WATCH TOMORROW: WERQ THE WORLD Exclusive Clip "Shangela"

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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Comments • 54

  • Jess in king
    Jess in king 2 months ago


  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 2 months ago +3

    Tardiness is obviously a house of edwards trait!!! No shade, but Alyssa is notorious. Please don’t @ me

  • Czarinna Tiongson
    Czarinna Tiongson 2 months ago +1

    Alyssa being the most supportive drag momma ever

  • AfroSamurai
    AfroSamurai 2 months ago +1

    Alyssa in the background chanting "WERK...THE WORLD". 😂😂😂

  • TM
    TM 2 months ago

    Yes, the Queen😍😍😍😍😍

  • Shane Simpkin
    Shane Simpkin 2 months ago +1

    alyssa being an iconic drag mother

  • Monique Green
    Monique Green 2 months ago

    Shangela !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fav queen👑

  • marvin raphael monfort
    marvin raphael monfort 2 months ago +1

    Love her and alyssa and detox #quietmomentsofsisterhood

  • Jj Mm
    Jj Mm 2 months ago

    Can hear Alyssa saying ‘back row? Back row?’

  • Javier Lopez Tapia
    Javier Lopez Tapia 2 months ago

    What season was she on???

  • Flipibisni C.c
    Flipibisni C.c 2 months ago +1

    Alyssa is such a dance mom

  • Jaded Gypsy
    Jaded Gypsy 2 months ago +1

    I love you @Shangela and @AlyssaEdwards

  • jarfors
    jarfors 2 months ago

    I don’t really understand everyone’s obsession with Shangela.

    • Javier Lopez Tapia
      Javier Lopez Tapia 2 months ago

      jarfors same she’s basic

    • Linda Buck
      Linda Buck 2 months ago

      Jazy1993 with the MAJOR EXCEPTION of being ‘on time’...

    • Jazy1993
      Jazy1993 2 months ago +1

      Cause she is a charismatic, funny and talented Queen, she appeared as an underdog in both season 2 and 3 (and in 3 she showed how much potential she has), and those of us who have watched her since can't help but feel proud of her for growing from a poor baby drag Queen from Texas to a full on worldwide entertainer who has worked hard to earn spots on TV shows, movies, and hosting important events, all the while advocating for the LGBT+ community and helping as much as she can. She's also one of the Queens who are the closest to her fans. Besides that, most Queens who have worked with her praise her as being a complete professional.

    • Linda Buck
      Linda Buck 2 months ago +3

      For the same reason you love’s who WE love and like ❤️❤️❤️

    • Nath Gonzalez
      Nath Gonzalez 2 months ago +3

      And she has improve a lot since her first season, is nice to see.

  • Pixy Perfect
    Pixy Perfect 2 months ago +2


  • E Smith
    E Smith 2 months ago +3

    Alyssa is such a mommy! I love it. And Shangie is such a mommy to that crew member. It’s SO CUTE!

  • Jeremy Shaw
    Jeremy Shaw 2 months ago +31

    I never knew how much of a mom Alyssa is. I love it.

  • Tammy
    Tammy 2 months ago +4

    I'm probably one of the few who thinks that Luzon and trinity should have won their All-Stars season and shangie should have won her ALL stars season. She did laps around trixie

    • Jeremy Shaw
      Jeremy Shaw 2 months ago +2

      Also the dolls are gonna be successful in their own right with or without some title. Everyone is out here doing great things. Let’s keep supporting that.

    • Jeremy Shaw
      Jeremy Shaw 2 months ago +1

      That’s the beauty of All-Stars. There are no rules. The winner is the winner.
      *Life’s not fair.*

    • Samuel
      Samuel 2 months ago

      Tammy well manila was (fairly) eliminated, she was in the bottom 2

    • Tammy
      Tammy 2 months ago

      @Samuel If they were playing fair and judging by how someone does in the competition Luzon would have tied with trinity. But since she was sent home I think MS heart and trinity should have won. I love xchange but she did a shitty job for the first half of the competition

    • Samuel
      Samuel 2 months ago

      how manila could have won if she was eliminated luv tha dont make no cents

  • Mélissandre L.
    Mélissandre L. 2 months ago +14

    Alyssa is the dance mom I never new I needed. I love them both

  • Jazy1993
    Jazy1993 2 months ago +4

    Professional Fish in the house miss thing!

  • Ditte Datte
    Ditte Datte 2 months ago +1

    I hardly can apply Lipgloss...😂

  • Brad Evans
    Brad Evans 2 months ago +21

    OMG their life looks like so much work! They definitely work hard!!

  • .-.-_-
    .-.-_- 2 months ago +4

    Did she show up 2 hours late to this set too 🤨

    • .-.-_-
      .-.-_- 2 months ago

      Jazy1993 Eh

    • Jazy1993
      Jazy1993 2 months ago

      Honey, the only time Shangela shows up late is when she has other important gigs to attend to.

    • Wuv U
      Wuv U 2 months ago +1

      This comment made Shangela drop dead...

    • Young Rupaul
      Young Rupaul 2 months ago

      Alyssa? Yes

    • Ditte Datte
      Ditte Datte 2 months ago +1


  • Gab Sanchez
    Gab Sanchez 2 months ago +48

    Alyssa being a supportive drag mom yasss!!!💖

  • Jada Kearns
    Jada Kearns 2 months ago +49

    Am I the only one waiting for the full-episodes of Werq the World to be available on TVclip??! Bcuz I'm broke and can't afford a monthly subscription of Wow-Presents+

  • K A
    K A 2 months ago +18

    Do you worship THE DOLLS???

  • Daniel Quijada
    Daniel Quijada 2 months ago +20

    Werkk my winner of AS3 no matters what. 🥰

  • Carlos E Altuve Chacon
    Carlos E Altuve Chacon 2 months ago +7

    OMG so beautiful

  • Lennie Watson
    Lennie Watson 2 months ago +5

    Y'all are the most gorgeous dolls ever!!!

  • Nutts Mahonie
    Nutts Mahonie 2 months ago

    My cock is dripping wit Nice hot Cum

  • miss piggy
    miss piggy 2 months ago +108

    aww omg alyssa is the most supportive drag mom ever!! shangela and alyssa are the cutest friends ❤️❤️

  • deedee Sweety
    deedee Sweety 2 months ago +6

    Thats my baaaaabbyy❤️❤️❤️

  • Summerfield
    Summerfield 2 months ago