What Italian girls think about foreign guys

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • Hello beautiful people!
    In this video we're talking about some of the opinions and experiences that my friends had with foreign boys.
    Please keep in mind that these are all just generalizations and don't apply for every single person from that country!
    Leave a like if you enjoyed and let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos!
    (Also sorry I kept moving my hair around but it was annoying me so muchh 😣)
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Comments • 55

  • Cunts Fucked
    Cunts Fucked Day ago

    I wonder what it’d be like for an Australian to date an Italian Italy seems pretty cool

  • robb malveda
    robb malveda 7 days ago

    Blablablabla😀 blablabla

  • Sun King
    Sun King 8 days ago

    That girl with the Spanish lover is an "Alpha Widower" I really feel bad for the man that ends up marrying her. Cause you can't "out alpha" a guy who left such a strong imprint on her memory.

  • Nosa Yaba
    Nosa Yaba 14 days ago

    Talk about Africans.. not just Americans Canadians and the rest other White pink noses.

  • WishIWereWitty
    WishIWereWitty 15 days ago

    Yeahhh...Americans kiss with their tongue lol. Maybe she was with someone that was not so experienced?

  • samsung galaxy
    samsung galaxy 22 days ago

    I subscribed your channel is amazing

  • alvin ng
    alvin ng 29 days ago

    Am Chinese, and it tickles me about the Chinese guys being mentioned.Am a Chinese guy from Singapore... the guys here tend to be shy, but are generally courteous and respect ladies.

    • Rome Inside
      Rome Inside  26 days ago

      That's nice to hear! Thanks for your feedback! :)

  • Amarena
    Amarena Month ago

    Hi, yes that’s right I am from Germany, originally from (South Tirol)and I am shy but friendly ☺️

    • Amarena
      Amarena Month ago

      Someone Else hey, she talks about German Boys, I am a boy not a girl. Yes some German girls are arrogant and rude, this is true. Best wishes from Germany

    • Someone Else
      Someone Else Month ago

      Fake. German girls are always rude and arrogant.

  • kennyj851
    kennyj851 Month ago

    A me piace il modo in cui giochi con i capelli :-)

  • vipin Chhabra
    vipin Chhabra 2 months ago

    Hi elisa, I personally think that us ,Europe, China, India, Arab countries also canada, Australia, Russia ,Japan and south America will be major economies of the world and Europe can share a lot of art and culture with these....best of luck for your channel......people who think too much or try to be perfect always .....sometimes make a mess in their life...

  • Lane Nichols Moretti
    Lane Nichols Moretti 2 months ago +1

    American guys definitely kiss with their tounge... haha. The reason why alot of Americans eat out earlier in the day, or actually whenever they want, is because we have alot of 24 hour places, and our food establishments are open for business consistently throughout the day. It isn't like how it is in Italy , where sometimes restaurants close after lunch or don't even open until the afternoon, or whatever. I live in Florence, and most restaurants just wont serve meals until a certain time of the day. One thing is for sure, you can't get dinner before 7 pm.... Americans don't take that many breaks and so the restaurants are always serving food, there are just more options. Different way of doing things, there are pros, there are cons.

  • David Carmosino
    David Carmosino 2 months ago +1

    I dont think there's anything typical about us American guys.

  • Ygor Santos
    Ygor Santos 2 months ago


  • Arief Muhammad
    Arief Muhammad 2 months ago

    Just saying hello from Indonesia 😂🙏

  • James Vickers
    James Vickers 2 months ago +3

    One can not generalise nationality I know but English guys and Italian girls are the best ha ha ha grazie Mille ciao ciao

  • Jon O
    Jon O 2 months ago

    Your friend in wrong on "French kissing" as it called. Very common.

  • Niko Caraballo
    Niko Caraballo 2 months ago

    When you say Spanish, do you just mean Spaniards or all Hispanic people? Do Italian girls have a different opinion about Hispanic/Latin American men?

  • Jason Golding
    Jason Golding 2 months ago

    Australian male here. Kissing with tongue is definitely a thing, though not everyone does it, and certainly not all the time, so maybe your friend just found a non-tongue kisser 😂
    We typically have lunch around 1300 (1200 would be way too early!) and dinner around 1830-1900 depending. Not even my grandparents ate at 1730!

  • Alejandro Minnelli
    Alejandro Minnelli 2 months ago

    Palo al culo ahaha loved that part 😁

  • Hector Banuet
    Hector Banuet 2 months ago +5

    you have a slight english accent. have you studied in england? just curious. I am from california

  • Anderson Fernandes
    Anderson Fernandes 2 months ago

    No one says anything about brazilian guys 😁

  • Nick Mancello
    Nick Mancello 2 months ago +2

    Where have you been? Miss you calling me a beautiful person 😉

  • Adahrii Pfozhe
    Adahrii Pfozhe 2 months ago

    Even if Eastern world guys were cool enough, western will never acknowledge. It is because they think they were the best.

  • Envrac
    Envrac 2 months ago +3

    So basically, Italian girls don't mind being a side piece so long as the guy is Spanish?

    • Rome Inside
      Rome Inside  2 months ago

      No haha but nice to know that this is what you get out of the whole video 😂

  • Andrew Aaron
    Andrew Aaron 2 months ago

    I wouldn't like to say . Everybody is completely different in their own unique way and it's too easy to stereotype on these sort of topics ....

