

    This is uploaded on my bday!!!!

  • Maggie Pyatskowit
    Maggie Pyatskowit 4 days ago


  • Maggie Pyatskowit
    Maggie Pyatskowit 4 days ago

    Cookie is hysterical😂🤣😅😆

  • tryingtimesxo
    tryingtimesxo 4 days ago

    ro’s dog :P lol

  • Rachel Lizama
    Rachel Lizama 4 days ago

    Awww... You didn’t try it on the ceiling

  • Melody Loveless
    Melody Loveless 4 days ago

    Justine's pupper is a d o r a b l e

  • Chloe Mc C
    Chloe Mc C 4 days ago

    I think you just added too much water to the snow I had it before I added little at a time

  • Keira Imamovic
    Keira Imamovic 4 days ago

    I love the power duo
    Ro and Justine 😘😝

  • Mellonath
    Mellonath 5 days ago

    I love your hair

  • Amelie Tan
    Amelie Tan 6 days ago

    U guys added too much water for the instant snow

  • Michelle  Phillips
    Michelle Phillips 6 days ago

    I love this video Rosanna and Justin

  • AshChooses Pikachu
    AshChooses Pikachu 6 days ago

    I KNEW sth would go wrong the minute Ro started playing with the wall car thingy xD
    Technology and Ro don't mesh xD

  • Spencer Eastburn
    Spencer Eastburn 6 days ago

    i think you should make a channle with here

  • Chloe Kim 101
    Chloe Kim 101 6 days ago

    For the instant snow they out too much water

  • TheJasperSis
    TheJasperSis 6 days ago

    Instant Snow is the inside of a baby’s diaper

  • Olivia Fagan
    Olivia Fagan 7 days ago +2

    12:50 the height difference 😂😂

  • Oh YeYe
    Oh YeYe 7 days ago

    Isn’t that snow the stuff from baby diapers?......

  • MelonGurl xox
    MelonGurl xox 8 days ago +5

    When u give Californians snow:

    ew it has a weird texture!

  • Lily Gray
    Lily Gray 8 days ago

    did you know that that stuff they called snow is used in baby diapers. thats why babies look like they have logs between their legs when they peed their diapers, the "snow" soaked up the pee. lol👶🏻

  • sammy suasil
    sammy suasil 8 days ago +3

    Justine: There's a little shovel.
    Ro: ROlly

  • Norris Mackenzie
    Norris Mackenzie 9 days ago

    Love cookie so much!!!! Love you Ro!!!! Love Justine too❤️

  • Kara’s Vlogs
    Kara’s Vlogs 10 days ago

    I have your Nerdy Nummies cookbook! Great vid!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Jurnee Rivera
    Jurnee Rivera 10 days ago

    I understand you Rosanna I was sick on Christmas Day it just felt awful hope you feel better

  • Kenyeih Williams
    Kenyeih Williams 10 days ago

    Have you guys ever fought before. 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  • Sokheng Prum
    Sokheng Prum 11 days ago

    Can I have the snow cause I want make slime with ut

    SLIME TIME 11 days ago

    You add too much water in the instant snow

  • Dandi K
    Dandi K 11 days ago +1

    Justine's reindeer was angry, mad, and super agitated!
    While Ro's reindeer was shy, gentle, and nice

  • Jiya Patel
    Jiya Patel 13 days ago

    9:03 I can't stop laughing

  • The Puppys
    The Puppys 15 days ago

    you know that there are different types of snow packing snow slushy snow fuffy snow they dont all make snow balls i know there is snow out side my house right now

  • Galaxy Gamerr
    Galaxy Gamerr 17 days ago

    I love you ro and Justine

  • Galaxy Gamerr
    Galaxy Gamerr 17 days ago

    Don’t add too much water because it will be slushy

  • Abraham Z
    Abraham Z 17 days ago

    No cookie! no cookie! Cookie nooo

  • Lovella Wist
    Lovella Wist 18 days ago

    You added to much water

  • Michelle Nelson
    Michelle Nelson 21 day ago +1

    For 2,instead of the rudeoff drone I have a unicorn.

  • Hannah Ayland
    Hannah Ayland 21 day ago +1

    Simple diy skin!!!

  • Greg Nepomuceno
    Greg Nepomuceno 23 days ago

    Weird when you had a cough drop I had a cough drop

  • Oriette Mesika
    Oriette Mesika 24 days ago

    Lmao when they zone out of Ro you can see how short she is😂🤣 ILY

  • Sophia Ya BOI
    Sophia Ya BOI 24 days ago

    8:43 - 8:46 when you get triggered

  • gav cam
    gav cam 24 days ago

    Can you make a video with azzyland from Canada

  • Isabel Harms
    Isabel Harms 25 days ago

    Her ceiling is so high.

  • Moore Macie
    Moore Macie 25 days ago

    Justine Ro you together are 😂

  • toys and games and me
    toys and games and me 26 days ago +1

    please make more videos whith justin or justin make whith rosana because when you are together it's more fun

  • Maryum Shah
    Maryum Shah 29 days ago

    can you do another video with matt and cookie. like if you think they should.

  • rashi gupta
    rashi gupta Month ago


  • ryudragon7
    ryudragon7 Month ago +1

    8:43 "OH MY DEER GOD!"
    I see what you did there, Justine.

  • ryudragon7
    ryudragon7 Month ago

    Ro, don't you mean you have "snow" idea?

  • Rosa Momo
    Rosa Momo Month ago

    the are always funny

  • Taygan Winn
    Taygan Winn Month ago

    Luna’s like a bulling ball 🤣😂

  • Taygan Winn
    Taygan Winn Month ago

    She is one year old and I also have a cat that’s black and white named Oreo he’s two years old

  • Alyson Dillon
    Alyson Dillon Month ago +1

    If you guys want some snow come to Minnesota. Just got 2 or more feet of snow yesterday. I’ll gladly trade places with you for a while. 😉

  • Queen the The world

    I don't know why I watch your videos but i just do,and I'm a 13 yr old kid.

    Love your videos.💖💕

  • Lexi Gonzales
    Lexi Gonzales Month ago

    U guy are the best

  • Timesha Farr
    Timesha Farr Month ago

    did anyone else here her say rolly at 5:12

  • cutie pie jj
    cutie pie jj Month ago

    u put too much water.

  • DaMemeBoi 69
    DaMemeBoi 69 Month ago +1

    Why am I watching dis on february?

  • Antobeli Garcia
    Antobeli Garcia Month ago

    K I am dead why is no one talking about the drones I was dead 💀

  • Karlee Stuart
    Karlee Stuart Month ago

    also, most drones have protective shielding on the blades so they don't hurt anyone. love your vids

  • Rachel Bolack-Lees
    Rachel Bolack-Lees Month ago

    The Instant Snow I got was way better 🤣 ( I also live in a place where we dont get any snow )

  • alex como
    alex como Month ago

    😂😂😂 the drone

  • Mason Jang
    Mason Jang Month ago

    Justine added too much water, that's why its slushee like.

  • I Love You’re Videos Palmer

    Thank You For Your Cook Book

  • Ava Williams
    Ava Williams Month ago

    They added to much water in the snow that’s why it was slushy like😂😅

  • Sanidhya Kallanagoudar

    happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ELMsquad
    ELMsquad Month ago +1

    That was a TAD dramatic………

  • Felicia Willard
    Felicia Willard 2 months ago

    Can u do more vids

  • Purplekitten 3211
    Purplekitten 3211 2 months ago

    Whenever I see you guys do a collab, I stop what I am doing, and binge watch your new collab's for HOURS!

  • lish rose
    lish rose 2 months ago


  • nellyc57
    nellyc57 2 months ago

    justine:thers a little shovel!!

  • Sudhir Sreedharan
    Sudhir Sreedharan 2 months ago

    And I love your videos!

  • Sudhir Sreedharan
    Sudhir Sreedharan 2 months ago

    can you please do another video trying different holiday candies

  • vampsters around the world x

    I'm am going to have the werst birthday ever

  • Alyssa Raelynn
    Alyssa Raelynn 2 months ago


  • Ava 1929
    Ava 1929 2 months ago

    Hahahahaha I love cookie she’s to funny

  • Robert Grizzard
    Robert Grizzard 2 months ago

    You should make a app with all your videos on it

  • Madilyn Pierce
    Madilyn Pierce 2 months ago +1

    My name is Maddie

    ROXY THE ANGEL DRAGON 2 months ago

    I was super impressed with the car I was shook I was screaming OMG IT FREAKEN WORKS THATS SO COOL

  • Prashna GHIMIRE
    Prashna GHIMIRE 2 months ago

    Love your videos Ro and Justine ❤️❤️😘😘🙂🙂

  • amal hadia
    amal hadia 2 months ago

    hey ro i wanted to tell u that the intant snow need a bit of water if yu add too much it will turn slush wich can be used for jelly slime

  • Dian sofia
    Dian sofia 2 months ago

    get well soon ro ! ❤️💙

  • Superbl0xian
    Superbl0xian 2 months ago +5


    "what is an iJustine? i want one" LMAO

  • Madison Terry
    Madison Terry 2 months ago

    Ro looks so tiny standing next to Justine

  • Katie Cat #
    Katie Cat # 2 months ago

    8:32 RIP EARS 😂

  • Ava Stomsky
    Ava Stomsky 2 months ago

    The Rudolph was cool

  • sarah brown
    sarah brown 2 months ago

    I have a mini-drone that hover right above your hand

  • wajahat hussain
    wajahat hussain 2 months ago

    Ro can you please do your morning routine?