    • Rahul Kumar
      Rahul Kumar 2 months ago

      +Rome Inside l am single,l am from India ,l am old you 22 years ,l am friendship me ok my contact number 91+8816876976call me friend my Best Friend speak me friend

    • Andrew Aaron
      Andrew Aaron 2 months ago

      Ovviamente , i love your Chanel keep up the good work. I just wanted to express that since traveling people's individual personalities definitely exceeded above their categorization of man made flags and borders

    • Rome Inside
      Rome Inside  2 months ago

      Of course we all are different, but videos like this wouldn't be possible without some generalizations :)
      If you disagree with any of these I'm all about hearing different opinions as long as they are expressed politely!

  • Ahmad jaidi
    Ahmad jaidi 2 months ago

    he thanx for the video
    by the way when you talked about arabs that was nice, about i wanna make a point on how wealth they are, the certain people she talked about the most of them lives in saudi arabia and the others are between, and when you say arab that Includes the saudi arabia region, a part of middle east and north africa.

    • mazices takfarinas
      mazices takfarinas 2 months ago

      I'm a north African from algeria , but I'm not an Arab , we are amazigh (Berbers)

    • Ahmad jaidi
      Ahmad jaidi 2 months ago

      +Rome Inside we can be cuz am an arab...😊

    • Rome Inside
      Rome Inside  2 months ago

      Yeah you're right, unfortunately I just had feedback on that specific type of people!
      Next time I'll see if I can find more friends who met arab guys :)

  • mylittlesuitcase 1
    mylittlesuitcase 1 2 months ago +2

    Australian guys don't kiss with their tongues??? News to me...and I'm Australian. But yes, we do eat lunch early - usually around 1pm - 12pm would be very early. But dinner at 5.30pm? Only if you are over the age of 75 and live in an old people's home!! We do eat dinner earlier than Europeans, but generally around 7pm.

  • Yesim730
    Yesim730 2 months ago +12

    Canadian, American, and aussies do kiss with their tongue. I’ve never heard otherwise before.

    • Melissa Evans
      Melissa Evans 2 months ago

      Same here. I am a Canadian woman and have never experienced kissing someone who does not use their tongue in North America :)

    • 4227Style
      4227Style 2 months ago +1

      Same - I’ve never heard or experienced this, always tongue.

    • Rome Inside
      Rome Inside  2 months ago +1

      Hahaha well that's reassuring! Thanks for the polite feedback :)

  • Rafael Di Furia
    Rafael Di Furia 2 months ago +4

    Great video as always!!!
    I can agree as an American guy, that I do prefer to pay for a date, especially if I'm the one who invites the girl out, but even if I'm invited out.....
    Even though it would be nice not to have to pay for a date... something just about it seems "wrong"... it just would make me feel uncomfortable for whatever strange reson. It's not about having to be "the man"... even though I can be a bit old fashioned.... I mean okay in a relationship fine... but still even then idk... just doesn't seem to be right for whatever reason. It's not about showing off either...
    Wait, what? American guys don't kiss with tongues? I mean okay if it's the very first kiss.. okay understandable.. but like no tongue ever??? hmmmm I have a difficult time believing that haha...
    I mean not every guy is the same but... i can say that there are times when one kind of kiss is more appropriate than another... but never never? nooo haha

    • Ally Stack
      Ally Stack 2 months ago

      Rafael Di Furia well I agree also that the guy should pay for the date but I have seen some American guys that want to do the Dutch thing or maybe it’s the girls who want to ? But still I don’t get it I mean when I was dating in high school and college it was never any other way...it’s not that the guy is controlling you but I think it’s just taking care of the girl. It doesn’t seem like a date if they don’t pay and don’t hold the door etc.

    • Rome Inside
      Rome Inside  2 months ago

      Cultural norms are cultural norms haha
      We have so many irrational ones here in Italy that if a guy really insists on paying for a dinner I'm fine with it haha

      Well, that's reassuring actually haha! Thanks for the feedback Rafi!

  • Andreas Giulio
    Andreas Giulio 2 months ago +1

    Brava. Sempre molto bene.

  • BobsAndVagene
    BobsAndVagene 2 months ago

    Strange, I'm American and it seems like my fiance is more old fashioned than I am. She is Sicilian, though, so maybe that's a cultural difference between Lazio and Sicily.

    • John K
      John K 2 months ago

      I'm also American and was shocked at how old fashioned my wife from Torino was (and still is to some extent). Some of this is generational, however, as I see younger Italians not being so lock-step about the cult of motherhood and masculinity.

    • Rome Inside
      Rome Inside  2 months ago +1

      Yes, I have to say that Sicilian culture is generally speaking a bit different than Lazio one :)

  • cqtaylor
    cqtaylor 2 months ago +7

    I can attest that American guys would totally like to mutually share the dinner check, but this occurs by the second or third date in the United States. If a guy asks someone out, the "tradition" is to cover the first date expenses, but after that, sharing is fine. Personally, I wouldn't mind sharing expenses on the first date, but certain American women (not all, but certain) frown upon this. As for kissing with tongues, I can verify that American guys kiss women with their tongues. ... Well at least I do. ;-)

    • cqtaylor
      cqtaylor 2 months ago

      +William Walters You're welcomed to "always pick up the check." I will not.

    • William Walters
      William Walters 2 months ago +1

      Wrong.guys should always pick up the check

    • Rome Inside
      Rome Inside  2 months ago +1

      Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • Zach Ascot
    Zach Ascot 2 months ago +2

    Salve, love your content! What do Italian girls think about English / British guys? Best wishes, grazie mille!